AOR Heaven
Produced by: Frontline

Released: June 24 Website
Relatives: Hugo, Journey

  1. Against The World
  2. My Destiny
  3. Lightning Eyes
  4. Time Stood Still
  5. I Don't Know
  6. Man With A Broken Heart
  7. One Night
  8. You Should Know Me
  9. Don't Break My Pride
  10. Chance His Life

Frontline are back with their toughest sounding record to date. Their first couple of albums held strong comparisons to Journey and sure enough, vocalist Stephan Kaemmerer retains that style to his voice.
But Against The World is tougher than the AOR sounds of recent Journey. This time around the guys have a more distinct European hard rock feel - natural for a German band! - with songs more guitar driven than before.
Keyboards still play a strong role - leading the intro for a few tracks, but generally act as a support to strong guitar parts.
This is still very much 80's style melodic rock, but the production is tighter, which helps the record sound more contemporary.
Frontline's unique vocal harmony production style is again the main force behind the strong choruses and anthem like hooks. If you have heard their previous albums, you will know what I mean.
Comparisons this time to Hugo, and his awesome debut album. Hugo as you know, is a strong resemblance to Journey's Steve Perry, but with a darker edge. So to with Frontline and the style of this album.
Journey/Bon Jovi-ish melodic rock, but with a darker and heavier edge.
At 10 tracks and 40 minutes there are no fillers. On the last album I felt that 15 tracks dragged proceedings out a little too long. But this is great.
One listen to tracks like Don't Break My Pride, One Night, the anthem Lightening Eyes and the huge ballad Man With A Broken Heart should be all that is needed to convince fans of pure AOR that this is a winner. Those tracks are just examples, there are no fillers here.
BOTTOM LINE: A little darker and a little more guitar driven, this is still a pure 80's, pure AOR styled album with a strong comparison to Hugo and Journey, albeit with a European twist. Some great harmonies, some great hooks and some very strong vocals. Great production also.
The band's best album I think, or at least most musically consistent, and thoroughly enjoyable for sure.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of moody European styled AOR with a strong Journey influence.
DISCOGRAPHY:Heroes . Heroes II . Right Attitude . Against The World

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