Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD 097
Produced by: Dann & David Huff

Released: Nov. 28
Closest Relative: Def Leppard, Themselves!
GENRE: Melodic Rock

  1. Combustion
  2. You Will Be Mine
  3. Over You
  4. Don't Leave Me In Love
  5. Love Can't Help You Now
  6. Sky Is The Limit
  7. End Of The World
  8. Oh Yeah
  9. Can't Let Go
  10. Bad Case Of Loving You

It was never going to be a question of whether this release would be any good or not. It was always going to depend on just how good!
And just how good are some songs going to sound, given that they were part of a $500,000 production budget?!!
Well, this record is everything and more that I hoped for and is essentially a sensational melodic rock release. Killer tunes, killer production and some nice packaging courtesy of Chuck Wright - wearing his graphic designers hat.
This is of course a collection of unreleased tunes from the vaults of the Huff Brothers.
But one of the best aspects of this release is the attitude of the band members themselves. They have demonstrated their commitment to the name Giant by unearthing the best possible collection of unreleased songs left to the vaults and have bettered their sound with new studio enhancements, remastering and re-mixing.
It would have been quite easy to turn in a collection of half finished tracks and live recordings. This album is the best possible result of the band's decision to try and make their name an ongoing concern in today's marketplace.
After an initial search of the vaults yielded good results, project co-ordinator and band drummer David Huff dug deeper and the result is evident on this release.
All of the songs were recorded or demo'd for the band's previous two releases and have been studio tweaked and re-recorded in 2001 for this release.
Three of those songs - You Will Be Mine, Over You and Don't Leave Me In Love were part of the Terry Thomas production budget for the albums are were only dropped at the last minute due to them conflicting with other tracks already assigned to the albums.
The remaining tracks were fully completed - produced by the band themselves and recently re-mixed, re-mastered and studio enhanced at Dann's Nashville studio. Given that both David and Dann are accomplished producers int heir own right, there isn't one track on this album that doesn't sound a million bucks.
The songs:
Combustion is only 90 seconds long, but is right out of the Giant textbook of building over-the-top guitar solo intro's! Much like the first two albums build their presence with big intro's, so does III.
The intro halts and You Will Be Mine kicks in. With a flash, it's somewhere between 1989 and 1992 again, when bands like Giant were getting major labels bidding for their services! This track is a typical Giant uptempo rocker, in the vein of past classics like No Way Out and Get Used To It.
Over You is a feel good, big production rock number, with a slew of harmony vocals and a very strong Huff lead vocal. The tasteful addition of keyboards around the chorus makes it more commercial and poppy, but it's a great sing a long pop rocker.
Don't Leave Me In Love is the track most of you know already - the lead single that kicked off this welcomed comeback. This track is a typical Giant ballad, with a ton of keyboards, soft moody vocals and then soaring choruses and harmony vocals. Dann spoke fondly of this song, saying that it only just missed the cut with the Time To Burn album. I agree, this is a classic AOR ballad and a sensational vocal from Dann. Mark Spiro co-writes and a version of the song can be found on his solo album Devotion.
Love Can't Help You Now is the first track of this album where I can see reasons why it wasn't originally picked as a previous album track. But as part of this album, it fits perfectly. It's a mid-tempo rock track that kicks your ass come chorus time and is perfectly placed to aid the flow of this album.
Sky Is The Limit is another classic Giant rocker, with more than a hint of Def Leppard about it. The bridge, then the chorus itself are both fabulous examples of catchy hard rock, with Giant fans bound to lap this up.
Just about time for another ballad and End Of The World delivers. Another great moody slow ballad with more great harmony vocals that ads even more strength to this release.
Oh Yeah says Def Leppard, eat your heart out! This is a big guitar driven rocker that starts within itself before bursting into life with a big fists in the air chorus! Sing along, rock along, air-guitar along, the choice is yours!
Can't Let Go is some of the album's true surprises and true gems. This is a soft, moody, sultry and moving ballad that sees a new side of the band we love. Yes, the guys have slowed down for ballads before, but this is a wonderfully haunting vocal performance from Dann. As the song builds and intensifies, so does the passion in the delivery. A beautiful soft ballad for sure.
Ending the album with a bang, is a cover of the Robert Palmer classic Bad Case Of Loving You. Performed with a real 'live in the studio' feel, the band are at their entertaining and hard rocking best.
It's also great to see the late Van Stephenson again involved in the song writing. He co-wrote two tracks on the album.
BOTTOM LINE: Essential. No question about it. There isn't a filler or a below average track amongst this lot. It's a tribute to the band that there was no room for songs of this quality on their original two studio albums.
The songs themselves run together beautifully and have been organised into a perfect running order.
From the outset, I was determined to be as hard on this release as possible, as the band have previously set a high standard and I am a huge fan. I am happy to report that this album has exceeded my best hopes.
It may not quite match the band's first two albums, but it comes close and is a mighty way to re-introduce the band back into life again. I hope they stick around!
Fans of Giant will love this, no problems at all!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Giant and Huff Brothers fans, fans of the first two albums and fans of big stadium US melodic rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Last Of The Runaways . Time To Burn . III

