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26/01/05: T. Bucci - ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jack Blades ... a drummer? On what planet? Lol. Hey, Jack! Question: Will Night Ranger release any DVD's in the near future? How about reissuing the "7 Wishes" concert in that format (which kicked all kinds of major ass ... thank you)? Good luck on the new Shaw/Blades album. Take care.

20/11/04: Matthew McCune -
Hi Jack
I think you are the best _____ drummer to walk this earth.Ive known about you 4 ____ raisers sence 1995. Tell Ted he is the god of playing gutairs. I have taped yoer 1990 Colarodo Dont Tred On Me tour. I agree with Ted you guys are _____ kicker rock n rolers. You were aiso good in the intro to the song Upprising.I hope you still have youer hair. I dfdecated the song my girl friend.Will you guys ever go back on tour again and put out some real slammers again. I got that quote from tommy shaw. My dad and I used to listen to youer lps all the time.
Well thanks for your time Jacki.

24/09/04: Dr. J. -
I hear the Japan tour was fabulous! Congratulations.
I enjoyed "Sea of Emotions."
Welcome home!
John Cushman

15/09/04: Jim -
Glad to see the faithful still support a real rocker. Keep it up. Thanks for putting on so many killer shows. If you ever get back to Knoxville, we need a bassist.

28/08/04: Michelle - IADAROLAS@COMCAST.NET
Hi Jack! Please keep on rockin! Neverland and Seven were the best recordings yet! You have got to get them played on the radio and the whole world would know Night Ranger again!! Also, your solo CD is great too! Love it! You are a very talented singer, songwriter, musician, performer! Keep singing and I will keep listening!

Sometimes you've got to believe in something bigger than yourself. OH I BELIEVE!!!

08/08/04: pat -
thanks for the autograph picture of you ted tommy and michael back in 93 outside the club casino in hampton nh! we folloewd the bus untill you stopped at a store before the highway!
love the solo stuff dude! need nh dates to follow!;-)

29/10/03: Rich benfield -
You were too much fun at the R&R Fantasy Camp June 2003.
You're one crazy dude. You made spending all those bucks
a worth while investment.

26/09/03: Michelle -
Met your son Colin today... what a great kid!! Love the song "White Holiday".

17/04/03: Debbie Testerman - @RemoteLocation
Hi Jack. This is just a short "note" to let you know that I love everything you are, and ever have been, involved with. All of the songs, music, videos, etc. are just the best, and keep a smile on my face 24/7/365! I think it is neat that your son, Colin, is doing music, too, and am looking forward to hearing his album. I am really looking forward to hearing your solo album, as well as, the next DY album, or whatever you do next! Thank-you for all you do! Best wishes, Debbie in VA.

12/03/03: June Rose -
Whoohoo!!! You did it Jack!!! Solo deal signed!!!
I am so stoked!!! You and Colin both this year!!!
God bless, you both deserve the best!!!
Oh, and I hope that you wear that shirt. You know the one of the NLBros.

20/12/02: d. scott -
hey jack, love all youre previous work, even with ringo. to bad anew damn yankees looks almost impossible, loved the first one the best. youre a great song writer and bassist.keep puttin' out the jams. ever need a drummer e-mail foolin'

27/10/02: June Rose -
Hi Jack,
I wanted to tell you that I find that anything that you pour your heart and soul into will be the way to go musically. You are truly an inspiration to us all. I have to say that you are definitely the nicest and sweetest man in the business. After having met you this past August, I felt compelled to make a web site for you. It's called "Hallucination" and it's at I hope that you like it because my heart and soul went into doing it for you. Thank you for the wonderful years of the greatest music to ever grace the airwaves.
Don't ever stop!!
Come back to New England again soon!!

18/05/02: Michael -
Hey Jack! I notice that Night Ranger is not coming to the Seattle area this summer. You can make an excuse to perform here so you can check out the Experience Music Project museum located at the foot of the Space Needle!! Have a nice day!!

14/03/02: Kelley -
I think you need to keep the Night Ranger/ Damn Yankees sound you have going , but add in some Sammy Hager for kick and a little Neil Schon and Tommy Shaw for some of those slow rock ballads you do so well. I like the ones that start off slow and then rock a little, like High Enough and Call my Name. You are awesome, so I know you will come up with something fabulous. Make sure you sing . Your voice is sexy!!! How about Lou Gramm, he is an excellent songwriter and singer too. Hope to hear some new songs soon. take your time and do what is right to you, dont go with someones idea just to get the job done and get something out. Love ya, Kell


27/11/01: zack/linda - oz
get together with rik emmett

15/11/01: mika -
Hi Jack. I am Japanese. Sorry,I don't know English.
Just now,consult a dictionary and write a letter.
your songs is wonderful!!
I'm a big fun of yours.from the time I was in elementary school.
I love your songs forever.
I hope to see you some day.

10/10/01: John Eoff -
YOU ROCK!!! Night Ranger and Damn Yankees were two of the bands that really got me hooked on music when I started playing bass. I love your playing and your singing. You and Kelly Keagy make an awesome vocal duo, one of the all-time greatest duos. I would love to hear a solo album from you, not to mention more Night Ranger and another Damn Yankees CD. I would love to hear Kelly Keagy play drums and sing for Damn Yankees. You could even replace Tommy Shaw if you want. Gotta have Ted though. Get Night Ranger through Arkansas sometime soon. We need a REAL concert here.

10/10/01: Tiffany -
Jack you rule! I've seen you once with Damn Yankees(my first I'm hooked) and twice with Night Ranger. I saw Night Ranger for the first time in Bottineau, ND where I became a fan :) Then I saw you in Billings, MT with REO speedwagon and STYX...I got in the front row for that and you guys were awesome! I hope you guys come this way agin soon. And with all the crap going on in the world today at least we "can still rock in America"! Take care.

29/09/01: RP -
I know looking back to the past is sometimes hard to do and/or painful but this old rockin Geezer would like to know if any 'RUBICON' album would ever surface on 'CD'? It would make any Jack Blades Collection totally COMPLETE.???????

23/09/01: duncan -
jack, as all of us here and everywhere else in melodicrock land say ," you are the man! a solo record would be cool. almost your entire band has done one or more, so why not?! But I've most wanted to see nightranger do a new album and get out there and ACTUALY PLAY SOME NEW TUNES!! Also a song or 2 from 'neverland' and 'seven'. You guys never play them live anymore and believe me even though they didn't sell great, both of those albums are I think night rangers' best work to date!! also play something from all 7 of teh n.r. albums !! luv you and your band NIGHT RANGER FOREVER!! DAMN YANKEES IS GREAT 2! GET THAT NEW ONE DONE AND OUT!! ROCK 'N' ROLL 4EVR!!

30/08/01: Sky -
Just went and saw Night Ranger and Pat Benatar and it was one of the best shows I saw except for the spotlight men did not know what the hell they where doing during the night ranger set but the band sounded better then ever and Jack was talking up a storm. Did one Damn Yankees song Coming of age. Still wish that Damn Yankees would get back though.

27/07/01: Ronald Dekker -
Hey Jack,
How about an album with Neal Schon, Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw. On drums you can ask Steve Smith to join.
This would be rock and roll heaven.
and ofcourse followed by a european tour...

take care .., Ronald

23/06/01: Stacey Z. -
Hi, Jack! Whatever you are up to will be great for me. I absolutely LOVE Damn Yankees and would love to hear something from you, with the rest of this fabulous 4, again.
But I'll be happy with a SOLO!!! It's been a long time coming, so you may want to go that route. ShawBlades was Excellent!!! Any collaboration where you do most of the singing, I dig!
Just be Happy with what you are doing. We love any of it! Also, I loved your version of the OZZY SONG on the tribute! It ROCKED!!
You sounded Fantabulous as always!!! :) Keep Rockin'!!
Love Ya! Staz

21/06/01: Dave Clarke -
Saw you play with The Nuge at the Bone Bash in Santa Clara (Tesla and Great White also played). I would love to see more of you and ted, Tommy and Michael rip it up in Damn Yankees. Eventhough I enjoyed seeing you and Ted play Coming of Age (with Brad Gillis) the Yankees need to come out of retirement.

09/06/01: Ray -
Hi Jack. I grew up listening to Night Ranger "Midnight Madness" which I played over and over. "Seven Wishes" was just as excellent and was glad when the original lineup regrouped. I didn't like "Neverland" as much as "Seven", but I have yet to hear a disappointing Night Ranger project. Damn Yankees, loved the first one, the second one wasn't as good. Would love to hear a Keagy/Blades project, maybe with Tommy Shaw also on vocals.
Don't ever breakup Night Ranger again. Keep on rocking!!

08/06/01: Barry -
The bitter disapointment at the SCUM-BAGS at the record label is too great to express with out a day long explitive filled rant! In this day of over produced boy band crap, what we need is a full on worbling,guttoral ROCK AND ROLL, DAMN YANKEES Style! Start the new label and the first act should be Damn Yankees! I Have seen each member of the band in their pre-DY form, Years ago here in Colo Spgs when Night Ranger covered the DY's The crowd went NUTS! Last year when James Young introd Tommy Shaw during the STYX show, as "The only man on this stage with the balls to share the stage with Ted Nugent in the Damn Yankees"...The roof came off the arena! My Hallucinaion is auto-graphed and in the collection, as is 7 Deadly Zens, and the Yankees' first two discs, the NR is still on vinal, except for Neverland, those are my credentials. Jack, please start a label and put out a new DY album. Then go get Ted, Tommy & Mike and Kick the Shit out of the record punks till they tear up the contract and release the tapes! Then Just for fun, and since your all so busy ,tour together! The DAMN NIGHT STYX, tour de force! The combination of Jeff, Brad, Ted, and James Young on stage would realign the cosmos. You and Chuck on bass, Todd, Michael and Kelly on drums! And Fitz hanling the Keys! Can you say TOOO MUCH! Oh God I love Rock And ROll!
Enough of my rant. But those are my thoughts!
Rock on, Barry

31/05/01: michelle -
Hi Jack! I've always wanted to see Damn Yankees live. It's a shame it might not happen for me! I love all that you do. Of the choices listed, I'd say all of the above!

