H.E.A.T. Heat StormVox Records
· Produced By: Heat & Michael Vail Blum

· Running Time: 44.40

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Heat
Songs: 95%
Sound: 94%
The European 80s rock revival continues with yet another fabulous release to remind us that the glory days can still be recaptured in a way that can be delivered to today's music listeners without sounding like it was recorded in a shed during the 80s.
This is just wonderful stuff again – making 2008 a real stand out year for the melodic genre, when previous years have all been dominated by melodic metal.
And yes, this is yet another Swedish outfit who sound like they rolled straight out of 1988.
There have been a lot of track old-school releases in the last several months and over the last couple of years with the likes of Wig Wam, The Poodles and Brother Firetribe.
H.E.A.T. sound the most obviously 80s of all the recent releases, but the production and delivery is not dated – just classic.
I really am stunned at the number of great songs around this year after I struggled to pick the best songs of last year. And once again, there isn't a weak track here.
This is classic European influenced 80s melodic rock – an album filled with keyboards, harmony vocals, guitar solos and blazing anthems. Unbelievable!
What I really love here – besides the ultra sharp and crisp production – is the lead vocals. Classic melodic rock tone – mid-range, but capable of delving lower for those moody parts, then soaring high and right over the top for the big choruses.
Backed with harmonies throughout the album, the mix of vocals keys and guitars is simply melodic bliss to these ears.
I swear this could have been released by Atlantic Records in 1990 and sold 2 million CDs.
Highlights are numerous – There For You and Never Let You Go set the scene – soaring choruses and classic 80s melodic rock a la early Europe, with the groove of Winger and Giant. Add some Treat and even Wig Wam and the word essential comes to mind.
The American sounding AOR of Keep On Dreaming keeps momentum up and the big ballad Follow Me is straight out of the Giant songbook.
Straight For The Heart is straight back into uptempo anthem territory.
Cry is another fine ballad and Feel It Again remains me a little of Canadian rockers Haywire. Bring The Stars has another massive chorus layered in harmonies.
The Bottom Line
This album reminds me so much of the whole melodic rock scene in the era 1985-1992. I'm not rushing these reviews so I know we really have a winner in those albums that attract high scores. So yet again, I'm pleased to proclaim this as a definite winner. Another classic old-school release with some ultimately classic songs within.
Essential for fans of the genre that started this whole website rolling.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· H.E.A.T

Line Up:
· Kenny Leckremo: Vocals
· Dave Dalone, Eric Rivers: Guitars
· Crash: Drums
· Jimmy Jay: Bass
· Jona Tee: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Europe
· Giant
· Classic European Melodic Rock
Track Listing
· Intro
· There For You
· Never Let Go
· Late Night Lady
· Keep On Dreaming
· Follow Me
· Straight From Your Heart
· Cry
· Feel It Again
· Straight Up
· Bring The Stars
· You're Lying
· Feel The Heat

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22/10/08: Nando -
Rating: 90
All I have to say after listening to H.E.A.T is, boy I felt the heat indeed and still sweating....
This is a jewel! supreme! awesome....Mr Kenny Leckremo is simply out of this world!!!

21/10/08: Kostas -
Rating: 99
Unbelievable album! One of the best for this year.

13/10/08: Panagiotis -
Rating: 100
One of the best albums for this year!

22/08/08: ODDY -
Rating: 98

10/07/08: elaine -
Rating: 98
Best Album Of The Year So Far! ITS A MASTERPIECE! Good Old Fashion 80's Melodic Hard Rock-AOR With Todays Sound! SOUNDS SO FRESH! This CD Is A Must Own. Every Song Is Outstanding. I Wish There Was More Music Like This Being Made Today. This CD Is My Favorite Of 2008 So Far, Along With The New JOURNEY Disc!!!!

05/07/08: nathan -
Rating: 99
Well this has got to be contender for cd of the year. Amazing.. Back tot he old days.. great guitars, great vocals, harmonies. I cant stop playing this.... Is true great rock back... Well this makes it feel like it. Check out the Marchello/Vestry another contender...

04/07/08: Mike Singe -
Rating: 99
Whoa what an unbelievably great album!! I like this one even better than Work of Art, and that album has been in my player for months.
I ordered my copy from Sweden actually, and t was delivered within days. Only downside is the bandname which makes it really hard to search for at the several virtual CD stores.
How come Frontiers or the likes haven't picked up on this GEM yet?!

02/07/08: metallic blue5150 -
Rating: 99
Listening more than once i have to to say that H.E.A.T. is a Real Contender to the Album of the Year. My first impression of this band was a European version of 'Giant'... Really Great Melodic HardRock/AOR that sounds so Fresh with a Superb production & reminds me of the bands Giant/Europe/Journey/Survivor.... My Highlights are "There For You","Keep On Dreaming","Straight For Your Heart","Cry"(Very Catchy song!)"Feel It Again" and my Personal Favourite "Bring The Stars",what a great song. Definitely in my Top Five of 2008. A Real Must have!!

02/07/08: Mats -
Rating: 98
Like it used to be. Great melodic hardrock from the late 80΄s kind of. Buy it you won΄t regret it.

01/07/08: Roman -
Rating: 80
H.E.A.T. is an another melodic band out of Sweden. (Where were all this bands exept Europe in that time, hm?)
Ok, it is very solid and melodic hard rocking album with some AOR influence in it.
Sound is very good also the production.
Singer has very similar voice to Goran Edman (even better I would say)
Best songs are There for you, keep on dreaming and great AOR tuned song I Cry (this would have became a big song back in 80΄)
Only bad thing is, that last 2 songs are weaker and shouldnt been on the album.
But it is a really great album and you and every hair/glam freak having his soul in 80΄ will love this album.

13/06/08: RockMan -
Rating: 92
Just a fantastic CD from begining to end. I can't say anything more than the fellows below already have. Excellent effort.

12/06/08: YNGWIEVIKING -
Rating: 91
GOOD 80's AOR/HAIR/POMP with MODERN sound 91/100 Woahhhow , that's a winner !!! I think KENNY LECKREMO (the singer) is a rising STAR ! GUITAR player is perfect in this kind of music with short but singing smoking solos ! the comparisons with RED DAWN/GIANT/GLORY/EUROPE are fair , but it sound more US than SCANDI to my ears !very good anyway !!!My n°1 SCANDINAVIAN 2008 CD so far !!!

12/06/08: Dave -
Rating: 90
Really good album, one of the best so far this year. Delivers with a punch, not too mellow or fluffy. I like melodic rock to border on hard rock and this is what this album provides. Melodic hard rock, great production, guitars, excellent vocals and melodies. Anyone into 80ies style hard rock, arena and Hair Metal should give this a chance, should please all.

12/06/08: Mark -
Rating: 90
These guys do sound like they stepped right out of the late 80's, and that's a good thing IMO. Love the vocals, great catchy tunes overall, and they sound like they're having a good time.
Not as over the top as Wig Wam (who I LOVE), but more in line with Brother Firetribe-maybe not as key heavy. I highly recommend this, and am hoping we get more out of these guys in the future.

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