Produced by: Curt Cuomo, Frankie Sullivan and Eddie Money
  1. Ready To Rock
  2. Don't Say No Tonight
  3. So Cold Tonight
  4. Let It Go
  5. Turn The Light Off
  6. It's Gotta Be Love
  7. Can't Go On
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. When You Gonna Satisfy Me
  10. Need A Little Rock
  11. Broken Down Chevy (God Only Knows)
In 1995 Eddie had it all. A new outlook, a new label and a new album Love And Money. The only thing was that Eddie was hurting from the death of long time friend and mentor Bill Graham.
And the mood of that album reflected that. It was a mellow and R&B tinged album. Following the awesome 1992 high energy rock album Right Here with this album left a few fans disappointed. Me included.
Eight years on from the album Right Here Eddie has decided it's time to revisit the feel of that recording and Ready Eddie is the result of that.
It is a rock album through and through and sees Eddie teaming up once again with long time bud Curt Cuomo and enlists one of Curt's former collaborators - Survivor guitarist Frankie Sullivan.
Frankie plays guitar all over this record and produced it with Curt and Eddie. And produced the shit out of it they have. Tight, mixed perfectly, harmony vocals to die for and layers and layers of melodies.
While the album is not all hard rock - it mixes that with AOR numbers, smooth ballads and some blues based tunes. But the feel and theme is consistent and this is clearly a guitar driven record from start to finish.
Intentions are clearly stated in the first few seconds of Ready Eddie.
A crunching guitar riff leads into that familiar vocal we have all come to love.
Ready To Rock is probably the most predictable song of the album. You have heard it all before - a standard hard rocker with lyrics to match. But this serves a useful purpose. After Love & Money, some fans may be cautious. Anyone picking this album up for a listen will be left with no doubts the man is in form and even in reading the song titles on the back of a cover, a song like Ready To Rock is a good sign. so we will forgive Eddie the lyrical content and just get right into that fabulously heavy sound. One of the heaviest rockers I have heard Eddie sing. Check out the last 20 seconds - great sound. And boy does his voice sound awesome.
Now that the rock vibe has been established Don't Say No Tonight establishes the classy melodic power AOR sound of Right Here and Can't Hold Back. A wonderful ballady intro and verse that gives way to a rocking guitar riff and pure AOR anthem chorus. Anthems, multi layers, hooks and bridges. Eddie and the band sound a million bucks. Check out the last 20 seconds of this track!
This is the first single and if radio doesn't jump all over this, I will quit this site. There would just be no point. A restrained but extended solo from Frankie rounds it out nicely.
So Cold Tonight takes the album in another direction. This is a mid tempo track that smolders along without ever catching fire. But that is the beauty of it. It is rich in guitar textures and organ in the background, with Eddie's raspy vocals providing the entire tempo and melody changes. Huge.
Let It Go kicks in with a pop rock guitar riff and heads into a feel good pop rocker feel, reminding me of Another Nice Day In LA from Right Here. A good fun mid tempo rocker with a sing a long chorus.
Turn The Light Off is the first ballad of the album. It mixes a grand piano sound with an orchestra. A typical big Eddie Money rock ballad. Very heartfelt.
It's Gotta Be Love opens with another big crunching guitar riff. Eddie's vocal is there and then the full band. Then a bridge and harmony vocals - then that chorus. Harmony vocals, guitars and Eddie. A huge anthem. One of the album's best tracks.
Can't Go On is another great anthem track in disguise. It opens with a ballady soft guitar feel and some smooth vocals, but gives way to a uptempo pure AOR power ballad anthem. Another pick for best track of the album.
Nobody Knows is another track that reminds me of the Eddie of the past. A moody Can't Hold Back feel to it. Rich guitar and drums textures and a hugely melodic mid paced chorus with plenty of harmony vocals again.
When You Gonna Satisfy Me is a great track. This one is going to slay them live. A moody hard blues rocker that opens with a slow bluesy solo that is over taken by a totally heavy rhythm section and hard blues riff. Mid paced and another track that truly smolders. A small more melodic bridge breaks the song in half and heads straight back into blues heaven. Nice solo.
Need A Little Rock is one of those hard rocking party tunes again, not unsimilar to the opener. Good fun vibe and another great tune live I would think.
Broken Down Chevy (God Only Knows) ends the album in fine hard rocking Eddie Money style. This reminds me of Eddie's early hard rock days like Shakin' or No Control. Hard and heavy, killer guitar and a big vocal from Ed. An extended instrumental section and some cool harmonica finishes the track off.
Well what more can I add to that summary?
Any person that has ever bought a Eddie Money album for any reason needs to get a hold of this record. This is a monster that will rank along side Can't Hold Back and Right Here as Eddie's best work ever.
I wasn't sure the guys till had it in him, but I am more than happily proved wrong. On Ready Eddie, there is enough energy and great music to suggest Eddie has another 20 years left in him.
Get this album!
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Eddie money fan and fans of great guitar driven melodic hard rock.
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