16/05/01: bob -
Hey Jack! Do as many projects as you want just make sure there is a new Night Ranger cd in the mix.There's not a band you can't make sound good either song writing or producing. The dvd idea sounds really good might wanna think about it. See memorial day in lexington,KY can't wait. Bobby

12/05/01: Sam Andrade -
Hi Jack, Sam from Australia, dont know if you still reading this i have been a fan for ages and still are even though i love all those Progessive and power metal bands like Shadow Gallery,Enchant and others.I love to hear a new Night Ranger cd something like Man In Motion with those cool vocals and loud guitars but any record would be great, it was sad i missed not seeing the band in 1996 when i was in the U.S but was happy to buy a RIAA platinum sales award that was presented to Jim Stacy Wazy for the long playing record Midnight Madness and was glad to see Gerri Miller do an interview in Metal Edge about Neverland in 1997 when i sent a old metal edge article from 1985 and asked her to do an interview and have you on the magazine.I love it if someday in the future Night Ranger release all there video clips on video or DVD like a history of the band and The 7 Wishes live video tour gets a DVD release, all your fans would get it for sure.Best Wishes and reach for the sky

08/05/01: Mari -
Hey Jack!! If you are still reading the forum, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the show here Sat. night (Music Midtown) and I really don't care what choice of music you put out next as long as you are happy with it! It was GREAT to see you again, even if they did cut your time. Please come back soon, and I will be impatiently waiting for next musical creation!!!! love ya always Mari

05/05/01: Sean Volpetti -
Jack, You and Neal doing an album together would be the best thing since sliced bread! Bring to us! Great songs on the arrival album! Now, when can I send you a demo of our band for your new label?

04/05/01: REY -
hi jack wass up bro... im a big fan of all your bands and i have all your cd's.. i just want to thank you for bring us one of the mostimportant hard rock music and songs ( like Sister Christian & When you close your eyes, Rock in america and many more ) just want to say hi from mexico! And Keep it Rocking Jack!

04/05/01: Nekkod -
Jack, you should record the kind of music I've always felt you had in you; the type of compositions that could move a new generation of music listeners to realize who the REAL Jack Blades is. I think you know the type of music I'm talking about, man.....

GANGSTA RAP DISCO FUNKADELIC (Don't tell me you love me, ho...uh uh...Big Jackie style...yeah)

But seriously, whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it will be a golden. Good Luck with everything (including Spun Out Records; sign ME!!!)

04/05/01: Alan Hood -
It's been too long since Seven. We need a new Night Ranger disc!

04/05/01: Rich G. - rgagnon17
New Night Ranger and a rockin' Solo Cd with some great guest guitarists like Neal Schon, Warren De Martini, George Lynch, & Vivian Campbell would be a real treat! Maybe get Steve Smith to do drums on a few songs too! Keep on rockin'Jack!

01/05/01: Summer -
I suspect you may have forgotten how popular you still are and probably will remain for this life time.Whatever you do is long over due,we are dieing to hear something from you.I personally would love to hear you do a solo.I would buy I dozen copies just to say I did.Before I get to goofy,if you need anything from the BIG hardware store on the hill,(Fountain Grove area)let me know,I'll see what I can do:).
P.S. My little brothers played ball with you son James.Remember Pop? Thats my dad.
I'd love to hear from you and am confident you will make the right choice to please us fans.
always SUM ;)

01/05/01: LaRae -

Whatever you decide to do, I will be thrilled!! I voted for a Neal Schon collaboration and a solo album. Ideally, as many said I would love all three but I know there aren't that many hours in a day. Just keep playing your kind of music and I will follow you anywhere!!

See you at the Moondance Jam in Minnesota!


30/04/01: eric anderson -
Dawn Patrol was the first album I bought and I can't believe that was almost 20 years ago. You're one of the main reasons that straight ahead rock n roll has remained true all these years. I think we need a Jack Blades solo record as well as a new Night Ranger record. Keep on showing the world what you and the boys can do. And if you ever wonder, never fear cause the fans are beside you year after year. Don't forget about the Damn Yankees either. Soory to ask you to stay so busy but that the price you pay for talent.

29/04/01: Gregg -
jack, my friend... first, thanks for the music. as far as your next project, you'll have a built in audience no matter what you do. personally, i think you should do a new NR cd. but go for some major exposure. try and hook up with VH1 and their Behind the Music series. release the cd at the same time the episode airs, like journey just did. then, you need to hook your fans up with a gift: you should consider recording a concert on DVD. again, maybe a VH1 storytellers gig. then you could bring neal schon up to assist with a tune that you guys did together. maybe bring up tommy and do something from hallucination. for a fan, that would be awesome. anyway... keep it up. i'm hoping to see you guys this summer, but i'm not sure you're coming around this round (tampa, FL). if you're still looking to fill in dates, tell your manager to check out ruth eckerd hall. acoustically perfect. you'd be in great company. my wife and i saw styx, meatloaf, heart, journey, don henley, sammy hagar, etc.. at this intimate 2300 seat venue. you would rock the house. keep it up bud.... gw

28/04/01: Tony Engel -
Hey Jack, me again. I was thinking of someone I feel I like to see you work with. I think you 2 would make great music together and he could be a GREAT REPLACEMENT for Tommy Shaw if you can't get together with him and the Damn Yankees. How about former TRIUMPH guitarist Rik Emmett. I think you 2 together could make great music together too.

28/04/01: Al Campney -
Jack continues to be one of my favorite musicians - anything he puts out will be great. Shaw/Blades was one of my all time favorite CD's. DY/NR - they're all exceptional, just keep makin' music.

28/04/01: PTIJErm -

I would really love to see another Shaw-Blades album. Hallucination has likely been the best album released in the last decade (a contemporary classic!!). The acoustic rock sound on that album, in addition to the expertly-crafted songs, was simply amazing. Although I love the elecric rock guitar sound of 'Night Ranger', 'Seven', '7 Deadly Zens', etc., it would be nice to hear Jack and Tommy once again do an 'acoustic' album. I think both Jack and Tommy are THE two best rock songwriters of the last two decades. Their songwriting output (not only together, but also solo/other collaborations) has been immense and high quality. It's time for these two brilliant songwriters to create some magic once again, to put out the 'Shaw-Blades 2' album that the fans have long been waiting for...

28/04/01: Andy -
I love the idea of a Jack Blades solo album, its actually something I have wanted for a long, long time. Bring in lots of cool guests, Neil Schon, Vince Neil, Warren DeMartini, even Ozzy or Alice for a cameo. A solo album could also give you a shot a trying to get a singular Damn Yankees song together, which would be a lot easier than an entire album. I think this idea is far superior than simply teaming up with Schon for an entire album. Put together a superstar guest list, with a cohesive sound. The style should be whatever you think is cool at the time you put it together. We all love the Night Ranger/Damn Yankees stuff, but the Shaw/Blades material was fantastic as well. I'd really love to hear you and Vince Neil together again, this time trading vocals on alternating verses. I also love the idea of rerecording the songs you've written for other people with your take on them. Just put something out with your name, your songwriting, and your vocals on it, we're dying to here it.

28/04/01: Sheila -
For a new project why not think big! How about doing an album with Paul McCartney!!!

28/04/01: Chris - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Jack !
Great to see you're back in business. Andrew asked us to tell you what to do. I've got the solution : a solo record + 2/3 Night Ranger albums and a CD with Neal Schon ; maybe it's too much for a man, but I know, you're to do it...

See U


27/04/01: Elizabeth -
Well, of course, I would love to see all three options happen,
but Jack has only so many hours in a day. Even with his incredible
energy, no way he could do all of that in a decent time frame.  So,
I resigned myself to pick one, and I'm going with Andrew's suggestion album with Neal Schon.  For a couple of reasons:  

One, whenever Neal has colaborated with other fave vocalists of mine
(like Sammy Hagar and John Waite), the results have always been
great, and I'd love to see him record with Jack.  Also, Night Ranger's
last album (Seven) was a huge disappointment to me, so while Night
Ranger is my most favorite group, I certainly don't want them producing
anything more in the "Seven" vein. (Blech!)  Third, the songs Jack
co-wrote on the Arrival album are some of the album's BEST.  "Higher
Place" is a masterpiece and (IMHO) it ranks up there with ANY classic
from Journey's catalog.  So, Jack and Neal obviously "make beautiful
music together" <g>, and I'd LOVE to hear what other "slammin rock
songs" they have come up with!

27/04/01: Tim Ford -
Anything that Jack does is great. Just 1 thing though: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BRING NIGHT RANGER OVER TO THE U.K. TO KICK SOME ASS.

Hello! JACK!! I'm a big fan of your music for many many years.
I like NIGHT RANGER,DAMN YANKEES,and Many songs you wrote.
My best band is NR,but nowadays I want to listen DY's New Stuff.

27/04/01: Bob -
I've been a huge Night Ranger fan since 1984, when I first saw them at Caldwell College in New Jersey and been hooked ever since. I would love to see a new Night Ranger record but the solo project sounds sweet too. As far as a record with Neil Schon, holy crap that would be excellent.

26/04/01: Alti - stefan_altorfer@yahoo._com
I'm a big fan of Night Ranger and i love the hallucination-record by shaw/blades. it doesn't matter "what" jack blades will do, the main thing is, that it rocks and KICKS ASS !!

26/04/01: Tony - ~~~~~~~
I'm not gonna be greedy, I'd take anything right now. I'll always be partial to Night Ranger though. I think you are a awesome songwriter and have always purchased anything you've been involved in because I know at the very least the songwriting will be awesome but Night Ranger has just sssooo much to offer. Killer vocals, incredible guitar playing, & great songs. I loved "Neverland" but was always curious what would result of you guys locking yourself in a garage and just kicking out the jams regardless of commercial appeal or airplay, just being kids again you know? I bet it would smoke!!!

