Track Listing
Sucker For A Pretty Face(1)
Bigger Man
There Goes The Neighborhood
Kisses Stain
Big Love
Promise Her The Moon
Fly (New Version)
Fly (Video)

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
Sucker For A Pretty Face (4)
Eric Martin (2)
I'm Only Fooling Myself (3)
Somewhere In The Middle (5)
I'm Going Sane (1)
Pure (EP)

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Pony Canyon PCCY-80004
Produced By: David Simon-Baker
Running Time: 36.23 Genre: Pop Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: JP
WebLink: Eric Martin LabelLink: Pony Canyon

Eric Martin celebrates his current band tour of Japan with an exclusive release for that territory.
Pure contains 8 tracks - all acoustic versions of past hits and a bonus Video for the track Fly.
The unplugged nature of this collection of songs - recorded this year - is cool. It's the full band brand of unplugged, with acoustic drums and bass accompanying the commonly used acoustic guitar.
Pure covers hits from as far back as the original EMB release Sucker For A Pretty Face, through to the recent solo album (Bigger Man), the last acoustic friendly album Somewhere In The Middle (Kisses Stain), the debut solo album (Pictures) and his time with Mr. Big (Promise Her The Moon and the very cool Big Love).
The new version of Fly is in tune with the rest of the EP - it's a full band unplugged version, taking the song back to it's original roots.

The Bottom Line
Essentially a fan only release, this EP nevertheless provides plenty of enjoyment for fans of Eric's voice, his solo work and Mr. Big fans.
The stripped back nature suits all the songs - an indication how they were all originally written. A classy release with top notch production. Shame it's restricted to Japan and those CD prices!

Line Up
Eric Martin: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keys
David Simon-Baker: Acoustic Guitar
Denise Martin: Drums
Mark Chole: Bass

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