Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD 092
Produced by: Kelly Hansen & Jay Schellen

Released: Sept. 27 / Label Website
Closest Relative: Unruly Child
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Intro
  2. River Gold
  3. New God
  4. Heart Made Of Stone
  5. It's Your Life
  6. Happy To Be Your Fool
  7. Bleed For Me
  8. Shelter
  9. In My Dreams
  10. Torn
  11. Shine

Hurricane have been absent from our release schedules for several years and return with an altered line up now in 2001.
Featuring regular members vocalist Kelly Hansen (also plays some guitar and keyboards) and drummer Jay Schellen, the line up is also joined by guitarists Sean Manning and Carlos Villalobos, bass player Larry Antonio.
The record initially I think, began as a Kelly Hansen solo record, but evolved into a comeback for the old band name.
On Liquifury there are also changes to the band's old sound. Obviously the line up has changed, but this is a tough hard rocking album.
The tone is much darker and the songs substantially heavier than we have previously heard Kelly sing. The sound of the album is certainly more contemporary that I had expected. This is a big step forward for the guys involved. The guitar work is fast and furious and the riffs come thick and fast.
Above everything, the quality of the songs, the production and the performance are what make this record stand out as a great body of work.
I can't see too many old Hurricane fans, or any current melodic hard rock fans being disappointed by what's on offer here. This is a tough, hard rocking, but essentially melodic album.
The sound and style, in fact, picks up where the last Unruly Child album left off. That album, if you will recall, featuring Hansen on vocals, joining his band mate Schellen, who was the band's original drummer.
After a brief intro - the album heads straight into business with the furious opening track River Gold, which is quickly followed by the slightly more melodic, but equally tough New God.
There's not let up with Heart Made Of Stone, a big melodic rock anthem that was heard previously on the Union 4 sampler. This track is a great urgent sounding rock anthem that should go down as an album favourite and sees Hansen in top vocal form.
Happy To Be Your Fool is the first hint of any softening in the album, with a track that is slightly more laid back, but is still dark and moody and rocks up a little in the chorus.
Bleed For Me is another very good, very heavy hard rocker, with Shelter continuing that, adding a great vocal hook in the chorus.
In My Dreams is the only proper ballad of the album, even then it's not that soft. But it is an acoustic driven, slower ballad style track.
Torn and Shine are both returns to the hard rocking base this album is.
BOTTOM LINE: A very energetic and hard hitting release, with a tougher sound and darker feel than anything these guys have been involved in previously. The record touches on familiar styles, but carves it's own destiny by moving in this new direction that I think will please most fans.
Above all else, most of the tracks are strong and memorable and contain enough hooks and melodic moments to rate highly with those who expect a certain style with any album with the band name Hurricane on the cover.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Kelly Hansen and old Hurricane fans, fans of the last Unruly Child album.
DISCOGRAPHY:Take What You Want . Over The Edge . Slave To The Thrill

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