Produced by: Pilcher & Poley

Released: JUNE 28 / Website
Closest Relative: Bone Machine, D2

  1. Summer Nights
  2. Head Over Heals
  3. Lovemetal
  4. Broken Promises
  5. I'll Never Break Your Heart
  6. Out Of Mind
  7. Shake
  8. Crazy
  9. Keep On Runnin'
  10. What Number Are You?
  11. Gotta Save Yourself (Instrumental)

Lets get straight to the point. This is Ted Poley's best vocal work since his departure from Danger Danger.
I was a fan of the band's debut studio album, as were many others, but there was also a chorus of disapproval over some of the vocal son the album.
Well, there is life in the old beast yet, as Ted fight back with an album of the strongest vocals he has recorded in years and a new tougher sound to boot.
Guitarist Gerhard Pilcher proves he has the riffs and the fingers to impress any good guitar freak, both electrically and acoustically. These guys make a great team and the energy created in the studio is not lost on the record.
This is commercial melodic ballad rock at it's best, with an album of songs dedicated to getting together, falling in love, breaking up and hating each other. This is not an album for those that like their music tough and uncompromising. This is for the lovers out there and the fans of rock that like a good dose of ballads in their mix of music.
Keep in mind that this isn't an album of slow power ballads or Westcoast dedications. It just pure melodic rock with an emotional edge.
The album actually rocks a lot harder than the debut. Guitarist Gerhard really lets loose in places and the tougher sound is welcomed.
Summer Nights kicks the album off perfectly. Previewed on the acoustic albums previously, the form of the song in it's full form is quite different. It has a lot more power and energy and is a perfect anthem for highway cruising.
Head Over Heals has a darker and heavier tone than anything on the debut. It's not quite as catchy as some other Melodica tunes, but that's it's beauty. It's a little different and blends into the make up of the album perfectly.
Lovemetal was much debated as an album title and here it is as a track. You know what, it fits the album's description perfectly. This is an uptempo anthem and a good ballad at the same time, with a wonderful infectious chorus to embed itself annoyingly in your head for days.
Broken Promises was also featured on the unplugged records and was a highlight of those sets. The full studio version is even better still, with a darker, slower vide, while still retaining the very catchy chorus. A nice Neal Schon like solo from Gerhard adds to the track. I'll Never Break Your Heart is a classic Poley mid-tempo, feel good song, much in the vein of the debut D2 album.
Out Of Mind is another much darker and moodier number, much like Head Over Heals. One of the album's high points.
Shake is a good uptempo rocker and again, a little different from what the guys have done before. The lead guitar is in your face and the solos are excellent.
Crazy is the gem of the album! It busts into action with an almighty Poley scream and immediately gets to business as an uptempo melodic rocker. It actually gets heavier in the verse and leads to a more melodic anthem chorus that features guest vocalist Tony Harnell doing his best TNT powered vocal in harmony with the song. Killer stuff.
Keep On Runnin' features some fine soft guitar shredding from Gerhard, especially near then end and matches the vein of I'll Never Break Your Heart.
What Number Are You? is Ted's dark side coming through! A tribute to his critics, the track features a great lead guitar intro and a good uptempo drum beat. The song - like the lyrics - is a little angry and rather confrontational.
Gotta Save Yourself is an Instrumental and Gerhard's and the rest of the band's time to shine. Plenty of great shredding going on here, proving that Gerhard has the talent to be ranked up there with some of the great guitarists of melodic rock.
BOTTOM LINE: I am really pleased for the guys. This is an album recorded under pressure that has come up with the goods. This is a great American melodic rock album in a similar vein to the debut Danger Danger album and naturally the best Melodica release to date. This release will ensure the future of the band and will be welcomed by all that have enjoyed their past releases.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Ted Poley fans and everyone wholoved the debut. Fans of American style ballad rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Long Way From Home . Acoustica . USAcoustica . Lovemetal

17/06/04: JE$$IE R. -
Rating: 90
Ted Poley is super talented. He knows how to sing and the music backing him up is really amazing too.

