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Pink Cloud Records
Produced by: Glenn Hughes

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Prince, Santana
GENRE: Pop Rock

  1. Down The Wire
  2. Against The Grain
  3. Jackie Got The Call Today
  4. Jolayne
  5. Let's Get Together
  6. Stoned
  7. What Is Your Role?
  8. You Are My Dream!
  9. Doublelife
  10. Push (LA Demo)
  11. Inside & Above
  12. Hey Ken, Are You Home?

In a bold and a very wise decision (in my humble opinion) Glenn Hughes has done what I hope a lot of other artists will do. He has formed his own label to release a series of unreleased tracks from his archives.
This kind of release is only ever going to be a fans only release, but those fans are the ones that really want to see stuff like this.
The established fans are the most important ones and this rewards those fans.
This album, or this compilation of tunes - Volume One from the archives - is a collection of unreleased songs from various sessions from the 90's.
The style is very much as Glenn's Feel album - funky, uncommercial, soulful and uncompromising.
There is even an alternative version of the track Push from that album.
This is an album for die-hard Glenn Hughes fans. Those that love his hard rocking albums should wait for another release. Those that appreciate Glenn for his immense vocal talent and his diversity will be he ones that take something from this release.
This is pure funk rock, Glenn at his most soulful and passionate.
BOTTOM LINE: Definitely no hard rock, but an overload of passion, talent and pure soul. Glenn Hughes has one of the most diverse and unbelievably strong voices on this planet. This collection of tunes sees him at his raw soulful best.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Established and die hard Glenn Hughes fans. Fans of soul & funk rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Play Me Out . Four On The Floor . Hughes/Thrall . Blues . From Now On . Feel . Addiction . The Way It Is

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