26/04/01: Mike Wolfer -
hey jack,
i am your #1 fan and frankly, no matter what you do or who you do it with.....i know that either way it would be awesome!!! i have all of your music and being an aspiring songwriter, you are one of my all time biggest influences!! a new night ranger, damn yankees(please find a way to release it!!), shaw/blades or neal schon collaboration would be awesome!! your songwriting ability and musical talent has been and always will be a HUGE influence on my life both as a musician and a person...furthermore, i would die to have the opportunity to simply just meet you and shake hands for all you've done for me!! maybe a picture too!!! that would be cool!! take care and keep rockin!!,
your ultimate fan,

26/04/01: Tom McDonald -
Hi Jack

Really bummed that Damn Yankees seems to be off track - wish going back in the studio with Tommy and Ted was an option for you - must fun concerts I have ever been at have been Damn Yankee shows.

If not DY, a new Night Ranger album (released here instead of Japan first please) would be great. I thought y really rocked!!!


26/04/01: Sam -

26/04/01: Kent -
Whatever you do please shy away from doing an acoustic album. Acoustic has been done to death since the Tesla Acoustical album. Please don't treat your fans the way Van Halen have since Gary left. There silence was a cute novelty for a few months or so now I just find it insulting. How about doing a Blades/Jeff Carlisi/Jack Russell album?

25/04/01: James -
I would give my right arm for another album from Night Ranger. While I have all the various solo albums and side projects from all members of the band, and like them all and would not trade them away for anything, none of them hit me *quite* as strongly as albums from Night Ranger itself. I know group albums are just that, group efforts, wherein each member has to give up a bit of his own personal vision to work collaboratively, but Night Ranger as a group affects me even more than any solo or side projects. Keep going in the way "Seven" turned out, and you will have something really good on your hands. As I said, I would pick up any solo album by Jack Blades or any other Night Ranger alum, but I would *most* want to see another album from the whole group together!

25/04/01: sean -
A BLADES WRITTEN/PRODUCED JOHN WAITE ROCKIN ALBUM, TALK ABOUT HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25/04/01: Dan Clavadetscher -
Jack: I have been a big fan of your music for many years and look forward to seeing you on tour this summer in the Los Angeles area. Like many others, I am greedy and would gladly support a solo album, Night Ranger album and a collaboration with Neal Schon. Despite the fact that corporate mainstream radio plays the same garbarge constantly, there are still a lot of us out there who support real music. Please keep me updated on the progess and what you decide to do. All the best, Dan

25/04/01: Jeff Holbrook -

Anything that you do will be pure magic. I am hoping for a solo CD or a Shaw/Blades 2. Anything you do will be worth buying. I love what you did with Great White, Kelle Bryan, Samantha 7. Just keep provoding us with your talent no matter who with. Writing singing playing and producing. You are a "Jack" of all trades. Thanks for the years of great music.


25/04/01: Jacobo -
Mataría por tener entre mis manos un nuevo Cd de Shaw Blades, o uno de Night Ranger...pero moríria por escuchar un nuevo disco de Damn Yankees. Jack, eres el mejor.

25/04/01: Surfpunk -
I just wanna say that the closest I've ever come to seeing NIGHTRANGER was when Kelly played at the GODS in England last year. It WAS great to hear 'Don't Tell Me You Love Me' live replacement for the REAL THING.
PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE would you try and get NIGHTRANGER over to the UK sometime? There's a lot of us that would love to see that show.

Videos just aren't enough!!!


25/04/01: David -
Do a Night Ranger album in the vein of the first few ones. The last two NR albums were good but the songs that have the beatleique sound to them has to go. make it a stra9ight ahead rocking album with big guitars from watson and Gillis, along with splitting the singing 50/50 with Keagy

25/04/01: Shane Fjerstad -
Mr. Blades,
As many others have said, I will buy whatever your next project is. However, I am VERY disappointed to hear the status of the new Damn Yankees album. I was also very surprised that there is a Damn Yankees album sitting on Warner Brother's shelf as well. Please consider remixing these tracks so we can hear new Damn Yankees music. We have been waiting a long time! If that is impossible, please do the next best thing-another Shaw Blades album along with a tour. When you and Mr. Shaw get together, magic happens. I'm looking forward to seeing Night Ranger again this summer at the Moondance Jam in Walker, Minnesota. Rock on!

25/04/01: Ellen -
Okay, just read more closely want Andrew wrote about a Jack Blades solo album, and I love the idea of a Jack Blades album that's not so much a solo album, but a bunch of different colaborations. Kinda like Jim Peterik's world stage album. :-)

25/04/01: Stefan Van Oostveen -
I want my Damn Yankees back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25/04/01: Chris Martin -
Anything would be great, but another Shaw/Blades CD would be the best!

25/04/01: Joseph Niswonger -

I saw Night Ranger on a live tv music show called Rock'N' Roll Tonight, it was the summer before Dawn Patrol was
released in the fall. The energy and effort put into that show to get exposure for the band was incredible and it
is still at the same level today. I thought that video tape would be worn out by now, but it has not. I watch the tape
any time I can. Obiviously, I would love to see a new Night Ranger disc. However, I also know that doing other things
can also ehance the effort when coming back together, sort of like, hey look what I learned, or check out this chorus idea.
I would not rule out any of the other projects, yes again I would love to hear new Night Ranger material, but then I
would say the collarborative projects and then the solo projects to get more ideas. Thanks for many gifts you have
given to the world and the lives you have touched. Looking forward to June 16th Night Ranger concert in Wisconsin.

25/04/01: Michael Handy -
Dear Jack,
Great to have this opportunity to tell you what a fantastic songwriter/player/singer/producer/etc. you are, and give my opinion on your next project. I find that I'm usually disappointed in solo albums from my favorite artists, because they lack the give and take exchange of having someone to bounce off of. My suggestion would be to work with Tommy Shaw in some form or another. Perhaps a "Ranger/Styx" supergroup consisting of yourself, Shaw, Glen Burtnick on gtr., Kelly Keagy on dr. and Lawrence Gowan on keys. Thanks again for the chance to express my views.
God bless you,

24/04/01: Danny -
Hi Jack! I'm been a Night Ranger fan since "Dawn Patrol" Blew me away in '82! I have all the Night Ranger Cd's and listen to them very often...Especially "Man In Motion"...That is awesome Man! My vote is for you to have a solo cd...Please Invite Warren DeMartini to join in on a song or 2 plus dont forget Blotz!!he is the man! Do a solo....I'll camp out for it!

24/04/01: -Kat -
Jack, I know anything you put out will be awesome.
Since it seems Damn Yankees won't be going anywhere for a while, I'd really like to see a New Night Ranger CD!
And please follow that up with a tour! Night Ranger puts on *the best* concert.
No other band can reach the energy level that you guys put out in the live show!
Please play a show in San Diego this summer!!


24/04/01: Deron -
Wow! I have to say it would be a tough decision to pick what I would like to see most. I've bought about everything that has come out that Jack has been apart of, and will continue to do so.

Realisticly, it seems like it would be hard to get DYs together in the near future. The same goes for doing something with Neal since they are heading out on tour (Very intriging, this could rock!). Don't know of Night Ranger's schedule beyond the limited tour dates. Anything from NR would be good. However, I miss some of the energy that is seen, felt and heard live come from the studio albums. A Blades solo album with guests would be very cool. Seems like some of Jack's best music is when there is colaboration. In a nutshell I guess I'm saying Yes to all. Whatever schedules will allow, we will take. We need more good music to come out.

Just Keep Rockin!!!

24/04/01: Henry -
Forget Night Ranger. Forget Damn Yankees. Forget the collaboration with Journey's guitarist. Why settle for one of these choices when a solo album would let you do ALL of these things! Doing a solo album lets you team up with all these people but still gives you ultimate control.

24/04/01: Brad -
First of all I'd like to say that I was anticipating the 3rd Damn Yankees release and am bummed out that it didn't happen. But if it didn't work out, that's okay; hopefully there'll be another chance before the Nuge hangs up his guitar. Anyways, Jack, you are the man and I could not narrow down the three options Andrew listed, so I chose all three! I will go as far as to list the order I'd like to see them released. First, another Night Ranger would be fantastic! I just recently purchased the first four Night Ranger albums on CD to replace the old cassettes I had. I love everything that band has done right through the last one Seven--definitely would love to here something more there. Next do that solo album. I love the one that Tommy Shaw did where he called in all his pals (including you, of course) to help. Then do that Neal Schon project. There are few guitarists who match the brilliance of Neal, and combining on an effort with him would be nothing short of spectacular, I'm sure. That current Journey album is fantastic! Thanks for all the years of amazing music, and for sure KEEP ON ROCKING!!!!

24/04/01: Wohlf - ----------------
Jack, you have been writing and performing great rock-n-roll for the better part of 20 years, and I enjoy all of it, and no matter what you decide to do in the future...your fans will enjoy it, but I personally would prefer to hear and see the Damn Yankees in 2002. Alot of us have been waiting since '93, I only hope that Ted, Tommy, Michael and Yourself can set some time aside from your busy schedules and put together some more great rock for this new millenium. ROCK CITY!!!

24/04/01: Ted -
Please do a cd with Neil Schon and make it a straight ahead Rock CD. No fluff. We need stuff like the first Night Ranger album or like the stuff Schon did with HSAS and Schon/Hammer. A kick ass rock CD would be greatly appreciated.

24/04/01: Karen Graham -
Hi there:

My suggestion is that whatever you choose to do, involve Tommy Shaw and you will have "ABSOLUTE MAGIC"!! (Catchy song/Album title Huh).

Take care and have a great day!

Karen G.

24/04/01: Jan Weir -
You are an outstanding songwriter, with the gift of being able to work with anyone and turn out something awesome and unique with each one!! How many people can work with Ted, Ozzy, Tommy, Aerosmith, AND the Nightranger gang and make each collaboration work? Well, I count one - YOU!! I am in awe of your talent, and looking forward to seeing you this summer.