12/02/02: Big Mike -
Rating: 90
Man...this album is the best I bought last year......I gave it a try because I'm a big fan of d2 and it delivers for mine. Without crapping on too much, the album has 8 or 9 very strong tracks, I agree with the production issues mentioned in the site review to a certain degree but I was unable to ignore the strength of the music itself. Stuff like this is so hard to find these days on one album....out of my mind/head over heels/summer nights...very impressive. heavyish and melodic, you can do alot worse that adding this one to the collection if you like this sort of music.....great work ted.

10/11/01: Jonny B -
Rating: 99
Damn! I'm having an identity crisis here! Not really, I'm just borrowing Laz's e-mail for a couple reviews because my e-mail account was deleted for some reason. (Don't panic! I have his permission).

It's amazing what a huge improvement on production can do to a follow-up album such as this one! I've listened to LoveMetal almost as much as I've listened to the classic Danger Danger debut. Now if only I could get rid of Ted's random "oohs" and "yeahs" that drive me crazy.......But that's just a minor annoyance than can be easily overlooked. USAcousita took the lead, LoveMetal builds on their lead.
The Score Board:
Ted Poley & Melodica - 3
Danger Danger - 1

29/10/01: Jimbo -
Rating: 100

This CD rocks!! Period.
Since buying this album, it hasn't been out of my CD player at home or in the car. Ted's best work since leaving Danger Danger, without a doubt. Excellent vocals, great songwriting, great playing. This release needs publicity, it would be huge. Get behind this band and get the CD. Good time Rock N'Roll is alive, well and safe in Ted and Gerhard's hands.
Let's have some more live shows too boys!

14/10/01: Oscar -
Rating: 99
The Best Album of the Year!

09/10/01: nick - jsnorton&ntlworld,com
Rating: 96
what can you say apart from the guy is genius
what a start summer nights has it alland the jem in the
pack has to be lovemetal ( o we do ted)
PS you must see him live ,went to see ted and the boys
in Newcastle and the highlight of the night was ted handing
out crisps to us nutters at the front

03/10/01: koogles -
Rating: 84
This is easily the most hyped album of 2001. Unfortunately, no album can live up to the amount of press and attention this "Lovemetal" CD has garnered on What can be said is: this is Ted's best work since Danger Danger. There are good songs here, and it's certainly a long way from "Long Way From Home". In today's market, this stands as an above average release. In the history of AOR and melodic hard rock, this is average fare. Ted is a business man first, a marketing wizard second, a retro toy collector third, a songwriter fourth and a singer fifth.

01/10/01: Aor-Man -
Rating: 90
Hi , wanted to share with you all my thoughts about this album

i won't repeat that it's AWESOME because it is , what really
bug me ,is while i am a guitarist ,maybe not as good as GERHARD
i have more creativity with solos ,GERHARD creates every solo
the same , listen to the solo part in LOVEMETAL ,then listen
LONG TIME AGO in the first Melodica Album , then listen
to LONG WAY FROM HOME ,there's always this NA NINANA NI NA!

god i hate it!

but the album overall is eggsellent :)

i suggest anyone to buy it ,and put in your mind too much
about the solos ,maybe it's the footstep GERHARD like to leave
so they know it's him ,however i prefer PETE LESPERANCE
at least no 2 solos are the same.

buy this CD right now!!

10/09/01: KEVIN N -
Rating: 100
This new cd is totally amazing from TED!!!I think it is his best vocal performance in his career..Every song is killer, and Ted busted his ass on this cd..If this can make it to the mainstream Ted will have a monster hit cd on his hands..With limited funds Ted and Gerhard are rock genious's to come up with a cd this good.My personal favorites, are I'll never break your heart, and CRAZY, what a kick ass song this is!!! Every song on this cd rocks! Anyone who wants to hear a great rock cd should be buying this cd right away!!! Also Melodica's first USA show in JIM THORPE PA kicked butt..The band was amazing live and Ted's voice was awesome in concert, he has not lost anything vocal wise over the years and his voice keeps getting better!

