Jason Becker Tribute

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Jason Becker - Your talents have not gone unnoticed! Thanks for backing some of the greats in music and for your songwriting contributions to the melodic rock world.
These fans of your music have added their comments...

17/01/10: Adam iskandar eakin - tarabas_zonad@hotmail.com
jason i wish u had never gotten the disease
it hurts me so much
jason u have inspired me in a big way
u changed my life
u changed all of our lives
if u are reading this
just know that we are all here praying for u to get better
and ur album perspective

12/01/10: farid - musicfarid@aol.com
i could just play to song to tribute thanks any way please let me know your feedback:
please watch them hear:

29/11/09: Jarrod Truax - jarr0d_truax@hotmail.com
It's a shame what has happened to music isn't it? I just came across your music a few months ago and was completely blown away. All of that modern crap doesn't even compare. We love you here in Canada man!

16/11/09: hamza gallala - h_amou_z10@hotmail.fr
Jason just i want to say that i wish you will be all right, we will always be with you....

14/11/09: andre from indonesia - andreyudhasmara@yahoo.co.id
(first of all, sorry for my english)
river of longing is my favourite. great job man...!!!!
each time i hear the song, i just want to play it with my acoustic guitar eventhought i can't play it well...
trully an inspiration, keep on the spirit man, i wish you all the best...

06/11/09: Steven Tapper - stefanlubben@hotmail.com
Hey man, i'm a big fan of ur guitar playing just checked out the videos with you and Marty Friedman. I really admire the work u've done dude.I'm a guitar player too you kno, keep up the good music even tho u cant play the guitar ur still composin right? ;D
Anyways You have my blessings.

13/09/09: Alexey - slip7481@yandex.ru
Hello Jason! I'm from Russia and my english bad. You my best guitar player, you my source of the inspiration, YOU BEST!!! I wish you the most quick recovery!!! I am believe you that your power of the spirit overcome and destroy ALS. And you will take in hands guitar!!! I am a believe!!! You God of Guitar!!!

13/09/09: Blaine - vanillarecordz@comcast.net
The Cacophony albums Rock!!!!!!I was just a little kid when that stuff came out. Jason's music lives on!!!!!

12/09/09: Jorge Elso - jorge_elso@hotmail.com
Your music changed my life, as simple as that. I felt a slap on my face the first tie i heard "Altitudes"... And in the nineties there was no LP, K7 or CD here in Chile... Until one day I travelled to Paris, and I found your CD in a Virgin Store... My God, that travel worth it! Can yo believe I hear your themes, at least one at the day, since then? Can you imagine how your music has become so big? it's amazing... By the way, thanks for making so great music until today.

04/09/09: Bruce Taylor - bat-house@comcat.net
Just discovered your music on Pandora. Incredible, what a talent. No words to describe it really! I wish you all the strength, luck, and love in your battle. Hope life brings you joy no matter the circumstances.

27/08/09: Jesus Maria Garcia Ubaldo - jmgufrancap@gmail.com
Querido hermano Jason Baker:

Soy hijo de artistas (mis padres se han dedicado a la danza) y yo toco la guitarra flamenca, amo la guitarra en todos sus estilos, pero mi verdadera vocación es ser fraile, soy fraile franciscano capuchino. Mi convento está en Madrid, en la Iglesia de S. Antonio de Cuatro Caminos. Bravo Murillo, nº150.

Yo no te conocía, y ayer me encontré con toda tu historia. Durante toda la tarde estuve escuchando tu musica y recorriendo la historia de tu vida. Lo siento, pero no pude menos de emocionarme durante un buen rato. Sí, lloré porque me dolía tu historia hasta lo más profundo del alma. Lo que me consoló fue ver la familia y amigos que tienes. Pero sobre todo, tú, la energía que transmites sin poder moverte de tu silla.
Me he escuchado todo lo que he podido conseguir de tu música, espectacular. Dios te ha dado el don de la música en forma de guitarra. Me gustaría proponerte algo Jason: ¿Podrías componer una melodía por el "amor de Dios"? No sé si eres creyente o no. En el caso de que no seas creyente, supongo que el AMOR será el centro de tu vida e inspiración, ¿podrías crear una melodía con el título "AMOR"?

El Señor te bendiga y te guarde; te muestre su rostro y tenga misericordia de ti. Vuelva su rostro a ti y te dé la paz. El Señor te bendiga, hermano Jason Beker. (esta oración se la ofreció S. Francisco de Asis al hermano León y hoy yo te las ofrezco...)


