Great White Rising Frontiers Records
Produced By: Michael Lardie

Running Time: 59.12

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

Links: Frontiers
Songs: 75%
Sound: 89%
I've always been a Great White fan, still rating Once Bitten, Psycho City and Twice Shy as a trilogy of releases showcasing the best of the band and their knack at delivering menacing blues driven hard rock. Their original line-up reunion album Back To the Rhythm was a decent album with some more inspired moments, but with the sense that vocalist Jack Russell was singing well and truly within himself these days.
That feeling is confirmed with the new album Rising. The album showcases the classic sound of the band uptempo blues 'rockers' mixed with more laid back ballads and slow tempo 'rollers'. But the overall feeling from the record is a fairly laid back one. There is a definite lack or energy in places and even the rockers are generally laid back.
For the record, I'm a big fan of Great White's ballads over a number of years. They have really delivered some classy soulful tunes.
But now I feel there is absolutely no venom left in Jack Russell's voice. He was the master of delivering that menacing growl (Gonna Getcha for example), but is now singing well and truly within a set (and safe) range.
I still like the sound of the album and considering that I own every Great White CD released, it is safe to say there is still plenty here for fans like myself to enjoy.
Situation, All Or Nothing and Loveless are the pick of the rockers while the ballads are well represented. The best of those are Last Chance, I Don't Mind and Only You Can Do. The keyboard driven Is It Enough is also a nice change of pace.
However, there are a few tracks that just plain annoy Shine and Down On the Level both have utterly terrible choruses and Danger Zone is just a weak rocker compared to the band's glory days. And the cover of the Stones' hit Let's Spend The Night Together adds nothing to the record.
The Bottom Line
All in all, a disappointment here. A record with enough highlights for fans and a couple of great new tunes, but overall a record with some definite fillers and the whole laid back vibe both work against it. Jack has to find some energy and the songwriting needs a lift to match the band's best days.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Great White
Shot In The Dark
Once Bitten
Twice Shy
Psycho City
Sail Away
Let It Rock
Great Zeppellin
You Can't Get There From Here
Back To The Rhythm

Line Up:
Jack Russell: Vocals
Mark Kendall: Guitars
Audie Desbrow: Drums
Sean McNabb: Bass
Michael Lardie: Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion

Essential For Fans Of:
Great White - Back To The Rhythm
Track Listing
Situation *
All Or Nothin' *
I Dont Mind *
Loveless *
Is It Enough *
Last Chance
Danger Zone
Down On The Level
Only You Can Do
My Sanctuary
Let's Spend the Night Together

--*Best Tracks

17/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 60
For the second time this week, I'm evaluating an artist that sounds nothing like they did in their prime. First it was Lou Gramm, now Jack Russell and Great White. The songs are not bad, but Andrew is correct... there is a definite lack of energy in the performances by all members of the band. There are no "classic Great White" sounding tracks on this cd, and, imo, only I DON'T MIND & ONLY YOU CAN DO are worth an occasional listen. Good songs, poorly performed... this cd falls into that "Average & Below" category.

10/09/09: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 87
After the awesome "Back to the Rhythm" I felt this was a little bit of a let down ,but it is still worthy of tour attention.Loveless is classic Great White .However I didn't enjoy the cover of the Rolling Stones-Let's Spend the Night Together.
Give it a few spins and there is plenty on offer here to satisfy you.

04/05/09: Robert Hood -
Rating: 90
I am not sure what you guys want from the band I thought it was a excellent cd. Listen to "All or Nothing" this is truly one of the best songs they have written and the ballad "My Sanctuary" what a way to end all in all a very good cd.

28/04/09: Miles -
Rating: 75
It's a Jack Russell solo album with Mark Kendall on guitar. Jack seems to be exploring his smoother, deeper voice that he did on his For You album.

27/04/09: Craig -
Rating: 95
A killer record. The reviews on this have been poor. I don't get it. This album is amazing. Andrew has no clue what he is talking about. He did after all give Toto album of the year. Toto? Are you kidding? Having said that, this is a fantastic record. Great White is back and better than ever.

26/04/09: mary walker - Trollrocky2@aol
Rating: 65
Sad. Good days have passed on this band.

25/04/09: Randy - war1ran3@a
Rating: 60
wow after the whole night club thing, i know its been hard but to come out with such a weak effort. i guess i really needed to hear that your heart was in in it.

24/04/09: Kelly -
Rating: 50
a once awesome band has fallen from grace .....

24/04/09: CRS -
Rating: 40
After the even worse release of "Back To The Rhythm" I was hoping for a return to greatness for the band. My all time favorite 80's band. What we get here are songs that seem like they were sleepwalked through. Jack Russell's vocals all seem like he would rather be somewhere else than recording this slab of what sound like leftover songs from an earlier CD. Do yourself a favor skip this and pick up "Shot In The Dark" that way you can see what this truly great band is supposed to sound like.

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