Produced by: Pilcher & Poley

Released: JUNE 28 / Website
Closest Relative: Bone Machine, D2

  1. Summer Nights
  2. Head Over Heals
  3. Lovemetal
  4. Broken Promises
  5. I'll Never Break Your Heart
  6. Out Of Mind
  7. Shake
  8. Crazy
  9. Keep On Runnin'
  10. What Number Are You?
  11. Gotta Save Yourself (Instrumental)

Lets get straight to the point. This is Ted Poley's best vocal work since his departure from Danger Danger.
I was a fan of the band's debut studio album, as were many others, but there was also a chorus of disapproval over some of the vocal son the album.
Well, there is life in the old beast yet, as Ted fight back with an album of the strongest vocals he has recorded in years and a new tougher sound to boot.
Guitarist Gerhard Pilcher proves he has the riffs and the fingers to impress any good guitar freak, both electrically and acoustically. These guys make a great team and the energy created in the studio is not lost on the record.
This is commercial melodic ballad rock at it's best, with an album of songs dedicated to getting together, falling in love, breaking up and hating each other. This is not an album for those that like their music tough and uncompromising. This is for the lovers out there and the fans of rock that like a good dose of ballads in their mix of music.
Keep in mind that this isn't an album of slow power ballads or Westcoast dedications. It just pure melodic rock with an emotional edge.
The album actually rocks a lot harder than the debut. Guitarist Gerhard really lets loose in places and the tougher sound is welcomed.
Summer Nights kicks the album off perfectly. Previewed on the acoustic albums previously, the form of the song in it's full form is quite different. It has a lot more power and energy and is a perfect anthem for highway cruising.
Head Over Heals has a darker and heavier tone than anything on the debut. It's not quite as catchy as some other Melodica tunes, but that's it's beauty. It's a little different and blends into the make up of the album perfectly.
Lovemetal was much debated as an album title and here it is as a track. You know what, it fits the album's description perfectly. This is an uptempo anthem and a good ballad at the same time, with a wonderful infectious chorus to embed itself annoyingly in your head for days.
Broken Promises was also featured on the unplugged records and was a highlight of those sets. The full studio version is even better still, with a darker, slower vide, while still retaining the very catchy chorus. A nice Neal Schon like solo from Gerhard adds to the track. I'll Never Break Your Heart is a classic Poley mid-tempo, feel good song, much in the vein of the debut D2 album.
Out Of Mind is another much darker and moodier number, much like Head Over Heals. One of the album's high points.
Shake is a good uptempo rocker and again, a little different from what the guys have done before. The lead guitar is in your face and the solos are excellent.
Crazy is the gem of the album! It busts into action with an almighty Poley scream and immediately gets to business as an uptempo melodic rocker. It actually gets heavier in the verse and leads to a more melodic anthem chorus that features guest vocalist Tony Harnell doing his best TNT powered vocal in harmony with the song. Killer stuff.
Keep On Runnin' features some fine soft guitar shredding from Gerhard, especially near then end and matches the vein of I'll Never Break Your Heart.
What Number Are You? is Ted's dark side coming through! A tribute to his critics, the track features a great lead guitar intro and a good uptempo drum beat. The song - like the lyrics - is a little angry and rather confrontational.
Gotta Save Yourself is an Instrumental and Gerhard's and the rest of the band's time to shine. Plenty of great shredding going on here, proving that Gerhard has the talent to be ranked up there with some of the great guitarists of melodic rock.
BOTTOM LINE: I am really pleased for the guys. This is an album recorded under pressure that has come up with the goods. This is a great American melodic rock album in a similar vein to the debut Danger Danger album and naturally the best Melodica release to date. This release will ensure the future of the band and will be welcomed by all that have enjoyed their past releases.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Ted Poley fans and everyone wholoved the debut. Fans of American style ballad rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Long Way From Home . Acoustica . USAcoustica . Lovemetal

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