Produced by: TNT
  1. Just Like God
  2. Wide Awake
  3. No Such Thing
  4. Crashing Down
  5. Fantasia Espanola
  6. Because I Love You
  7. The Whole You're In
  8. Mousetrap
  9. Into Pieces
  10. Under My Pillow
  11. No Guarantees
TNT are back with their first album since 1997's Firefly. Not too long a gap between album's but it seems worse after a large unfavorable response to that album. It was heavily experimental and nothing like the guys had done before. It wasn't one of my favorites either.
The release of the awesome Westworld album and the glorious melodies and return of Tony Harnel singing in top form moved anticipation of this new TNT album to new heights.
Is it a return to the glory days of mid 80's TNT? No.
Is it a bloody good album anyway? Yes!
TNT fans will have to go into this record with an open mind, but if they do, they will discover a band that have taken the best of their melodic past, mixed it with heavy 90's production, guitar and vocal effects and samples - while still largely ignoring the influences that made Firefly.
This album is firmly planted in the 90's, but any disappointment there should be offset with the quality of the songs and the strength in production.
This is a very musically intelligent record.
The guys take some risks and there is still a couple of songs that are a bit left of center, but there is a much stronger melody base than Firefly and some classic TNT and Westworld comparisons.
The album opens with the track Just Like God - deemed too 'out there' for the Japanese release - which is true, but I am sure glad it's on the worldwide release.
This track is truly heavy in a major 90's sub industrial way. Filtered vocals start proceedings, leaving you wondering what is coming. Thankfully it is a screaming classic Harnell vocal that oozes melody and charisma. The chorus is really heavy and takes a few listens to get into, but once it does there is no escaping it.
Wide Awake is very Westword in style. A wonderful ballady melodic vocal that reaches new heights and a heavier and even more melodic bridge leads into a chorus that surprisingly doesn't rise any more notches, but is still effective. One of my favourite Harnell tracks ever.
No Such Thing is very modern, with distorted guitars, but it is dark, moody and very melodic at the same time. The vocals are strong and classic style again and the guitars brutal.
The chorus is classic TNT - but updated. If you took out the 90's update, this would be a track from Tell No Tales.
Crashing Down is a more 90's dominated track, with distortions and raspy vocals. It's pace is still pretty furious is another track that takes a few listens.
Fantasia Espanola is the fist ballad of the album. An acoustic at the start, it builds to a full band treatment towards the end. Again there is a modern element here, but it's more the production than the song. The feel and vocals are classic TNT.
Because I Love You is a hard edged guitar track through the verse, but mellows out a little in the chorus into a sort of power rock ballad. Some great guitar and interesting drum rhythms, it is modern yet very melodic.
The Whole You're In is 90's all the way. This is a heavily guitar driven experimental track - still nothing like Firefly, but out there a little bit.
Mousetrap is a real groove driven tune. Heavy, funky and modern again. The vocals are more traditional TNT, but I am still not sure I totally dig the chorus. A little experimental.
Into Pieces starts with more cool drum loops and rhythms and that slightly hip hop drum loop effect backing the track. The verse is heavy and raw, the vocals dark. Not bad, but another track that will need repeated listening.
Under My Pillow is a really pretty acoustic ballad. It's just Tony and an acoustic guitar, with a hint of a female accompanying vocal. The band join in to finish the song, before it turns again to the acoustic, which is a nice touch.
No Guarantees is quite the opposite! This, like the first track is totally in your face. Furiously heavy, fast paced, angry vocals and lyrics really make this track go off. It is the heaviest thing I have heard the guys do!
A big 90's punk rocker, but what a song.
So that is the much awaited new TNT album. In my opinion it will not make every fans day, but should at least in part repair the damage from their last album for some.
For others it should be a welcome addition to your TNT collection and while it may not be Tell No Tales or Realized Fantasies, it sure as hell is worth picking up.
There are some very memorable songs on here. With hints of Westworld's melodic brilliance and Tony Harnell's tremendous vocal performance, this should be remembered as a very solid and intelligent release.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most TNT fans, some Westworld fans. Modern but melodic hard rock fans.
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