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AOR Heaven / Point Music
Produced by: Robert Boebel

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Journey

  1. Any Other Way
  2. Shelter Me
  3. I Swear
  4. This Pain Will Last Forever
  5. Moving Closer
  6. Who's Crying Now
  7. On The Run
  8. Heroes
  9. Our Love
  10. Get To You
  11. Whole Lot Of Soul
  12. Time To Dream
  13. Tonight We Set...
  14. Someone To Love
  15. Look At You

The intro to this album is one of the stranger ones I have heard for a while, it's very cool - lasting 40 seconds or so, launching itself into the business of the album - delivering one of the best pure AOR albums of recent times with a powerful and inspiring set of songs.
Vocalist Stephan Kaemmerer has a great set of Steve Perry inspired tonsils and has the songs to back them up.
The album is made from 2 different sessions - songs planned to be the sequel to the band's much loved Heroes album that never got released and a set of newly recorded songs. The difference is not noticeable aside maybe from a few production technicalities.
Because of the vocalists similarity to Perry and their obvious AOR style, the guys sound like Journey in many places, but being European, they still have that European rock air to them.
The tracks are therefore an interesting blend of the pure AOR strains of American FM radio, with the less commercial feel of European hard rock.
Opening track Any Other Way is a prime example of the solid late 80's early 90's AOR sounds on Right Attitude. Big vocals surround a rousing uptempo anthem styled song, one that retains a moody feel.
Shelter Me is more laid back and contains some fine keyboard/guitar parts mixed together.
This Pain Will Last Forever is a slow swaggering track the features a big vocal, while Moving Closer is one of the higher quality tracks in a more uptempo pop vein.
Who's Crying Now is another great uptempo pure AOR track with a very Perry-ish chorus.
On The Run will also appeal to Journey fans. It's a dead ringer for Positive Touch off the Raised On Radio album and a very enjoyable track.
Heroes and Get To You are a high quality big power ballads with plenty of excellent backing vocals, while Our Love is one of the most uptempo pop rockers of the album.
Whole Lot Of Soul continues the uptempo feel, but some great acoustic guitar parts that are a little muddied by the mix.
The last track When I Look At You is similar in feel to Bad English's When I See You Smile and is another high quality ballad.
BOTTOM LINE: The guys repeat themselves a little over the 15 tracks and in places the production is spread a little thin. But these are the only 2 minor points amongst a host a great points. This is pure AOR at it's best and will appeal to those that like it a little softer and enjoy equal parts keyboards and guitars. The songs are the high point, plus the vocals - backing and lead and the classic big lifting anthems.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of classic AOR and keyboard driven melodic rock, some Journey fans.

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