Return Of The Great Gildersleeves

MTM Music
Produced by: Danger Danger

Released: February 23 / Website
Closest Relative: Van Hagar
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Intro
  2. Grind
  3. When She's Good
  4. Six Million Dollar Man
  5. She's Gone
  6. Dead Drunk & Wasted
  7. Dead Dog
  8. I Do
  9. My Secret
  10. Cherry Cherry
  11. Get In The Ring
  12. Walk It Like You Talk It

After taking the 90's route on the album Dawn, with new singer Paul Laine, Danger Danger returned to what they do best on the now classic Four The Hard Way album.
But things were different. In place of Ted Poley, Paul Laine had brought to Danger Danger what Sammy Hagar brought to Van Halen. A move to a more serious sound and approach, mixing the anthem like rockers of their first two albums with a more modern sound that had touches of Dawn and also elements of Paul Laine's Bon Jovi/Def Leppard like solo album.
That album was an absolute classic. I played that album non stop for a long long time. Not since I received Giant's Time To Burn and House Of Lords' Demon's Down in the same package on day in 1992 had anything monopolized the stereo to such a degree.
That was until I got Return Of The Great Gildersleeves in the mail. I have had this advance CD for nearly 5 months now. So this review can be taken very seriously. This album has been played and played and played again.
This is the band's best album. Ever.
Why? Because it takes all the elements that made Four a classic and improves everyone of them.
The production is better, tighter. The songs flow like an un-damned river - fast, furious, at times a little more laid back, but always with the same purpose. To get the listener to the end of the album and have them start it again.
I remember my first half a dozen spins of the album. It sounded like the band had once again mixed between the modern and the classic. Four The Hard Way did this. Modern songs like Jaded, Heartbreak Suicide, Sick Little Twisted Mind to classic hard rockers like Going All The Way and Goin' Goin' Gone.
This album has the same effect, but after you get to know the songs, they flow effortlessly between the styles like never before. It's so smooth. It's a hard thing to get right, but believe me the guys have it spot on here.
Another thing you will notice is the amount of sound effects in the music. The intro has them, Six Million Dollar Man has them everywhere, When She's Good also...This is stuff Def Leppard tried on Hysteria to great effect and it has to be said that it is also done superbly here. Not intrusive, but noticeable and enhancing to the songs. Just another facet of what a great production job has been done on this record.
Bruno Ravel plays all over this and Steve West's drums are like a hammer beating you around the head. It is truly a monster sound.
After a short effects filled into Grind explodes in your face with some of the hardest hard edge guitar riffing I have heard from the guys. Immediately it hits you what a killer voice Paul Laine is. Why isn't this man a worldwide God? His voice is sharper than ever, smoother and more powerful. In fact, in the beginning I was left wondering where he trademark snarl had gone. On Gildersleeves, Paul Laine sings smoother and more controlled than ever, his voice even more powerful. There is no need for the rasp. It is there, for sure, but in singing his ass off, it's just not needed.
Grind is a moody hard hitting rocker in the vein of Goin' Goin' Gone and Still Kicking. Huge.
When She's Good is one of a couple of tunes from the Cockroach album. And believe me, this leaves Cockroach for dead. Heavier, tougher, punchier, grungier, dirtier and a far superior production. Plus effects, layers and harmony vocals 10 layers deep. The chorus is lush. Check out the bridge half way through the song. Def Leppard couldn't have done better.
Six Million Dollar Man is a song that grows on you. There is a spoken word intro that leads into an effects filled guitar intro. The song is one of the more 90's flavored tracks on the album, but features a great vocal. This is the type of song that will take melodic rock into this new century. Love the end of the song!
And from three hard hitting opening tracks, She's Gone, featuring a new age effects intro, smolders into a moody and introspective ballad, with layers of harmony vocals and backing effects. They keyboard accompaniment is awesome. Paul's vocals are moody and lonely, this song is a real piece of work. The chorus takes some getting to, but once you get there, you won't forget it.
So the song is ending, the tears are dwelling in your eyes, what next?
Well, it's Dead Drunk & Wasted. I know what you are thinking, a party tune hardly seems fitting to follow such a heartfelt ballad. But it's not what you think. This song is as dark lyrically as the last song, helping in the transition. But it is a rocker and damn, does this song go off. My favourite song of the album, this is a hard rocking, hard hitting, hard driving stadium anthem with vocals and guitar work to rival the best Van Halen or Harem Scarem classic. Paul Laine's vocals in the chorus are some of his finest.
Then as if to say, let's not get carried away, Dead Dog hits you right in the face. A awesomely heavy intro, this song is another modern hard gritty moody and dark rocker.
This has to be the darkest tack of the album. lyrically as well as musically. It's intense.
I compare it to I Don't Need You, with more power than that and Sick Little Twisted Mind. Just listen to the Sabbath heavy bass playing!
I Do continues the dark theme of the album, the intro is intense, but more melodic, then it gives way to a verse that reminds me of something from Foreigner's Agent Provocateur album. Once again, the songs contains unparalleled keyboard backing. The song re-intensifies for the chorus, where Paul Laine sings like his life depends on it. A heartbreaking lyric and a very intense song.
I Do fades away and into My Secret. What an incredible change of pace. This acoustic guitar and drum driven song is far more peaceful and almost happy! The guys really did well to sneak this track on here and still keep it sounding like it belongs. It does.
Continuing the happy portion of the album, Bruno takes lead vocal on Cherry Cherry, a tribute to great 70s anthem rockers, this track is charming, funny, rocking and sounds like it could have come from any good 70's Kiss album! Great vocals too Bruno!! The chorus is as catchy as hell.
Get In The Ring puts us back in the dark grungy world of Danger Danger. Another hard hitting and modern track, with vocal effects, guitar riffs that could make some ears bleed and a major bridge and chorus that will have you rocking long into the year.
Walk It Like You Talk It is another great surprise. Just like the guys ended Four The Hard Way with a bang, they do here again with this track. It's another Cockroach track, but it's hardly recognizable from the original. It's faster (much faster!) rougher, tougher and features the heaviest bass/drum combination I have heard for a long while.
The chorus is everything an ending track should be - big, fast, hard and it only gets more intense as the songs goes. And then suddenly - it's gone. The album is over.
But I feel an intense need to press play again....
BOTTOM LINE: Everything Four The Hard Way was and more. Much more.
My first instant classic. There is not a single fault with this album. It's huge.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every classic American hard rock fan. Anyone that has ever owned a Danger Danger record.
DISCOGRAPHY:Danger Danger . Screw It . Cockroach . Dawn . 4 The Hard Way . Gildersleeves

