1. Psycho Circus
  2. Within
  3. I Pledge Allegiance
  4. Into The Void
  5. We Are One
  6. You Wanted The Best
  7. Raise Your Glasses
  8. I Finally Found My Way
  9. Dreaming
  10. Journey Of 1000 Years
Out of all the review I have ever written, this would have to be one of the more pointless!
Why? because every Kiss fan already will have this record by now and either loves it or hates it. But here's my take on it anyway...
This is one band I can't help being skeptical about. It would seem that they are only in it for the money and Gene Simmons reputation for this is well known.
In the past few years the band have re-mastered and re-released their entire catalogue in several different countries in different ways, culminating in the US re-mastering and re-issuing this year.
On top of that you have the endless compilations, the box sets, the Japanese exclusives, the book, the merchandise and most recently, the quite good but poorly respected (by Gene and Paul) and poorly packaged 'Carnival Of Souls' release.
And then there was the inevitable unplugged release, tour, promotion and official re-uniting of the original band for a new studio album.
But that's where the complaining must stop, because this is a really good strong rock album, full of all the pomp and glorious ceremony that makes a Kiss record.
Produced by Bruce Fairbairn, this first album of the original line up since the early 80's. The best thing about the album is the fact that Kiss are back into anthems and run through 10 of the best that I have heard from them.
The album itself is quite varied, with a strong emphasis on the 80's style hard rock Kiss, which just happens to be my favorite period of the band.
There is a slight hint of the 90's sound that was featured on Carnival Of Souls and there is also some 70's vibes and influences from the bands' original sound.
But oddly enough there isn't as much of a 70's feel as I expected. Good!
This is as close to classic stadium rock Kiss as you will ever get and proves that Kiss are still capable of making memorable music.
The ten tracks (11 for Japan) run through a few different styles.
Psycho Circus is typically late 70's, Dreamin' is more a very heavy 90's ballad, Journey of 1000 Years is psychedelic, We Are One is a anthemic mid paced rocker, Into The Void straight ahead Kiss and Within touches on the Carnival Of Souls vibe.
Overall it is great to see and hear Kiss and some big crunching guitars and big stadium rock choruses.
And no matter what you may think of the record in the end - it is great to hear one of those big dollar, monster production efforts.

28/01/07: Mike -
Three (3) decades and Paul still can't play "real guitar". What a joke. If Gene and Paul wished to limit the participation of Ace on this album why not let Paul play lead guitar and forgo using the studio guitarists (e.g. Tommy and Bruce)? At least this would lessen the "watered down" product. As for Peter I am surprised they didn't opt to use Eric Singer vs. the session drummer.

This is not a KISS album, it is a cover band for the most part. I agree with Peter's comments on the Eddie Trunk show about this album - TRASH.

10/11/06: Brian Deuel -
Hate it. For an album that was supposed to have the original members on it, there are sure a lot of studio musicians on it. The songs bore me. One star.

28/03/05: Jack Walsh -
Psycho Circus is by no means a clasic kiss release. In my opinion, the good stuff is good but the bad stuff really rots. The title track, we our 1 & Journey are my favourites bt we wanted the best & the Peter Criss balad see the skop button everytime. Overall quite dissapointing for me, Jack

07/10/03: Rick Johnson -
For starters I do Like this album as a whole.. I just find it dosen't flow well.

Hilights - Psycho Circus, Within, Into The Void, I Pledge Allegiance, Dreamin (Other than the obvious rip off from Alice Cooper's Eighteen)... all these songs rock... just wanted to discuss the things that turned me off.

What Were They Thinkin!! - I Finally Found My Way is humiliating. Peter needs to growl... like Black Diamond, Hooligan or Nothing To Lose... this song make pete look like a wuss and Paul a bigger one for writing it.

Meh - Raise you glases... the chours is not something i want to hear in the year 2003 and yes i still listen to evey 80's album I have ever bought... but I've evolved, melody dosen't have to be lame. Same goes for We Are One.

You Wanted the Best, cool title in a cheesy sort of way... It was nice to hear them all sing on one track.... the song does rock well, but i can't see me going nuts at a show over this one... Give me some I Stole Your Love!!!!

10/04/03: Tatanka -

One of the top 5 KISS albums of alla time!!!

