Produced by: Matt and Gunnar Nelson
  1. A Girl Like That
  2. I Would If You Want Me To
  3. Life
  4. She Sheila
  5. Someone Like You
  6. Everybody Cries Sometimes
  7. Let's Talk About Me
  8. She Said She'd Be Mine
  9. The Hunger
  10. Is That How It Is?
There haven't been too many reports of the new Nelson record due to the lack of availability of the album. Their website is selling it and now AOR Heaven has copies available, but that is about it.
Well it shouldn't be too long before a major label picks this up - it's pure AOR bliss.
I think that it has now become my favourite Nelson album, but that only comes with repeated listens.
This release totally defines an independent release, as the CD is a printed up CDR, but at least there is now full cover & artwork available.
What I had heard is that it is a return to the band's glory days a la their debut album.
True, but I find that a little confusing as their glory days have never left us! Anyone who has their last two Japanese releases can testify to that. Great vocal and guitar pop rock.
But I can add that this album has in some part returned to the sweeter harmonies and more pop influenced rock that the debut was heralded for.
Imaginator and Silence Is Broken were a little tougher and Because They Can was just not as good.
This is very catchy and harmony filled pop rock of the highest order. It is a more mature record, more intelligent and even though it is softer, still quite a complex record.
In fact I don't think the harmonies between brothers Matt and Gunner have ever been better. Every track features them harmonizing in some way. Wonderful stuff for Nelson and AOR fans. This is quite possibly the most infectiously catchy album of the year!
The whole album reminds me a lot of the great vibe and feel of Rick Springfield's RCA Records debut Working Class Dog. Loose, upbeat and happy and killer pop songs.
A Girl Like That is as commercial a tune as you will hear. A duel harmony filled uptempo pop song that is happy in nature from start to finish and should leave a smile on the face of AOR fans anywhere.
A little more urgent in it's approach is I Would If You Want Me To. This is pure AOR. A verse a bridge and a chorus that typifies the best these guys have to offer. Quite the understated anthem this track.
The brothers cover their father's old tune Life next. This is pretty simple. A real laid back acoustic pop song and very Beatles.
She Sheila is more uptempo and rocks pretty hard, even thought it is still basically a pop song. A really happy tune and a personal favourite.
Someone Like You is a great ballad. A nice little twist in the chorus and a brilliant drawn out ending makes the difference between this and a hundred other ballads. This is more an acoustic ballad for the new millenium. There's also a great guitar section that ends the track.
Everybody Cries Sometimes is pure Nelson pop AOR. A big uptempo pop rocker and another harmony filled chorus.
Let's Talk About Me is another album highlight. This killer tune is Rick Springfield all over and is one of those Working Class Dog sort of tunes.
Let's Talk is fast and furious rocker in the vein of Love Is Alright Tonight or Light Of Love and is a killer track. Great lyrics too.
She Said She'd Be Mine and The Hunger just continue the great melodies. Both are a little moodier, but still mid to up tempo.
Is That How It Is? finishes the album with another moody mid paced song, but with a little more classic AOR feel. Pure melodic bliss for sure.
While this album is primarily acoustic driven, with dashes of electric guitar riffs and solo's and is self produced, it still retains a big budget sound.
I guess the guys have learned quite a bit over the years and the absence of a label and a producer make no difference here.
This is first class pop rock and essential to anyone that loves simple and quality pop.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All good AOR fans. Every Nelson fan and lovers of fine pop rock.
DISCOGRAPHY: After The Rain . Because They Can . Imaginator . Silence Is Broken . Life