Frontiers/ Now & Then FRCD 057
Produced by: Pilcher & Poley

Released: JUNE / Website
Relatives: Bone Machine, Norway

  1. It's Not Enough
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. Come Runnin'
  4. Best Friend
  5. Hardest Part Of Love
  6. Forget About You
  7. Playing With Fire
  8. Long Way From Home
  9. Sleeping With The Enemy
  10. Take Me Away
  11. A Long Time Ago
Melodica is the pairing of AOR legend Ted Poley (Danger Danger, Bone Machine) with new comer and German national Gerhard Pilcher.
Gerhard has been at work for a couple of year on his music and seemingly hit the fast track when he and Ted hooked up and sparked immediately.
Now these two have combined to co-write 11 tracks of pure AOR.
This album is a credit to the musicianship of guitar player Pilcher, who has played his butt off on this album to create an atmosphere of Journey-esque riff's and melodic solo's in the best Neal Schon tradition.
It is also the best performance from Poley, who's melodic vocals are pure AOR to a tee. Taking up from where Bone Machine left off, Ted's vocals are smoother and more melodically charged than before.
There isn't the hard edge to his voice some songs from the Danger Danger era had, but is still his best vocals since then.
The songs are what do it for this release.
Together the guys have written some of the more catchy pure AOR tunes I have heard this year. It's Not Enough, Never Let You Go, Come Runnin', Hardest Part Of Love and the title track Long Way From Home all contain enough hooks to please the most steadfast AOR fan.
On the other side of the coin, the ballad tracks of Best Friend and Playing With Fire provide the sentimental requirement of the album.
Frontiers/Now & Then have released a couple of well received albums that define the term AOR, already this year. Two Fires & Norway. Add Melodia to the list.
BOTTOM LINE: Although the album could probably have benefited from a little tighter production, the delivery of the songs and the passion of the performers is undisputable.
The hook filled songs are also instantly catchy, embedding themselves into your brain for days as a time. Fans of Ted Poley have been waiting for a release like this since he left Danger Danger. It's my opinion these guys will only get better and better together.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Ted Poley fans, some Journey fans and all lovers of pure AOR.

21/02/03: Bigmike -
Rating: 65
Forget the zero scores. An album has to be pretty bad for it to score zero. These people probably just hate Ted.

Yeah the vocals aren't the best quality you ever heard but there are 3 or 4 good songs here at least which is more than I can say for "BIG". "The Hardest Part of Love" track kicks ass in particular. The style is similiar to "LOVEMETAL" but the song writing isn't as good and its not as heavy. Still its an OK release if you like melodic rock.

10/11/01: Jonny B -
Rating: 80
Melodica's debut could've been a classic if Ted Poley's vocals weren't so out-of-tune! I hope the people at Frontiers do this album a favor and reissue it with better production. But quality of the production doesn't hurt the rating much from my point-of-view. What matters is Ted and co. have created an album that sticks to one style of music: Good ol' AOR/Melodic Rock! (That's a hint, Danger Danger!!!!!) If you hate the production, at least check out "Hardest Part of Love" definitely classic D2 in the making there. Melodica scores a point to tie the score:
The Score Board:
Ted Poley and Melodica - 1
Danger Danger - 1

10/11/00: The Sims -
Rating: 100
Good day , i am a AOR fan from 15 years, my best band

started with Bad English to Harem Scarem and now FIORE.

ok ,the Melodica stuff is almost near to kill my love for Fiore,
it's an incredibly beautiful CD or Mp3s to have,

first ,Ted Poley is Out of tune all the time ,making this
CD a MUST HAVE, where else you get such fantastic sound??

the song TAKE ME AWAY 2nd verse ,is absolutely out of tune
but that make it a great song more than others in the CD,

because it make you humming it in the shower , car or whatever
in the exact wrong and out of tune way ,fantastic stuff!!

i love it.