03/12/08: Brady -
Rating: 60
Uh.... I was expecting some decentness out of this album... I haven't listened to it more than once, maybe I'm not used to it but I don't know.... I am a HUGE giant fan, they're all I listen to. But this album... The quality sounds terrible so far!! And I'm not listening to it through apple headphones either. I'm listening through Bag Ends, and it's NOTHING special. I think this album so far is NOT that great. Sorry to the lovers of this album... but have you EVER even LISTENED to their old stuff?!?! This stuff doesn't even COMPARE!!

29/05/06: steve P -
Rating: 85
Some very strong tracks here - "End of the World" is a super ballad with some great meldoic guitar. "Can't let go" angst ridden balladeering - very emotional stuff

"You will be mine" and "over you" - 2 great tracks to set the album off.

But there should have been more - A disappointing finish to the album - 3 tracks short of classic for me.

19/02/06: Bianka - Koentopp
Rating: 0
Giant is the BEST.Wonderfull.Bia.

03/08/05: Juan -
Rating: 100
But a question, when the next??

21/07/05: Gustavo -
Rating: 99
Great CD.
Must have.
Guitar solos are awesome, great vocals, awesome sound and brilliant songs.
What more can you ask for?

09/07/05: De@rc -
Rating: 65
This album is average and a little disappointment for me. Only 4 or 5 tracks are good, the others are really mediocre. Is this really essential? Sadly, not a bit!

Rating: 97
Great CD. These guys are class. Maybe the other two albums are a bit stronger but this is still very good release. Lets hope this is the start of a great comeback!

13/05/04: Michael -
Rating: 99
Great masterpiece, Giant is the best Melodic Band ever!

21/05/03: John -
Rating: 82
No big deal,though it's a great CD...Three songs are anthems: Don't leave me in love,you will be mine and can't let go.. A great solo in combustion..A great guitarist,but this isn't a solid offering...

11/12/02: Roy Thompson -
Rating: 80
For an album full of songs that didn't make the cut, this is a far better collection of songs than the majority of current releases.

I finally got my hands on 'III' after long contemplating it, and it was totally worth it. 'You Will Be Mine' kicks my ass! What a song! I had always hoped they would bring something new to the table, even if the major labels weren't interested in MR anymore. The true fans will always find their way.

27/09/02: Daniel Boschen -
Rating: 85
Hi from Germany! I must admit i hadnīt heard of Giant until i found this page! So i bought the first two albums which are great, and then only yesterday i got III. Well after listening to the record twice i must say itīs not as good as the previous two, but still good enough to beat almost everything else on the market today. Iīm hoping for number 4!!

22/04/02: freddy de keyzer - freddydekeyzer
Rating: 90
Better late than never! The comeback 'till now, much better than the average and overrated Harem Scarem (they get only 60% from me and that's it). A good mix of their previous records. You can hear these guys are all real brilliant musicians. Hope to hear much more from them. After Mecca the best AOR gem of the last months ! BUY !

09/04/02: David -
Rating: 75
I bought this cd right away after seeing the review. I am not a huge fan of giant but have their first 2 cds. Overall this new cd is good but not great!. I think the songs on Time to Burn were much better. These songs have a leftover feel to them. Also I find the comparison to def leppard (any era of def leppard) misleading and not accurate. Sadly def leppard's sound of late 80's early 90's was copied so much and giant does copy it somewhat, but to compare them to that is not a fair comparison.

