House Of Lords
The Power & The Myth
Frontiers Records
FRCD 179
· Produced By: House Of Lords

· Running Time: 43.40

· Release Date: March 8

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Modern Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 60%
Sound: 90%
Like no other band I can think of, House Of Lords have endured more obstacles while putting this album together. There were problems securing the rights to the name again, Gregg Giuffria pulled out at the last minute and the recording time has been spread over nearly 3 years – or 8 if you include the very first demos recorded for a re-union.
With such a long wait, expectations were high, which is why the result will find opinions mixed and extremely varied. There's a lot to like about the new House Of Lords album – their 4th overall and first since 1992's Demons Down. However, those positive attributes aren't necessarily the same ones the majority of fans are going to be looking for.
The name House Of Lords conjures immediate thoughts of power melodic hard rock with soaring choruses, bombastic and pompous arrangements and glorious lead and harmony vocals, all bathed in a rich layer of keyboards.
The Power & The Myth has little of any of this and therefore could disappoint those looking forward to a sequel to any of the band's previous albums.
And James Christian's vocals fail to add any spark to songs that really rely on him to lift them.
When you take a look at it, House Of Lords have never recorded the same album twice. House Of Lords, Sahara and Demons Down are all quite different from each other, yet the band always ensured the albums featured the common thread of the elements already mentioned above and most importantly – they always featured extremely memorable songs.
The massive debut album is one of the all time great melodic rock masterpieces, filled with anthem after anthem. Sahara was tougher and heavier and more guitar dominated. Demons Down was the quintessential big budget, big production American melodic hard rock record.
It should be no surprise that The Power & The Myth is quite different again. Not only that, but its some 12 years later. One should expect a new and updated approach, but it's also fair to say that one could reasonably expect some of the band's most loved traits be included.
The Power & The Myth is one of 2004's most highly anticipated albums. The fan base knows what they want, but the band clearly has their own desires.
House Of Lords are one of my all time favourite bands because no matter the style, the hooks and anthems have always been there. But this time around things are definitely a little different. More work than ever is required to get into this album.
This is a modern melodic rock record, with a distinct retro vibe and strong hints of Zeppelinesque flair. The instrumentation from Chuck Wright, Lanny Cordola and Ken Mary is more intricate, technical and features a slight progressive flair. Not your typical 80's rock arrangements, that's for sure - which is a positive thing. There is no greater joy than listening to musicians who know their craft, really stretching their chops and clearly enjoying it, as Chuck, Lanny and Ken are doing here.
But the down side is that a few elements from the past are missing. Gone are the big anthems. Gone are the multi-layered hands in the air choruses and gone are the layers of harmony vocals.
I admire the band's desire to move on from everything that the past held, but I don't think the fans will be so open minded.
Most alarmingly, the vibe of the whole album is quite flat. Despite the challenging and complex arrangements, the songs remain quite laid back. And the main reason for this is the vocal performance from James Christian.
James is heralded as one of the greatest melodic rock singers ever, but his performance here is one of the worst I have heard from him. I am not sure why this is so, but there is a distinct lack of passion on this album. The lead vocals are very business like - more like a hired hand than a passionate member of the band. It just doesn't come close to comparing with his efforts of the past.
I can't help but think Christian recording his vocals in Florida and the absence of Gregg Giuffria has left the album without that "magic" ingredient that their past albums contained. The keyboards that are a part of the album are just not prominent enough.
The songs from The Power & The Myth are gathered from the 1995 re-union, right through to freshly written tracks from the last couple of years.
Although taken from various sessions, the songs are pieced together very well and the album manages to flow quite smoothly from start to finish.
Track By Track:
Today opens the account for House Of Lords 2004. The track has a softly building into, which features a raspy and laid back vocal, surrounded by some cool instrumentation and a slightly progressive touch. The chorus bursts through the dark mood of the track, but is over before you know it. It's quite subdued, but gets better with repeat listening and is one of the better tracks on the album. The track's retro vibe continues during the end instrumental passage, which features a synth-string arrangement.
The track leads directly into All Is Gone, which is a little tougher and again features some intelligent musical arranging. But the chorus is too flat and doesn't bring a suitable break from the rest of the song. Am I The Only One has an interesting intro, with a Middle Eastern feel to it. The track itself keeps on course from its laid back intro. It's a slow to mid-tempo rock ballad with a lush arrangement, but no major hooks.
Living In Silence features a solid drum rhythm to open the song, followed by some fancy guitar work from Lanny Cordola. The whole rhythm of the track makes for interesting listening, but the chorus isn't memorable at all. James does sound like he has come to life a little, with some added vocal trciks, but fades again quickly. This track reminds me a little of an updated Sahara sound. It's certainly more aggressive than the first few tracks.
There must be something a little amiss when one of the most powerful tracks of an album such as this, is an instrumental track. But The Power And The Myth is just such a track, with a sense of urgency lacking elsewhere. It's a musically brilliant little passage that wouldn't be out of place on a Rush album and leads perfectly into the next track.
The Rapture is another Middle Eastern flavoured track – one which has it's origins in 1995. This is another track that would fit the Sahara album and sees James Christian in much stronger voice. Still, the style of the track is somewhat different from the band and despite some great arrangements and a perfect production, might not translate to classic House Of Lords fans. But I like it a lot – I like the transition from the instrumental to the track and I love the complex musical base.
Man Who I Am is probably the album's most accessible track. This is a sweet mid-tempo pop/rock ballad that features a good melody and a memorable chorus, as well as a fairly lush arrangement with Ken Mary sounding particularly good. The strings and add orchestration and depth seldom seen in melodic rock, making this track an album highlight.
Bitter Sweet Euphoria is a track fairly well removed from anything the guys have done before. The guitar work from Cordola is fabulous, as is the thumping bass from Chuck Wright. It continues to prove that the album's second half is stronger than the first, but could have used a bigger chorus and a more powerful vocal. Mind Trip is another song featuring strong instrumentation and some excellent production effects, but due to it psychedelic rock feel might again see some traditional HOL fans again feel a little alienated. But the second half of the song sees some of the band's most intricate jamming to date. Lanny, Chuck and Ken take on a truly progressive sound and let fly. It's pretty clear the guys are enjoying this chance to flex their musical muscle.
The track moves directly into the album's closing track - Child of Rage. This serious song about child abuse is another album highlight.
I'm told this is a JC vocal from several years ago, when the track was originally demoed. And I have to say that his voice doesn't sound any better on the album than right here. This is the JC of old and a burst of true the passion that the rest of the album could use more of. The track itself is a mid-tempo ballad with an earthy, retro vibe and a memorable chorus.
The Bottom Line
The album has it problems, but it also has a number of very strong points that should be rewarded. The production is first rate – tight, balanced and well mixed.
The performances by Chuck Wright, Lanny Cordola and Ken Mary should also be praised. The guys have all expanded their repertoires over the years and a higher standard of technical proficiency is evident here. In short – their performances rock!
But the songs in general just aren't as strong, nor as catchy as they could and should have been. The album takes a lot of listening to and does continue to get better as you get to know it, but it still doesn't come close the three classics before it.
The flat performance from Christian and the fact that the whole sound and style is so far removed from what the band was much loved for means that the majority of fans are going to come away from this disappointed.
It remains a musically interesting album, but really misses some bigger choruses and more memorable songs.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· House Of Lords
· Sahara
· Demons Down
· The Power & The Myth

