Kivel Records
Produced by: Rain

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Bon Jovi, Jaded Heart

  1. Bad For Everything
  2. Anywhere The Wind Blows
  3. Make A Break
  4. Talkin' To An Angel
  5. Bring It On
  6. No Such Thing
  7. Miss Myself
  8. Everytime You Go
  9. Ain't Found Heaven Yet
  10. Can I Say If
  11. Talkin' To My Heart
  12. Sentimental Sunday
  13. Soul

Rain the band are from Norway and feature some establsihed guys in the scene over there.
Lars Forseth on guitar, Tore Moren also on guitar, Audun Norgaard on bass and Peppa Bruvold on drums form the foundation of the band, with German vocalist Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart) brought in to perform vocals.
The band recorded a set of songs that they shopped to labels in 1999. Those songs became heavily traded amongst rock fans and therefore when the band were finally picked up for release, by the good folk at Kivel Records, changes needed to be made.
Those changes included adding 2 brand new songs (Make A Break & Bring It On) and re-mixing the entire project, plus re-recording some parts.
The result is a brand spanking new album that sounds a million bucks and features some of the best moody European styled melodic rock heard in ages.
The thing that grabs me about this record is it's energy. It's positively overflowing with good vibes and despite being a somewhat softer vein of melodic rock, it still rolls along at a cracking pace.
Rain is composed and based around acoustic guitars, but this is no unplugged album. Vocalist Michael Bormann can vary his style, but in this case does his best emotional and powerful solo style Jon Bon Jovi vocals.
Some tracks work better than others, I personally think there are a half a dozen better tracks than the opening track, but on the fabulously uptemo Anywhere The Wind Blows and Ain't Found Heaven Yet, plus the pop ballad Sentimental Sunday you will be hard pushed to find better melodic rock tracks anywhere.
Despite being recorded nearly 18 months after the original sessions, Make A Break and Bring It On slot into the album seamlessly. If you are a fan of the demo's, these two songs continue the style and good work of those original songs.
For an album based on acoustic guitar, the style sure changes a lot. There's the pure acoustics of No Such Thing, the angst ridden and powerful modern rock feel of Miss Myself, the atmospheric and laid back feel good Everytime You Go, to the country twang of Soul.
A very diverse, but very consistent set of songs makes this album an essential purchase for those that love it moody, love it melodic and love it filled with fine musicianship - not to mention the hooks and the harmonies!
BOTTOM LINE: This is another classic melodic rock release. Michael Bormann does a great job on vocals, but the true praise must go to the band behind the album.
An album of this nature hasn't been on offer for some time, so I'm loving every minute of it.
We all know the demos for this album have been around for more than 2 years now. But ironically, this release was re-mixed and added to so much that those demo's are still going to be collectable! This is almost another album entirely and one that I highly recommend.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Michael Bormann fans, fans of strong acoustic driven melodic rock, some Bon Jovi fans.

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