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DIARY 1990-2000

MTM Music 0681-29
Produced by: Various

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Bon Jovi
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Perfect World
  2. Heaven Is Falling
  3. Inside Out
  4. Excuse
  5. Hold On The Line
  6. Dream Is Over
  7. Ain't Gonna Play With Fire
  8. Help
  9. Champion
  10. How Many Tears
  11. Live And Let Die
  12. Mystery Eyes
  13. Walk On A Wire
  14. In The Night
  15. What Is Love

I think Jaded Heart recorded their best album in 1999 with Bobby Barth in Colorado. I am looking forward to their next album, set to be recorded again at NEH Studios.
But in the meantime, we get this Ok best of compilation that takes a few tracks from their last album, coupled with a few from each previous album and 2 unreleased songs - In The Night and Ain't Gonna Play With Fire, plus a track used for an Ice hockey Championship in Europe - Champion.
Quite a cool little collection of songs here and with the bonus additions it makes for a standard, yet enjoyable Best Of collection.
BOTTOM LINE: For those with each previous Jaded Heat album, the three tracks included here might not be enough to warrant buying, but for those that only have one album or just the band's last album, this is a great gap filler with the best tracks from each album included. Well worthy of purchasing to round out the collection.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Old and new Jaded Heart fans, fans of good European stadium style melodic rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Jaded Heart . Slaves And Masters . Mystery Eyes . IV

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