01/09/02: Gene -
This is a pretty mediocre album. The first mistake was givng total control to the producer. The title track is good as is Gene's 'Within,' but stuff like 'Raise Your Glasses' is just horrible.
Ace rocks hard on 'Into the Void,' but this is really just a wannna be DESTROYER Lp when it comes right down to it. The odd thing is that the Gene tracks are the best thing about this record. Eventhough many of them are not typical Gene songs they turn out pretty good. Paul is just treading water here, and 'I Finally Found My Way' is another junk track. Overall a mixed bag.
Psycho Circus - A great track. Paul is in fine form here.
Within - A great Gene track. The demon is back!
I Pledge - Just awful.
Into the Void - A great Ace track.
We are One - A fine track that should've been a single. Could've been a great sing a long live.
I Finally Found My Way / YOu Wanted The Best / Raise Your Glasses- Silly, not to be on any piece of recorded tape ever. These songs really drag this album down.
Dreamin' - A good song even if Alice Cooper doesn't think so.
Journey of a 1,000 Years - It's not Great Expectations, but it will do to close out the LP.
The sad thing here is that there is no IT'S MY LIFE! What gives? 50% or ** and a half stars

20/07/02: Lou -

07/05/02: balls_across_thenose -
Kiss should be ashamed of themselves for putting out this piece of self indulgent crap. Hell, Peter didn't even play on the thing. If you're gonna use studio musicins at least admit it. Gene needs to quit acting like suck a fucking jew.

20/07/00: big mike -
buy this for the first 2 and the last 2 songs.
the rest it pretty ordinary. It sounds like
kiss are trying to write a too many anthems here.
some of the song titles are just sad, "raise your glasses, you wanted the best". I been a kiss fan for 20 years so i'm used to a few crap songs on an album. however this is the first album of new material for some time(not counting carnival) and its really not good enough after throwing greatest hits/unplugged/live cd packages at us for years on end. bring back eric and bruce.

31/01/00: Troy -
Let me start by saying I'm a KISS fan from way back. I've kept with the band over the years, as well as most bands thru the 80's. I was intitially dissapointed with this album. Having grown up on classic rock albums like Destroyer and Love Gun, this was quite different. I, like many, set my expectations too high. After 17 years, this is what KISS is whether we like it or not. Don't look for Detroit Rock City, Beth, Calling Dr. Love or even Strutter because they aren't there. Kiss has become four solo albums under one title. True KISS fans enjoy it, others don't waste your money.

12/01/99: Henry -
I sure hope the next KISS album will have at least ONE song where all four band members are performing at the same time!<BR> Still, it is a good album!

27/11/98: Thanis -
Psycho Circus is one hell of an album it has the most vicious title cut they have written in ages and has many quality anthems, peter song is a little disapointing and Aces well just passes, Paul has got class all over his songs Gene also does his voice justice . I think we will have many singles off this album ,hope the Tour is as good. Thanis

20/11/98: Mark Thunder -
As KISS plods on to a new age, you have to recognize
(as the new fans have) that KISS is a money making machine.
The music isn"t that great BUT WHAT A CONCEPT!!!

I love them. Always have. Here"s a breakdown of the tunes:


MY KIDS LOVE THIS!!! (they are 9 and 7 years old,
a new KISS generation!!). Long term cash in
Stanley"s and Simmon"s wallets. A good opening
concert rocker. Contains all of the elements of
late 70"s KISS fanfare. Really good, buy it for this


It doesn"t stand out, it"s just Simmons warming
up for "We Are One". It doesn"t matter though,
because (After all) HE IS THE DEMON.


Yeah, the title of this song is too long. Oh well,
Paul really means it. It could have appeared on his
solo album with no problem. Ace delivers some (but not all)


Let"s go Into the Void with Ace. Les Pauls through
Marshall stacks. Beautifully layered and thick.
Classic KISS , could have appeared on "Rock and Roll Over"
no problem. I wish it did.


Excellent. Gene bares his soul. How inspirational gan you get?
Not a weak "COS" take but a genuine and original musical effort.
The maracas at the start are preparing you for your vocal harmonies during
the chorus. Submit to Gene, he knows that you will be on his side
and will not confuse your vocal chords. PRAISE GENE!!!


Demonic and possesive. The whole story, and no confusing
tabulature!!! Great Marshall/Les Paul crunch. The best thing
about this is that KISS establishes itself as ONE ENTITY.