I'd love to see you do a solo album, just for that reason. But truthfully, I'm really missing the Damn Yankees, so whenever that is a possibility for each of you to get together and work on a new DY CD, that is my first and only choice. Until then, Keep rockin'us in America - and the world over!!

Love ya -

24/04/01: Denis -
Hi Jack,
Why dilute your talent? I think you should concentrate on Night Ranger in the vein of the first two albums and maybe a solo album(for the different stuff). Those albums ROCKED!!!(that's what's missing these days) Put it this way, I can't imagine any other album you've done being as successful as a debut as those two because they were the essence of Night Ranger, they had THE attitude and were focused and direct(NO BULL). They put you and Night Ranger on the map(so many bands forget about this, their debut/early work are usually the best-they lose their hunger, eg: Bon Jovi-can you imagine if any of their last two albums was their first?). In the last couple of Night Ranger releases, I could hear moments of the old great songwriting. They were quite good, but compared to the first two.... Believe me, I am not the only one with this opinion. But then again, we should be grateful you ever did write the first two and a half albums and you are still around now, writing music that still surpasses mostly anything else out there, so I thank you. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to express what I think.

Take Care,


24/04/01: Brandy -
As fantastic as a solo album sounds, and as much as I'd love to hear another NR album (loved the new levels reached by "Neverland" and "Seven") or a second Shaw/Blades (which I loved so much) or even that ever elusive 3rd DY album, nothing else excites me as much as the idea of a Blades/Schon album. Someone earlier mentioned Hardline - an absolutely *classic* example of what AOR should be in a perfect world. We already know you two have songwriting chemistry, as is evident in the the great stuff you turned out for "Arrival". Neal is a master at what he does, as are you... let's see what can come of a combined effort.

Hoping NR comes to the New York area this summer,

24/04/01: Greg B -
Jack, ideally I would LOVE to see a new Nightranger album. But if you can get away with doing all three projects and find the time to do so, I'm sure I would enjoy all three. Would even like to see you work with Jack Russell and the Great White guys again. Can anyone tell me if Great White will be playing in Colorado this summer?
At any rate, I'll see Neil Schon and the Journey band here in Denver on July 24th and in Colorado Springs on the 25th. Will see the Styx/Bad Company/Billy Squier gig on May 25th. Offspring on May 11th. Ozzfest on June 21st. Poison on July 19 (Cleveland, Ohio). The only thing I'm missing is a Nightranger tour date.

23/04/01: Jim Visnaw -
First off, put out the Damn Yankees album. I know it's not perfect, but, we need some DY music. I saw Damn Yankees on 7 different occasions. I would really like to hear the new music. Maybe putting out some soundbytes isn't a bad idea.

A new supergroup:

Jack Blades (vocals, guitar)
Kevin Chafant (707, The Vu, The Storm, Two Fires) or Hugo (Open Skyz, Valentine) on vocals
Frankie Sullivan (Survivor) on Guitar
Barry Goudreau (Boston, Orion the Hunter, RTZ) on Guitar
Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey, The Storm) on Keyboards
Michael Cartellone (Damn Yankees) on Drums

A second Shaw/Blades would be awesome!!! (Maybe with a little kick this time)
Night Ranger - doesn't do it for me.
Maybe an album of songs written by Shaw/Blades covered by other artists and rerecorded by Shaw/Blades. Hmmm...

23/04/01: chad -
Being hooked on NR since Dawn Patrol, I of course, would love to hear another Night Ranger album. Patiently waiting....

23/04/01: Bobby Wood -
If there can be no Yankees cd and tour, then go for new Night Ranger. Saw you in Memphis in July, warming up for REO. Night Ranger kicked collective ass, blew away both Survivor and REO. Jacky boy is DA-Man, I was impressed with the effort everyone put out. A solo CD might be cool, but since NR is currently touring a new cd there would be nice. Plz come back to Memphis, and headline!!

23/04/01: M.Rule -
Start a new supergroup with Paul Dean and Mike Reno of Loverboy and add in some of the leftover members of Journey and Foriegner. Let Mike Reno sing. Paul and Jack can write and Record/Produce. It would be an awesome project. Combination Loverboy/Nightranger/Foriegner(everybody loves these bands whether they admit it or not) etc. What are the chances? These bands were huge in the 80's and are all playing smaller venues now. They have a chance to make new fans for these 80's powerhouses happy.

23/04/01: Robin -
New Night Ranger. Definitely. Back to the 80s we need to go. Forget the trendy song-writing. Write for us (the 30+ audience) not the youngsters. Old Night Ranger needs to come back for an attack.

23/04/01: John Parker - TALON -
Hi Jack !!

Just a quick HI ! and sorry to hear about the whole Portrait mess. All comments I would like to say ( great things of course !) are already posted. But, I would like to recommend a couple options. I am with the band TALON on Now and Then / Frontiers which I'm sure you are familiar with ( the Label, that is ! ). Mark Ashton with Now and Then would LOVE to coordinate a project or two and have you on as possibly a Solo CD AND a re-united Nightranger CD ! Currently signed on with the Label are Kelly, Jeff and Brad either as Solo releases or distribution on current releases. So most of the group is lined up already ! Mark might have contacted you about this already, but he has mentioned it a couple times to me that he would love to see a Reunion see the light of day. I would love to see it too - and maybe have you sing backup on our 1st release ( that would be great!). Anyway, just a thought and good luck in your work in the future !
Keep Rockin' !!!
John Parker
P.S. - We still are looking for a Producer, love to have you on !!!
P.P.S. - Andrew, thanks for the forum, talk to you soon !

23/04/01: Pattie -
Jack, your music has played such a big part of my life that I'll love anything you do. The Shaw/Blades CD along with Neverland and Seven are going to wear out! I'm always amazed at your songwriting ability. After seeing NR play in Michigan last month, my vote would definitely be another NR album. The energy of your shows and sharing lead vocals with Kelly is awesome. A solo album would be great too or getting DY back together. Just follow you heart and you'll know what to do. I'm looking forward to the TNN taping and Atlanta next week and hope someday I'll finally get to meet you in person. Pattie

23/04/01: Mike -
Jack: You should do the thing that you're most interested in! I would love to see more Night Ranger only if you promise to perform some of the new stuff at your shows! I've been to a number of NR shows in the past few years and you guys feature little or nothing from "Big Life", "Man in Motion", "Neverland" or "Seven"? Hell...the song "Forever All Over Again" is one of my favorite NR tunes! If we're going to hear more Night Ranger in the future then play us something from all 8 I like the sound of that...8 NR releases!!!! -Mike

23/04/01: Xcarnation -
A new Night Ranger Album ofcourse but listen...
you got a great voice and you are a great song writer but you've changed your vocal style since Big Life and you don't sound like Jack anymore to my opinion...
and you got Alan Fitz back to the band but it's so hard to hear his great playin.. if you want experimental songs or changing direction ofcourse it's welcome.. but please do it in other projects and give us the mighty Night Ranger sound back..such as the first 4 albums.. melodic..but hard but soft etc....
dude I'm a producer and I love your music....
please hear what I mean...
take care and keep on rockin'

23/04/01: Tim -

I think a new Night Ranger CD would be the best way to go. While I would love to hear the other stuff too, especially the solo record, I think most fans are really craving another NR album. Plus, I would imagine that an "all-star" solo record would probably include much of the band anyway. Neverland was a great comeback, Seven was even better, don't let it all end after only two Cds. However, I think Dave Dial had an interesting idea below: a team up with Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain. Wow! If by some miracle that could happen!! Well, whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be great.


23/04/01: Tom Armbruster -
JacK, I think it's time for you to do a solo album (hasn't evreyone else? :-) And beyond that, More Night Ranger! Only have Tommy write the songs with you, and have Ted guest on a couple of tracks! :-)I was stuck in a guardhouse at my job for 12 hours today, and the Night Ranger disks that I brought to work really got me through the day! Keep Rockin' and I will keep listening.

23/04/01: DAN - DAN@SHOCK.COM.AU
Jack.......i've been a fan since "Dawn Patrol" and have loved all that you've done.........but a dream come true would be a solo album of stuff that you wanna we can hear where jack is at these days personally. there's no doubting that you've contributed amazingly to others for a long time now, so please give us a solo album so we can "get closer" to you as fans.
ultimately, that's my selfish point of view.....whatever you do will be magic i'm sure.
all the very best to you,

23/04/01: Steve -
Would love to hear some more acoustic stuff. Move over Shaw/Blades & make way for Schon/Blades ? Take care - Steve (UK)

23/04/01: Michaela -
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be heard! My heart is with Night Ranger. A new release would be fantastic!! I hope that promotion for such a release would not be lost as it was on the last two releases. (?) A Jack Blades solo effort really peaks my interest! In fact, what ever you choose to do, I am certain "your fans" will support you. Remember, what ever you choose to do should make you happy and proud of the effort and you shouldn't have to please the fans or the critics! I wish you the best in this decision. I hope you keep us posted wether it be here at Melodic, the Night Ranger E-mail list or your own Website. (Is that ever going to happen??)

Love & Sunshine,

23/04/01: Mike Allen -
Jack, I am disappointed that the Damn Yankees album won't be released. I think you should put a few sound bytes out there and let the fans decide.
Secondly, you and Tommy Shaw are my favorite song writers.
Thirdly, DO THE NEAL SCHON / Jack Blades album. I GOT A REASON sure sounds like it's got Damn Yankees written all over it.
I have followed you since Dawn Patrol. I think you kick ass Jack. The stuff you did with Great White - was awesome. I love all the newer Night Ranger - especially SEVEN!!

Mike Allen - Kansas City

23/04/01: Karen Cannoy -
Hey Jack,
Happy Birthday!!! I would love to hear a new night ranger cd. Especially with the sounds of the early days which made me the huge crazed fan that i am lol. But personally i have always hoped you would put out a solo album. The Shaw/Blades album was great. But whatever you choose to do will be a great album and your fans will be happy. Thanks for the awesome music and the wonderful memories for the past 19 years. Also thank you for taking the time to sign my mouse pad & picture last month. It meant alot to me. Take Care & keep the music coming!!!!

