Indie Release
Produced by: Honeymoon Suite

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Goo Goo Dolls
GENRE: Modern Rock

  1. Lemon Tongue
  2. What I Know
  3. So Hard
  4. Undone
  5. Don't Make Me Want You
  6. Touch The Sun
  7. Lagavulin
  8. Knew You When
  9. The Way I Do
  10. Gone
  11. Into Me Into You

It's great to see Honeymoon Suite back on the road and back in business as far as recording and releasing new material.
Lemon Tongue sees the band moving on from their past...this is an album that sees the band modernize their sound and their approach to songwriting, with a new guitar sound, some different vocal tones and delivery styles, not to mention a more 90's friendly production.
Lemon Tongue also sees the band experimenting more, with some aspects working and others not.
But importantly above all, the ability of the band to write catchy melodies is still the foundation that the album is built on.
First impressions of this album will not be great. This album requires some patience and if that is given, the melodies and songs become much more familiar. They need time to reveal themselves underneath the cover of a more contemporary sound.
Vocalist Johnnie Dee is hardly recognizable on the funky modern pop-rock opener Lemon Tongue. It's not one of the album's better tracks, but is catchy enough eventually.
What I Know is darker, heavier and moodier, but has a heart of melodic gold. Johnnie's trademark crooning is a little more audible and while retaining the tuned down guitars and dark approach, the chorus is as catchy as Honeymoon Suite can be.
So Hard continues the dark and brooding approach, with soft and subtle verse leading into a more passionate guitar driven chorus, even if the pace is still subdued.
Undone is another good song that grows. This track reminds me of the Goo Goo Dolls - acoustic guitar driven modern rock with an emotional and melodic chorus. In fact if the Goo Goo's had of released this, I have no doubt it would have got radio play.
Don't Make Me Want You is dark, heavy and modern and one of the songs that doesn't work as well, purely as there is nothing to latch onto hook wise.
Touch The Sun was the original album title idea, which they probably should have stuck to!
The song itself is laid back, electric guitar driven in a dark and modern style, but relatively light and featuring a chorus that wouldn't have been out of place of Def Leppard's Slang album. Catchy after repeated listens.
Lagavulin is the saddest, darkest and most emotionally moody tracks of the album. It's something new for the band, but the song is one of the most memorable of the album. Modern in it's sound, yet with some classic piano playing throughout the track.
Knew You When is very much modern hard rock in a fast tempo punky Goo Goo Dolls style. An ok track, but not a highlight.
The Way I Do is a slow/mid tempo track with a good bridge and chorus, but not a great verse. Moody again and memorable for the chorus.
Gone is Honeymoon Suite close to their classic roots, but in keeping with the sound and production of this album.
Into Me Into You closes out the album in a relaxed and laid back fashion, with a soft ballad accompanied by some orchestral touches. Short and sweet.
BOTTOM LINE: Some will love this album, others could hate it, but the majority will grow into it, be fond of some parts over others and probably still call the band's previous album's Racing After Midnight, The Big Prize and Monsters Under The Bed as their classic days.
On it's own, this album is a solid collection of mostly catchy and melodic songs, albeit with a modern touch, but up against a back catalogue as strong as these guys, it doesn't quite cut it.
But due to the strength of several songs, I think most Honeymoon Suite fans will recommend it be added to your collection.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Long time fans of the band and those that don't mind a modern twist in their music.
DISCOGRAPHY:Honeymoon Suite . The Big Prize . Racing After Midnight . Monsters Under The Bed . Singles . Lemon Tongue

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