01/09/01: KAOS FAN -
Rating: 97
Well, to all the detractors who pilloried the title "LOVEMETAL" i could only say wait till you hear the product. As an unabashed 80S metal afficianado I actually loved the title - who cares for trends anyway?
And now on to the album. One word suffices - monstrous! How lucky we are to have two incarnations of Danger DAnger: the Paul Laine fronted one and Ted's solo expedition. The songs are fantastic - Ill Never Break Your Heart being a personal favourite and the title track "Lovemetal" being the kind of track to send my "trendy" neighbours crazy. Production is good if not brilliant and Pilcher proves he's one hell of an axeman. On vocals Ted sounds better than ever. Boys - time to tour and soon.Cheers.KAOS FAN!

17/08/01: Derek -
Rating: 95
This is by far the best vocal work that Ted has done since D2 days. I think every song on this cd is great and different in their own way. "Summer Nights" is a great way to start the cd and an absolutely great intro. "Crazy" is great and Ted's vocals with Tony Harnell really add to the song. Every song from 1-11 are extremely good. No, not good, great. I think the production is very good considering the previous cd. Remember this was recorded before a record deal was finalized. I hail Ted and Gerard's work and look forward to future releases. Gotta go and listen again to this masterpiece.

15/08/01: Josep Maria Flores -
Rating: 100
All I've got to say is: I agree with Toxic Taco, and thank you Ted & G for this superb album, like the first album was.

14/08/01: Cooky -
Rating: 90
After finally picking this up at the Nottinghm gig a couple of weeks ago I have to admit that I cannot get this CD out of the CD player except to stick it in my PC when I'm doing some work !! This is an absolute dogs bollox's album with some quite memorable melodic rock on it. This is pure, unadulterated, easy listening melodic rock at its best - rip roaring vocals, quality riffs, tunes that stick in your mind .........
Yeh, I could comment (like others) on the not quite spot on production (I personally find the drumming a bit too muted) but for a CD produced with no record company backing & funded out of ones own pocket with no guarantee of getting your money back this CD just has to be accepted for what it is - a self-financed effort for the fans with the hope & prayer that it appeals to the masses so that it sells. Ted - this album should sell by the lorry load & if N&T start promoting it properly in Europe from next week you should have enough money to start on album number 3. Thankyou Mr Mark Ashton for giving these guys another go.
There are some absolute classic tracks on here & from reading most of the reviews below everyone seems to like almost the same tracks - Summer Nights, Lovemetal - glorious feel-good rockers, Out of my Mind - a deep, much heavier track & the best two tracks on the album Crazy (has a wonderful harmonious chorus with Tony Harnell)& What Number are You (Ted's knock at the many LWFH critics). I must be honest & say that there are a couple of tracks that I'm not so keen on (each to his own) - Broken Promises (wasn't keen on the Acoustica album version & still not sure with the electric version)& Head Over Heels (just not me). But that aside, they still get played & they may grow on me.
This album is a must buy; if you like uncomplicated melodic rock of the highest order just get your cash out & buy it - you will not be disappointed - but don't just take my word for it, look at the other reviews & all the comments that keep appearing on the forum.


08/08/01: Steve Norander -
Rating: 100
First things all of those who fault the production of this cd..Hello no record deal...not alot of money...How can you complain about it!!! What Ted & G have done here is just amazing!!!!!! I don't know what to say...Ted and Gerhard have truly out done themselves! I'm listening to this CD and I just don't know what to say...."Summer nights" came out great!!! As did "Head over heels" (I love the Keyboards in that, nice touch!!)..."I'll never break your heart" is just a killer song!!!!! Don't even get me started on "Crazy"..I love that song, you are singing your ass off!!!...Tony & You what a perfect combination!!! "Lovemetal"....Totally love the backing vocals and harmonies on this song!!!.and I just love the line "Spanish guitars strumming/Stevie Wonder saw that part coming/Such a cheap cliche" ..."Broken Promises" & "Out of my mind" came out awesome as well!!! "Shake" I love the chorus and again you are just singing your ass off on it! "Keep on runnin"....This is a really cool song..The keyboards add a lot to it I love the backing vocals! ..."What Number are you?"....I love the guitar riff...Damn and again you are singing your ass off!!! "Click on another link, I don't care what you think"..I love it..."Gotta save yourself" totally rock!!!!!!