Karen in Michigan

23/04/01: Rich -
Hi Jack! Been a fan of NR since the first album. I was able to see you guys at the end of last summer in Rockford,Il. What a kick ass show! I would love to be able to jam another Night Ranger cd. You guys are a kick ass band. Neverland & Seven are great disc's. I would like some more!

23/04/01: Brian Devlin -
Let me begin by saying I want your help. I would love it if you'd play "I'll Always be With You" at my wedding this October in Monterey. We got engaged to that tune. You know what they say, you don't know if you don't ask. We would of course have to negotiate.

It's hard for everyone to answer this without bias. However, without a doubt the Shaw/Blades material is the best I have heard from you. It is so fresh sounding, so textured. My girlfriend (not a Night Ranger fan loves it), and everyone I played it for likes it. If you were to tell me 10 years ago your two voices were to compliment each other so well I would have strongly disagreed. Yet they do. It is one of my top ten discs. By the way, those of you who liked the fresh sound of Shaw/Blades should check out Joey Tempests stuff...very very good.

23/04/01: Bradly Stott -
What would really be completely awesome is having you produce my band's next CD, but since I really don't see that happening... Go with your gut... it's a cop out posting,I know, and I actually voted for you to do everything, but figure out what it is that you want to do. If you aren't happy wqith it, and you do what you think others want, and not what you want, It will come oput sub-standard, and I can't think of a time that you've ever done that.
Keep rocking, and let us know what and when it is being released!!!!!!!!

23/04/01: Lawrence Han, DPM -
Hello, Jack. I met you in person at the California College of Podiatric Medicine when I was resident and got you to sign my 7 Wishes CD Cover. At that time, you hadn't even released Neverland or Seven and I had mentioned that I loved listening to Night Ranger. I was amazed when you did release new material. I still have the CD and the last 2 new ones. I would like to see a new Night Ranger album, though I would like you to take your time and put out a good Rockin' album since It sounds like you spread yourself pretty thin. Take Care of your Feet(LOL) and hope to see you in Pittsburgh, PA (Post Gazette Pavilion) sometime. s

23/04/01: Art -
I'd like you to do a solo CD. Have you ever thought about writing with Jim Peterik? How about a duet with Nancy Wilson?

Thanks for the years of great fun music! Art

23/04/01: Mary -
I've been a huge fan since 1983. I would love a new Night Ranger album, and to hear those songs played live. Anything else that you write and record would be fine too. Happy Birthday!

23/04/01: P.J. Benson -
First of all, last summers Night Ranger tour with Ted was great. It brought back some great memories. Thanks Jack.
I think that You and Schon should definetly do something together, both your expertise compliment each other to the inth degree.
But, anything you decide do, will be anticipated by all your fans... Keep Rockin' Blades...


23/04/01: Dave Slats -
make another Shaw/Blades album!!!!!! You two are the best songwriters is the world!!!!! That album is timeless & deserves a follow up!!!!!

23/04/01: Kevin -
Man you got to do a Jack Blades All Star Band with you, Tommy, Ted, Michael, Neal, and Robby on violin!!!

That would rock.

23/04/01: Ken -
Hi Jack! Go with your heart at this point in your career that would be a reward for the hard work of the last what 20 years. I think any of those Cd's would be fantastic and I would enjoy them just like others. If you feel its right for a solo album because there are things you haven't been able to get down on record I would do it. There's nothing better than to put on an artist's new product and here something fresh and for lack of a better word soulful. Same with the other 2 projects but I would never say go backwards "capture that sound" or "Dawn Patrol and Midnight Madness are your best do that" how boring! Right? That's why Shaw/Blades is so great it came across very natural and that to me is the key. Whatever you do I'll be first in line to buy it hopefully in the U.S. Good Luck.

Ken Hudgins

23/04/01: Mari Boyd -
Hey Jack!! I love you!! Happy Birthday!!! I will be seeing you here in Atlanta May 5, can't wait!! Met you last year at the show at the riviera club, the ultimate high of my life!!My admiration for you cannot be put into words, been a rock hard fan since 1983. With all the suggestions and choices you have coming, I think it would be impossible to make a decision that would satisfy everyone, so why not try a multi-artist work of art. Write and record a song with each one of the musicians you have worked with and create a musical smorgasborg that will satisfy everyone's pallets!! Blades/Schon, Blades/Shaw,Blades/Hagar,Blades/Nugent, Blades/NR, and a 3 part harmony with you ,Tommy and Steve Perry ( no substitutions PLEASE ) would be the ultimate singing experience, and a dream come true to be there in person to hear it!!! I think it is time to create an album that expresses the extrordinary musical talents of each artist and the heartwrenching lyrics only you can write with a sound in each song that is unprecedented. As much as I would love a 3rd DY and another NR album, a mixture like this would blow everyone away and give a chance to showcase the unlimited creativity that you were born with and that we all crave. It is just a suggestion, but personally I can't wait for anything you do!! Sometimes we lose sight of who a musician is and what they are made of, and expect too much or critisize without regard and respect that you're doing the best you can, and for the love of music.t hell with everyone else- if they don't like it, it's their loss!!! You're #1 in my heart!! Keep rockin just the way you are!!! See ya May 5th!!!

23/04/01: Tonya -
Hi Jack,

I would LOVE to see a new DY cd. I hope you guys can get back together, write new songs and go in the studio and record. Forget the songs that were there for the previous album. You are all so talented, there are more where those came from:) Also, a new solo or NR cd would be awesome. When it comes down to it, any Jack Blades is better than no Jack Blades, so I'll support any project that you decide to do. I can't wait to see you in Nashville next week for the TNN taping at the Wildhorse.


23/04/01: Sam -
My first choice would be a new Night Ranger album.You guys could simply call it Night Ranger(you haven't done that yet).I would like it to sound more like the early albums.Anything you do will end up in my collection.I've bought some of your albums without hearing anything first and I have not been disappointed yet.How about releasing an album featuring songs you wrote for other people.Sometimes I hear Aerosmith or Journey playing a song you helped write and wonder how it would have sounded if you had recorded it.How about an album full of rarities.Wild and Innocenct Youth needs to be on a Night Ranger album.These are suggestions in addition to solo or band projects and not instead of those.
Thanks for listening to the fans!

22/04/01: andrew patterson -
hi jack

hey mate a new night ranger cd would be cool, considering the bands last 2 studio cd's. however i like the sound of a blades/schon project. considering the material neil and yourself wrote on the new journey cd, i reckon this would be cool too. just get back on the horse mate cause you can write! All the very best from northern ireland, uk.

22/04/01: Rick -
Take your time and write 8 - 10 classic new Night Ranger songs. Don't worry about filling up a CD with 15 songs, just concentrate on 8 - 10 high quality aor/metal masterpiece gems of songwriting. That would make the fans most happy, and I'm guessing, be most gratifying for you.

BTW - I love Big Life, I think it's very underrated and has some great songwriting on there

22/04/01: Geir -
Jack: I'd love to see a new NightRanger album in the vain of the early 80's stuff. *nuff said

22/04/01: Eva -
Last time I've seen ya playin' live in Germany was in 1985,
so what? Kelly Keagy's just been here for promoting his Solorecord (Munich). I told him, to ask you, when you're gonna make a move over here. Are you sure, you still know where Germany
is located?
Think about it!

22/04/01: Shitkicker -
Jack, a big r-n-r salut from Germany. Bring a new mix of the DY tunes on the way. we're waitin PLZ!!!

22/04/01: Jeff Hansen -
hey jack

I have and always will love Night if given the chance a Night Ranger cd would be preferable.....however being a solid fan of your songwritng production, and performing skils anything would be welcomed....subliminaly though i would like to see four guys get back together for a sweet cd and those four individuals are: Jack Blades, Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw, and Michael Cartellone!!!!!! That would make for a classic cd. Anywho what ever the outcome is I just hope to hear from you soon

Your fan always
Jaff a.k.a. Jazz

22/04/01: Chuck -
Blades/Nugent....nuff said

22/04/01: Troy Elder -
I would like to hear a solo record or Night Ranger record, BUT have the sound leaning towards the great 80's sound that Night Ranger were awesome for.

22/04/01: Kevin -
Mr. Blades you are the best songwriter in music. Solo,Night ranger,Shaw/Blades or whatever it will be great!Just get going on it so we can enjoy your music.Think about this Jack. A Jack Blades/Rik Emmett cd.Thanks for the music Jack to the sountrack of my life.

22/04/01: Antonio Rockone -
Jack!!! Hey man quit fuckin around! You know what people want... THE DAMN DAMN YANKEES record. If ya hate it remix the thing! Do something... we have waited to long haven't we. So you're not happy with the production... Who says you have to rerecord? Add more stuff to it... new producer... more guitars...somethin! Please... what do fans want indeed! If ya really cared... you would have made DY a priority before now and you guys wouldn't have waited so long to do it. Now get in there and finish it! So another band can cover it??? GET THE GUYS TOGETHER AND CHANGE YOUR NAME... THEN COVER IT! I realize you didn't ask me... WELL WAIT YA YOU DID!!!

22/04/01: claudia perry -
night ranger,night ranger,new sounds ,new music,it's time
well that's my opinion.

22/04/01: Kenny D. -
Anything new from Jack Blades would be awesome. It's tough to choose between the three choices, but I think a solo CD would be the best. It would be awesome to see an entire album of Jack's material backed by an all star line up of musicians. That would make everyone happy. Do a track w/ Neal, one w/ Night Ranger members, DY members, etc.. Get Ringo, Jack Russell, C.C. Deville, Adrian Vandenberg, John Norum, Don Dokken, Ozzy, Steven Tyler just to name a few. Jack should recruit all the people he's produced & written for (I threw in a few personal favorites as well) to contribute to a solo album. I've always admired Jack. In my opinion, he's the most underrated musician/singer/producer/writer around. He can do it all. Night Ranger & DY have had a tremendous impact on my life. Every NR album inspires me to pick up my guitar or play my keyboard. I'm a huge music/rock fan and can honestly say that Jack is my favorite. He's the rock star I'd most like to meet. GIVE US A SOLO ALBUM! Show the world how talented you really are!