Line Up
· James Christian: Vocals
· Lanny Cordola: Guitar
· Ken Mary: Drums
· Chuck Wright: Bass
· Derek Sherinian, Allan Okuye, Sven Martin, Ricky Phillips: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
· House Of Lords
· James Christian
Track Listing
· Today*
· All Is Gone
· Am I The Only One
· Living In Silence
· The Power & The Myth*
· The Rapture*
· The Man Who I Am*
· Bitter Sweet Symphony
· Mind Trap
· Child Of Rage*
--*Best Tracks

06/04/05: Rick -
Rating: 83
After reading the bad reviews in here I was worried that the new HOL wasn't going to be any good. But after listening I see that 90% of the bad reviews are just people that want a cookie cutter album (something that sounds just like the first album). What I wanted was an album that shows where the band is twelve years later, like they never broke up and I think they've captured that well. Although this album might not be a masterpiece I think despite budget problems and other isssues, its a great album that I will enjoy for years. All I can hope is that this is not the last HOL album. Hopefully these talented guys can get back together for at least one more classic, How about a 74 minute masterpiece done on thier terms! I can only hope. Rock on guys and thanks for the great album!!

19/03/05: Graham Fenn -
Rating: 0
Awful. I was so disappointed I demanded my money back.

20/01/05: WardyS3 -
Rating: 60
I went in to this one very open minded. I read ALL yours and Andrews comments and decided to take the album on face value which I think helped a little, the opening track albeit on the bore side had me quite excited. The remainder of the album was indeed a let down. There's some substance here, the odd cool song, The man who I am is probably James' highlight for old day sounding HOL, and I quite enjoy that tune even after many listens. The title track instrumental is a good slice of prog rock, the Rapture hints at what could have been and track number two, All is gone has a cool groove that keeps me listening (although NOT a pumping anthem to these ears as suggested elsewhere here), and finally Child of Rage is pleasing until the (as mentioned again elsewhere) Knockin of heavens door tune sets in which spoils what could have been an interesting ride. Poor sound (the band were controlled by label deciscions, not their fault then?) and more than half the songs sounding unfinished do not bode well for what was to be the return of one very outstanding band! Shame, hope they get another crack, they deserve it!

25/09/04: Paul -
Rating: 25
After listening to this album there is only one thing I want to tell the band:

See you.....I don't want to be you

Rating: 18

26/05/04: -
Rating: 90
I totally love this cd ! why you ask ?. Because it is different from the albums they did 12 years ago. I'm tired of seeing why have House Of Lords forgotten their sound of the last cds , why cant they just make an album the 80's would be proud of . Well it's because the band have grown since then become better musicians learnt more and are not stuck in a rut , like so many AOR fans today . How can i say this well iv'e always been a massive AOR FANATIC i've written about it in Boulevard Fanzine , and over the years have become weary listening to the can't we go back to the 80s arguments . Listen to the cd for what it is a fine slice of modern hard rock , and stop hankering for an age long past , it may be a shame but it aint coming back .

26/05/04: Chewsmoka -
Rating: 70
Folks this isn't their best, we get the point. But they haven't done a great record since the self titled debut in 1988.
Oh yeah, and occasional song here and there,hell, I can even remember when "Remember My Name" crossed over the charts. Same thing here, Some good songs here and there, most are scattershot and some fall like a ton of bricks. " Today" and " The Man Who I Am" are standouts

22/05/04: Afonso Carlos Sousa -
Rating: 15
hey Folks..what is that??..where is the big sound from HOL???..there's nothing in this CD that i liked.....the songs are big sound man!!!..I think that is better listen the cd solo from James Christian....arghhhh

21/04/04: andy coates -
Rating: 10
I love the debut cd enjoyed demons down and sahara but this sucks big time what a let down all those years waiting for a comeback album and this is what we get if i wanted a dream theater cd i would have bought one but not this second rate effort in a word POOR.

10/04/04: christos stamelos -
Rating: 80
as a fan of HOUSE OF LORDS ,i was expecting something better than this,BUT:
1)let's be honest-the record company killed the album.they signed Gregg Giuffria as a solo artist at the last minute.come on,a classic band without its founder(and mastermind)??Styx without Dennis De Young,Journey without S.Perry,and now this??
2)At least,this is something different-not a retro album.and i respect them for that.
3)it's way better than aaallll theeeseee "new"bands.yes,you know which bands i mean..those with all these silly cover artworks(let's not refer to their names-all "inspired" from Kansas,Styx and Journey's older album titles..
4)yes,the production could have been better
5)to put it in a simple way:everything is a matter of TASTE:i,personally,loved the "CORPORATE AMERICA"album by Boston,but hated "X" dy def leppard..

08/04/04: Roy Walke -
Rating: 85
After reading the reviews before the CD was released, i went into this listening with an open mind and i am sure glad i did.
I love HOL old sound with the tight harmonies and bombastic sound
but this HOL release i actually liked from the first song! It shows their true musicianship and proves they can match any of the bands out there today if not one up them!
I too was dissapointed with the vocals of James Christian and the power he has in his vocals is lacking, but i had to smile a little at Child of Rage as the old James Christian came through at times. Another good thing is they could possibly have hits with this record if American radio picks up on this, this material is equal and if not better than whats on radio today

03/04/04: Henrik Sjogren -
Rating: 10
At least it`s here, we have been waiting for so long for this, the new House Of Lords CD, but whats wrong here, can this be true, sorry it`s true, the ones so mighty House Of Lords, has released an album so bad. that i cant believe it, the production sucks big time, the songs are third division, there is only one way, saying this, it`s total crap.