Hey, if I raised my glasses, I couldn"t
see what I was looking at!!!

Sounds like something Paul could get away with.
He Does. Who came up with that chorus part? pure
genius. I like it, take a listen, succumb.


Elton John is turning in his grave.
(He"s NOT DEAD??) Good singing but it JUST FUCKING
SUCKS. Beth was a throw-away, wasn"t it? Hey, PETE kick"s


Finally, a reference to Alice Cooper, with a twist of KISS.
Thank you to the guitar player (Paul or Ace) who provided the Glen Buxton
guitar solo (He"s DEAD, and it"s OK to admit it).


Another homage to Alice Cooper. Alice could go on for 60
minutes to tell his story. A good song, however, Gene didn"t
swap spit with my good friend Vincent.

19/11/98: Mark Orsted -
this is a simple review - this is one of the best 10 albums to come out in the year 1998 worldwide, hands down. in the US, it fights a close fight with Savatage "Wake Of Magellen", but it still smokes

07/11/98: Jim Woodward -
Well, I havent yet heard the full album, and maybe i shouldnt judge it by their single, but I have never been much of a kiss fan, a few songs I liked, but their new single really appealed to be, hard rock, I have listened to it a number of times and I still love it. It was a real change to hear it getting airplay on local commercial radio where they usually play a load of crap. I will wait and see what I think of the entire album but if its all as good as that then it"ll be worth buying.

04/11/98: Laurent -
We all agree : it's never gonna be the same BUT PC really rocks. There's no inbetween with KIss : you love 'em or hate 'em. Their best work since Animalize (with the exception of Revenge which is a great album).

03/11/98: Superdave -
This is album is nothing more than left overs from mid to late 80's Kiss cd's. I can't believe that Gene and Paul believe in this run of the mill pack of fillers. There is only one track worthy of release and its the Gene "killer" track We Are One. The cd's chalk full of half finished Bruce Kulick left overs. If this is what Kiss envisioned as their great comeback their sadly mistaken. Ace Frehley has put out some cheesy solo cd's but atleast they had a couple of redeeming tracks not like this dose of leathal vomit spewed out of the once great rock icons we used to love to death. Death maybe a good idea for the Kiss name. Nothing but a cash grab!!!!!!

18/10/98: Carlos -
This album's.....OK. It didn't blow me away, but it rocks fairly well. I do have to say, the older you get, the more you notice the cheese factor with these guys. They do put on an amazing show, and they do rock. But I can't help but think, as I listen to some of the more contrived material, about Gene and Paul showing up to meetings with mercury execs in their business suits and working up a marketing startegy first and songs to fit it second. It just doesn't feel real; it's more of a product to be marketed rather than artistic output. These guys ceased to be mucisians long ago, now they're just great businessmen. It wouldn't matter one bit if the whole album was done by session people. But then again, that's been going on since the late 70s.

17/10/98: ELDER -
I love this CD I have been a fan since 1974. One thing you must admit no matter if you love them or hate them..... They are the most sucessfull in the busness. People cuss and fuss about the money they make... well I guess if we didnt like it we wouldnt buy it. I cant recall ever being forced to purchase anything I didnt choose to. I am PROUD to be a KISS fan and I beleve they are once again headed for the top.

09/10/98: Markus -
I really like "Psycho circus" mainly because of the fact that KISS might not be extraordinary good musicians, but VERY talented songwriters.
The title-trak will someday be a classic and would be the perfect opener for thr new tour.
As usual, Stanley's songs are (in my opinion) way better than Simmons', and even if it might all be about money, this CD is good. Everyone who hates them should be so honest and admit that :)

09/10/98: McMack -
I give Psycho Circus the following ratings:

'A' for artwork & design
'C' for cheese content

Not a bad album, but I expected better.