Overall this cd is good for those who are giant fans or who just want to complete their collection of giant stuff.

04/02/02: Jerry -
Rating: 95
I think those that are giving this cd a score in the 70% area need to go back to their Britney Spears & NSTINC cds !!! This is a knock-down drag out classic, and will be forever remembered by those of us who truly appreciate this type of music. Quality is grade A+, truly a gem. Now all we need is a new album & a tour (Texas awaits Giant)

31/01/02: Mark Warburton -
Rating: 80

26/01/02: Jonny B -
Rating: 95
Can you believe that? I'm absolutely blown away by the songs on the comeback album of Giant. It's hard to pick a favorite because ALL were great! As compared to their previous two efforts, I'd rank this one as either a tie with "Time to Burn" or just slightly ahead or behind. If these were brand new recordings rather than previous recordings I would've ranked Giant "III" ahead of Hurricane "Liquifury" and Journey "Arrival" for comeback album of the year.

Rating: 98

21/01/02: Chris Castle -
Rating: 99
Awesome comeback album!! Only disappointment was Robert Palmer makeover. Giant - just be yourselves.

19/01/02: Robin -
Rating: 60
I could not wait to hear this album. The first two are genuinely melodic rocks classics, the publicity and reviews regarding this really had my mouth watering. What a dissapointment. I know this is not strictly a NEW release, but c,mon. I really do object to the sensational review and publicity this CD has received. If we are trying to convert new listeners to our wonderful genre of music, are we not letting ourselves down, by holding up a release such as this one, as the pinnacle of Melodic Rock music. This will not convert anyone, more likely have the cynics lining up to take pot shots at us.
The CD isnt terrible, there are a couple of standout tracks, but the majority of the release is terminally average. It is summed up by the awful cover version at the end of the CD.
Its great to see the band back together again, but I hope that Mr Huff & co can produce an album of the calibre we have come to expect from them in the past.Maybe next time. Any chance Alan Pasqua will join the band again. Dissapointing.!!!!

18/01/02: GJ -
Rating: 85
Good, but NOT Time to Burn ...

12/01/02: samolice -
Rating: 75
A good album but after such a long time it's not a brilliant one. Just a good one that's enough. Please stop overrated this album.

03/01/02: Mangler -
Rating: 90
"III" has moved into my Top Ten List; strangely enough LOTR (...not Lord of the Rings either) and "Time to Burn" reside there as well.
I've read the comments about this being an album of "...leftovers...". How many meals of this quality could have come from leftovers from any other band recording today? Not many I wager.

Easily "You Will Be Mine" is the hands down rocker track on this collection of songs. The riff thumps along at a steady, energetic pace, while Dann's guitar careens along above it like a rollercoaster. "Sky Is the Limit" is cut from the DLR-era VH...a party-hearty rocker ready for the kegger at Dann and David's house next weekend.
"Can't Let Go" is easily one of the most soulful and plaintive broken heart ballads I have ever been priveledged enough to listen to. David Coverdale, move your old ass over, there's a new kid on the block. "Here I Go Again" was my previous pick for "crying-in-my-beer-about-a-love-gone-wrong-song".
Given the current state of music (in America as well as abroad), "III" stands as a new milestone by which guitar-oriented melodic rock MUST be judged; from its soaring solos to the plaintive, passionate vocals, tight drumming and insistent bass. Pray that sales for "III" through Frontiers are strong and continually growing to allow for an American distributor to pick up the rights, and possibly a tour. An album like this from a band as talented Giant could usher in the Second coming of Arena Rock again.

Thanks for your time.

26/12/01: Mike Beidler -
Rating: 90
This album, even above the first two, makes me wonder why Eddie Van Halen isn't knocking down Dann Huff's door and demanding his vocal talents. Heck, with two great guitarists in VH who knows where Van Huff could go?

24/12/01: Martin Krauka -
Rating: 97
I've only just got a copy of this and it has made for a very happy Xmas indeed. Yes, it's leftovers from unreleased tracks. Yes, it's a little outdated. Yes, it's nothing original. But, hell, yes, it's Giant!!!! First 4 tracks are awesome as are the last 3. Middle 3 is a touch weak but I'm sure a few more spins will soon change my mind about that. Giant should've never kept us waiting this long, I hope it won't be too long B4 we see a new record from them. Keep ROCK alive !!! (Is it too much to wish for the new Hardline album, also?)