The songs on this CD are all first rate, never before i managed
to hear a FULL CD to the end ,this one is sticking in my head
like a vampire, watch out for NEVER LET YOU GO
and the self-titled LONG WAY FROM HOME , the purest AOR around.

Go out and get this CD while you're alive ,no second chances.

This site rocks big jingle bells ,and the reviews are cool,
maybe little unfair for this Album, but it's ok.

i am italian and live in USA ...i am...



05/10/00: Mike Corbett -
Rating: 87
This CD was way better than I expected. Being a big Danger Danger fan I was very excited to see Melodica come about. I was concerned that after Ted Poley's solo effort he might stray off of the rock path, but this album is just awesome. I have heard stories that the production is not very good; well this is crazy. Ted's writing, vocals, and music rock. Anyone who doubts this is for real, I dare you to listen to "Never Let You Go". I have played this song for people who don't listen to this music genre and they ask me who this guy is with the great voice. GET THIS CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30/08/00: Astra Merlin Blue -
Rating: 0
I agree with you totally Lesley-Ann. I love this album and I play it non stop ever since buying it. I can't wait for the next one as everything that Ted does is superb!I think that Ted's vocals are great on the album and the musicianship of Gerhard Pichler is fantastic! This cd is a must in any rock fans cd collection. I have been in touch with Ted myself, and he reassures me that the next album will be a killer! Love and respect to Ted and all his fans!*******ASTRA******

21/08/00: skip, m -
Rating: 0
i would like to start by saying i am a big D2 fan,with and without ted poley. the songwriting is good on this cd, and it has its moments where it is very good. but from the first listen there was just something that wasnt right with it. the vocals just dont fit the songs in most spots. to this musical ear almost everything ted sings seems off key, or it seems that ted is trying not to give the powerful performance his voice usually gives. it seems he is trying to hold back. and maybe this causes him to be off key. i will still listen to this cd because it is good in the songwriting are but i have to say i was very disappointed in the vocal delivery...

18/08/00: Carsten Schwarz -
Rating: 0
Im a great german fan from Ted Poley and I think his voice is the greatest voice on earth !
Good Luck to Danger Danger only Ted !!!!

18/08/00: Nadia Alterio -
Rating: 0
My only complaint is that each of the songs I played started out with "hearing you calling"????

16/08/00: Lesley-Ann -
Rating: 0
I personally think that this is one of the best three albums that I have bought this year. Ted Poley's vocal delivery on each track contains a lot of emotional content,indicating that the songs are a personal issue. The blending of the superb musicianship with these vocals have produced an outstanding result which can only improve with time.. As for Ted being out of tune, How can he be when he co-wrote them? also with regards to him not sounding as he did when with Danger Danger> Why would he this is Melodica not D2.The conclusion being that this is a well played and sung album which makes me glad to be a melodic rock fan. Outstanding trax--All of them! Lesley-Ann^^^^^^^^^

04/08/00: Craig -
Rating: 0
I have always been a big Ted Poley fan from his Danger Danger days. I was very sad to see him leave D2, because he was the classic sound that made the band. I haven't gotten into their replacement and they are just not the same. All in all, this album is very good. I do have the Bone Machine albums as well, but Melodica just has something extra. The "melodies" of the tracks are right there but the only downfall they have are really the background vocals. Maybe that's where the downfall may be rather than Ted being out of tune. Maybe next album, they could get some help from Hugo or Gary Hughes in that background vocals department since they are on the same label. I have and always will appreciate new material from Poley and any minor flaws just goes with the territory.

31/07/00: nordenlight -
Rating: 0
While I don't totall agree with Par's comments, I must say that this disc contains a bunch of
excellent songs that are almost completely ruined by the vocal tone. It's almost completely
off the key the music is in. I am not a big fan of the D2 stuff with Ted (too cheesy), I really liked
his Bone Machine material. That stuff was poorly produced, but there were great tunes and they
were in key. For the tone deaf out there, this is a disc full of great tunes. But wow, it's so off key.
I saw Ted's comments on this site regarding the "problem" & I just don'y buy it. His comparisons
just don't pertain to the style of music on this disc. This may work for G N R, but not Journey.
AOR and off key vocals do not mix AT ALL. Sorry, but this disc should have been remixed
before it's release. Could have been top 10 for the songs, but...

