Emerald Rain Sleepwalk Escape Music
Produced By: Murray Daigle

Running Time: 40.40

Release Date: August 15


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 89%
Sound: 90%
Emerald Rain's fifth album comes as something of a revelation for me. I think the guys have delivered some solid and impressive albums, but for the first time, I think they have truly nailed what is best for themselves and for fans.
This album is ok on first listen, but gets better and better each rotation and contains more melodies and hooks than ever once you get to know the record.
The guys have previously been seen as an alternative to Harem Scarem, as their sound, style and delivery is not far removed from their Canadian neighbours.
The guys then toughened things up and turned a little more contemporary in order to be different, but lost some of their magic.
On Sleepwalk the guys harness the best of what's gone before them in the past while also moving forward. This is as Harem Scarem friendly as ever, yet features some contemporary and more aggressive and darker moments, which are mixed together perfectly to create a very well balanced album.
The band showcases the more updated sound with both rockers and slower numbers and does the same for the more traditional melodic rock sounds. A little bit for everyone it seems, but sounding very consistent thanks to some high quality songs.
The aggressive sound is delivered through the uptempo anthem rocker Can't Stop Bleeding; the dark and moody title track Sleepwalk and to a lesser degree the mid-to-uptempo rockers Torn In Two and Can't Recognize A Thing.
The band's more traditional Harem Scarem compared sound is alive and well on the feel good rocker Face In The Mirror, It Ain't Over, See It In Your Eyes and the rock ballad Everything Is Broken.
Special mention to I Never Knew for delivering a contemporary sound, but with a killer hook and layers of harmony vocals which stick in ones head for hours and hours!
And the album closes with a semi-acoustic ballad Miracle, which is ok, but perhaps a little slow.
The Bottom Line
Sleepwalk sees the band deliver one of their best albums yet featuring an updated sound which doesn't get in the way of a good melody, nor does it abandon where the band came from and are best loved for. A very consistent album that features a big rock sound and gets better with every listen. Perhaps some that did not enjoy the current Harem Scarem might find something here to check out.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Broken Saviours
Age Of Innocence
Perplexed In The Extreme
Short Sighted

Line Up:
Murray Daigle: Vocals
Mike Dmitrovic: Guitars
Lorne Boyle: Drums
Sean Gregory: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Harem Scarem
Emerald Rain
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Track Listing
Can't Stop Bleeding
Face In The Mirror*
It Ain't Over*
I Never Knew*
Can't Recognize A Thing
Everything Is Broken*
See It In Your Eyes
Torn In Two
--*Best Tracks

28/11/07: picasso -
Rating: 75
LOVE this band...
but to be frank this cd isn't there best. The first 3 albums all get a rating from 9-10 / 10.
In my personal opinion they are way better then HS. But then again I haven't heard all of the HS albums... Canadian AOR bands are kind ha hard to get hold of in Sweden (where i live). Thx to the internet i found this band and I almost cryed of joy when i found one of there albums for only 70kr (thats 7 euros) @ swedenrock festival (

13/12/05: zer0ed77 -
Rating: 93
Been a fan of this band since their debut. To this day I don't think anything they have released comes close to their first two, especially second album.

This release is same ol' ER, but in a heavier, more direct direction. Not sure if it is quite as melodic as before. Thats it. That simple.

As stated, anyone that likes this band's previous releases will like this too, perhaps even more than their last two efforts.

The HS copy cat rumors will never end, but that is not true.

Oh, and never take the advice of ANYONE that says a band pisses all over Harem Scarem.

30/09/05: Sims -
Rating: 50
1 word, and that's all i can say....

I'm disappointed that the REVIEWER dont know anything about the band THEORY OF A DEADMAN!!!

guys, buy the new album GASOLINE , of the band THEORY OF A DEADMAN, psses all over HAREM SCAREM, EMERALD RAIN and everything else today.

this new album of EMERALD RAIN ain't good, same old same old.


25/08/05: ianjohnson -
Rating: 85
Ok the Scarem influence will always be there , yet with this new album the band seem to have really worked hard and pulled out all the stops , best thing they've done in years . Well worth the money ( especially those who thought the new HS cd was to modern , not me i loved it ) .

24/08/05: JoeBob -
Rating: 85
As everyone knows by now, ER will ALWAYS be compared to HS because of the similar sound. If you are a fan of any of the HS or earlier ER CD's, you will like this one as well. Full of multi-layered harmonies in the vocals and guitars. Mike and Pete sound SOOOOOO a like that, as a guitarist myself, I can BARELY tell the difference. That is a GREAT thing!! Modern vs. 80's.....Who cares. Good music and talent is what it is. This album will be played many times in your player. Buy it!

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