24/12/01: Merrick -
Rating: 99
Ok, anyone who scored this album lower than a 90...please leave the room! I couldn't believe my eyes were seeing all those crappy reviews. This album is brilliant! It's like tantric sex for the ears! I thought Nirvana killed music as we knew it years ago...Giant proved me wrong with an awesome taste of the sweet life. Definitely ranks up there with Danger Danger's "Cockroach" for 2001. This album is a shot of adrenaline in the arms of those of us who are dying to hear great melodic rock again. Why didn't I give them a "100"? Heck, it will give them something to shoot for on #4!!! Great job guys! Keep 'em coming! :)

23/12/01: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 72
As a die hard GIANT fan, I waited in anticipation for this release. I must say I'm a little disappointed now that I have it. I now understand why most of these songs were left off the previous BRILLIANT albums. The only standouts are the Terry Thomas produced tracks (who also produced RUNAWAYS and TIME TO BURN.) YOU WILL BE MINE is an absolute gem. I can't understand why they chose not to put it on a previous album. Same goes for DON'T LEAVE ME IN LOVE. The problem with the rest of the album is the quality of the songs. Musically (apart from the occasional cheesy keyboards) it is all class. The lyrics on the other hand are sub-standard for a Giant album. Quite often they do not blend well with the music at all! If they had called the album OUTTAKES & LEFTOVERS maybe I wouldn't been so critical. Stamping (III) on the cover is a bit of an embarassment to two of the greatest Melodic Rock albums of all time. Hopefully some new material will return the band to the Pinacle of ROCK!

22/12/01: Neil Higson -
Rating: 75
This has been a really hyped up release and hopefully the reaction to it will encourage the guys to write a stunning album No4 that we know they are capable of. I'm just pleased they are back together as even this bunch of leftovers is better than what most can aspire to. It is a bunch of (well produced) leftovers though and while (just) good enough to have the name Giant put to it, this CD is lacking in overall quality and tends to drift along in the second half. Ultimately its great to have you back guys and I can't wait for a totally new release. Until that comes around this is OK to wet our appetites.

21/12/01: Brandon Klopp -
Rating: 99
Giant shows how us how to rock again (in case anyone forgot) Great voice, great guitar work, and David Huff's playing never sounded so good. a best of 2001 cd. now somebody release it in the US..ppppppleaaaaaze?!?!?

21/12/01: doug carrington -
Rating: 92
Ok...I've listened to this disc a few more times. What a great CD! Not as hard as the first two but still a classic Giant CD. If you love Giant this is a must have

20/12/01: Doug Carrington -
Rating: 87
It was a great day to finally recieve my Giant III disc all the way from europe(Aren't there any US distributors) Anyway shipping was quick and most of all the disc is not a dissappointment like many previous comments suggested. It showcases a variety of thoughts and ideas that didn't necessarily fit on the previous cd's. I've only listened twice through but "You Will Be Mine" and "Sky is the Limit" are definite great tunes. The intro is nice and the Ballad "Can't Let Go" is a brilliant Masterpiece. The sound and production is great. As with all Giant tunes there are no boring cookie cutter songwritting. Great transitions, cool ideas and a variety of Chords and phrasing something most Rockers could use a few lessons on.Hopefully this release will prompt an all new #4 cd from Giant.

19/12/01: koogles -
Rating: 89
Excellent by today's standards, average by the yardstick of 10-12 years ago. "Don't Leave Me In Love" is definitely a winner, but I could do without the Robert Palmer cover. Another CD that, while powerful and competent, never quite lives up to the hype.

15/12/01: Darren -
Rating: 80
Boy did i wait for this one! But i must admit i am a little disappointed...the album seems a little mediocre when compared to the brilliant Last Of The Runaways disc (95/100) which remains in my top ten favourite discs.I can't wait for the brilliant Huff brothers to release a album of new tunes...welcome back guys!