22/04/01: Jerry -
What's up, Jack!? I'll tell ya, I'd love to hear a new Night Ranger album...particularly something in line with the Man In Motion era sound. Great stuff! Also, any solo or Schon collaboration work would definitely be cool, especially stuff that really rocks. I have seen Night Ranger when you guys toured with Nugent and when you played at a festival including Poison and Cinderella. In both cases, you guys blew everybody away. It really made me excited to hear some great new music from you guys! It's great having you hang around!!!

22/04/01: Blade Runner -
Hi your Night Ranger music the best...those dual guitars are unbeatable...there's enough mellow stuff in the vein of your "Shaw/Blades" music already...keep on rockin'!

Bob in San Jose

22/04/01: kevin -
I'll go with option number 5 - Shaw/Blades :-)


22/04/01: Keith -
Hey Jack,
I would just like to take a moment to say how much I have enjoed your music over the years. First saw Night Ranger in 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio. 7 Wishes what a great show. I used to live in San Rafael and always hoped to catch you at Bannas at Large or New Georges but never was that fortunate. I personally would like to see a new Night Ranger album in the vein of one of the greatest rock albums of all time. DAWN PATROL!!! That music just flat rocked. Anyway if you could maybe make it to Cincy this year that sure would be awewsome.

22/04/01: Gregg - GJWINSTON@AOL.COM
hey jack... first let me say thanks. thanks for the music. i think NR should do another gig together, although i certainly wouldn't push away a neal schon project, either. any project that you choose to do would be worthwhile. all i ask is that you remember the fans. we want to see you perform the music. NR was the perfect vehicle for that. it's difficult to sell out to the larger venues, but your band is perfect for the intimate environments. there are countless 2-3000 seat amphitheaters around the country, not to mention countless NR fans. (if you want the name of one here in FL, check ruth eckerd hall). live music rocks. can't wait to see you this summer!

22/04/01: David McKenzie -
Dear Jack, whatever you produce in the future there is no doubt that it will be of the highest quality. Whether it be with Tommy or DY or just solo. Jack Blades is simply excellent no matter what. Jack has the golden touch whatever he brings out. Singing, songwriting, whatever, Jack rules !!!

22/04/01: Loren -
At this point and time I was looking forward to a new Damn Yankees disc but I guess that was not to be. I understand though that if it isn't up to your standards why bother putting it out there. What would I like to see next? Well I guess I would like to see a new Night Ranger album. I should also say I pretty much buy anything you guys put out. Night Ranger always came to a city near us out in the sticks (Wyoming) and I tried to see you every time. Last summer I saw you with REO and Styx in Billings Montana 100 miles from my Wyoming home. Talk about 80's overload but it was the soundtrack of our lives and did it ever sound great even in the pouring rain. I was disappointed that you didn't play anything off of Seven or Neverland. You have a great body of work from song writing to various band and recording projects. As a person who yearns for AOR and old school Rock and Roll I just hope you keep on rockin'. Buck the trend Jack I can't be the only one out there that still likes Melodic rock or this site wouldn't be here. I still want to be able to rock in America not just in Europe or Japan. I was hooked from "Don't tell me you loved me" to the present. Thanks for all of the great music, the memories, be they past, present, or future.

22/04/01: SCOT -
Hey Jack,

Whatever you do, please get back to the early night ranger sound of Dawn Patrol and Midnight Madness, those are classic albums and great rockers. Look forward to hearing new material from you soon. take care!!

22/04/01: Matt -
I think the first Shaw/Blades was incredible. More please!

22/04/01: Jagger -
Hey Jack,
Get with Neal Schon and re-record the song he,and Jan Hammer did in the early 80's titled.."No More Lies" could bring it into a modern day sound..and would also,be radio friendly...

22/04/01: Jennifer -
I would love to hear either a solo album or a new Night Ranger album.I can't wait to get my Night Ranger "fix" seing you guys on tour this summer, your music has meant so much to me and all your fans, I don't think anyone cares what career path you choose as long as you keep writting and playing we will be happy.
Oh, and on a side note, when Night Ranger tours this summer it would be great to hear some stuff off of Neverland or Seven, us "die hards" in the front row would just love it. And as a personal favor you could play something off of Big Life (my favorite)Thanks again for the gift of your music.

22/04/01: Jennifer -
I would love to hear either a solo album or a new Night Ranger album.I can't wait to get my Night Ranger "fix" seing you guys on tour this summer, your music has meant so much to me and all your fans, I don't think anyone cares what career path you choose as long as you keep writting and playing we will be happy.

22/04/01: Sharon -
Hi Jack,

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!! and thank you very much for the years of entertainment and everyone from the Jack Blades Mailing List also says hello!! I started the list a few years ago and have loved every minute of moderating it. Of course, I would like to see a Jack Blades Solo CD simply because I just love your work. Thanks again, Jack and thank you for Rockford, IL last year!!


22/04/01: wayne -
Hi jack, id love to see a new Night Ranger album come out, maybe leaning towards your earlier sound would be great, I am a big fan and love every night ranger cd i have, especially man in motion. Dont forget the great ballads.

22/04/01: Hendricus Lulofs -

I really would like to see another Damn Yankees CD. But short of that...a Shaw/Blades cd is most preferable! Please consider this. Also a DVD of either a Damn Yankees reunion or of a Shaw/Blades would be great!!


22/04/01: Darren Preece -
Hi Jack

I dont suppose you remember me ..I interviewed you whilst you were on the rock never stops tour with Ted and quiet Riot....i done the interview on the telephone through Keith Marks who I met during the Styx German tour last year having spoken to him on the telephone on tonnes of occasions.

Yes i am peeved that there will not be a Damn Yankees cd and even tho I would welcome a solo album from you I think the chemistry you have with the other members of Nightranger is unbeatable so I would love a new release from Brad, yourself and the guys. One thing tho, with more and more classic rock bands coming over to Europe to play I would love Nightranger to venture to the UK for the first time since you played with Foreigner years ago. Maybe it could be in some co headlining capacity or shows with someone like Styx or Journey who are both rumoured to be coming here in the fall. As to see Nightranger one time would be great as i was ill when you toured with foreigner and i missed you. So i would have to choose a Nightranger cd and a tour of England to back it up would be my choice but I would buy any release anyhow as long as you dont do osmonds covers ........on 2nd thoughts getting Ted to do puppy love may be an interesting thought......



22/04/01: Eric -
Give Neal a call... You two could do great things together.

22/04/01: shawn pelata -

i'm a huge, long time fan. as awesome as it would be to have a new Night Ranger record, i would love to hear what a Jack Blades solo album would sound like. no restrictions, no concessions, 100% Blades! i think the songs would be phenomenal! i love the tunes you co-wrote with journey as well, and a Blades/Schon record would kill(!!), but i would love to hear a solo record. as with my fellow posters/blades fans here, i will most likely buy whatever your next output happens to be! you're a great songwriter, so whichever avenue you choose will be a quality choice!

rock on!

22/04/01: Brian Mc -
I feel like I wimped out voting for "all three" , but thats how I feel! How about solo, Night Ranger, then Schon? Thats probably how the timeline would work out anyway. But hey, who am I? Just record something and I'll snatch it up!! Bye, Brian Mc

22/04/01: Paul -
Nuff' said???
Oh, by the way.... a 2nd Shaw/Blades cd might be a good thing. :)

22/04/01: Alun Williams -
Hi Jack, Yeah, I know, how many times do you get sick of that one! Jack, for me (Being one of English NR supporters, now in Auburn Hills, MI!), I'd love a new NR album. I can't believe how long it's been since Seven! That was great, as was Neverland, my 13 year old Stepson loves 'em too!
I think No.1, would be NR, Blades/Schon - WOW! What possibilities, as No.2. I'm sure you're feeling though, that you'd like do do your own album, since all the other guys in NR, have been doing so, so wouldn't blame you for that.
Love what 'cha did with Journey, gonna miss, not seing Damn Yankees (Would've been sweet, in my 2 years I'm here for! By the way, what chance of a NR gig around Detroit?), but Jack, everyones said it. Do what 'cha want to, we'll all back you to the hilt! Just don't ever say "Goodbye"!
Take care man! Alun alias Cozy Al!

22/04/01: D.Marshall -

Well personally I would like to see another Blades/Shaw cd. Two of Jacks greatest songs are on that cd and I think he brings out the best in Tommy. If they would do another duo album I want to hear more rocking songs and much less those lazy day country styled ballads that make up more than half of that cd. "I Stumble In" and "My Hallucination" are the two I so love. If Jack does a solo cd which is just about as good as another Blades/Shaw please have songs like those and "Neverland", "You Can Still Rock In America", "Coming Of Age", "You're Invited (But Your Friends Can't Come)", "My Elusive Mind" and "Mister Please", "Forever All Over Again". I think an album of great material no matter what he does is all we really want. Don't let Kelly sing! I like Night Ranger but always liked Jack far more than Kelly. You rule Jack and I am sad that the new Yankees turned out so poorly. Hey any chance of working with Desmond Child on your next project? Always liked his ability. Also are you tempted to write for any Nashville acts? Country is basic rock/pop with a steal or twang now and you could prolly kick some major ass in that town. Oh and please help Vince Neil out again on his solo cd cuz his last one was awful.

