Glenn Hughes Soul Mover Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Hughes, Smith & Grossi

· Running Time: 61.58

· Release Date: January 24

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Funk, Soul & Rock

· Links: Glenn Hughes Frontiers
Songs: 89%
Sound: 93%
Glenn Hughes can sign it all – blues, funk, pop, metal, AOR…you name it. He ain't dubbed the voice of rock for nothing! And over his vast and distinguished career he has recorded it all at one stage or another. His career has had more stages than Broadway, and once again, in the lead up to this release we are faced with fresh claims from Glenn that this is his new 'stage' – "this, to me, is the start of the next phase of my career," states the man himself…again.
These u-turns might be hard for all to follow. No one can expect Glenn to stick to a particular path for any length of time. Dedicated Hughes fans however, are very patient and simply accept the musical rainbow Glenn is content upon delivering.
One look through his solo catalogue showcases a very diverse path and Soul Mover is another u-turn from the straight ahead classic rock that has dominated recent releases such as the last solo album Songs In The Key Of Rock and the Hughes Turner releases.
Despite claims this album would be something pretty different, I find it simply to be just more of the same Glenn Hughes fans know and love.
There is nothing here that hasn't been done before – but possibly this style hasn't been done quite so well before as it has been here.
Soul Mover is another great Hughes album – one that features a heavy does of blues, funk and soul. This is simply Glenn Hughes doing what he does best – with some quality songwriting along for the ride.
Soul Mover is part Feel, part The Way It Is and part Building The Machine. And it's part Red Hot Chilli Peppers, thanks to a major contribution from Peppers drummer Chad Smith.
Joining Hughes and Smith on this mission is long time associates JJ March and Ed Roth, plus guest Dave Navarro on a couple of tracks.
The musical journey of Soul Mover will best be appreciated by long time Hughes fans – those that appreciate his whim for experimentation. The album offers some hard rock attitude with a heavy dose of funk, such as the groovy opening track Soul Mover and the distorted hard funk of High Road and the psychedelic Orion.
Change Yourself and Let It Go both offer something different, with an updated style and sound that mixes retro with contemporary.
There's also the true 70's funky pop of Dark Star and a little straight ahead rock on Isolation and Little Miss Insane.
There is possibly nothing finer on the album than the Santana inspired rhythm of She Moves Ghostly, which features a wonderfully soulful vocal, and some inspired percussion only someone of Chad Smith's caliber and background could offer.
The Bottom Line
Another solid Glenn Hughes album – period. The album features some very strong performances and some very fine songs – with all the melodies and memorable chorus hooks present in other Hughes releases – just this time around they are tied up in a bouquet of funk, soul, R&B and of course – R.O.C.K.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Play Me Out
· Four On The Floor
· From Now On
· Feel
· Addiction
· The Way It Is
· Incense And Peaches
· R.O.C.K
· Building The Machine
· Songs In The Key Of Rock

Line Up
· Glenn Hughes: Vocals, Bass
· JJ Marsh: Guitar
· Chad Smith: Drums, Percussion
· Ed Roth: Keyboards
Essential for fans of:
· Glenn Hughes - Feel
· Glenn Hughes - The Way It Is
Track Listing
· Soul Mover
· She Moves Ghostly*
· High Road*
· Orion*
· Change Yourself
· Let It Go
· Dark Star
· Land Of The Livin' (Wonderland)
· Isolation*
· Miss Little Insane
· Last Mistake
· Don't Let Me Bleed*
--*Best Tracks

03/07/06: Kurt -
Rating: 40
oh god , i remember on SITKOR what for a great hard rock album. And Soul Mover get back to the sadly Hughes funk and soul stuff.All songs are strechy and most boring. Glenns fans have an another disappointed album here, he is between soul/funk and hard rock and this is the big problem with him...!Mr. Hughes we want a hard rock AOR influences album!

02/04/06: Mike -
Rating: 100
The album of the year. I do admit I an new to Glenn as a solo artist but I could not believe one man could sing all the different styles that are on this album."Change Yourself" is a transcendent piece of work and track after track are inspired gems who has reinvented himself at Sixty years of age.This and the Masterplan CD are 2005's top selections.

26/02/05: Mark -
Rating: 85
Another quality release from Glenn. Keep it going!

19/02/05: Paul Johnston -
Rating: 95
Simply put-a great album! Glenn is NOT a heavy metal singer!!
Glenn and the boys are on top form on this album. If you have not tried a Glenn Hughes album and wonder what all the fuss is about, i suggest you give this one a try!

17/02/05: Bob Myron -
Rating: 99
Simply of the Glenn's best releases to date.....killer songs....killer chops....killer production.....nobody does funk rock better then "The Voice Of Rock" .....don't pass this one up....get it now !!!!!!

17/02/05: blake -
Rating: 2
utter rubbish, funk music has no place in a heavy metal singer,s career, this get,s a rating of two only coz of the cd cover

12/02/05: RS -
Rating: 90
This is the third great Glenn Hughes solo album in a row after the mildly disappoing "Return of Crystal Karma." I deduct a few points because I don't find this one scaling the heights of "Building the Machine" (still his best solo effort). That said, it is at least as good as "Songs In the Key of Rock," and the recorded sound is much better. It's not as heavy as SITKOR, and nor is there anything with as much pop smarts as "Courageous," but the whole album feels more consistent and spiritual. I don't find it to be anywhere near as smooth and soulful as "Feel," so that's not really an apt comparison. This is closer to "The Way It Is" in tempo and groove. I don't agree at all with those who want Glenn to rock more. We get plenty of rocking tunes from Glenn plus there are the Iommi/Hughes and Dario Mollo projects for that. Glenn's most unique trait is putting his soul influences into the rock context, and think it is apt that he pursues that course on his own albums. The HTP projects also rock more and are a good source of the "rock" Glenn Hughes. His renaissance as an artist during the last 10 years is a most pleasant surprise and is a tribute to value of sobriety, hard work, and persistence. Kudos to drummer Chad Smith who plays great here. He's a little better and more diverse foil for Hughes' bass than was Gary Ferguson.

11/02/05: Shelby -
Rating: 92
Mr. Hughes shines once again on this very consistent outing. This feels to be a deeper album than much of his previous work so in the end there is more satisfaction to be had. Glenn Hughes and his band mates throw the usual mix of hard rock,blues,soul,and funk into these songs but just as in his last effort(Songs In The Key Of Rock) pulls it all together even more so now. He's rocked harder before but I will get my fill when Iomi/Hughes II comes along.

10/02/05: Kevin -
Rating: 85
Solid album overall. Has taken a couple of listenings to get used to. Definitely comparable to Feel but Feel is still my favorite by GH. GH is definitely true to his roots and on his game with this one.

09/02/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 50
Another big disappointment. This man has such a golden voice, such a talent, but he wastes everything by not rocking enough !
Too many funk and soul influences here. Let this stuff to the masters of the genre 'Mother's Finest' ! And concentrate on a ROCK CD, Glenn !

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