06/10/98: ron allan -
I haven't been this disappointed since Motley Crue released Generation Swine!! Don't get me wrong, I love this CD, but I was expecting a lot more. To begin with, to say that the original members of KISS played on it is very debatable.
If I was a betting man, I would say that Ace and Peter only played on 20% of the album. The songs are good, they would have been great for the previous line-up, but hey, this is supposed to be the ORIGINAL KISS!!!!! These are the guys who did "Love Gun" "Detroit Rock City", and "God Of Thunder"! KISS had one last chance to go out on top and they blew it!!!!! My prediction is that the tour will be disappointing, and afterwards the band will break up!!! This isn't something that I WANT to happen, no one was looking more forward to this album than me. Regardless, here is my review:
Psycho Circus: a great song, a sure show opener. A decent solo by Paul---THUMBS UP
Within: not all that good, but typical of the Gene material on PC. Sounds out of place, would have been better on Carnival Of Souls.--THUMBS DOWN
I Pledge Allegiance: this one is alright, but the songwriting is kind of lame. Why can't Paul Stanley write a song by himself?--THUMBS UP
Into The Void: in my opinion, the best song on the album!!! The closest thing to classic KISS that there is. I think the origianl line-up played on this!!!--THUMBS UP
We Are One--total drivel, a waste of album space!!!--THUMBS DOWN
YWTBYGTB--the chorus is lame, but the song rocks pretty convincingly.--THUMBS UP
Raise Your Glasses:this song sounds like their stuff from "Crazy Nights", I liked that album, and I like this song--THUMBS UP
I Finally Found My Way:I know a lot of people don't like this song, but it's not that bad. I would have preferred Peter do a heavy song. Classic Peter--THUMBS UP
Dreamin': sounds a lot like Bruce Kulick on guitar, this is one of my favorite songs. Dark and moody, I think this was a leftover from Carnival Of Souls--THUMBS UP
Journey Of 1,000 Years:this is a decent song, better than "We Are One". Another reviewer said that this song sounded like something off of The Elder (one of my faves). I agree. THUMBS UP

Bottom Line: a "decent" bookmark for the end of KISS' career. I'm gonna miss them!!!

04/10/98: Basil -
To quote Phil Lynott-"THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN"
And boy have we missed them.
Having been a life-long fan,the anticipation for this album was unbelievable.Many have said in the past that the opinions of die-hard fans are too biased to be accurate.
Well that is a load of crap because we are the ones who probably expect too much. Having said that I can honestly say that no "real" KISS fan will be dissappointed with this release. Personally I feel that the band has repaid the loyal fans with this release.

I won't give a detailed breakdown of the songs,rather talk about the overall "feel" of the album. I think the word "feel" is very important when reviewing any album but especially a KISS one. You see,the main reason I have been a die-hard for so long is because KISS has always made me feel great. Their songs have never been about writing lyrical masterpieces or playing with technical wizardry. Their songs have been about celebrating life and making the most out of limited opportunities. Hell,life is tough enough that we don't need constant reminding of it.
That is what KISS is all about. That is the old KISS "magic" that people find hard to describe but know deep down inside. And that is where this album hits you. Each song is strong in it's own right. We're just glad to have the original guys together again which more than makes up for any overly critical comments. If you only listen to twwo songs on this album,make it the first and last one. Psycho Circus can match up to any KISS song from the past. It's got that PANG about it that is hard to describe. The way the song goes through a couple of tempo changes and then climaxes is really unbelievable. Paul's singing is better than ever and the sound is right up there-a monster of a song.
Journey of a thousand Years has copped a bit of flak.i.e. should not be on a KISS album. I think that these comments should be replied with "should not be a KISS fan" because you don't get it. There is just as much DEMON in this song as there is in God of Thunder-you just have to FEEL for it a bit more that's all. The same goes for We are One. The DEMON doesn't have to growl to be heard. I must say that Gene's songs are the surprise packet on this album. He has surprised many and disappointed very few.(except those that don't GET IT and never will.
Paul's songs are typical Paul songs-BRILLIANT. Paul has never written a dud tune and he certainly isn't going to start on this album. I always feel that Paul sees the big picture when he writes a song i.e. the stage. Cause his songs will just ROCK THE HOUSE live.
Ace's contribution just reminds everyone(like we need reminding)that his sound is as crucial to that KISS magic as Paul's vocals are. A typical quirky Ace song that no one else could ever emulate. There is only one ACE in this pack and I'm glad that he's back home where he belongs.
Peter's song,written by Paul,has also come in for some unfair criticism. If it would stop being compared to thatother song then it might be given a fair hearing. Granted it might not be the best song that Peter has sung,it really is a beautiful track that that only Peter could sing so well. His voice and overall presence has been sorely missed.Welcome back Catman-we need you.

