Produced by: Paul Orofino
  1. Illusions
  2. I Belong
  3. Pigeon Hole
  4. Heart Song
  5. Little Voices
  6. Bring The Water To Me
  7. Love You Insane
  8. Shame
  9. Ivory Towers
  10. Suicide
Damn! This is a pretty diverse record. And a damn good one also.
Welcome back to peak form Tony Harnell.
Westworld is a side project for all of these guys, with Tony kicking on with TNT, Bruno Ravel on bass from Danger Danger and guitarist Mark Reale from Riot.
The drummer is John O'Reilly.
A side project maybe, but a band that will apparently continue and let's hope they will. This is really good melodic music.
Illusions will be hard to top as one of the best songs this year. A 80's keyboard/piano intro and then a hard edged guitar riff like I haven't heard for so long. Then Tony's vocals going off like the brilliant TNT album Tell No Tales. Maybe not quite as high though!!
Straight ahead hard rock with a chorus that soars and soars higher again. Very 80's hard rock, but with a big 90's production. Great anthem rocker.
I Belong shows the diversity of this album by immediately jumping into 90's hard rock. Some distorted vocals and a more distorted guitar lead in this uptempo rocker. But a bridge and a chorus that both rise and use the strengths of Harnell's great voice. More cool soloing and plenty of melodies in a harder vein.
Pigeon Hole is different again. Cleaver is it's time and melody changes, this track starts like a modern rock track, raw vocals and then slips into a moody chorus with a slow atmospheric harmony vocals. After the opening 2 tracks, it's almost a ballad, but an uptempo one at that.
Heart Song opens with some acoustic guitar and a mellower vocal from Harnell, not unlike the Morning Wood album. Laid back until the chorus powers ahead and Harnel let's fly with a big TNT power ballad vocal. Huge!
Little Voices has an unusual guitar/moody vocal intro that instead of exploding like you expect, mearly changes to another tempo. The chorus rises a little and ends with a sharp piece of guitar and the song dives back into mid pace. It gets heavier after the half way mark and could be described overall as a moody mid tempo rocker.
Bring The Water To Me starts acoustically but after a soft intro vocal bursts into full hard rock mode. Strong vocal and a good rocker.
Love You Insane is another modern 90's rocker, with some heavy guitars and a dark overall feel. It swaps tempo back and forth occasionally and has no obvious chorus.
Shame starts fairly laid back. A mid paced electric and acoustic guitar backing the vocal. But the chorus is heavier and more passionate as the song finally reveals itself as a mid tempo rock ballad.
Ivory Towers has a classic guitar riff to start things off and is modern again in style. Hard edged, there is a bridge and a chorus that is softer and more restrained than might have been expected. Clever use of structure. A heavier verse than chorus.
Suicide is an acoustic rock ballad in the vein of Morning Wood. A great strong ballad and some acapella vocals that accompany the acoustic guitar and lead vocal.
A nice laid back way to end the album.
This is a very solid hard rock album with hints of classic TNT, 4 The Hard Way style Danger Danger and a great emphasis on technical and precise playing and production. And appealing diversity without losing the general melodic thread of the album's style.
A better hard rock release will be hard to find.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of good solid melody filled hard rock. Most TNT fans and Riot and Danger Danger fans.