MTM Music
Produced by: Hughes, Turner & Mike Scott

Released: March 18 / Website
Closest Relative: Deep Purple, Rainbow
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Devil's Road
  2. You Can't Stop Rock N Roll
  3. Missed Your Name
  4. Mystery Of The Heart
  5. Sister Midnight
  6. Better Man
  7. Heaven's Missing An Angel
  8. Fade Away
  9. Ride The Storm
  10. Run Run Run
  11. On The Ledge

It only takes 16 seconds for the boys to whip out the Hammond organ, and from that point there is no looking back.
2001 saw both individuals - Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner release solid solo albums. Glenn's was one his best in recent years and Joe's was amongst the heaviest he has recorded.
While the Hughes Turner Project album combines aspects of both those albums, it also eclipses them both with ease.
I think this album is everything any fan of Hughes or Turner, plus the bands they have come from, could hope for.
As individual artists they make great music, but together they have excelled, with both cashing in on their histories with Deep Purple and Rainbow and playing up the musical connection between the two.
This album is filled with several hard rocking numbers in the classic Purple/Rainbow mould, with the best parts of the guy's solo careers throw in.
This is almost a tribute album to everything that has past, yet recorded with original songs and low and behold - not a single Deep Purple cover in sight!
Ultimately this album's strengths are it's songs, and principle songwriter Glenn Hughes has taken into account where both his and Joe's strength's lay and has concentrated on exploiting those aspects.
Hence the pounding Hammond-drenched hard rock of Devil's Road, Ride The Storm and Run Run Run; the almost metal Missed Your Name and the more soulful of Mystery Of The Heart, Sister Midnight and Fade Away.
Adding to that we have two absolute classic tracks in the epic ballad Heaven's Missing Angel, where John Sykes gets to exert his influence over the song and the 7 minute plus Rainbow-esque rocker On The Ledge - who's finish is nothing short of sensational.
The only fault I can see is the middle section of the album, which slows the over all pace and quality of the album - tracks 5, 6 and 8 don't have the urgency that the opening and closing portions of the album have.
You Can't Stop Rock N Roll is lyrically a little predictable, but the vocal performances are great.
In fact, the whole band have really nailed it. The vocals from Glenn and Joe are second to none as far as recent times and the band's musical contribution cannot be under stated. They are tight, they are heavy and Vince DiCola's organ contributions run alongside the tight rhythm section in laying the album's foundation.
And I might add that Glenn Hughes bass playing has never sounded more authorative.
Joe and Glenn trade verses on most tracks and join on the choruses to create some of the best harmonies this side of the 80's.
BOTTOM LINE: Simply an essential album for all fans of Rainbow, Purple, Hughes and Turner.
The songwriting is in most cases flawless and the opening and closing portions of the album are breathtaking if played at maximum volume.
I for one, hope this album is only the beginning of a new chapter to the legacy these performers have added to rock n roll history. If so, album number two will be even better!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Hughes and Turner, Rainbow and Deep Purple fans plus good classic rock fans.

25/03/05: Alen -
Rating: 100
Kicks ass by all means!

Enuff said!

18/03/05: Anand -
Rating: 87
I've had this for a couple years now and have been listening to it fairly regularly. All around good production,songwriting, and musicianship. My only gripe would be that the guitar work could have been a little more solid. I mean let's have some old fashioned kick ass solos man. The HTP live cd really kicks butt in that regard. Any fans of bluesy type hard rock can't go wrong with this release.

25/06/04: guillermo -
Rating: 80
Algo mejor que el segundo e igual de insulso

07/03/03: Roar Kleven -
Rating: 93
In fear of being disapponited I didn't have too many expectations for this release (given the "state" of the latest (especiallly) Hughes and Lynn Turner soloreleases) but this record is Superb! Stylewise is reminds me of Mark III & IV Purple (you know with the Funkier edge than Mark II) blended wih the more commercial touch from Lynn Turner era Rainbow! Extremely good, we're speaking about one of the best releases in 2002!

01/10/02: Robert ZAT -
Rating: 0
Mister Glenn HUGHES at his best! With a little help from his friend (big little help), he give us a splendid album full of purple's reminiscence. Voices on the top, but the two men are "the voices of rock", full guitars an keyboards! Run to your cd shop tu buy this album. You won't be disappointed

14/08/02: Marcus -
Rating: 75
This album has potential. GREAT vocal performances. WHERE THE HELL
ARE THE GUITARS? I understand John Sykes but the rest of the guitars on
this record are pitiful. The song writing is flush with trite catch
phrases that any respectable lyricist would NEVER consider laying down on paper....let alone RECORD. "You cant stop rock & roll"..."Heavens missing an angel"....gimme a break. The over all
sound and depth of these tunes makes it sound as though they wrote this thing in about 2 days. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!! Where the HELL is Ritchie Blackmore when ya need him?? You wanna hear how this album SHOULD SOUND?? DO yourself a huge favor and DONT buy DEEP PURPLE Slaves and Masters. Now THERE is a record TRULY DESERVING of a 100 RATING!!

09/08/02: Rene -
Rating: 95
Just bought the CD. Great songs, perfect vocals. I was surprised to hear such great keyboardplaying by Vince Dicola (Missed your name & On the ledge). Some guitarsolos sound just like Blackmore (Mystery of the heart). I hope I can get my hands on the live-album soon. The MTM-albums are hard to find here in the Netherlands.

08/05/02: Brian -
Rating: 100
WOW! Some of the greatest classic-style rock I've heard in years! You can hear the parallels between this album and the respective singers' previous bands easily, and this makes this project a very comfortable, enjoyable listen. Buy this now!