22/07/00: Tim.S -
Rating: 0
Dissapointing. I really think Ted has done a lot better. Besides average production which everyone
mostly agrees on It just hasn't grabbed me like Bone Machine or Danger Danger. I am really
trying my best to appreciate this album but only 3 or 4 tracks stand out.
Remember poor production isn't everything though. Good songs make up for poor production..
Listen to Amaze Me's albums.
I mean how many times do we hear a great album which is beautifully produced and then go to
see them live and think " Geez they sound crap. His voice sounds shit out".
I think with the sound Melodica has given us though is more a raw sound which is very easy to reoproduce
Ted still sounds great and has a gifted voice but I will admit in a couple of tracks I thought he
sounded a bit off. Hey not everybody's perfect!
I know my opinion won't make everybody happy but that's just life. I am not here to put any artist
down. These guys are talented musicians and will only get better and better. I've done exactly
as the title says " Add Your Own Review "
Just remember it's people like us that listen and appreciate AOR music and know a lot more than
some magazines do otherwise we would'nt be looking at this website. I think the artists would
appreciate our opinions more than them magazines because we are the fans.
And No I do not like Korn Don. Ive been a fan of AOR for many many years. I'm 33 years old
not 15.

21/07/00: Alex Lee Ericsson - Alex Lee
Rating: 0 gotta be KIDDING guys, Ted´s singing is out of tune in EVERY single song, sure his voice is good,but i´d say that he´s in deep trouble in this album,´cause he doesn´t use producer...i mean he SHOULD. i love the first D2 album very much,and there was no problem at all (with. ted´s singin´) but find out yourself,and if you disagree with me,you better get your ears checked...better luck next time...p.s( S.Perry RULES)

19/07/00: KEVIN N -
Rating: 0
The more i listen to this cd the better it gets..I tell you if the song BEST FRIEND can make it to AOR radio it will for sure be a number #1 HIT without a doubt..A totally amazing rock ballad!!!

13/07/00: Wolf -
Rating: 0
I agree with Don. The new Melodica cd is definately one of the best cds I've bought this year. Teds vocals are great, and Gerhard delivers some smoking solo's. I think Andrew's score on this cd is too low. It should be around 92%. All of the songs on the cd are great. Anyone that likes early Danger Danger needs to get into this immediately! Hey Par-you SO need to get a Miracle Ear or Adjust the one you already have. I can't believe you would write such a ridiculous review!

07/07/00: Don Hosler -
Rating: 0
I'd like to know when Par's next CD is coming out. He obviously doesn't know what he's listening to (or maybe he's the president of the Korn fan club.) The Melodica CD is one of the best melodic ]hard rock CDs I've heard this year. Maybe the production isn't quite as defined as D2s first album (that costs alot of money!) but the songs are catchy and full of emotion. The vocals are as good as anything Ted recorded with D2 and the instrumentation very much reminds me of early 80s Journey. Par should be thankful someone out there is keeping quality music alive in the face of this alternacrap on the radio, and support all who do the best they can with what they have to deliver the kind of music they want to make and their fans want to hear. Can't wait to hear you do better, Par !

29/06/00: kevin n -
Rating: 0
This cd will he huge if it gets out to the mainstream..Best hard rock cd i have heard in several years..Ted Poley is one of the best vocalists, to grace the rock world..

20/06/00: Pär Winberg -
Rating: 0
I mostly agree with you Andrew, but on this album I must say you're completely wrong. This is actually the worst AOR - album I've heard in a VERY long time. Ted Poley's voice is out of tune all the time, and the production sounds like a lousy demo. It's as I said the worst piece of shit you can buy, and I'm really dissapointed at Ted for delivers such lousy vocals... blah...