MTM Music
Produced by: Hughes, Turner & Mike Scott

Released: March 18 / Website
Closest Relative: Deep Purple, Rainbow
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Devil's Road
  2. You Can't Stop Rock N Roll
  3. Missed Your Name
  4. Mystery Of The Heart
  5. Sister Midnight
  6. Better Man
  7. Heaven's Missing An Angel
  8. Fade Away
  9. Ride The Storm
  10. Run Run Run
  11. On The Ledge

It only takes 16 seconds for the boys to whip out the Hammond organ, and from that point there is no looking back.
2001 saw both individuals - Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner release solid solo albums. Glenn's was one his best in recent years and Joe's was amongst the heaviest he has recorded.
While the Hughes Turner Project album combines aspects of both those albums, it also eclipses them both with ease.
I think this album is everything any fan of Hughes or Turner, plus the bands they have come from, could hope for.
As individual artists they make great music, but together they have excelled, with both cashing in on their histories with Deep Purple and Rainbow and playing up the musical connection between the two.
This album is filled with several hard rocking numbers in the classic Purple/Rainbow mould, with the best parts of the guy's solo careers throw in.
This is almost a tribute album to everything that has past, yet recorded with original songs and low and behold - not a single Deep Purple cover in sight!
Ultimately this album's strengths are it's songs, and principle songwriter Glenn Hughes has taken into account where both his and Joe's strength's lay and has concentrated on exploiting those aspects.
Hence the pounding Hammond-drenched hard rock of Devil's Road, Ride The Storm and Run Run Run; the almost metal Missed Your Name and the more soulful of Mystery Of The Heart, Sister Midnight and Fade Away.
Adding to that we have two absolute classic tracks in the epic ballad Heaven's Missing Angel, where John Sykes gets to exert his influence over the song and the 7 minute plus Rainbow-esque rocker On The Ledge - who's finish is nothing short of sensational.
The only fault I can see is the middle section of the album, which slows the over all pace and quality of the album - tracks 5, 6 and 8 don't have the urgency that the opening and closing portions of the album have.
You Can't Stop Rock N Roll is lyrically a little predictable, but the vocal performances are great.
In fact, the whole band have really nailed it. The vocals from Glenn and Joe are second to none as far as recent times and the band's musical contribution cannot be under stated. They are tight, they are heavy and Vince DiCola's organ contributions run alongside the tight rhythm section in laying the album's foundation.
And I might add that Glenn Hughes bass playing has never sounded more authorative.
Joe and Glenn trade verses on most tracks and join on the choruses to create some of the best harmonies this side of the 80's.
BOTTOM LINE: Simply an essential album for all fans of Rainbow, Purple, Hughes and Turner.
The songwriting is in most cases flawless and the opening and closing portions of the album are breathtaking if played at maximum volume.
I for one, hope this album is only the beginning of a new chapter to the legacy these performers have added to rock n roll history. If so, album number two will be even better!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Hughes and Turner, Rainbow and Deep Purple fans plus good classic rock fans.

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