07/07/06: Alan -
Rating: 50
No a classic!!!! Idon't get to see the greatness of this album. Awesome... Ted Poley and Andy Timmons are gods!!!

15/09/04: Adriano - hardglamsex
Rating: 0
D2 is the best hard rock of the universe,simply...

17/10/03: fosso - fossocrue@yahoo.es95
Rating: 95
¡hey melodicrock fans! this cd rocks!!!!!!i´ve listened months ago his cd four the hard away,it's fantastic but the return is much better,in the tradition of leppard, van halen ,with a modern sound, i love grind, when she´s good.. ,she´s gone,i think all the album ,his finals songs reminds me the sound of the crue with jon corabi.only a thing,buy this album.

11/01/03: marcelo teixeira -
Rating: 100

02/08/02: Erik -
Rating: 95
I still play this disc about once a week, constantly dissecting the production for my own band's projects. Sure, it's got a couple of songs that aren't as good as the rest (Dead Dog, I Do), but I still love 'em, just not as much as "Dead, Drunk, and Wasted" and "Get In The Ring". I had a crappy stereo in a old beat-up car when I first got it, and still it sounded like a million bucks! Andy Timmons gets a little antsy talking about his roots in the "hairband 80's", but he's one of the finest players out there and should be mondo proud of his work on this album!

28/01/02: G.G. -
Rating: 90
It took me some 5 or 6 listens to really appreciate "Gildersleeves." Had I judged it on the first listen it probably would've found it's way to a used CD section of a music store by now. But I cringingly suffered through it several times and now for some reason I'm SINGING to even the more modernized tunes like "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Get in the Ring". All in all, I wouldn't give this album a 100, but I still give it a high score for production and for songs like "I Do", "She's Gone" and "Cherry Cherry". I think Paul Laine's vocals fits the harder edged style of D2 than Ted Poley would ever do (but then, I haven't bought "Cockroach" yet, so maybe I should hold my judgement for the moment). But even if Ted Poley did return I don't think he'd sound as good as he did in early D2, even with a big budget production. (listen to his off-key singing in Melodica and you'll see why). Ironically, though it's 2 years old, I listened to D2 "Gildersleeves" more than any other CD last year (which had tuff competition with great releases as Journey's "Arrival" and Ten's "Far Beyond the World") but it STILL had more listens in my CD player! Anyhow I'm nagging on so I'll stop by saying that this was one of the better releases I've listened to.