23/04/02: Jon Fletcher -
Rating: 100
Yes, I gave it a 200% rating! 100 for Glenn and 100 for Joe! These guys are my favorite singers! Glenn is an amazing songwriter and bassist to boot! Joe is just incredible! According to they are already planning another HTP! Yee-ha! I have the Japanese import and it has a bonus track, Against the Wall, good blues rock tune! One of the other reviews said these guys should get Jorn Lande as a 3rd vocalist. Unfortunately I've not heard him yet. But, they could get David Coverdale and call it the HTC Project! Just think, 3 former Deep Purple singers on one disc!!!!!!!! Not sure I could handle such greatness all at once! Thank you to Andrew from for his great review!

18/04/02: Richard Hall -
Rating: 95
Great,classic ,melodic hard rock the way it's supposed to be done by two veteran singers who are the masters of this genre.It's always a plus for John Sykes to make a guest appearance on your c.d. suddenly your music is taken alot more seriously.Joe Lynn Turner has a hit on his hands with "Mystery Of The Heart" very much in the vein of Rainbow classics "Stone Cold" and " Street of Dreams " ,"On The Ledge " is worth the price of this c.d. alone and "Devils Road" is pure classic rock at its best.Joe and Glen work well together,I hope to hear more of their joint efforts in the future.all they need to do know is to add John Sykes,Neil Murray,Tony Franklin,Aynsley Dunbar,Carmine Appice,Don Airey and Jorn Lande(as a third vocalist)to do an all out classic affair.What an idea guys....hint,hint.

09/04/02: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 90
What can I say !? Two of the best voices in hardrock and they've made one hell of a pure hardrock record. Very classy and powerful ! Normally I'm a pure AOR/Pomp fan, but a record as good as this one, I can't ignore !
Hardrock for the old and new generation and absolutely essential !

08/04/02: pepe - ALATRISTE28@HOTMAIL.COM
Rating: 99
el mejor disco de hard rock clasico de los ultimos aņos,anunque no aporta nada nuevo al la escena musicales un disco lleno de energia.con un joe lynn turner que intenta estar a la altura de glen hughes,pero aun asi salva vastante bien los temas.mis canciones preferidas run run run,un tema bestial con un sonido a lo deep purple con el hammond a toda ostia y un duo de voces balada mysteri of te heart,una balada bastante suave que parece hecha para joe,better man con un sonido bastante funky y rockero y la voz de glen tope soul,devils road otro guiņo a deep purple muy bien realizado,un dueto aplastante en las voces,una base ritmica que ya quisieran muchos grupos de ahora tener.y no os comento mas canciones para que os compreis este cd.haber si se pasan de gira por barcelona,joder.un saludo a todos los internautas de habla hispana,que no se prodigan mucho por esta pagina.bueno y a los anglosajones tambien,pa que no se quejen.

03/04/02: Roko -
Rating: 90
Best Glenn Hughes record since Feel.Good hard rock.And the next... what about a Hughes/Sykes proyect?

19/03/02: chris spencer -
Rating: 95
THE best classic rock album for a long long time. Both singers excel and if the first 2 tracks dont put you in a good mood then there must be something wrong with you !! A must buy !

19/03/02: eric vinger -
Rating: 91
"great album,great writing duo. like said before,best when JLTurner stays within his range.Glenn has obviously one of the best voices in the world,even with paul small problem,turner and hughes' voices are similar,thus the "Coverdale-hughes sound was better,but this is as close as it comes.great album.

18/03/02: Steve -
Rating: 99
Can it get better than this? The lord is shining upon us to have talent together like these guys to listen to. Sounds over the top but who is better than this? anybody thereafter is an inspired copy of these guys. GH has been doing HR longer than anybody and I might add BETTER at a consistent level. Let all come and reap the reward of a match that is second to none!

For the record I am being objective as I am the number "1" fan of Rush.

16/03/02: Otis -
Rating: 90
Awesome!!!, the best Rainbow/DP style album (with Heaven & Earth's Windows to the world) in recent years. Buy it NOW!!!. Such singers together can`t do something bad. Hughes & JLT= Mom & Dad, I canīt decide one of them, Can't you too???

08/03/02: Kevin -
Rating: 95
Overall a great album putting together two great singers. "Devils Road" and "You Can't Stop Rock & Roll" open the album strong. Glenn Hughes shines on "Sister Midnight" going into to his roots of Funk and Soul. Turner's ballad "Mystery Of The Heart" is his shining moment on the album. I'm glad I picked this album up. My favorite album of 2002.

07/03/02: Noddy -
Rating: 99
If you only buy one CD this year, make sure it is this one! Yes, it is that good. Closer, "On the ledge" is one of the best pieces of hard, melodic, classic rock I have heard in years - simply stunning. Opener, "Devil's Road" is part "Death Alley Driver", part "Highway Star" and part melodic rock heaven. "Sister Midnight" is everything you like about Glenn's recent solo output, only much, much better. The only slight drawback about the album is that great songs sung by great singers need to be complemented by a great guitar player, and I'm afraid J.J. Marsh does not quite hit the mark. If only John Sykes, who shreds on Heaven's Missing an Angel, could have played on the whole album...???? Well, I've always been a dreamer! (Cue for a song, there!)

06/03/02: Lars -
Rating: 99
2 Great Singers on 1 Great Album

I always loved Glenn and I'm a fan of JLT since the Malmsteen years. These two singers are rocking straight like best Deep purple-Times.

The vocals on "Heaven's missing an angel" by John Sykes are another highlight on that album.

I love this record. The best thing Glenn released in the last years.

06/03/02: Scott -
Rating: 85
The songs are great. It's just that Joe Lynn Turner is a better singer when he stays within his vocal range. Other than that this cd is a must have for any Hughes or Turner fan and fans of Deep Purple style music.

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