22/04/01: Bill Labrie -
Hello Jack... Love all your stuff to death, man!... Have to vote for a Night Ranger 8! (seven NR's so far) I have a Night Ranger Logo tattooed on my heart; my all time favorite group, bar none... and boy, are there a lot of good ones! The 5 original NR boys together are unbeatable... as Andrew M. has said, NR have never made a bad record... an eighth would be a true treat for the new millenium. But Jack, do what your heart tells you to do...everything you have touched to date has been wonderful... and all the best of success for your new label... NR rules... I'm outta here! BL

22/04/01: Rob Keegan - Chubbyups@
I love the new songs you worked on with Neal Schon. I have been listening to your music since the early days, when you were on those late night concert shows. Great stuff. I would really like to hear a Jack Blades/ Neal Schon record. I could only imagine how awesome that would be. I also have a question, if you don't mind? You said some tracks were left off Arrival, would you guys
consider releasing them together? I tell you what, if they are anything like what was recorded, Wow! I think you both would be pleasantly surprised, by the fan support. Just an idea, best wishes for the future. Thanks

22/04/01: EDDIE -

22/04/01: Rachel -
I am going to buy anything that you do, no matter what. I would love to hear what a solo album would sound like and after hearing how awesome "Seven" was, I am really, really looking forward to new Night Ranger. I also love all the work you have done with Tommy Shaw though....How much time do you have :o) You should do a solo one and a new Night Ranger one at least!

22/04/01: Tony Engel -
Jack, I have loved everything you have done, from Night Ranger to Damn Yankees to Shaw/Blades. And yes, I do have your 2 Rubicon albums too. Anthing you do would be great. The truth is that I'm kind of glad the Damn Yankees CD fell though. With some of the personel changes and all, it would not have been Damn Yankees if it was not for you Tommy, Ted, and Michael. You were the Damn Yankees and NO one else. If I had my order of what I like to see would be: 1)New Night Ranger CD; 2)Solo CD; 3)Shaw/Blades CD; 4)Blades/Schon CD. You and Tommy have always worked great together and I would like to see that again.

22/04/01: Neil -
Hi Jack,
I know it's all down to promotion, money and finding time but pleeeeeeeese could you try to do a few dates with Night Ranger in the UK. It's the one gig I've still to cross off my list

Best Wishes, Neil

22/04/01: Mark Nelson -
I've been a fan since Night Rangers "Dawn Patrol" and have enjoyed seeing you grow as a songwriter/musician ever since. In a perfect world I'd love to see a new Damn Yankees cd, but since that's not possible at this time, I'd really look forward to a solo cd were anything goes. The direction for the cd should be fun. I know thats ambiguous but after the bullshit you've had to put up with concerning the last Damn Yankees cd, blow off steam and have some fun making music for your next project. And whatever the future holds, I hope Tommy Shaw and yourself continue to write and record music together, because what you two create together is magic.

22/04/01: Jeff Humble -
I would love to see another Night Ranger CD, In the vein of Man In Motion. Followed by a major tour. I also would like to see/hear you play some of your newer stuff live.

22/04/01: JC -

I would welcome a solo album or a duo cd from jack in neil in a heartbeat! They just need to make sure both will rock! We need to hear Jack cut loose! Somethingh Fun, energetic, upbeat and a lil hard at times. Spare us more then one ballad. After getting Kelly Keagys album i feel very strong about jack rocking hard. Kelly, i never thought highly of, cause i never heard him really cut loose, until someone gave me his new album. AMAZING!!! If jack was to do the same i would be blown away!! Hope this helps!

22/04/01: Greg Makris -
I'll keep it brief:

1. You and Neal have an obvious chemistry. To fully actualize that, you guys might consider the opportunity to collaborate on a full album, from start to finish. I think the finished product would have fans salivating in droves.

2. Regardless of with whom you choose to collaborate, historically your best work, IMO, has been to create driving, melodic AOR anthems or balls-to-the-wall rockers. So, my personal vote would be to hear more from you in this regard.

3. "Higher Place" alone has earned you a place in rock 'n roll heaven. Thanks, Jack, for your continued artistic excellence.

22/04/01: Beth Konger -
Hi Jack! I wonder if you realize what you've gotten yourself into by opening this forum up to the fans! Shades of Tommy giving out his Email address during radio promotions for Shaw/Blades, "We fear not..." were his words at the time. But I truly hope that this experiment is successful, because we fans have a lot to say! Of course I want to see another Night Ranger album. At this point in my life, sometimes I feel that NR music must ooze from my pores, I've ingested so much of it! Yet with that said, I would still love another album more in the spirit of "Jack Himself" ala Shaw/Blades, but not necesarily that combination, or any ONE combination at all. The fact is that you're a brilliant songwriter, and I've enjoyed everything from a fully produced rock-out, to a sparse accoustic set with 2 guitars. Right now I'd love to hear more along the vein of "Hallucinations", the peaceful walk out to the barn to write about what's in your heart kind of sound. I still treasure that CD as a rare glimpse of the spirit driving a man reaching out beyond the narrow realm of commercial success. Please give us another album of what YOU want US to hear, rather than what you or someone else THINKS we want. Leave your heart open to us and let it flow from there. That's what I'm always eager to hear. Follow your heart and you can't go wrong. And always remember that we're out here eagerly waiting for more of your music. Like the message in "Field of Dreams"....Write it, and we will come! Thanks for listening! Peace and Love, Beth Konger

22/04/01: Didier - France -
As i'm a huge fan of Journey and Nightranger, that will be like a dream if Neal and You release an album together ! An album full of great and fuck'in rock songs in the vein of old Nightranger or Hardline stuff will be very appreciated by lot of us i think
So come on guys and let the music do the talking



22/04/01: Marilyn -
Hi to Jack and Happy Birthday (April 24). I think a solo album with a few of your best friends as guest would be really cool. Your music has touched my heart and soul for a long time. My favorite was the Shaw-Blades album, "Hallucination". Wish it had got more recognition. That is why I think a solo album would be cool: you could pusue your own inner desires musically and invite friends to participate int the project who would appreciate your musical perspective. Oh what the heck..It would be awesome!

22/04/01: Allan Anderson -
Hey Jack!
First of all, I want you to know Night Ranger has always been my favorite group ever since I saw you guys open up for ZZ Top back in 1984. You blew me away!! Anway, I was lucky enough to see you guys twice last summer in Montana and 6 times over all. The live shows you put on are so entertaining and energetic. I would just like to say, "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Also, I was a music director at KYYA in Billings, Mt. when Neverland came out. I promoted the hell out of "Forever All Over Again" when I got a copy of the song and we had a lot of success with that song. It went over extremely well with a lot of requests for it. As far as anything I want to see from you, anything would be great. I love the cd you did with Tommy Shaw. My Halllucinations is a very catchy song. With the Damn Yankees, what can you say about that? You beat the heck out of Bad Company when I saw you and Uncle Ted and Tommy Shaw in Billings. I was definately impressed. It's unfortunate things didn't work out with the last cd. I think a solo cd would be a great idea, especially with everybody that you have already worked with in the music industry. You're song writing is out of this world. I can relate to a lot of the songs you have written. They really touch home. Oh and by the way, I like Jack and cokes also. I take it you do also after listening to "Sign of the Times." And last but not least, another Night Ranger cd would rock my world. Night Ranger has a lot of fans in Montana. I hope to have the chance to see you and the rest of the guys on tour this summer. Thanks for all of the music and the memories that you have supplied my life with. You kick ass!!!! Thanks for lisening,
Allan Anderson

22/04/01: Tom -
Hi Jack! My vote is for a new Night Ranger album, why? because when I heard "Forever all over again" I thought that should have been #1! Neverland was a damn good c/d and never really got the promo it so justly deserved. You are a great talent has well as the rest of N/R I hope to hear something new soon, for the good of true rock 'n' roll music give us some more!
Tom (from Canada)

22/04/01: Steve -
No question --- a new Night Ranger album all the way. Can we reallt ever get enough of them? But a solo album would be a distant second and could be very interesting. But without hesitation I Night Ranger.

22/04/01: Diane -
Jack,As you can tell from my e-mail address that i'm a big fan of yours. I can honestly say I havn't heard anything you have done that I didn't like. Night Ranger, Damn Yankees and ShawBlades are my favorite cd's. I'm sad to hear about the Damn Yankees 3rd cd and the possiblity of there not being another. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I think a solo cd from you would be awesome or a new Night Ranger would be cool too. Whatever you deside to do is fine with me,as long as I get you hear you sing and see you in concert. One little request, next time your on tour, could you see if you can come to Bristol,TN. The closest you have been so far as been Knoxville,TN. I know thats alot to ask, the last time I got to see you in concert was with Damn Yankees, and thats been several years ago. Keep on Rockin Jack.

22/04/01: Dave -
Hello Jack, I consider you the best songwriter today & have
loved all your stuff. I guess any form of JB stuff would be
totally welcome. If I had one project I'd like to see over
anything else is that Damn Yankees CD. So please reconsider
that option if possible. Otherwise a new Night Ranger CD
or JB solo would be welcome. But glad to see you have become
a very successful musician playing with Ringo & being called upon to co-write songs with talented people. Hope you have been
rewarded financially & with happiness. Keep Rockin.

22/04/01: John Dralle -
I love Night Ranger! ..... I enjoy Journey, I enjoy Styx very much and I get a kick out of Ted Nugent. Any collaboration, mix or hybrid version(s) of the above, I'm not buyin'. Night Ranger effects my mind like few other bands do. I get excited, I get happy, I get pumped. When I see them live I feel great for months afterwards. I know it sounds gay as hell, but Night Ranger rocks!

It's gotta' be a rush to be such a talented song writer that so many other talented musicians want to collaborate and work with you, but writing is one thing. Putting together a lot of side projects, in my opinion, ultimately waters down your brand image.

Night Ranger is not washed up. Seven and Neverland are proof of that. Can Night Ranger ever be as big as their 80's heyday? I submit a different opinion then most: I say that is up to you and your bandmates. A man is what he thinks about most. In other words if you believe that only Japan will love you and you'll never get any US airplay, then you're probably right. If
you were, however, to take a different attitude, and got back to say perhaps the mind set you had back in '81 or '82, you might get completely different results.

You're probably thinking we already tried that with Seven and Neverland and it didn't work. I say try harder. I want to see Night Ranger rise again. If you guys put half as much energy, focus and enthusiasm towards Night Ranger as you do all your side projects, you can make it happen.