To wrap it up,I don't have to tell KISS fans to buy this cd because they would have bought it the first day that it came out.And like me I'm sure that they love it already. To those people that have heard it and don't like it, LEAVE US ALONE. You do not belong here. I hope that you can find another musical outlet to get off on because you are missing out BIG TIME.
To the ARMY,see you at the concert.

02/10/98: dckiss -
Kiss is the ultimate hard rock band. No doubt some
albums are better then others, this album clearly
rates as one of the better. Who really cares if
there is a "Ghost" Player or not Kiss is about
the live show more than anything any way. The
original line up is together and there will be a
tour so lets enjoy it. I disagree with Andy's
rateing though I would rate this album as a 95%.
Also, I am looking for Kiss boots on CD if any
one knows where to find them on the web please
drop me a line.

01/10/98: steve -
Kiss is a band trying to find there way once again. They did a good job on this album. I can't help to think that Gene and Paul had too much to say over Ace and Peter. Within is my favorite song on this album, You Wanted The Best is a pretty sad song, but I'm such a Kiss freak that I don't care. Long live Kiss

30/09/98: TF -
I like what I've heard so far from this album but my question is: Who REALLY played on each track? The drums do not really sound like Peter and since KISS has been known to have ghost players in the past (Creatures especially comes to mind), who can trust them.

29/09/98: Nik La Gares -
I have rocked with KISS since 86. I had been into "metal" KISS and since have become a major KISS freak. KISS is not just a band, it's a lifestyle. This CD has proven that ONCE a great band ALWAYS a great band! No one can touch these boys....not in the 70's, 80's and now the 90's. This new CD is ultimate..........a dream has become reality.

29/09/98: Who cares - whocares@com
Kiss is trash is not music is just a circus making more and more and more money they donīt give a f.. about true music,
a true rock soul wont spend the money buying that record, better save it and but the new Dream Theater CD live that is pure rock
no some clowns playing rock and roll

27/09/98: Darren Dewis -
I have already submitted a lengthy review on the Kiss Asylum homepage,so if you want to read it go there,however I feel it is my given duty to give some review on every page I can.
"Psycho Circus" is one unbelievable Kiss album
and let me just say that this album deserves to be recognized as one of Kiss' finest moments.

From the opening of the title track,to the wierd and wonderful "Journey ..." this release is a statement about fans,fame,and rock & roll.
This is definately the best release of the year.

27/09/98: Big M -
Simply put , the new Kiss CD is one of the best hard rock CDs ever released! Every song just blows me away. I think the ballad by Peter is totally awesome! It may not be Beth, but it is sure good in its own right. I think everyone just needs to give it a chance and not expect it to have a certain sound.



26/09/98: Brad Sunday -
I have been a Kiss fan since 1977 and have avidly followed them ever since- have gotten every album no matter how bad the one before it was. (Animalize almost made me burn my Kiss collection).That said- I was both excited and very nervous about Psycho Circus.
At first listen I wasn't sure what to think, but I really like the album now, although I think that "You wanted the Best" and that awful Peter ballad thing should have left off. I am embarassed by "You Wanted the Best" I find it ridiculous and can't say much more. It doesn't warrant comment. I LOVE "Raise You Glasses" but I think the chorus is too self indulgent and it almost gives me that sad impression that they are somehow trying to pump themselves up because they feel washed up. (Which I don't thing they are do not misinterpret me-I'm just saying how the chorus mad me feel). However, it's a great song- Pauls verses are awesome and I think the guitar sound is way cool on that song. "We Are One" is abslulutely wonderful, my favorite, the best and, I think, taps into what Kiss means to all of us who are long time fans. Those are the only songs that illicited strong impressions in me, and the rest of the album is great- I enjoyed that there are hints of the 80's (I Pledge Allegiance), The Elder (Journey of 1,000 Years), COS (Within)- it's as if they are finally acknowledging there entire legacy for the first time and tried to include the best aspects of all their work.
One last comment is that, while I like the songs a lot, I found it humorous that Gene is trying to be introspective on "Within" and "Journey". What a joke!. It's so insincere that I find it laughable. But he'll laugh his way to the bank the way he always does. Not to say that I hate Gene- I think he's great but it can't be denied that this is all money and an excuse to get laid to him. But you gotta love him anyway- he tells no lies about the way he is and I find that much more respectable than most people.
Buy the album it's great! Just don't listen to the Peter song!!

