Jaded Heart Trust Ulftone Music
· Produced By: Michael Bormann

· Running Time: 61.54

· Release Date: February 16

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Ulftone Jaded Heart
Songs: 97%
Sound: 91%
It is widely regarded that IV was Jaded Heart's best record. No surprise then that the band has chosen to return to the more hard hitting approach of that album.
The last opus The Journey Will Never End was still very classy and largely enjoyable and I rated it highly. But it was a little more diverse and somewhat softer than the band's previous efforts.
I don't believe there was any undue pressure on the band to deliver, but for whatever reason, they have really nailed it with Trust.
The band has really put in a superb effort. Everyone is on song. Popular vocalist Michael Bormann sounds better than ever, really launching himself into the vocals. Guitarist Barish Kepic serves up some of the band's toughest riffs and best solos and the rhythm section is as tight and as powerful as they have ever been. Then there's the harmony vocals - easily the most satisfying in the band's career.
From 13 tracks, there really isn't any song that lets the listener down. There isn't any let-up in intensity, with the opening rock anthem Anymore and the more urgent Feels Like Home really kicking things into high gear from the word go.
There are some lighter moments to vary the pace, but those tracks, like Burning Heart, still have massive intensity. Throw in a couple of big Def Leppard style anthem ballads in the form of Love Is Magic and If I Lose, add a couple of slower, moody rockers like Masquerade, Trust and Let It Rain and you have a perfect balance to the uptempo hard rockers like Hating You and Jaded.
I can't compliment the band enough on their selection of songs and the power of the delivery on Trust. These are quite simply, the best songs the band has recorded.
My only small compliant is the record at times sounds too loud. Maybe it was the mastering, but at times it sounds a little distorted and just too loud. Rightly so that this record should be played and appreciated at high volumes, but let the listener control that.
The Bottom Line
Jaded Heart are to be commended for doing what they do best and writing some great songs to highlight that fact. This is just a fabulous example of European/German melodic hard rock, with killer songs, big choruses, lots of harmonies and some really hard rocking riffs.
It's probably nothing you haven't heard before, but seldom is it done so consistently well. Jaded Heart fans are going to eat this up and new fans won't be far behind.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Jaded Heart
· Slaves And Masters
· Mystery Eyes
· IV
· Diary
· The Journey Will Never End
· Trust

Line Up
· Michael Bormann: Vocals
· Barish Kepic: Guitar
· Axel Kruse: Drums
· Michael Muller: Bass
· Henning Wanner: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
· Michael Bormann
· Def Leppard
· Bonfire
Track Listing
· Anymore*
· Feels Like Home*
· Healer
· Burning Heart*
· If I Lose*
· Trust*
· Masquerade
· Let It Rain
· Love Is Magic*
· Sweet Summertime
· Hating You
· Jaded*
· Give It Back
--*Best Tracks

24/05/06: jessekye -
Rating: 99
To bad this was mr bormans last time at the plate,with the band I was just blown away with the way the cd punched me in the face I bought slave and masters and I just did not think it was that good but this every track just good. Guitar,vocals,one fine cd

18/03/06: jeffrey lang rachubinski -
Rating: 94
heavy, catchy. what else could you ask for.

15/12/04: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 88
This is a great slice of German melodic rock.This should have been the kind of album that Bonfire should of released instead of 'Free'.Checkout out the song 'Healer', it's one to play in the car with all the windows down.The ballad 'If I Lose' is perhaps my other favourite track.

27/07/04: Terry -
Rating: 95
Another great cd from Mr. Bormann and Co. There are no suprises here, just straight ahead hard rock. A must have for fans of Bonfire, Pink Cream 69, Old Bon Jovi. Highly recommended.

Rating: 99

18/04/04: Silke -
Rating: 0
Could anybody send me the lyrics of "Feels like home"?
Thank you!

12/04/04: Mark -
Rating: 90
This is typical quality JH stuff. Like it better than "The Journey", but I don't think it's as good as "IV". If you're into Jaded Heart at all, you won't be disappointed. A couple tunes I could do without, notably SWEET SUMMERTIME, but overall well worth buying. Let's help support bands that still turn out hard rock and not that crappy rap/metal junk that the record labels have embraced.

03/04/04: Henrik Sjogren -
Rating: 77
This is a decent melodic release, there are so much crap coming out at the moment. The production here is great, and they have some great songs, in the typical vein of Jaded Heart.

29/03/04: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 78
Far superior to the new TNT album but still has one major flaw... WTF happened to the production on this album? Recorded way too high. If the production equalled "IV" then this would get a much higher score, but alas, everything is lost in the mix :(

18/03/04: John Ferguson -
Rating: 90
Germany’s finest Jaded Heart explode into 2004 with the their sixth album “Trust.” Following on from the well received “The Journey Will Never End,” this new release sees Michael Borman and the boys raise the bar even further with a collection of songs that shine in the finest tradition of melodic hard rock. With blistering guitar riffs and monumental choruses, the opening pair of “Anymore” and “Feels Like Home” are two of the finest melodic rock tracks you are likely to likely to hear all year, sitting somewhere between classic Scorpions (circa “Love At First Sting”) and “Slippery When Wet” era Bon Jovi. The wonderfully commercial “Healer” is a fists in the air stadium anthem which maintains the momentum of the opening tracks, before the mid-paced excellence of “Burning Heart” sees the band ease back on the throttle in time for the magnificent power ballad “If I Lose,” where Borman sounds every bit the long lost brother of Jon Bon Jovi. The epic tile track “Trust” builds from soft beginnings to become a powerful, high class song featuring multi layers of harmony vocals taking Jaded Heart closer to Def Leppard territory. At almost six minutes, the dynamic and moody “Masquerade” is the album’s longest track and has a slightly more modern feel than the majority of the album. Another mood change comes in the shape of “Let It Rain,” a foot stomping rocker with another sing-a-long chorus leading into the albums big piano ballad, “Love Is Magic,” a heart-rending slice of pure lighters-in-the-air slush. Bluesy acoustic guitar takes the lead on the Jovi-esque southern bar stool sass of “Sweet Summertime.” Completely different to anything else on offer, this is basically a beer drenched, good time number. The relentless drive of “Hating You” sees a return to the feel of the earlier tracks and a chorus to die for, all riding on superb guitar riffs as does “Jaded,” another monster example of European melodic hard rock with a definite cutting edge from across the Atlantic. The album draws to a close with “Give It Back,” a sprawling and passionate ballad which builds to a dramatic climax of spiralling guitar melodies and sees Borman at his dazzling best.
With “Trust”, Jaded Heart have made the album they were born for and will delight fans of classic Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Def Leppard and anyone else who loves top quality melodic hard rock. An essential release. (Review By John Ferguson)