Forget about putting a new band together, you are and will always be known and remembered as a founding member of Night Ranger. Focus on and use that fact as though it's an asset.

Put a great team together. You need great management and you need a great producer. Forget the latest flavors of the month and stick with what made you famous. Put out another Dawn Patrol. Put together a nice package and tour say with Styx, Journey, Cheap Trick, whoever works. You'll pack some houses, look what Styx and REO together did last year. There's a lot of people out there like me who would love to see a great show like that. Thanks for asking for your fan's input. I hope Night Ranger put out some new material soon.

John Dralle

22/04/01: Dave Dial -
Fairly obvious .. the proper move for Jack in his career at this time would be to go cooh and sigh in Steve Perry's ear. Then, when the Journey tour with that ... "Steve Perry with a perm guy" has finished his fantasy ... create a project with Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, Neil Schon and Jack Blades. A version of Damn Yankees for the New Millenium.

With star power like that, it would propel back to the heighth of his glory "Night Ranger" days.

22/04/01: Bruce Alexander -
Wow, a Jack Blades and Neil Schon record would be great! Neil can really rock if given the chance. So I would hope any such partnership might be as good as the HSAS project with Sammy Hagar and Neil Schon. That was a kick ass album that is still one of my favorites. I just wish I could find a better video tape of the MTV concert for HSAS which included even more great songs.

22/04/01: Conte Razor -
I would love to hear a new Night Ranger album! Maybe it is just me, but I really liked Neverland and Seven, they sounded a bit more mature to me.

That being said, To Be Alive again is by far the best new track on the Journey album. Material of that quality would be fun to hear as well.

I have seen Night Ranger live 13 times now, and last year my wife finally had the pleasure of seeing what I have been chirping about for years. A skeptic at first, and a person that books concerts for a college, she agrees with me that Night Ranger puts on the best live show she has seen.

All I can say is that I would love to hear more and see more of Night Ranger. It would really be a treat if you had a different set list every night, featuring new and older songs that don't get the play they deserve -- When I Call, Kong, Call My Name, Rain Comes Crashing Down, etc.

Just keep making new music so we don't have to listen to crap like NSYNC!

21/04/01: andy lawler -
I've been a fan of all your work since dawn patrol. Like the majority of the people here your music, be it nightranger (the all-time greatest band), shaw/blades (criminally underated !!) journey or whatever has kept me going for all theis time. My biggest regret is I've never seen you live. I suppose what I'm saying is whatever you do I will listen to but if pushed I'd love to see another nightranger cd and maybe even please,please, please a uk tour, show, anything! Please remember that not all of the uk music fans are teeny boppers and house fans, some of us do still like real music. And I'd just like to say that you've been the BIGGEST influence on me musically, so whatever you decide to do, please just keep making music.

All the best

21/04/01: David Richardson -
Jack. Just look back on the songs you've written and/or played on. They are some of THE best AOR songs ever. Who else has written 'You Can Still Tock In America' or 'Goodbye' or 'Forever All Oover Again' or 'When You Close Your Eyes', etc, etc, etc...
Your co-write on Arrival of 'Higher Place' is simply the best damn song I have heard in a long time. I was in my car today with the sun-roof open and the window down (yes, it was sunny in the UK!!) and had 'Higher Place' blasting from the stereo. Ths is what life is about, man. As a song writer myself I would welcome anything you do, whether it be solo, Night Ranger, Damn Yankess or co-writes....just do something and be happy. Stay cool. David, England

21/04/01: Jon -
I vote for a hard rocking in your face melodic bone crunching with an attitude kinda Night Ranger album!

21/04/01: Robby Steinhardt -
Hey Jack-Ever have a violin to write for? Come write some material for a new solo cd or a new Kansas album! WE all love you , man. P.S. NightRanger live makes me very happy-But, I would have killed to have the Ringo gig with you. Later.......

21/04/01: Chris Middleton -
Quite frankly, being a songwriter that is still heavily influenced by Jack Blades, the choices listed are too difficult for me too choose just one! As long as Jack is writing and singing, I would buy it up right away and love it! I think the cd with Neal Schon would kick because he has also influenced me. A Jack Blades solo cd would give us the ability to see all sides of Jack's writing and I would always welcome a new Night Ranger CD! I guess what Im saying is..........Jack, do what makes you happy because whatever you do, Ill still be happy!

21/04/01: Rob Hake -
Out of the four choices we were given to vote on, I would have to pick a Jack Blades solo album. But I would rather see(and hear) another collaboration with Tommy Shaw in some form. Those two guys are just magic together. I'm sure anything Jack does will come out top-knotch, although the last Night Ranger album just didn't do it for me.
Plus, do a tour, Jack puts on a great live show.

21/04/01: Ellen -
Hi, Jack. I'm a definite fan of yours. Maybe you could tell from the nickname? :-D

I'd love a new Night Ranger album. Except this time Jeff Watson can't go getting injured -- he's got to contribute to the songwriting!

I'd love to hear more from you and Neal Schon. When I heard the new song on Ted's album that you helped with, I thought "I want more!". From hearing the Journey songs you wrote, I'd say you and Neal without Ted would be awesome too. :-)

Also, Night Ranger live! You all are so awesome live. I want more. (Hey, I bet Andrew'd love it if you played Australia *g*)

And, while I know with Styx and Lynyrd Skynyrd both touring there's no change of a Damn Yankees tour, even without an album, I totally think a one show special reunion thing would be totally cool. (You might remember when James Young Group did a one show reunion to open for Night Ranger!)

Oh yeah, and I don't know what REO Speedwagon think about this, but I think that REO should do a new album and that you should co-write some songs with Dave Amato for it. :-)

21/04/01: Matt -
I was so sorry to read about the new Damn Yankees CD. I was eagerly anticipating the return of one of the early 90s best bands.
I hope Night Ranger releases another outstanding CD. Seven was excellent, as was Neverland.
Neal and Jack would be a great match-up. No matter what Jack decided to do, I just hope we get to hear him on SOMETHING!
Keep rockin' Jack!

21/04/01: Jennifer -
Hi I would love to see another Shaw/Blades cd!! That to this day is my favorite but if i can't have that then an album with Neal or Night Ranger would be great too, so whatever you choose i'll listen too.


21/04/01: Whynot_Canada -
As a huge fan of Night Ranger, Damn Yankees and Jack Blades, whatever you choose to do, I'm buyin'. Personally, I thought that Neverland and Seven were both unbelievable CD's, especially Neverland which I would rank right up there with Dawn Patrol. I would love a new NR CD.

Having said that, a new CD with Neal Schon is very intriguing. I liked Shaw/Blades but Schon/Blades has awesome potential. Maybe we could get a co-bill going between Journey and Night Ranger ... WOW, that would be a show.

21/04/01: Tom -
There is nothing Jack should do but play with Brad and Kelly and all the guys from Night Ranger. I know they will never get the attention they once got but neither will Damn Yankees. I loved Damn Yankees and I love all the work Jack has done with many artists like 38 Special, Aerosmith, and Great White. However, I saw Night Ranger last summer and every year they have ever toured and Brad and Jack belong together.
From a big fan Pastor Tom

21/04/01: Jody Serner -
Mr. Blades, your music has touched my life in so many positive ways when I really needed it the most. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through my grandmother's passing if I wouldn't have heard "Goodbye", or melting my 1st girlfriend's heart the 1st time she heard High Enough, or being at my High School Graduation and hearing "Restless Kind" blaring from the school speakers as I get my diploma. All I can say is thank you! I do apologize, you must be sick of hearing that all the time but it's true!, I will say though through your contributions to Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, and Shaw/Blades I have been steadfast and loyal. No matter what you decide to do, I will support your efforts! You are a brilliant musician and a gifted songwriter. No matter if it's a solo cd (ala your Night Ranger brother in arms Kelly Keagy), a new Night Ranger Album (just to let you know, Seven and Neverland are amazing cd's!) or a another project (Neil Schon, or that rumoured other project with the guys from Poision, Ratt and Great White). I am still sorry/pissed to hear that those Damn Yankees songs from the 3rd cd will never see the light of day! I do know, that whatever you decide to do, it will be one of the highest anticipated cd's in AOR history.. especially if you have "special guests" on it.. I think the list would be neverending!
Please, keep "Rocking In America" umm.. and Canada, and Japan..ah hell, the entire world!

All the best from a loyal fan,

Jody Serner,
Wabasca, Alberta, Canada

21/04/01: Greg Rosati -
Any type of new music is welcome in my book. I would prefer a new damn yankees cd or a new night ranger cd but I have
always liked all of your music, in fact your songs on Journey's arrival are the only ones of value with an exception or two.
I have also always admired the shaw/blades cd, which is terribly under-rated and should have gotten more attention/airplay.
Anything you put out I will buy. I would like to see a tour that combined a lot of the music, I have seen you 3 times with Night Ranger
and 5 times with the damn yankees, the last being on the seven tour at pine knob in michigan. I have seen nearly 200 concerts
over the past 15 or so years and yours have always been one of my favorites, I would really enjoy a show that combined all of
the songs under your belt, night ranger/damn yanks/shaw blades and even maybe a few of the songs you have wrote
but never played such as higher ground, what kind of love are you on,shut up and dance etc. Whatever you decide is fine
with me I just wanted to take the time to say I have always admired you and shows you have put on, you give it 110 % regardless
of if it was in your hayday, ie nightranger in the 7 wishes/big life days or the peak of the damn yanks or on smaller tours
such as neverland or seven, I admire that greatly. Also Big Life is also an overlooked classic and if I had to make one wish
on any live show it would be to include a song or two from there and possibly Dont' Stop Thinkin which is a great song that I
have always wanted to see live. Keep on keepin on and thanks for all the great music.

Greg Rosati

21/04/01: Chris - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Jack. It's a sad thing that we won't listen to a new Damn Yankees. I hope they'll change their mind... When will we listen to a new Night Ranger ?