13/12/01: Kenneth M. - HUGEFAN
Rating: 95
What can I say...this CD ROCKS...!!! It is an almost perfect blend of power & hooks...sure to delite the ears of any true hard/melodic rock fan. Sadly...the mass' may forever be ignorant to the superior talent of this HIGH QUALITY band...!!?? It is their loss, they won't be able to revel in the sounds of Dead, Drunk & Wasted/ Get In The Ring/ Dead Dog or my personal fave Six Million Dollar Man!! Which should have been a huge rock radio hit. All the best lads for your future releases...! P.S. I love both versions of this band, but Paul Laine (a fellow CANADIAN...!!!) is THE MAN...!!!

10/11/01: Jonny B -
Rating: 45
Just like the previous album, 4 The Hard Way, D2's Gildersleeves is yet, another attempt to cross melodic rock with modern trends. Better off taking the best of two albums and buying an mp3 mix CD. I have one message for them: PLEASE stick to one style! D2 scores another half a point.
The Scoreboard:
Ted Poley & Melodica - 2
Danger Danger - 1

18/10/01: Eduardo -
Rating: 98
Just incredible... the kind of band that you buy the album without listening one second...

09/06/01: wanted man -
Rating: 95
Best CD I heard in a long time! Why aren't these guys huge. Thanks to this site for turning me on to this. This band is truely sticking to their guns. Rock on brothers!!!!!!!!

07/01/01: Craig -
Rating: 92
Only let down by a couple of average tracks which break the flow of the album. Never the less, it still rates in my top 5 for 2000.

10/12/00: Thomas -
Rating: 93
This Album is really good. I don't know what some of the reviewers that rated this album low were smoking, but they don't have much of an ear for music if they didn't like this album. The vocals are great, and there is a lot of variety in the songs. I agree there are a few songs that could have been left off the list, but overall, this album is damm good. I'm looking forward to the follow up album, and I'm definately a fan of this new line up.

09/08/00: Zaid Couri -
Rating: 85
My 1st Danger Danger album, a band that was popular when I was 8. I heard Grind on Hard Radio and read a great review and had to get the album! The only reason I'm not giving it 100% is that I think that it could have been rocked up a bit more.

03/08/00: Rui Moura -
Rating: 100
What a wonderfull work there!!!

24/07/00: Richie -
Rating: 100
This album is awesome.If you're a D2 fan you will be blown away from beginning to end. These guys did an awesome job again they just keep getting better. One of the most under rated bands in history.Go get this album and if you're a D2 fan run and get it.

25/06/00: Tbone -
Rating: 50
This is not an instant classic!! The 4 the hard way album was wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than this album. I have to say that I do,
Dead drunk and wasted , Cherry Cherry , She's good , She's good were all very promising for this Cd ; but for me there were to many fillers like
Six million Dollar Man , Grind and the rest of the album. I'm all for artists maturing but be consistent from one album to the next!! I hated the "Dawn" Cd but at least they did'nt switch there sound for that album like they did on Gildersleeves. I have to admit Ted Poley is the man! Melodica his new album just released is awesome!!!!

06/06/00: Tim -
Rating: 85
Cool album, when shes good is classic fun rock. I do and Shes gone are potential radio hits, if D2 could get on radio! Think the production is strong although a little obvious sometimes with additional sounds. ( As in marriage sermon in I do) Just picked up new Bon Jovi which is very good. Also latest Great White

Rating: 98
Unbelievable, this album is monstrous by any definition. The most kick arse drumming I've ever heard from this band and in the shape of Dead Drunk and Wasted and When She's Good... some of the most infectious tunes I've ever heard. Paul Laine is a vocal god - he delivered "balls" to this band. Ted Poley positioned this band in the also ran category - since Paul's introduction they've become a very, very mature rock band with unbelievable energy. In my opinion this album is better than Four The Hard Way - far better production, bigger drumming and more of a timeless sound. Oh and I love Cherry Cherry - they mention their love of Cheap Trick in the notes and I hear a lot of it on the album. And I love the intensity of the conclusion to I Do and the ripper solo at the end. Definently, ALBUM OF THE YEAR so far...KAOS FAN.

09/05/00: Susumu -
Rating: 91
Danger Danger's The Returns... is definitely No.1 American rock release so far in 2000 which will sure to strike the whole nation.
The album title is a premonition that great rock will return to the U.S. And their forthcoming return to the mainstream. This album has various styles of rock which remind me of Van Halen, Foreigner, U2,
and Led Zeppelin. In ordinary release being too varied in style might get negative effect but this album is an excellent exception. To awaken the longtime slumber of great rock you have to do something special. They surely did something striking which might be compared to what Jim Peterik did. They did similar thing all alone!! Album quality as a whole is excellent but let's say annual Top 10 caliber. With the exception of some Europian great releases it stands out far above other rock albums to be sure.

