Third Eye / Hollywood Records
Produced by: Various

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative:
GENRE: Modern Rock

  1. Bullet Proof
  2. All Eyes On Me
  3. Amigone
  4. Acoustic #3
  5. Naked
  6. Ain't That Unusual
  7. Burnin' Up
  8. Flat Top
  9. Name
  10. Falling Down
  11. Another Second Time Around
  12. Cuz You're Gone
  13. We Are The Normal
  14. Girl Right Next To Me
  15. Lucky Star
  16. On The Lie
  17. Just The Way You Are
  18. Two Days in February
  19. Laughing
  20. There You Are
  21. Up Yours
  22. I'm Addicted

Goo Goo Dolls are a great band. These are great songs. And it wasn't until I took this album for a spin in the car that I decided it was a great compilation. My first impressions were that it was not what we were lead to believe it would be.
The initial press releases suggested an array of rarities and special versions of both album and single tracks - plus a few unreleased tunes.
Not so. But it's still good for what it is - a simple Best Of compilation that spans the band's whole career.
The whole package is re-mastered, but the band's last two albums are still fairly recent, so therefore, the re-mastering has little impact on that material and most impact on the band's earlier material from their first 4 albums.
That's right - for those that didn't realize, the band have now had 6 studio albums.
This is a great album to discover what the band did prior to their breakthrough A Boy Named Goo opus.
And those tracks for the record, are well worthy of owning. The Goo Goo's have always been classy song writers and this material shows that.
The unfortunate thing is there is only 4 alternative versions on here - two from the early days, a slightly different Acoustic #3 and a very cool remixed version of Naked. Below average as far as excitement goes.
BOTTOM LINE: This is the best way for new fans to collect the best tracks of the band's previous era's. If that doesn't interest you and you have the band's last two albums already - or you even already have the entire back catalogue, this release is mostly superfluous.
Still, it's the songs that count and these are great songs.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard Goo Goo fans, casual fans looking to score the best of their back catalogue without buying the full albums.
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