25/09/98: John Bernardo -
I lOVE IT!!! It's essentially a resume of everything KISS has done, minus the sex theme (what's wrong Gene?...Need some viagra?) Seriously, my girlfriend and I have waited way to long 4 this album and we're in love with it we've even had sex 2 it....KISS RULZ!!!

25/09/98: Tim Schwantes -
I absolutely love it!!! Can't wait to see the new songs done live!!!

25/09/98: Thomas Hellsing -
So, itīs finally here and by now I think I have really tuned into this record correctly.
Overall itīs great and it surely leaves me with a "Destroyer-feel". Again they show that they can broaden the perimeters of where the band can go.
To tell you how I really feel I will try to do a track by track review:

Psycho Circus

A great opening song. Perhaps the strongest one along with Dreamin and Within. Great singing by Paul and nice guitarwork by Ace. A true crowd-pleaser.


A song left over from Carnival of souls but I canīt understand why... Itīs a lot better than Geneīs other COS-songs. A strong chores makes this a real treat.

I pledge allegiance

The only "anthem-like" song on this record. This one sounds very 70īs. Iīm sure it will be great live!

Into the void

The only song by Ace that made it on the record. Not as good as his 70īs material but it beats the hell out of his Comet-materials. This one have to grow on you, but when it has itīs great!

We are one

The big surprise on this record and itīs done by Gene. The first time I heard it I thought of Backstreet boys or some other boy-band(!)
Still, It is a laid-back accoustic thing that has a nice feel and really leaves you calm after you have listened to it. I love this one and it shows the musical skills of Kiss.

You wanted the best

Written by Gene. The lyrics are taken from various magazines where the band members yelled at each other when they were not so good friends.
But although I like the short lyrics this one shouldnīt have made it onto the album, itīs one of the weakest songs ever...

Raise your glasses

The song with the most 80īs feel and written by Paul. Great chorus that gets you quickly. I really like the lyrics and overall feel that Pauls singing gives this one.

I finally found my way

A clear throwaway...
Itīs not a Beth or a Hard luck woman. Itīs almost embarrasing to hear Peters voice break when they come to the "dance the night away"-part. Peter surely deserved a better song. Maybe Paul should have tried to write the music too instead of Bob ezrin...


This one kicks ass. A bit dark and real heavy 90īs ballad from Paul. I think he does his best singing performance and it sends chills all troughout my body everytime I hear it. Great lyrics and music. A great song overall...

Journey of 1.000 years

I donīt buy this one from Gene!
The first part with the singing is ok and remind me of The elder but the last instrumental part where they have Pauls solo from Psycho circus really sucks. This is Bruce Fairbarns biggest mistake on this record. Maybe he thought it would sum up the record nicely but it doesnīt work for me.

But again, overall itīs a kick-ass record and all my fears I had before are long gone. This one shows that Kiss is back with force of thunder to once again rock the world.
And remember, itīs best played real LOUD!!!!

25/09/98: Lance Redfearn -
I am not into writing a huge review, I will just make it short and to the point. I think the new cd takes the best of the 70's, 80's & 90's and puts it all together beautifully. I really do not think any other band could pull this off a sweetly as the boys have. To me this cd rocks!!!!! The negitive thing I can say is I wish we had the extra cut like Japan and I wish there was just one more song (a heavy one) by the Demon.

25/09/98: Ed White -
I'll keep this review short and sweet. I think Psycho Circus rocks! The only song which I believe is not up to par is "..Found My Way". This is no "Beth" or "Hard Luck Woman", which was really disappointing because I was looking forward to another Peter ballad. Other than that, I really have no complaints. The best way for me to describe the songs is to tell you what each reminds me of. Here goes: PC=DRC, Within=Dr. Love, Pledge=LickItUp, Void=RocketRide, WeAreOne=?(something new,and it's my fav.), YWTB=R&RAN, RaiseYourGlasses=SIOL, MyWay=nothing, Dreamin'=upbeat version of IStillLoveYou, 1,000yrs=something from Elder period. Overall, I think the boys did an excellent job of bringing all of their albums together on this CD. Those are my humble views, & as Gene would say "Love'em, (or)Leave'em".

