Produced by: Richie Zito
  1. Over The Edge
  2. Live For Today
  3. Gave Up Givin' Up
  4. We Don't Belong
  5. Breakout
  6. Tug Of War
  7. Dead Reckoning
  8. Luv Sick
  9. It Ain't Easy
  10. All The Way
  11. So Good, So Fine
The verdict seems to already be in for the new Ratt album, as it has been out a few weeks now and I am a bit late with this review.
The jury seems evenly split, with many fans not liking it, but other casual fans seem to have given it a warm reception.
I am writing this review from a different perspective. I have never really been a Ratt fan.
I don't think they were ever in the 'A' League - even though they recorded a few respected albums and have a strong fan base - they still weren't a multi platinum act. I also think that vocalist Stephen Percy is average at best.
Basically this is a modern hard rock album that will disappoint long time fans, but maybe pick up a few new ones. In the long run though, there might be more lost than won.
The vibe of the album seems reasonably restrained and the production from Richie Zito is smooth as a baby's bum.
But the energy of the album is flat. There is no real spark
to it. Rather than nasty sleeze rockers, the band come across as 'quite polite' chaps. The production is the best thing about the whole album. It is just really nice to hear a rock act with a decent budget behind them. It really makes a difference and transforms a band like Ratt - that might not have been so important - into something more worthwhile.
Still there is a few fillers and a few killers, so have a listen and make your own mind up. The main problem is the album does lose it self in a few average tracks and a few that sound a little too familiar.
Pearcy's vocals are also a minor disappointment.
And is it just me - or do the guys have a definite Aerosmith tinge to their sound these days?
Over The Edge is hardly a flurry of hard rocking attitude to start. But it isn't a bad track.
Live For Today is a hook filled acoustic driven pop rocker. Not bad, but not 100% convincing.
Gave Up Giving Up is a 90's styled modern rocker. The vocals just aren't strong enough on this and it's not one of the albums' better tracks.
The nearly 7 minute long We Don't Belong however, is one of the album's best tracks. If not THE best. An acoustic based ballad that rocks some is what the band should be doing more of. Great song.
Breakout and Tug Of War are both similar styled mid tempo rockers.
Tracks like Dead Reckoning and Lets Go All The Way simply fall flat. There is not urgency to them and seemingly no energy either. Very tame!
Love Sick is a little more memorable, but long time fans may wonder what's going on.
It' Aint Easy is a better track. More acoustic driven and anthem-ish, I like the tune a lot. Very melodic.
So Good So Fine ends the album the way it should have started. High energy, plenty of guitars and a good strong hook. All is not lost I guess!
So not a bad record, but not one that will set the world on fire or have fans running about in a frenzy proclaiming what a genius John Kalodner is for signing them up.
Let's hope they keep their contract for another album and it's a step up from this.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Some Ratt fans, some LA sleeze/hard rock fans.