Produced by: Adriangale

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Harem Scarem, Tesla

  1. Feel The Fire
  2. Save Our Love
  3. Reap What You Sow
  4. If The Sun
  5. Giving It Up
  6. Easy Come Easy Go
  7. Just Let Me Love You
  8. Mission Man
  9. Honey Child
  10. Walkin' The Dog

Adriangale is the latest release from Kivel Records and will undoubtedly become the flagship release of the company. With this record and a new album planned to be started on by February, things are looking up for classic melodic hard rock fans.
Why? Because this is a gem of a release.
Just when a void for an album like this had been created, thankfully Adriangale is here to fill it.
This album is full of the classic melodic sounds of early Harem Scarem and Tesla.
The band blend style of both, with the hard edged guitar and hook lines matching that of Harem Scarem's much loved Mood Swings, plus the voice of Tesla's Jeff Keith and Scarem's Harry Hess.
That voice is former Guardian vocalist Jamie Rowe, who puts in his best performance on record to date. This guy, and this band, will quickly become a favorite in melodic rock circles.
Being a debut album, there is obviously a few points where they could improve on. The production is great in most places, especially given the short time frame this was recorded in. The only small point I would like to raise is given that these guys are clearly going for the much loved anthem chorus feel - a few of those choruses could have been a little bigger or benefited from additional production. That will no doubt only get better though.
Feel The Fire & Save Our Love are classic hard rockers. Both are great mid tempo guitar driven rock anthems in the vein of Harem Scarem. Feel The Fire packed the punch, but could have used a chorus with a little more impact, but the more melodic Save Our Love is just about perfect.
Reap What You Sow is classic Psychotic Supper era Tesla. Rocking, fast and it grows on you with each listen.
The ballad If The Sun is strangely enough, reminiscent of late 70's/early 80's Rick Springfield. Very cool indeed with a somewhat retro pop feel to it.
Giving It Up is a classic 80's style anthem rocker. It harks back to the good old days and does a good job of it. Plus it has a catchy sing a long chorus!
Easy Come Easy Go still carries the guitar punch of the previous tracks, but slows things down a little and could have easily fitted onto any Tesla record.
Just Let Me Love You is the big rock ballad of the record. For comparison's sake, it's got that big Def Leppard / Harem Scarem production and anthem quality. Jamie Rowe moves easily between the harder edged tracks on the album and the more passionate tracks like this.
Harem Scarem comparisons are again abound with Mission Man. But it's not what you would think! This track shows another side of the band - a more modern aggressive sound that compares to the harem Scarem found on Voice Of Reason or Big Bang Theory.
Honey Child is a fun track. A Robert Plant style vocal over a Zeppelin-esque acoustic blues rock number. yet another side of vocalist Rowe.
Walkin' The Dog has all the rock n roll attitude needed and more. A great version of the track covered by Ratt on their debut EP. Killer track to end the album on.
BOTTOM LINE: Damn, this album really came as a welcomed surprise. It's not that I wasn't expecting something good, I just didn't think it would be this good!
For fans of classic melodic rock that complain of Harem Scarem selling out or the general lack of releases in this commercial US AOR / melodic rock style - fear no longer, there is a new band in town and one can only hope they are here to stay. Things should only get better. Adriangale is well worthy of your time and your investment.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of classic Harem Scarem and power AOR and some Tesla fans.