14/03/04: Dave -
Rating: 100
This Album bloody ROCKS! It is just so great. GREAT vocals, guitars and melodies. This time they have nailed it. For anyone into Whitesnake, Blue Murder, Dokken, early Bon Jovi and Def Leppard this is the thing. Jaded Heart will not get airplay in these sad days but thanks to great sites like this one, people have the chance to find out about bands like them. And these guys have been around since the early 90ies, and the singer used to sing for Pink Cream 69 for a while. He is much better in this band and they blow Pink Cream away - although I like them as well. This may be the best melodic rock/hard rock release in the past years. Also go and listen to their IV album.
I am hard to satisfy in terms of music, but this is just awesome.

Ok, enough praise, now go ´hear fro yourself and pray they will be going on a long time.

07/03/04: Brad Hutchinson -
Rating: 94
Well, another great cd by Jaded Heart.From the wall of sound opener of Anymore, 2nd rockin' track Feels Like Home (my personal fav), Healer etc etc, this cd rocks.Massive guitars, fantastic powerful vocals, thundering bass hooks, pounding drum rhythms and some tasty keyboard work by the newcomer to the band, Henning Wanner.Get this cd!

05/03/04: Scott Reynolds -
Rating: 95
I have to admit that I've only heard Anymore and the sample tracks, but it sounds killer. I recently got turned on to Jaded Heart (there is no airplay in the U.S. for these types of bands "anymore") and I loved The Journey Will Never end. I can't wait to get Trust.

I need some help though - what are the lyrics for the chorus for Anymore? I have a hard time understanding the lyrics in the MP3 on their website? Can someone help me out with the full lyrics for the chorus? Post them here or e-mail me. Thanks!

I love! This is THE site for all news and inside scoop on melodic rock! Great job!

04/03/04: Jeff Vancura -
Rating: 95
Jaded Heart is one of those bands that you know right out of the box what you are getting. Are they trying to break new ground? No. Is that a bad thing? Not at all!!! With so many bands trying to break new ground with influences in rap and punk or "breaking new ground" by simply producing a stripped down, horribly engineered album. Jaded Heart sticks with influences in basic melodic hard rock and produces a full, massive sounding album that would make Mutt Lange proud. The album begins much like the last two. The song Anymore has a long intro that builds and builds until the band explodes with the start of the song. The song then softens with the verses. Then builds with the pre-chorus. Then explodes again with the chorus. This is perfect song structure. This is what is missing in popular music today ; dynamics. Anymore was a free download off the bands website and was probably the only song I played for a week. Outstanding!!! The next song is Feels Like Home. A feel good rocker with a great chorus. Healer and Burning Heart sound like something off of Bon Jovi's first two albums but with Def Leppard's backing vocals. If I Lose is your typical power ballad. Good song though. Trust is a darker, heavy rocker again with the mellow verses and incredible pre-chorus that build to a big chorus. Next is Masquerade. My only beef with this song is the chorus. The song again follows the same song structure but the chorus is kind of a let down. The pre-chorus is so good and electrifying that the chorus had to much to compete with. I wish they would have chosen a different song to break their formula because this would have been my favorite song on the album. Let it Rain is average. Not one of the better songs on the album. Love is Magic is again your typical power ballad that would have been the second single off any rock album in the late 80's. Sweet Summertime is a slide guitar sing-along type song with a rap style processed drum track. This song doesn't really fit on the album. Add a real rhythm section and it would be a very good song kind of in the vain of Extreme. Hating You is my least favorite. I don't care for the vocal delivery of the verses. Jaded is a guitar driven rocker with an amazing riff that is much in the same vain as Zakk Wylde. Definately an album highlight! Give It Back is a piano ballad. Eventually the entire band comes in near the end of the song but it's too late for me. Not one I ever really listen to. Trust is a very good album. There are a few songs that could have been left off or tweaked a bit. Then why a 95 score? Because the other 10 songs are so good they overshadow the bad ones. This is a must have for any hard rock fan that appreciates excellent vocals and superb musicianship. Just a note on the albums sound. If you have a lot of effects on you stereo turned on such as echo you may want to turn it off or down. The album was recorded very loud and with an expanded stereo sound which could distort if not adjusted.

04/03/04: Tom Follette -
Rating: 94
Just a half step behind The Journey will never end, but no doubt a HIGH quality CD that is recommended to all fans of Jaded Heart/Michael Bormann and classy melodic rock in general!

04/03/04: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 80
Good effort by these guys and better than previous albums. Not of the same level as bands in the same vein as TNT, Pink Cream 69 and Axel Rudi Pell, but certainly worth of your attention.
Good, not earthshaking, melodic hardrock is what's on offer, with an extra (always nice !)touch, delivered by the keys !

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