31/03/04: Stuart -
Rating: 80
Like everyone else I greeted this release with a great deal of anticipation, as it seemed forever in the making, getting to know the album was difficult as comparisons would always be made to the three previous releases that have always been personal favourites.
Add in the absence of Gregg Giuffria and other band members comments about the projects limitations and it becomes a quite challenging prospect. Having now given it some time, i am enjoying it more with each play, the initial tinges of disappointment at not instantly rekindling memories of previous glories have now given way to an appreciation of the achievements of four original band members in producing a varied but cohesive collection of songs.
This really is a grower, and once you get underneath the surface of the less glossy and flatter (whether cost induced or not) production there are songs and performances to be treasured.From rockers to ballads and most points inbetween the musical quality of those involved shines through, you just need to give the idividual songs time to implant themselves into your mind.Making comparisons to previous major label/times gone by glories will leave you missing the value of this release.Just enjoy the variety of songs on offer, and the performances of four great musicians who despite frustrations with outside influences are really playing like they mean it, this is worthy of the House of Lords name.

30/03/04: Bruce Holmes -
Rating: 25
I don't know how any one can give this one a high rating. I think because they waited so long for a new HOL release. This should be on the worst of 2004 list. Songs aren't catchy and James Christian gives it a half hearted performance. Musicaly, it sounds great. Just lacks any good song writing.

28/03/04: Karl -
Rating: 20
What the hell is this? When I listen to this album I thought that a lot of things were missing. The songs are lacking a good melody, the production sounds like it is a cheap demo and everything feels so sloppy. I loved the first two albums but this is really bad. I rank this album up there with Dokken's Shadowlife' as being the worst albums that I've heard from bands that use to kick ass.......

17/03/04: Alistair -
Rating: 100
I love this album. No one can stand still in the music industry and takes HOL to a great new level.

16/03/04: R. S. -
Rating: 85
I was pleasantly surprised after reading the initial review. Yes, it misses the epic sound that Gregg could bring with his keyboard riffs, but the songs are good. James Christian sounds great - much more natural here than on the multi-tracked earlier albums. I like less reverb on the voice. The songs are pretty good. This beats both "Demons Down" and "Sahara" (with exception of the title track), but it's not as strong as the first HOL album.

16/03/04: Edwin Baeyens -
Rating: 95
I couldn't disagree more with Andrew's review here (sorry, Andrew. I rarely do, by the way). I used to LOVE House Of Lords, and albums 1 & 3 were among my favourite albums of all time. And it is true that their music has changed dramatically. But I guess I'm in the category Chuck refers to in his interview: I've grown along with the music.
Yes, I do miss Gregg Guiffria and some of the songs do seem a bit unfinished. But this album is still a MONSTER and my favourite album of the year so far.

11/03/04: Carl1 -
Rating: 92
I think this is a brilliant effort. Not fluffy aor but well constructed adventurous stuff without being overlong.
The musicianship is amazing and I don't agree with RL that the production is muddy at all. Sound great on my system.
The Jap bonus track is superb too.

11/03/04: RL - n/a
Rating: 80
I disgaree on the positive production remarks. I think the album suffers due to the muddy production, and obviously the production suffered due to the budget. Shouldn't take anything away from the top quality of the musicians and their playing. As a fan from the beginning, one could only hope they continue and remedy the poor label/budget situation asap. Too much talent in the band to let a poor sounding production stand in their way of a return to form.

06/03/04: Hanuk Baan -
Rating: 60
I've been dying to get this album for over the last 4 years. My expectations were soaring because I knew James Christian could still sing great(Rude Awakening!) and Chuck Wright and Ken Mary promised to deliever a great album. Now... I finally understand why Frontiers had to reject some songs that the band suggested, maybe Serafino and the label people were not happy with the sound. This time HOL is laid back, sounds very modern and songs are average at best, no memorable hooks or big chorus that were shown on every previous HOL albums. The band members are comparing the opening track "Today" to their classic "I wanna be loved", well, if they really feel those two songs are at the same level it means they lost something or they lack something to make a great rock record. I've never disappointed like this before, because I had to wait over 4 years...

