Produced by:
  1. Irish Eyes
  2. Superstar
  3. Fire Burning
  4. Freedom
  5. In This World
  6. Where You Gonna Run
  7. I Believe
  8. Live The Dream
  9. Lonely Man
  10. Already Gone
  11. Falling
  12. The Journey
Vinny Burns main job is as the guitarist for UK hard rockers Ten. He has also played a big part with Dare - recording with them for 2 of their 3 albums.
I am a reformed Ten fan, after really getting into the guys on their Spellbound album. I especially love their ballads and for that reason was looking forward to this solo album by Vinny, given that it was set to return to Vinny's mellower roots.
Well that it does to a point, but for the most part I am a little disappointed by this album. To me the songs aren't as strong as his previous employment and the direction a little varied.
Having said that, it is with repeated listens that the album improves, but it still stops shy of what the guys have achieved in their past works.
Vocals are handled by Sam Blue formerly of Ya Ya & GTS. Except for two tracks that feature Gary Hughes from Ten on vocals.
The production is also a step back from that of the Ten albums. The mix seemed a little muddy until the album
became more familiar. On tracks like Superstar and I Believe it seems to work well, but on the less impressive tracks it seems to be more noticeable.
Irish Eyes is a very soft mood building intro you can hardly hear that leads into the killer track of the album.
Superstar is a classic Asia style uptempo rocker, with heaps of guitar solo's winding their way thru the song, backed by a good rhythm and keyboard mix.
But then with the tempo really pounding Fire Burning changes the style to a semi-funky hard blues rock number. The chorus kind comes and goes like the song.
Freedom is better. It's back in the style of the opening track Superstar - more pomp rock, a bigger sound with both the vocals and the instrumentals.
In This World features Gary Hughes and is simply a big Ten style ballad. It could have been lifted from any of the band's first 3 albums. in other words, a pretty good ballad.
Where You Gonna Run is another pretty average track. A verse and chorus that run into each other without really going anywhere.
I Believe is another good track. Like Superstar and Freedom it has that sound and seems to have a better structure. A moody uptempo rocker with a good anthem-ish chorus and plenty of guitar chops surrounding it.
Live The Dream follows on from Believe nicely. It's a very moody, laid back and atmospheric ballad with some great acoustic guitar work from Vinny. There should be more of this!
Lonely Man sounds like a moodier version of some of the tracks from Spellbound.
Mid tempo, the song has a cool ballady chorus, but is just a little slow and similar to the likes of Live The Dream.
Already Gone is somewhat better. A more uptempo pop rocker with a good chorus and Gary Hughes at the helm.
Falling is another guitar driven track in the style of Spellbound. It actually reminds me of the opening track off the Adrian Smith album ASAP. Strange but true. Good tempo, good chorus, good harmonies.
The Journey is as it sounds. A big epic style instrumental. And a good one at that.
BOTTOM LINE: An album that will find a spot amongst Ten and guitar album fans, but also an album that does not quite live up it's the expectations.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most Ten fans, All Vinny Burns fans, Sam Blue fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Dare . Ten . Solo