I'm really at a loss for words....I'm total awe of what you guys have done!!!! This CD just rocks!!!!

03/08/01: Glenn Odin -
Rating: 84
Love Ted Poleys vocals and his choice of material but once again I feel the production is still missing something. The music sounds muffled and not crisp enough. Put on D2's Screw It then put on any of the Bone Machine or Melodica stuff and you don't need dog ears to notice something lacking. As I said though Ted's vocals are (as always) top notch and the songs are great. $$$ is the key I believe......!

29/07/01: Don Hosler -
Rating: 95
I can't get this CD out of my CD player. These guys completely thumbed their noses at today's trends and produced a monster, anthemic rock and roll album that will have you humming along to EVERY SONG. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, in walks Tony Harnell to complement Ted's vocals on CRAZY, making it one of the best tracks on the record. My band will be opening for Ted on the first US date at Flagstaff in Jim Thorpe, and I cannot wait to hear this stuff done live. Arguably the best record Ted's done since D2-awesome !

27/07/01: Lazarus Contra -
Rating: 93
After hearing such a lousy production as Melodica's debut was, they left a lot of room for improvement for their latest release, "Lovemetal". And sure enough, they fixed a lot of the bugs in the production this time around. Even though Ted's vocals still need a slight tweeking, they're much improved, and is by far his best work since the D2 debut. The real ear-catchers in this release are "Crazy" and "What Number Are You?" which sound as close to early D2 as you can get without really infringing. A brilliant CD all the way through, and it's only gonna get better from here.

24/07/01: Ardian -
Rating: 79
The songs are there, just like on the debut album. In fact, they are built around the theme of two Danger Danger classics "Don't Walk Away" and "Feels Like Love", they are D2 finest moments IMO... unfortunately, Ted Poley vocals once again is not good enough for a 90% attitude... maybe he should give up drinking? I don't know. The production is also not good enough, the guys should learn how to make a big production with small budget, like Nelson did on those self-financed indie records... but as I've said before, the songs are brilliant! The highlights being: Crazy, Lovemetal (bad title, great song), Keep On Running, and more... I'm not really a fan of darker tracks such as Head Over Heels, they should play more happy go lucky AOR instead...
OK, Ted & Gerhard, I hope you didn't release another acoustic album next time... keep it rockin' like this, but make sure you did it best so I could give you a number between 90-100... :)

PS: what's wrong with my previous review? Andrew sure didn't want a below 90% rating to be included here... then why call this page a feature review... add your own review... seesh...

22/07/01: Coco -
Rating: 95
First things first, Lovemetal is a terrible title for any album and i used to have a serious problem with it, that is untill i heard the music within, this is Ted Poleys best post-D2 work,it's a classy slice of feel good americana, chok full of sing along anthems, personal favs are "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Out Of My Mind" & "Head Over Heels", the later has quite a dark feel to it and kinda reminds me of early Fair Warning, "I'll Never Break Your Heart" is in the same vein as the D2 classics "Afraid Of Love" & "Dont Brake My Heart Again", and i dont need to remind you about how good those two are.
The album isnt perfect, the production isnt world class, but for a self financed album you cant really fault them.
The title track is a fantastic sing along gem, athough i feel that the chours kinda fizzles out rather than ending with a bang, it starts off with huge anthemic vocals but kinda tails off at the end, also someone needs to tell Gerhard that his guitar sound is terribly weak, with a top class producer this album would have been an all time classic.
Ted Poley has been reborn and produced the best album of his solo career, cant wait for album #3

19/07/01: Carl 1 -
Rating: 92
This is simply the best thing Ted Poley has been involved in since the Danger Danger days and no mistake. Excellent melodic rock just perfect for those hot summer nights, no hang on a minute, it's perfect listening for any time of year.
Great anthemic songs played with skill and style from all involved. I was particularly pleased to hear Jonathan Mover ( ex Marillion and Alice Cooper ) pounding the skins and doing a great job. Improved production techniques only add to a great cd.
And I still think the peak has yet to be reached,
Can't wait for the next one.
Thanks Ted

