Frontiers FRCD 098
Produced by: Dreamtide

Released: Nov. 28 / Website
Closest Relative: Fair Warning, Millenium
GENRE: European Hard Rock

  1. What You Believe In
  2. Ten Years Blind
  3. Come With Me
  4. Dreamers
  5. Crashed
  6. Your Life
  7. Moment Of Truth
  8. Sundance
  9. Heaven Knows
  10. Promised Land
  11. I Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders
  12. Cross The Line
  13. Phoenix Tears

Dreamtide features the guitarist and chief songwriter from Fair Warning - Helge Engelke, along with he fellow band mates Torsten Luderwald (keyboards) and drummer CC Behrens.
Rounding out this new band is vocalist Olaf Senkbeil (backing vox, Blind Guardian and ex-Jack's Hammer) & bassist Ole Hempelmann (Thunderhead).
As expected, Dreamtide's sound relies heavily on the influences of Fair Warning and that band's unique flair for big tempo, big production sounding European hard rock.
But who needs Fair Warning when you have Dreamtide?!!
After living with this album for a few weeks, I can report that the songs on this album are stronger and more likeable than any of the Fair Waning albums. Some fans of Fair Warning vocalist Tommy Heart might disagree, but this is a bloody strong album. This is also heavier and more in your face than Fair Warning.
New vocalist Olaf is a great addition and fits the band's style perfectly.
Tracks like Ten Years Blind and Come With Me are commercial European hard rock at it's best.
Then there's the bigger more bombastic tracks like What You Believe In and Sundance. The band can also tackle the slower tracks, as demonstrated with ease on the moody rock ballad Dreamers and the symphonic Heaven Knows.
The guy self produced this album, and to their credit have done a great job, especially with the mix. The sound of the band is a complex mix of vocals, harmonies, lead guitar and keyboards, but the result has all these elements evenly mixed.
The album features a whole range of influences and song styles, but collectively it comes together easily. It's quite a long album, but never a boring or uneventful one. Just a classy one.
A special mention of the packaging and artwork for the album very nicely done!
BOTTOM LINE: The Fair Warning comparison isn't the sole component of the new band's sound. What the guys have amassed here is a collection of very likeable, very strong, structured rock songs.
I would also like to add that the quality of the musicianship on this record is also very high. This is a very professional outfit and the delivery of the songs refects that.
European rock fans should grab this immediately, as it's one of the strongest and best produced albums of it's genre this year.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Fair Warning and fans of European hard rock / pomp hard rock.

01/02/02: Tim -
Rating: 70
With Fair Warnings "GO" being one of my all time favourite cd's I could not wait to get Dreamtide into my cd player. I must say now after many listens that for me this cd is a big dissapointment. I big part of the problem may be my fault because I was expecting another classic Fair Warning cd. I found myself at the first few listens just thinking how much better this release would have been if Tommy Heart was still the lead singer. But after several listens its clear to me that the songwriting just isnt there for this one. Sure, the music sounds just like Fair Warning, but the songs lack the amazing catchy hooks and chorus's that Fair Warning was able to give us. The new lead singer Olaf just lacks the passion that Tommy Heart gave us. I'd also have to disagree with many on the production. It sounds to me that Olaf's voice is just too far back in the mix and sounds drownd out by the music. No offense to anyone who loves this cd but I will probably toss this aside and forget about it. Like I mentioned earlier, my problem was I was expecting another Classic Fair Warning release but to me; this is far from it.

17/12/01: exnewyorker -
Rating: 95
I for one was really disappointed to hear about Tommy Heart's split from the mighty Fair Warning about a year ago. But as they say, life goes on right??? This album is a monster! The opening track definetly sets the pace for what lies ahead...a damn fine Euro-rock album. From the looks of things, a lot of these songs seem to have been written with Tommy Heart in mind...many could have easily been FW tracks, but the new singer definetly adds his own persona to the whole album. The production is top notch -- something not easily found today on many of the independent AOR releases. I'd have to say that this (along with Giant-III) get my nod for favorite AOR release of 2001. Buy or die!!

11/12/01: Simon -
Rating: 65
I think Fair Warning was another thing...Tommy Heart is the best and the new singer has no same feeling and personality. The guitar work is nice but the songs don't hit the point.
The last Fair Warning album was not a masterpiece but it's better than this. The booklet is very nice... Cheers, Simon

06/12/01: steve -
Rating: 92
I was surprised by how good this album really was. I was expecting a fairly good album, but was blown away by the quality of the music and songs. The production is superb and the songs are top notch. The only thing I didn't like was the accent of the vocalist which wasn't too bad but could get a little annoying at times. Other than that I would highly recommend this album for anyone who likes strong melodic based rock.

04/12/01: Figge -
Rating: 89
Great stuff from the Fair Warning guys! It may be a little too soon to write a review of this album, considering that I've only had it for 5 days. But this is surprisingly good. I was never a great fan of Fair Warning, but this album is better produced, better songs and the new singer does a great job.
I must say that the album has it's ups and downs....but the highlights are some of the best songs I've heard in a long time.
I strongly recommend this to fans of melodic hard rock.
Best Songs: What You Believe In, Sundance, Come With Me.

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