Frontiers/Now & Then FRCD 050
Produced by: Fair Warning

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Jaded Heart, Scorpions
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Heart On The Run
  2. Through The Fire
  3. Break Free
  4. Forever
  5. Tell Me I'm Wrong
  6. Dream
  7. I Fight
  8. Time Will Tell
  9. Eyes Of Love
  10. Find My Way
  11. Night Falls
  12. Wait
  13. For The Young

Fair Warning are Japan's favourite band from Germany, similar to their love of bands like Mr. Big from the US.
This is their fourth album (no kidding!) and sees the band turn in another solid performance, but with a few subtle differences.
Taking over the production duties themselves the band have maintained their typical Euro-hard rock approach, with plenty of big passionate vocals, anthemic songs, loud guitars and a rush of energy, but have maybe unwittingly done something else also.
They have taken control of their sound and make it more consistent. Their previous records, while all being good, have had more than one feel to them.
This album has the same feel and direction throughout. Even when crossing from the ballads to the rockers, it seems to flow better.
Their also seems to be great constraint - meaning that the songs aren't as over the top as they have previously been, but more controlled. More mature even. The band have definitely matured.
Mind you, going on the opening track alone you might think that statement crazy!
But the album as a whole is a little softer, a little more AOR than the band have previously been.
Heart On The Run opens the album as big as it could possibly be done. This track is typical of the hard rockers on the album - full of big vocals, a crunching lead guitar and with keyboards as a support, not over riding the album.
Break Free & Tell Me I'm Wrong are the early ballads and the most commercial numbers on the album.
Through The Fire, I Fight and Find My Way rock hard, while Time Will Tell and Eyes Of Love are examples of moodier mid tempo tracks.
For The Young ends the album with a rousing moody slow anthem with some massive backing vocals and totally bombastic approach. A little like the last Ten album in places.
It's worth mentioning some European bands have the ability to sound more American, but it has to be said Fair Warning sound as European as they are. Their sound is unmistakable, especially in the vocal department.
BOTTOM LINE: A very good album of uptempo melodic hard rock mixed with AOR, in a very European flavor that will delight fans of this genre.
American AOR fans might find it a little alien, but Japanese and European listeners will be wondering why these guys aren't worldwide stars.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Fair Warning fans, and fans of European style melodic rock.
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