13/12/01: Anthony -
Rating: 100
I am so glad GIANT is back and I hope to stay. I was hooked on their music from the beginning. After "Time to burn" I couldn't wait for the next Cd, but wait I did for 9 years.
I can't begin to tell you how happy I was when I heard GIANT was releasing a 3rd CD. I counted down the days until it arrived. I have a hard time beleving that
these songs are "leftovers". I loved every track on this CD. The thing I love about GIANT's music is the emotion and feeling that goes into their songs. I could feel the the saddness in "I Can't Let Go". I could also feel the extreme
joy in "Oh Yeah". "Its not the end of the world" is just incredible, its the kind of song to listen when you are down. it makes you relize while you feel like you are at the end, that you cant give up on life.
There is so much about GIANT's music that makes it worth while not to mention some of the best guitar work ever :) I listen to the cd all the time, it's that good !

12/12/01: Alex Lee Ericsson -
Rating: 0
well..i've waited this one...ok, all the songs are leftovers as we know, but that's what is most fun part of it, 'cause even they are leftovers, these songs are way better than 98% of any band these that's tell me something...oh boy if they just write some new material..that would be something.? don't you think

11/12/01: Dave O\'Leary -
Rating: 65
I must admit, Andrew turned me on to these guys in a big way. I picked up their first two discs, a Union Sampler with "Don't Leave Me In Love", and the new E.P. That said, I could hardly wait for this to come out. I recently became aware that these tracks were outtakes and leftovers and that about sums this disc up. The opening four tracks are excellent (counting the instrumental). However, what follows is some of the weakest and least inspired material I have heard from any band. End of the World is OK, but everything else is a total miss. Sounds like something you would expect from a direct to cutout bin 80's band that got lost somewhere between Level 42 and Def Leppard. I hope they can put out an album of all new material, soon.

09/12/01: Peter Langelaan -
Rating: 100
After 10 long years of waiting finally the third album from GIANT! And it's a great one,thank you guys! Don't let us wait to long for the fourth one. OH YEAH!

05/12/01: Steve (UK) -
Rating: 65
I really can't believe Andrew this a 98% score ! A very average CD from a brilliant band. Sorry but not really worth the wait. Not a bad album, but only a couple of classic Giant songs, the rest are filler tracks. Any chance of some new tracks next time ?

04/12/01: Nicklas -
Rating: 100
GIANT RULES FOREVER ..........................

03/12/01: Darren Preece -
Rating: 99
Continued from previous.

The Sky Is The Limit is another supercharged rocker before the pace slows again for the soul packed Its not the end of the world. Oh Yeah is a song you save for the anthem category a song that would have fists waving and crowds singing along to that addictive chorus. Then comes the albums piece de risistance (I hope I spelt that right ) in the brilliant emotion filled super ballad Cant Let Go in which we get the very best of the Dan Huff voice....the cover version of the song Bad Case Of Loving You brings down the curtain on a melodic masterpiece...miss this 1 at your peril folks.........Brilliant

03/12/01: Humppakeisari -
Rating: 78
A slight disappointment, but anyway, these are lefover songs, so itīs pretty obvious that they are not on the same level with the 2 previous albums. The sound is, however, magnicifient! Great production and mix. Also, canīt help with the fact that most of Dannīs vocals leave me a bit cold. Fortunately, there are some expectations, such as Donīt Leave Me In Love. Giant would need a bigger label and some real advence royalties to be able to make a real album.

02/12/01: Frytz -
Rating: 99
Great album. Very good sound, great vocals and those guitars! But in the end it's the songs that are just awesome!! Rockin' away to "You will be mine"........

02/12/01: Darren Preece -
Rating: 99
One of the biggest injustices in this world is that the most of the worlds population has not the faintest idea who Dan Huff is,but thankfully anyone who has the first 2 Giant masterpieces are well aware of who he is..and who is he ?..well I will tell you he is the technically brilliant guitarist who also has a fantastic soulful voice with a range that people like Joe Elliott and any other overrated singer should be jealous of. Giant 3 proves what a great band Giant are ..following the eruptionesque combustion the band charge headlong into You Will be mine a song that has hook after hook and a chorus to die for .next up is Over You which if released by a more fashionable outfit would have the top of the charts in its sights....Dont Leave Me This Way follows and is a super charged ballad, Love Cant Help You Now has riff after riff of the Huff magic,

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