05/03/04: Jerry -
Rating: 15
After reading the interviews with Chuck & James, it appears that even Chuck is embarassed with this release... I had eagerly awaited this album, as I love the 3 original HOL albums, and James' solo CD, and much to my horror, this is what we've got......looks like the record label is paying/threatening a bunch of reviewers to give the album a good review or else. I've got a feeling Andrew has probably received some flack (or will receive some flack) for his honest review, Andrew's known for the integrity of his reviews, and if he'd given this a great review, possibly under duress, and I went out and bought it and heard it, I'd never trust his reviews again......enough from me, save your money, find the JC demos and HOL demos, they are much much better then this...

04/03/04: exnewyorker -
Rating: 5
This one gets a whopping five points on the merit of the band's name. What an utterly boring uninspired pile of crap! I literally had to put toothpicks in my eyes to keep them from closing whilst listening to this turkey. This is House of Lords??? Hell no!!! Is it any wonder Gregg Giffria bailed on this one??? Nope - Frontiers offered him a solo deal to avoid him being associated with this sinking ship. I also think Gregg himself didn't want to be involved with this drivel and personally asked for a "way out" and got a solo deal as a result of this. Love the way Chuckie Wright is blaming the label for bad production, mastering etc. Looks like he doesn't even like his own album, but is afraid to admit it...that is truly SAD. If you want to invest your hard-earned money in this turkey, be my guest. Andrew's review is spot on and I stand behind it 110%.

04/03/04: Rindert -
Rating: 85
Originally I would have bought this CD on the day it came out without hesitation. But after the 68% review on this site and the comments on James' vocal performance, I decided to download and listen to this album first (long live the internet!). That was one week ago and I've been listening to it since...

I must say I like this album very, very much! Personally I've matured since the 80's and broadened my musical taste... and luckily House of Lords did as well. And just like 'back then', they added a lot of creativity to what is generally heard in melodic rock.

With regard to the vocals: they are much more laid back and lower than on previous records but still a lot of emotion and dynamics are present. The songs just don't call for top of the longues screaming, high pitched vocals... The vocals could have been a bit more upfront in the mix though...

The music is superb, I really like the middle eastern influences (no surprise, as I am a big Tea Party fan)! Also I like the fact that while everybody shows their capabilities (resulting in interesting rythms and melodies), nobody is showing off (resulting in good songs).

Only two minusses from my point of view:
1. the album is too short (only 9 songs + an instrumental intro, costs them 10 points).
2. I find Child of Rage a disappointing end to the record. After all creativity, this Knocking on Heaven's Door rip-off sounds very... ehhr... "flat". Also, Knocking on Heaven's Door combined with the lyrics of the chorus (Sweet Child of Mine... Sorry, I mean Rage) and the Don't Cry chord progression to the end remind me too much of Guns N Roses (and as I said before... my musical taste has matured and GNR is one of those things I left behind...). Not that it is a bad song, but for me it's not as good as the others. Costs them 5 points.

So after a week of listening to this "preview", I'm convinced... I still will buy the album on the day it comes out without hesitation!


04/03/04: rob -
Rating: 10
i had very high expectations for the new house of lords album, they were one of my fav bands of the late 80's-early 90's era. their earlier albums are all classics to me. however, i thought this album was going to be great, being 12 years since they made the last one. james christian's voice does not shine on this cd (if he is the lead singer indeed on this cd), the melodies are very lacking HOL quality and very forgettable, the heard and heavy production is not there, no signature keyboard-pomp. it certainly is a big disappointment after all this time, and i would recommend the james christian solo 94 cd as a HOL 4 alternative or follow-up. that one rings closer to the sound of house of lords, althoug it was very melodic in comparison.

04/03/04: Steffe -
Rating: 15
I'm very surprised by the good reviews, cause I was thinking "who will this album appeal to"? The old fans? NO! New fans? NO! But it seems like some find this enjoyable.. Good for HOL.. But I think this album is one of the worst I heard in years.. No Choruses and the verses stinks.. The production feels aged and flat. No.. This realy stinks!