Later Dogs,


25/09/98: Jason Lee Davis -
Ok, I have been a huge KISS fan since 1976. Having said that, I expect a lot from the boys. Like most fans it was a dream come true for me to witness the reunion of the 4 original KISS members and it's subsequent tour. When I first heard that Paul, Ace, Gene, and Peter would be recording new material I was excited and also a little concerned about whether they could live up to their classic albums from the 70's. Well...... KISS has delivered a disc that not only lives up to earlier efforts, but easily ranks in their top 5 albums of all time. This record is full of the great hooks and crunching guitar that is indicative of the classic KISS sound. But that's not all. The boys have something for everyone on their latest release. WE ARE ONE could have been lifted from Hootie and the Blowfish's songbook(and I mean that in a good way). I FINALLY FOUND MY WAY could repeat the history that BETH made in '76. Cuts such as PSYCHO CIRCUS, RAISE YOUR GLASSES, YOU WANTED THE BEST, and I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE STATE OF ROCK AND ROLL prove that KISS are masters of arena shaking anthems. The Ace Frehley penned song, INTO THE VOID and WITHIN are solid rockers as well. KISS is back with a vengence and are bringing back the fun to rock and roll. Long live the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD and every member of the KISS Army salute your fearless leaders. A+

25/09/98: Jason Lee Davis -
Ok, I have been a huge KISS fan since 1976. Having said that, I expect a lot from the boys. Like most fans it was a dream come true for me to witness the reunion of the 4 original KISS members and it's subsequent tour. When I first heard that Paul, Ace, Gene, and Peter would be recording new material I was excited and also a little concerned about whether they could live up to their classic albums from the 70's. Well...... KISS has delivered a disc that not only lives up to earlier efforts, but easily ranks in their top 5 albums of all time. This record is full of the great hooks and crunching guitar that is indicative of the classic KISS sound. But that's not all. The boys have something for everyone on their latest release. WE ARE ONE could have been lifted from Hootie and the Blowfish's songbook(and I mean that in a good way). I FINALLY FOUND MY WAY could repeat the history that BETH made in '76. Cuts such as PSYCHO CIRCUS, RAISE YOUR GLASSES, YOU WANTED THE BEST, and I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE STATE OF ROCK AND ROLL prove that KISS are masters of arena shaking anthems. The Ace Frehley penned song, INTO THE VOID and WITHIN are solid rockers as well. KISS is back with a vengence and are bringing back the fun to rock and roll. Long live the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD and every member of the KISS Army salute your fearless leaders.

25/09/98: David Stephenson -
I went into this new release with an open mind--I was not anticipating 70's or 80's KISS (yuck on 80's KISS). This album is flat out great. It is currently in my top 5 KISS albums of all time. Yes it is varied and disjointed but there is a central theme, which I will not give away. Lets just say it is not the music. The production effort is polished but not overdone. The packaging is great. Here is my rundown of the songs (0-5). 1) Psycho Circus (tied for best song)--5; 2) Within--Typical COS style KISS tune. It is growing on me--4; 3) I Pledge--corny yes, but a great tune--4; 4) Into the Void (tied for best track)--I love this tune. They better play it live, somewhat Frehley's comitesque--5; 5) We Are One--Very underrated track. I love this track. Listen to the words and you will know what this album is about--4.5; 6) You Wanted the Best--Very 80's type tune. This one is cool because all 4 sing--3.5; 7) Raise Your Glasses--This is the Shout it Out Loud of the album. Great, heavy song!!--4; 8) I Finally Found My Way--ummm, next--2; 9) Dreamin'--Very over produced but a great song non the less--3.5; 10) Journey of 1,000 Years--Very different but cool--4

That is it. If you go in with an open mind, you will not be disappointed. If you do, you will hate it. But, I guarantee it will grow on you. Cheers.

25/09/98: ROTH -
The new KISS opus "Psycho Circus" is extremely good. Just like the review on this site states, the sound of the CD ranges from the '70s, '80s, into the '90s. Production is surprisingly good as well as the vocals, melodies, hooks, etc. You're missing out on some great, upbeat music if you pass on this one!

25/09/98: Jeff -
I have every KISS album and this one ranks right up there. Great production, song structure and riffs. The lyrics are cheesy, but who cares, it rocks and I cannot seem to get it out of my stereo. Being a lifelong KISS fan, I was very skeptical and worried, but that was all gone after the first minute of the disc. Awesome album!