04/05/00: Alvaro -
Rating: 100
This album Rocks! It´s fucking Amazing! Paul Laine has a fantastic and powerful voice!!! The production reminds me Mutt Lange a lot!
Good job guys!
When you come to Brazil?

14/04/00: Lance Hegefeld -
Rating: 95
Danger Danger has really moved up in my favorite bands list. Their first album was good, a little bit cheesy with stuff like "Naughty, Naughty", but overall a fun album with some great ballads. "Screw It" in my view, is their worst album. I can't listen to songs like "Horny S.O.B, and Everbody Wants Some" unless I'm drunk off my ass and just want to have some fun. The guitar playing is great though. Onto "Dawn", which moved D2 into a more serious band. The music was good, but the songs werent' very catchy. "Four the Hardway" is where they found it. All the songs were incredible. More mature than the first two ablums but still fun. "GILDERSLEEVES" continues to improve their sound. This is stuff everyone can like. It's really diverse. You got straight ahead "kick you in the ass" rock, more alternative rock, and even a good ballad here and there.
Great shit guys!!!

12/04/00: Will Matson -
Rating: 95
I like the album a lot. My favorite, in all honesty, is "Cherry Cherry" can't see why everybody else on here hates it. Even if you don't like some of the songs as much, you got to admit this album sounds great. Love the guitars on "Grind." Everyone of their albums sounds different to me anyway so the differences that exist between this one and '4' didn't bother me at all. The self-titled album had keyboards, 'Screw it' was straight-up rock,
'Dawn' was a darker, grungier type album, '4' had more hard rockers and this one has some catchier stuff and some modern sounding stuff. It's all good to me and no I haven't heard 'Cockroach' but would love to. "Get in the ring" does sound like Corabi, I thought I was the only one who saw that one.
"Dead dog" is a cool song and does remind me a bit of 'Dawn.'

12/04/00: Stefan -
Rating: 55
Must say that the new D2 album is much overrated. I can't realy see what's so special with it. I think it's nothing but an common rock album that's miles away from the first two albums with Ted Poley behind the mic. The best songs are Sex Million Dollar Man, which suits the new style of the band, and the straight AOR track I Do. My personal opinon is that D2 should have changed name after that Poley left, that would have given them a new start and probably given them more new fans. Great Glidersleeves is just an album you listen to a couple of times and then it's nothing more about it...

08/04/00: Big Mike -
Rating: 80
I don't care what everyone says, but 4 the hard way is a better album for mine. Still a good album, grind, she's gone and I do are the best tracks though. When I first got it those 3 songs immediately grabbed my attention but I was disappointed with the
rest. the other tracks are growing on be abit more now, but i don't think its the classic everybody seems to think. Having said
that, its still better than 99% of the crap that passes for music these days.

05/04/00: Mike -
Rating: 90
I feel that this album is very good and it's so nice to hear an album like this again. As far as the band needing Ted back I have to disagree. Although the Cockroach album is great I feel the version with Paul singing is just as good or even better. Also if Ted was so important what happened to his career? I admit I do own Ted's solo albums and although their are some good songs I feel that overall Ted needs Danger Danger. I feel that Paul is just a much stronger singer with much better ability to write songs. Lastly I have to disagree with the person who reviewed this album when he says that Walk it Like You Talk It, is better on this album that on the cockroach album. I feel that this song was much better on the cockroach album, so much so that this version was such a dissapointment that I took away 10 points for my review.

29/03/00: Steve Romero -
Rating: 95
I was very anxious to listen to the album after reading Andrew's review and I happily was not disappointed. Without repeating what some of the prior comments are, I pretty much agree with the favorable responses to the album. The ballads could have been a little more vintage DD but that's about the only flaw I saee with the album. The only song I don't care for is Dead Dog, it reminds me of the early 90's albums put out by Dokken and Warrant trying to capture a new sound. My favorites would have to be Grind, When She's Good and Dead Drunk & Wasted. I even like the "filler" songs like Cherry Cherry and Six Million Dollar Man (though the last one kind of grew on me). I agree with Chuck about the great guitar work and Steve West's kick ass drum pounding. A fun album to listen to.