04/03/04: michi -
Rating: 99
i can't understand the rating of 68%.... House Of Lords have updated their sound but the typical elements of a House Of Lords album haven't disappeared! Powerful ballads, clear rockers and one of the best voices! Of course you need time for this record -but i have to say - after the second,third listening it gets straight to your heart! It's a brilliant record that becomes better and better!

04/03/04: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 50
How some can recommend this is beyond me ! I'm also a fan of the band, but you always have to be honest, even if you're a fan and as a fan I have to say this is a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT (like Tesla is)! The songs are very average, even poor and gone are the bombastic keys . In are some modern influences (again !!!!!).
And only ten songs and a good 40 minutes of music after all these years of waiting ! ? C'mon, this says it all. This band has finished and now I understand why Gregg wouldn't be involved.
No, HOL are over and out !

03/03/04: Lowdz -
Rating: 98
I appear to be the only supporter of this cd on the noticeboard, which I find amazing. This is not a typical HOL cd, as even the band admit, and had this come out under a different name I think this would have better reviews and opinions.The track by track on Andrew's review seems quite good, much better than the final score suggests, so this maybe backs that idea up.
With all the excellent cds recently released, this is the one I'm playing all the time. Yes, it takes time to get into, but aren't these the cds we come to love most? It's a banquet where the Final Frontier cd (et al) are a Mcdonalds.
Anyway, in ten years time when everyone is proclaiming this a lost rock classic, I'll be here to tell everyone "I told you so"!

03/03/04: John Ferguson -
Rating: 90
House of Lords self titled debut from 1988 is still regarded as one of the best arena rock releases of the 1980’s so it caused quite a stir when the original line-up signed a production deal with Frontiers records in 2001. Two years in the making, “The Power And The Myth” is one of the year’s most highly anticipated releases. With keyboard maestro Greg Giuffria bowing out of recordings to concentrate on a solo project, the remaining members (James Christian – vocals, Lanny Cordola – guitar, Chuck Wright – bass and Ken Mary – drums) of the band have produced a ten track masterpiece that opens a new chapter in the history of one of the great melodic hard rock acts of the past twenty years. Keyboard duties on the album are split between Dream Theatre’s Derek Sherinian along with Ricky Phillips, Sven Martin and Allan Okuye.
Epic feeling classical guitar backed by dramatic keyboard effects set the tone for the rousing and multi-dimensional “Today.” This track has everything you could want from a House of Lords song – great vocals, superb song structure, layers of different effects, eastern flavours and synthesized string arrangements. “All is Gone” is a pumping hard rock anthem, an updated take on the theme of the band’s single “I Wanna Be Loved” from the debut, top notch arena rock with cracking guitars and pulsating bass line. Sitar effects lead off “Am I The Only One,” a multi-layered and moody ballad, featuring an amazing quality of production for an independent label release. “Living in Silence” is a darker, mid-paced rocker where Ken Mary and Chuck Wright dazzle with a superb drum and bass. “The Power And The Myth” is a three minute instrumental track featuring a progressive themed playing from all the musicians, a kind of Dream Theatre meets 90125 era Yes workout that leads into “The Rapture,” a Arabian flavoured epic that takes the pomp theme of 1990’s “Sahara” and reworks it as a spine tingling three and a half minute cracker. “The Man Who I Am” is an acoustic driven track similar in vibe to HOL’s hit “Can’t Find My Way Home.” “Bitter Sweet Euphoria” is classic House of Lords, being a swaggering slice of melodic hard rock heaven very close to sound of their “Demon’s Down” album. “Mind Trip” is an uptempo hard rocker and the album’s heaviest track which allows Lanny Cordola to shred and Ken Mary to let rip as only he can. The album finishes with the heartrending ballad “Child of Rage,” a track which walks in “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” territory and is both sad and uplifting at the same time. Featuring the delightful backing vocals of Robin Beck, “Child of Rage” leaves a lasting impression on the listener as it fades out.
“The Power And The Myth” takes elements from the band’s past and updates them for 2004. The production and performances on this album are simply stunning and the songs are a mixture of instantly likeable tunes and growers. This is definitely an essential release of 2004 and it’s hard to believe it won’t feature high in the year end polls. Highly Recommended. (Review by John Ferguson)

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