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Produced by: Bill Leverty

Released: OUT & NOV. 7 / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves, Trixter
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Jumpin'
  2. Take It Off
  3. The Dark
  4. Don't Fade On Me
  5. I'd Rather Be Making Love
  6. What You Can Do
  7. I'm In Love This Time
  8. Unbelievable
  9. Loving You Is Paradise
  10. Call Of The Night

This is a curious record. A good one, but still with a few finer points that need mentioning.
First up, the guys are back rocking hard again, no question about that. As for it being in the style of their debut - it is in places - but in other areas, they are moving with the times.
The songs on the album sound great, but the production isn't quite as solid on this record as it has been on others. Maybe it was the band's intention for this approach. What it is, is a looser and rawer record. It's also a less serious record lyrically. There appears to be two parts or styles to this album.
The opening track Jumpin' is huge - great riff and great hooks, sure to be a live favorite. It sums up the band and I have no doubt is exactly what long time fans would be hoping for - the classic Firehouse style.
Then on track two, Take It Off, the other personality of the album is revealed. It's a modern, darker and heavier side of the band that could have been influenced by the fact they signed worldwide to Spitfire Records, who have released several records by classic acts with a new harder edge.
The album moves between the two styles and sounds like it was record in two sets of sessions. I prefer the loose party style of the opening track.
The Dark continues the darker, tuned down modern edge. I don't particularly like this track. A slight rap vocal for a verse, but the chorus is better.
Don't Fade On Me is more in the classic style with a mid tempo sentimental track with a typical Firehouse slow anthem chorus. Should be another fan favorite.
I'd Rather Be Making Love continues the good fun rock n roll with this catchy little rocker.
What You Can Do heads darker and heavier again, at least for the intro. The verse is quite laid back. This track lies between both styles of the album and sounds quite good for it.
Party time again with I'm In Love This Time. A heavy modern style rocker that should again go down well live.
Unbelievable is possibly the stand out track of the album. Straight down the line classic Firehouse in the brilliant style of their debut with vocals to match. Quite simply one of the catchiest choruses in a long time.
Loving You Is Paradise is more of the same classic style Firehouse. This time it is a big sentimental lighter-in-the-air ballad. Heard it all before, but the fans will love it.
Call Of The Night is OK, the production sounds a little thin, but it's a pretty fast moving hard rocker that ends the album in fine style and could be one of the heavier songs these guys have recorded.
BOTTOM LINE: After a couple of softer albums and despite the sometimes varied style of the album, the majority of it does the job of recapturing the long time fans wishes of a classic rocking Firehouse record, while a few tracks try something new. With this album the band should keep everyone happy and maintain their strong fan base.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most if not all long time Firehouse fans.
DISCOGRAPHY: Firehouse . Hold Your Fire . 3 . Good Acoustics . Category 5 . O2

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