28/03/00: sexmachine - ³ª
Rating: 100
danger danger!!!oh my god! great band,sound,composition sexmachine yeah yeah

28/03/00: Mark Orsted -
Rating: 90
I'm still a bit undecided if this album is as good as Four The Hard Way, but it's *damn* close. The only song that disappointed me on the whole album *was* Six Million Dollar Man, but even that one has grown on me. I've had the album just over a month and change and it gets regular time in the deck. Some of this stuff is meant to be played real loud in a strip bar of your choice, Grind and When She's Good come to mind instantly. The ballads are, for the most part, nothing spectacular to me, though they aren't bad. The one thing D2 did with this album, overall, is they put some balls into it. One of the best Melodic Hard Rock efforts of 2k.

26/03/00: Chuck Eaton -
Rating: 97
A really awesome album, albeit just not up to what "Four The Hard Way" gives you. Really good vocals and production, with the BEST guitar work and drum pounding ive ever heard from Danger Danger. Fav's on the album have to be "When She's Good She's Good", "Get In The Ring", "Cherry, Cherry", and "Grind". There were just NO outstanding ballads on this one, as was NOT the case with 4THW. Still, this is a KILLER album with alot of great ear happy tunes. The only album released in 2000 that even rivals this one would be POISON's "CRACK A SMILE...and MORE". Just awesome work from the class of 80's rockers, Danger Danger and Poison.

24/03/00: Derek -
Rating: 80
Definately not the best Danger Danger album, but the replay value still exists. Unlike many of the bands that play this type of poppy hard rock, Danger Danger always delivers an album that you can pick up at any time and remember exactly why you bought it. Tracks like Grind and Get In The Ring stand out. The only reason I give this album a rating of 80 is because there is no standout, in your face, rock track like Still Kickin' from the previous effort. Some come close, but none move you to open the window, crank up the stereo to 10 and jam.

21/03/00: Lou -
Rating: 65
Im I missing something here or what because I got "TGG" and am still looking for that great classic album that everyone says it is.It's not terible but it could have been alot better,4 was easy to listen to,but I am having a hard time with this.

18/03/00: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 90
Okay, I admit it, I was wrong to turn my back on Danger Danger when they released their last album. (I didn't even consider buying "Dawn")
I have to say that this is one of the best releases I've heard in a while. Great combination of pure AOR (She's Gone, I Do), hard edged melodic rock (Grind, When She's Good, Walk It Like Ya Talk It) and modern stuff (Six Million Dollar Man, My Secret). My fave track has to be "Dead Drunk & Wasted" a classic track which to my ears has more than a touch of the Goo Goo Dolls about it. Storming stuff!
Oh well, looks like I'd better go and spend yet more of my hard earned cash on the last two albums..............

17/03/00: cK -
Rating: 100
I thought the Four the hard way album was as good as these guys could do and that album was a great rocker! Now that I've heard their new album I must say I was wrong. This album is even better than their last one. This album went straight up to the top rockalbum I have ever heard. All I can say is get the album, the adrenaline kick you get when you hear these songs is HUGE!!

14/03/00: coco -
Rating: 90
This is an awesome cd that just drips class,with classic sing along anthems like"when she's good"and "six million" to emotive
ballads like "she's gone" and then powerhouse rockers like "dead drunk" and "get in the ring".A stunning cd only let down by
"cherry cherry" which sounds like a bad 80's glam band.
Buy it now.

13/03/00: Jerry Oliver -
Rating: 70
Average album, no where near the classic s/t, Screw It, or Poley's Cockroach. The band is really missing Ted, it's more obvious then ever on this release. Apart from that the album is better then alot of other material out there, just not better then their own, looks like an identity crisis to me.

12/03/00: Ben -
Rating: 95
I bought this after readign Andrew's review - it is a superb album - rocks like a bastard!!!! I did notice one thing - Get In The Ring sounds similar to one of the Corabi era Motley Crue songs - still that is a small criticism.

Basically, if you love rock music that will make you move, sing and feel great - buy this!!!!!

10/03/00: Olviier -
Rating: 95
this is a great new album for Danger danger. The songs and production are brillant.
I put this disc in my top ten of the years.
Ps : Hello from France

07/03/00: Robert -
Rating: 92
This record is nearly every bit as good as Andrew says! I say nearly because I feel that it is not a perfectly flawless album that deserves a rating of 100%. With fillers like Six Million Dollar Man, My Secret, and Get In The Ring, I find a few faults. But it is very few...tracks like Grind, When She's Good, She's Gone, and Dead Drunk & Wasted certainly make up for any of the aforementioned fillers. This is one of the most high energy and intense discs I've ever heard! Certainly the toughest D2 has ever done. Melodies, crunchy guitars, searing production and brilliant vocals will put this disc into my Top 5 this year without a doubt. It's better than 4 The Hard Way in every category. Can't wait to hear what these guys do next!