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Produced by: Bobby Barth
  1. Live And Let Die
  2. Hey God Don't Hesitate
  3. Way Back Home
  4. Stonecold
  5. When You Hear The Thunder
  6. Ain't A Perfect World
  7. With Your Eyes
  8. But I Like It
  9. Take My Soul
  10. She's A Woman
  11. Behind Your Pride
  12. Easy Lover
From the moment Live And Let Die passes through the intro and pounds into it's hard driving rhythm, you know that something has changed with the band and something is very right about this record.
MTM signed it's first ever German band and took the risk of sending them to Colorado, to Bobby Barth and his NEH Studio's complex to record what everyone hoped would be the band's best and most commercial album.
Long time fans of the band will decide for themselves whether this is their best, but for my ears it is second to none.
In being led by the very determined and focused Bobby Barth, the guys have recorded an album that is solid, consistent and very musically strong. The whole album has been recorded with a specific aim - to please the legion of regular hard rock buyers. And in the IV album I think they have successfully done that.
The album has a mighty punch, a big production, some very strong songs and hooks everywhere. It is also suitably heavy and a release that MTM had to come up with, after a few disappointing ones.
Along side Steelhouse Lane, this has to be one of the label's most accomplished releases.
Jaded Heart have also come through with their end of the bargain. The band sound great and have allowed Barth's influence to shape a new sound, while retaining the best of what they already were. The sound is still European hard rock, but with a more commercial US stadium rock feel.
The outsides influences are evenly mixed between classic Bon Jovi, Guild Of Ages and a little Axe.
The album takes several listens to feel for all the music. There is so much on offer here. Multi layered vocals, guitars and harmonies make it a rich tapestry of hard rock.
Vocalist Michael Bormann is simply sensational - chekc out the raspy rock vocals of Hey God Don't Hesitate to the emotional anthemic ballads like Way Back Home and the awesome and quite heavy Take My Soul.
For something heavy, the anthem when You Hear The Thunder is just perfect and their cover of Stonecold is also enjoyable.
And yeah, the inclusion of Easy Lover is not totally necessary, but it's the last track, so it doesn't interfere with the album and it is cool to bring out during parties!
BOTTOM LINE: A fantastic album for fans of melodic metal and commercial hard rock. The gamble of pairing the band with Bobby Barth has paid off big time. Already looking forward to the next album. One of the best of 1999.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Jaded Heart fans, some Guild Of Ages and Axe fans, all fans of great traditional commercial hard rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Inside Out . Slaves and Masters . Mystery Eyes . IV

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