Victor Entertainment VICP-60948
Produced by: Chris Impellitteri

Released: Out Now / Website
Closest Relative: Yngwie Malmsteen
GENRE: Melodic Metal

  1. Beware Of The Devil
  2. Turn Of The Century
  3. Speed Demon
  4. Wake Me Up
  5. Spanish Fly
  6. Slay The Dragon
  7. Wasted Earth
  8. Forever Yours
  9. Texas Nuclear Boogie
  10. Fear No Evil
And for the first 30 seconds of Crunch I thought I was in real trouble. A sonic blast through my speakers had me thinking I was about to lose all hearing permanently!
But fear not - the great Rob Rock to the rescue.
Rob sings his ass off on Crunch. Not to say Chris Impellitteri doesn't play his ass off - he does - but it's Rob's vocals that bring a lot of the melody to the music. Chris adds the power and Rob the melody.
Add to that some impressive production by Chris with Michael Wagener and the album mixes the best of speed metal with a more melodic hard rock base.
On the surface this is maybe one of Impellitteri's fastest and more furious releases. The shredding on here supreme. Underneath however, there is plenty of melody.
The songs are all worthy and somewhat different - which is sometimes hard to achieve when the whole album is roughly the same pace. But the added harmony vocals and extra hooks add a much needed dimension that albums like Yngwie's last record was missing.
That's where I might add my only complaint. I don't see that a whole album has to be flat out for every minute. But regardless of the speed, there is variety and Crunch is second to none for musicianship. The rhythm section is wonderful. This really is a great outfit of musicians.
Forever Yours is the only track short of metal - it's a great acoustic ballad.
BOTTOM LINE: An album that will be loved by fans of the genre, pity there aren't more like it. The band's best album since Answer To The Master, but it still doesn't top that one.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Impellitteri & Rob Rock fan, melodic heavy metal fans, guitar shred fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Stand In Line . Impellitteri . Victim Of the System . Answer To The Master . Screaming Symphony . Eye Of The Hurricane

26/11/03: Hyena -
Rating: 62
Yes, Chris Impellitteri is a good guitarist. Yes, Rob Rock sings well.

No, this is not a milestone in rock/metal.

Despite the good elements there certainly are on this album, it somewhat lacks the keys of excellence. Crunch does not have the same hook, the same unforgettability or the "magic", always found on true classics.

An average effort, a few extra points for the guitars.

30/07/03: Rodrigo (Brazil) -
Rating: 96
Crunch is much heavier and faster than the others albuns, Rob rock sings darker and furious than ever, Great album, great drums work by Glen Sobel, i like very much all albuns released by Rob Vocals, especially on this albuns the first 3 tracks are amazing and the great ballad Forever Yours. Crunch is Fenomenal and the last with master Rob rock. Without Rob on vocals Impellitteri instrumental work is great yet, but Rob Rock is Much better than Graham Bonnet.

08/04/00: Charlie Yap -
Rating: 100
Rob Rock is awesome! Impellitteri "Crunch" release shows the creativity of the band. The voice of Rob Rock is super great!
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18/03/00: Phil V -
Rating: 100
WOW!!!New drummer Glen Sobel steals the show from Chris.His double bass work rivals Dave Lombardo's but don't be fooled, this is no Slayer album."Crunch" has some of the BEST songs Impellitteri have ever written,which puts this album in a league of its own."Wasted Earth" should be a HUGE hit.It sounds modern and heavy as hell!!There's even some turntable scrathcning going on in this tune.Rob Rock delivers an unbelievable performance.His voice just gets better and better every album.Chris can shred with the best of them but what sets him apart and way ahead of the pack is his songwriting.He always knows when to say when in a song.No 5 minute solos to lose the listeners attention."Crunch" is a must have. So go get it!