25/09/98: Jeff -
I have every KISS album and this one ranks right up there. Great production, song structure and riffs. The lyrics are cheesy, but who cares, it rocks and I cannot seem to get it out of my stereo. Being a lifelong KISS fan, I was very skeptical and worried, but that was all gone after the first minute of the disc. Awesome album!

25/09/98: Andrew -
Psycho Circus

Well folks, the moment we have been waiting for
has finally arrived. The first KISS album with
the original lineup for nearly 20 years.
Having been a fan for many years, I was looking
forward to this for a long time. But it forces me
to ask some serious questions, like, Who the hell
does Gene Simmons think he is? Allowing the kind
of rubbish that he has produced to be even
considered for this album.
What the hell was he thinking??
I'm afraid I can't see The Demon stalking the stage,
flicking that tongue, beating his chest to songs
like We Are One and the self indulgent, November
Rain-esque(we all remember how bad that was)
Journey of a 1000 Years. I thought this was a
comeback to the glory days.
On that note, I don't think Peter Criss' I Finally
Found My Way is going to be the next Beth. Now
I'm not a fan of ballads, but some are bearable.
Sadly, this one just plain stinks.
Having been an Ace fan for as long as I can remember,
I was looking forward to Into the Void. The song
starts with a great riff, which continues through
it, but lyrically, it's very thin.
And now to the savior of the album, Paul Stanley.
Pauls tracks are great KISS songs. They are upbeat
good fun rock songs, that don't take themselves
to seriously.
Rather than me go on and on. Go and have a
listen. Don't expect a classic KISS album
because it's not. It's more like four solo
efforts under the one banner. Well all I can say is,
I'm disapointed. But the show should be good.

24/09/98: Marc Leenders - leenders@telusplanet
Excellent album from start to finish.

24/09/98: Benno -
I posted a few musings about the album on the Noticeboard but since I've spun the disc a few more times now, I can make a few more informed comments:

I like this alot, having never jumped on the KISS band-wagon (pardon the pun) I have never really gotten into them. I wrote in the above mentioned post that Revenge did nothing for me and the only other material I've heard was off the "Hot In The Shade" album.

So this is the first serious KISS purchase I've made. I'd read reviews, heard some samples and decided it might fit nicely into my rock collection, and sure enough, it has. The music itself is sensashe! I can't get the first two tracks out of my head. Everytime I put it on in the car I find myself rewinding to the beginning just to hear those two. Track three has grown on me, track four has its draw backs which I will point out in a tic, track 5 is a good ballady type song, and my feel for the album after that hasn't really sunk in, although I think its track 9 which also stands out. As you can see I haven't got the song names in my head yet either.

So the music kicks ass, thats undisputed. The problems I have with the disc are immaterial to most I would suspect, but they've annoyed me enough to have noticed them and I feel I need to point them out.

Firstly, the liner notes contain no message from the band, no thank you's, I almost get the feel its an "album by the numbers" in terms of its contents. But then I've followed a few of the songs through from the lyrics, and they say pretty much everything that would be in the thank you's etc within the songs.

Which brings me to my next "thing" against the album. The lyrics. Very self indulgent, very "us us us", they really love themselves and these lyrics make that quite evident. Like I said, immaterial to most I'm sure, but its in almost every song.

So lastly, this is a reunion right? And all four original members are contributing again right??? Well check out track 4, "The Void" I think its called. Penned by Ace, sung by Ace, but surely there's someone else out there who gets the feeling that not much effort was put into tweaking this song at all. Really scratchy production (compared to the rest of the tracks) and a really monotonous feel to it, especially the chorus. The solo is also sub-par. Now I'm no guitarist and certainly no expert on Ace's previous guitar triumphs nor his abilities. But this solo and the overall song could've been left off in my opinion.

Overall I rate the album very highly, I'm glad I bought it. Its given me a bit of insight into what the band sounds like and what all the hooplah is about. Many have told me the album has taken KISS back to their halycon days atop the rock'n'roll heap and one person kindly recommended "Destroyer" to get a real feel for the bands older material. After hearing this, I think I will.

Sorry for the length, and sorry also if I have offended anyone with my negative comments re the album. Anyone else???





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