MTM Music
Produced by: Tommy Newton

Released: April 22 / Website
Relatives: Def Leppard, Bon Jovi
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Intro
  2. Kid Is Going Down
  3. The Journey Will Never End
  4. On The Rise
  5. We'll Drag You Down
  6. Only Human
  7. Lucky Son
  8. I'll Be There
  9. Larger Than Life
  10. Dangerous Destiny
  11. These Are The Good Times
  12. Sunshine Memories
  13. Sign Of The Times

Personally, this is my favourite Jaded Heart album, although it is still a couple of great songs short of being a classic and might be a bit soft for some fans of the last couple of albums. All in all, it's probably not as consistent as their last album, but I still dig it more.
Jaded Heart have always been regarded as Europe's answer to Bon Jovi, but on their new album they move a step closer to the sound of fellow stadium rockers Def Leppard.
The band's last album IV was produced in the USA with Bobby Barth and brought the band into the major leagues as far as sound and attitude.
On The Journey Will Never End, take another small step sideways, toning down their approach a little.
Produced this time around in Europe by the renowned Tommy Newton, this album is as sharp as any the band have released and features some more outstanding melodic hard rock tunes, with a slightly more European feel to them.
The thing that stands out above anything is the extremely high quality backing and harmony vocals. The band have never sounded better and lead vocalist Michael Bormann is also sounding a million bucks.
I don't think this album is as heavy as the band's previous efforts, none of the songs match the intensity of last album's Live And Let Die.
But in place of the extra aggression is more melodically styled mid-tempo, harmony filled songs, naturally with the same anthem attitude the band have always carried.
Quite honestly, the Def Leppard like harmonies and chorus backing vocals are outstanding and carry the songs through this album.
The two big power ballads of the album On The Rise and Only Human are similiar in delivery, but outstanding nevertheless.
Only the song that separates those tracks sounds out of place on this album. We'll Drag You Down is a big heavy rap-effects filled experiment that works ok on it's own, but not so much in the context of matching the rest of the album's songs.
The inclusion of the Backstreet Boys cover Larger Than Life is lot so fun and shows how a good song can get better when rocked up.
Dangerous Destiny gets a little heavier and touches on the band's traditional sound, while Sunshine Memories and Sign Of The Times run together and finish the album on a slightly soft acoustic note.
BOTTOM LINE: A great melodic hard rock record - period! Not too heavy, but not soft either, there are plenty of great moments on this album, all fuelled by the fantastic vocals of the very in-form Michael Bormann.
3 albums in 3 months for the guy must place him in the running for vocalist of the year. I have never heard him sound better than on this record and on the new Rain album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Jaded Heart and Michael Bormann, some fans of Def Leppard & Bon Jovi
DISCOGRAPHY:Jaded Heart . Slaves And Masters . Mystery Eyes . IV . Diary . The Journey Will Never End

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