Lava / Atlantic 7567930322
Produced by: Bob Rock

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. War (The Process)
  2. The Saint
  3. Rise
  4. Take The Power
  5. Breathe
  6. Nico
  7. American Gothic
  8. Ashes And Ghosts
  9. Shape The Sky
  10. Speed Of Light
  11. True Believers
  12. My Bridges Burn
  13. Libertine (Bonus Track)(Australia & Japan)

The Cult are back and they are back in more ways than one. They are back to the simple, yet classic line up of Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy and Matt Sorum.
They have also bought back producer Bob Rock - responsible for their best and most commercially successful record to date - Sonic Temple.
The guys are also back to their best song writing in a decade and have really produced a record with a ton of attitude and a ton of class.
Plus - this is really fucking heavy!!
This is a classic Cult record, however it's not Sonic Temple Part 2. There are parts of the record that grinds along in the fashion that their classic 1989 album did, with a very commercial sound. That is in part due to the return of Bob Rock and his trademark sound.
But much of the rest of the record is as bold and as fresh as any other rock band out there just starting out.
There is a real modern rock feel to the album. The guys aren't afraid to mix some new with the old, and I think it works in their favor. It makes this a fresh news record with a commercial edge for today's tastes, coupled with reminders of the band's most classic sound of their previous commercial peak.
The combination of the two should make this record a winner with old and new fans alike.
Just as Alice Cooper tuned down and cranked it up on his last record Brutal Planet, so to do The Cult on this album. There is a definite modern rock sound to the record, with the guitars on tracks like The Saint tuned down and beefed up to a point where they are so heavy, my ears nearly bled! But included in this onslaught is enough melody to satisfy any old time devotee.
Even on the lead single off the album Rise the guitars are so heavy, I could see both classic rock stations and modern rock / alternative stations playing this.
It continues on just about every track - with only Nico and True Believers slowing down the pace in any way.
The rest of it just flat out rocks! Even to the last track My Bridges Burn, the guitars are like a wall of sound backing Ian Astbury, who is clearly in the best vocal form he has ever been in.
The Australian version offers the same bonus track as the Japanese release. Libertine is just like any other track on the album, no sub standard B-Side offering. It's well worth tracking down. Heavy, aggressive and swaggers along with 100% attitude.
BOTTOM LINE: The sheer power and raw heaviness of this album surprised even me. This is a powerful rock n roll record that takes the harmonies and style of the Cult at their classic best and mixes it with a new found modern aggressiveness that rocks from the opening chord to the last chorus of the album. One seriously heavy album, with attitude to match.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of The Cult and many modern rock fans. Fans of Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet album.
DISCOGRAPHY:Dreamtime . Love . Electric . Sonic Temple . Ceremony . The Cult . Beyond Good & Evil

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