Hope All Of My Days Escape Music
Produced By: Hope

Running Time: 38.37

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: AOR/Meodic Rock

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 90%
Just who is Hope and what have they done with Bryan Adams and Keith Scott?
To answer the first question, Hope are a new Swedish outfit with a long list of studio credits to their individual names, but collectively this is their debut release.
The second question - well it seems singer Henrik Thomsen has hijacked Bryan's voice box and his sense of songwriting and delivers a true Reckless/Waking Up The Neighbors style performance here.
Add in a little Stage Dolls to give the band their European influence and you should get the picture. And at the same time guitarist Mats Johanson seems to have a penchant for the style and sound of the great Bryan Adams guitarist Keith Scott.
These guys will obviously be right up there in the best newcomer of 2008 stakes and I can see the band attracting an instant fanbase with this release.
It is very well produced, very well executed and while a little too laid back in places, is still a very attractive traditional sounding melodic rock record.
I'm not sure that heading into a slow ballad straight after the rousing opener I Want You is a good move, but things are quickly put back on track with the Reckless rock n roll of All Of My Days a song that is so Bryan Adams that you might think both Adams and Scott are guesting.
The lush ballad Bring Down The Stars is quite something and the orchestral arrangement adds texture.
The more urgent uptempo rockers You Could Be Mine and See The Sign are familiar, yet fresh and potential hits given another time and decade.
The soulful and more laid back Come Alive is one of the best slower tracks, while the catchy and stomping Baby Don't Cry has a tempo and beat I would have liked to have heard more of.
The Bottom Line
Classic Adams fans need to check this out as do fans of Stage Dolls and traditional sounding Scandinavian melodic rock. A fine debut and a wonderful slice of easy going European melodic rock. Pink and fluffy still rules.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
All Of My Days

Line Up:
Henrik Thomsen: Vocals, Bass
Mats Johanson: Guitars
Imre Daun: Drums

Essential For Fans Of:
Bryan Adams
Stage Dolls
Track Listing
I Want You *
Why Don't We Talk About It
All Of My Days *
Bring Down The Stars *
You Could Be Mine *
See The Sign
Come Alive *
I'm Free
Baby Don't Cry *
Saving All My Love

--*Best Tracks

20/04/09: willie vriends -
Rating: 9
Great from start to finish!!
Why there is only one review is a question to me.
This is just what we aor/melodic rock fans are looking for.
Great Great!

01/01/09: William B-man -
Rating: 94
This album reminded me of Bryan Adams/ Joe Elliot of Def Leppard. I told a family member that Hope was a christian rock record that featured both vocalists Bryan and Joe. They sadly believed me, fact is this is a new band that just happens to resemble the Bryan Adams "GOOD ERA". This means his 80's/early 90's albums. The album has various guitar leads that might make you think at minimum they stole Keith Scott who was Bryan Adams guitar genius on the albums that you could rock too. I feel that the record is pretty consistant in catchy, simple tunes that are fun to sing along too. I agree with Andrew on the 2nd track of the record because the poison/warrant ballad just doesn't fit in the 2nd spot, maybe 6-9th track but no way 2nd. I will briefly review the songs, and my only real difference to Andrew's review lies with the song "See The Sign". I thought this particular song was very U2/WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME type feel. Maybe Andrew was dissapointed once the singing began, due to the heavy introduction and the slowed change of guitar pace. Still the song has some Keith Scott as well, and a cool chorus/fast guitar solo and relaxed end.

Here are the other songs briefly reviewed.

1. I WANT YOU- I liked the chorus, it's a decent song. Definately better than any of the new Bryan Adam songs, but this track should have been placed 6-10th on the album. I think "See the sign" should have been the #1 track.

2. WHY DON'T WE TALK ABOUT IT- very 80's hair band type ballad, sort of doesn't fit on the album, but will remind you of a good Poison or Warrant ballad. This song should have been put on after a slower pop rock song later on the album.

3. ALL OF MY DAYS- this song is Bryan Adams classic 80's song

4. BRING DOWN THE STARS- I loved this song from start to finish. This song is one of the best slower songs I have heard in a while. Very catchy, good song to listen to on that hot date that happens occasionaly for the married and single folks.

5. YOU COULD BE MINE- I didn't really like the intro to this song, sounds (bubble gum), but after it kicks in to the Bryan Adams era the song proves to be one of the best tracks on the record. The chorus is sort of Keith Scott featuring Joe Elliot, and twice I swear the actual Bryan Adams did show up to do some backing vocals, though he didn't. I am glad I listened to the whole song.

6. SEE THE SIGN- My favorite track, since I like to get pumped up! I feel this one should have led the album followed by "Baby Don't Cry which I will add thoughts on shortly. This track is a great song, that I don't really see being a single but a good introduction to a solid album.

7. COME ALIVE- I agree 100 percent to Andrews review. Nothing to add, it is a good tune.

8. I'M FREE- Nice title, but this song is a possible fit for Bryan Adams recent record. Sorry Hope!, still love ya

10. BABY DONT CRY- This song could have been what "HEAVEN IS" for the Def Leppard (Adrenalize) album. This song has a great pace, and though I felt the guy was doing what I can do throw my voice to sound similar to an artist, I feel he is attempting to sound just like Joe Elliot, but as you listen to the song you would doubt that it actually is, instead you just like the song and feel glad that atleast some guys are still singing songs our audience wants to hear. This song has a very slight country feel in the chorus, but don't let that turn you off, this is Hope's "Heaven Is".

9. SOMEBODY- Andrew and I have mentioned Bryan Adams, and Keith Scott a lot, so this title may get you pumped up but don't let it. This track may make the country stations, for a country club dance track. I didn't really like this song, but some may. I will give Bryan Adams top rank for a song titled "Somebody"

11. SAVING ALL MY LOVE- Andrew didnt pick this as a best song, but I did. My reasons are I really liked White Lions- "Little Fighter" And this song has a bit of that guitar feel here. This tune also sound more Joe Elliot than Bryan Adams, and guitars are a mix of a Def Leppard/White Lion/Bryan Adams. I get the feeling that this band looked at these bands like Rush looked at Led Zeppelin, or the beatles. You know what I mean!!!!!

I hope melodicrock fans check this album out. Don't expect hard driven guitars or rush type time changes/creativity, but I believe on a many certain days this album will be a good anti-depressant, and reminded you of the days that mattered most, yep the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

To Andrew, the fans, Rush my #1 band still and all the musicians that put some passion into what they do, Peace, and


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