Rating: 99
I know that my views here could easily be biased, but in the case of LOVEMETAL I can assure you that I'm not. Ted has given the performance that every vocalist must dream of giving. Each track on this cd has been delivered with Emotion and incredible timing, and it makes up for the first album 100%.
The songs that we've already heard in acoustic form are here in their full electric glory. The title track is excellent as are all of the tracks. But for me the tracks I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART?SHAKE & CRAZY are my personal faves, sung in typical Ted fashion. The great Tony Harnell lends a hand in the track CRAZY, and that's what the album does because once you've listened to it you can't get those songs out of your head. If you haven't been a fan of Ted in the past, one listen of this and you will be. This has to be one of the rare jewels of the year 2001.
Stay Total!!

17/07/01: Ive Michiels -
Rating: 90
Ted Poley did it again .
I personaly thought the debut of Melodica was also a nice record .
Although Ted's vocals are not perfect , the songs on there own were very good .
On this new album just about everything is perfect ; the songs , the vocals , the production and the fantastic musicianship .
Although I will never think Ted will ever sing on a record like the first Danger Danger album (which is definetly one of the best records of all times) this one will definetly be in many AOR and melodic rock fans top 10's of this year , it definetly will be in mine .
Ted , thanks for giving me that good old feeling again , that only classic AOR cd's can give me .

16/07/01: Toxic Taco -
Rating: 100
Well Well Well,
Melodic rock and Roll sure as Hell Lives on people..
With Melodica and Lovemetal .
A cd chocked full of Inspirational lyrics - Melodic Music straight from the Heart for the Heart of Rock and Roll Fans Everywhere ...
Very Wide Range of musical styles from
Upbeat Melodic Rockers too Keyboardish killer Ballads.
Along with killer Musicians with Of Course featuring Ted Poley and Guitar Virtuoso Gerhard Pinchler with a very Special Guest None Other Then Tony Harnell ...
Singing some Vocals on a Track with Ted On Crazy . May I add Ted really shows Growth with his Voice quiet a differnt style on this ..
As Does Gerahard with some Powerful and Fantastic Guitar Playing .
This one Track really stands out to me as well..
I love it with there Voices they are both totally different-Vocalists
, MakING this Unique and sure speak for itself..

This cd Features some Excellent musicians providing the backbeat or backbone if you will.
They have on Bass Levi Springer ,Keyboards -Paul Morris and On Drums Jonathan Mover -adding an Excellent Powerhouse of Rock and Roll to the cd..
Another Excellent Track is the Title Track-Lovemetal. Starting off with some Excellent Acoustic Guitars and soulful Keyboards and After Vocals that kick Backed up by some slamming drums..
Ted Kicks it up and rocks it with lyrics from the Heart ..
This will make you smile this cd you will play it till the end and as Ted sings it Play it for a Friend..
Just listen to the song Turn it up to ten LoveMetal Forever..
Of Course Super G rocks it with some Killer Rythm and kicks into a Monster solo..
Listen to them Riffs go through his Head.
Thats right baby its the coolest lead comin atcha right through..
Other Excellent Tracks include Summer Nights -allabout kicking it back with that special someone on the beach and remembering the days ..
Another great track-includes Ill Never Break your Heart and The Keyboard Inspired soulful Ballad Out Of My Mind- done may I say here very Beautifully
To find out More about this cd if you havent allready order it right here, cause You wont be Dissapointed -Everyone that has knows How awesome this cd really is..
Ted and Gerard have truly done it again and created a cd for the Fans .
No gimmicks just melodic rock and roll played from the Heart and continuing to believe in there Hearts and playing what they Love thankyou Ted and Gerhard for one Awesome cd Yes LoveMetal Forever keep it turned up to 10 and Enjoy as I will.. TTaco ..
Theres many great songs here its a killer concept album about Love and one cd everyone can relate to.
Thanks for the Inspirational Lyrics and Heartfelt music .continued support..Thanks for continuing to Believe in us Fans, As we continue to believe and support Melodica to the Fullest ..Support Rock and Roll its the way to go :)Great things are coming in the Future for Melodica.TTaco

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