31/07/09: Tim - timitzi@hotmail.com
I feel really sorry for you :/ You were one of the greatest new talents, sadly you couldn't show the whole world it, I hope you get a chance to get even a bit better from your disease :) Strenghts

15/03/09: Eno - Bloodrush_bodom@hotmail.com
Hello,Youre music is damn Breathtaking and it had done alots of good for me And the other fans.
Youre music wil always be in our heads and hearts.
Youre a True Hero---Eno

10/02/09: swami and vineeta - swamimommy@yahoo.com
Hi Jason, Swamimommy showed me your you tube video. I am very inspired by it, and I think that method can help a lot of people, including a friend of mine, I'm going to send the link to her mother. Ok, good night.. swami and I have to go make trouble in the ashram now.. talk to you soon...Vineeta

20/08/08: Tony Mills - tonymills77@blueyonder.co.uk
You are still blowing people away these days man, 'Images' on your MySpace page is breathtaking. All power to you. Be strong, you are in our thoughts. Tony Mills & TNT.

05/06/08: Luka Todorovic - lukat93@gmail.com
Hi Jason,I`m 14,and I`m from Bosnia and Herzegovina,so you now know that people know for you here too. :)
You are the best!You rock!Your music is amazing,I was amazed when first hearing End Of The Beginning and Blue,but these are not the only amazing compositions.
You are the best guitarist I have ever herd of (and I think I won`t find better than you),not because of the technique or anything technical, but because of your great musicianship which produces some of the best music ever!
Hope you`ll keep on making great music!
Best Wishes

13/05/08: JM - guitargod@hotmail.com
Be strong, U are in our thoughts.
Take care
All the best for U and your family

11/09/07: Shanon Gao - Yngwie_msteen@yahoo.com
Hey Jason, I just want to say you are an inspiration for everyone not just musicians. Jason you are great musician, but also you have a huge spirit having ALS hasn't stopped you from composing music, and your trying to make the best of it. Good luck Jason!

27/05/07: PhL3gM - metalphlegm@hotmail.com
man you are awsome!!! i love u. i wish i could have the chance to trade my life with yours!! you are born to play this guitar and i belive u will play it!! the song altitudes.. everytime i listen to it i shiver and eyedrops born in my eyes, everytime i listen to it i beg to the god for u! wish u get well soon

11/05/07: Brandon Gomez - IbanezIC400@hotmail.com
Jason Becker..ur the man...
ur a extreamly awesome guitarist man..love u man..

28/03/07: Sam Hunn - sam_hunn@hotmail.com
Jason my man, you are the bomb. If i could sell my guitars and my possessions to help you, man, i would. Much love from Australia, We love you down here, well the sane people do! Your music isn't shred dude, it's like, really fast melodies. LOVE!

20/02/07: michael - michael881117@hotmail.com
jason , you are the greatest man in this world!!! I'm a guitar player in Shanghai,china.From your music,i feel a strong spirit.!
I am sure that you soul will beat the illness! Good luck! you will be remembered FOREVER!!!!

08/01/07: JESUS G MUÑIZ - chuyldren_of_bodom@hotmail.com
hi jason . my english is bad ok . jason you are an example of courage , when i see you in your wheelchair the first time , i just cry .i got the hope what the medical advances help you very soon you´re a great musician .my favorite guitar hero my better wishes for you and your family , te admiro mas que a nadie en el mundo por tu fuerza de voluntad y que nunca te rindes don´t lost the faith my guitar hero. un abrazo desde mexico donde tienes miles de admiradoes . atte CHUYLDREN OF BODOM

06/01/07: chris dye - rebel_chris91@hotmail.com
u are my favorite guitarist ur in my record book on my first page i am 15 years old and i play guitar but not nothing like u used to or even close i guess i will comment u later on in the future id really like to visit with you and play my guitar for u i have a fender stratocaster well best of wishes chris dye

30/12/06: Jaime Tapia - jaime_64_cl@hotmail.com
Jason, you have become more than an example not just for but to every musician that is in this page. This is the best proof i can get that you have show the rest of the world that you are unstoppable and that your dreams will never fall apart. You have more strength and power of will than all of us, and thanks to that exaple i have become a better musician. Thank you so much for being present at any time in my mind, because whenever i need there you are telling me not to give up. So thank you for setting an example.
May god bless you always

01/12/06: van - londondy@hotmail.com
the most wonderful guitar player

27/11/06: David - dalmeida@medscape.com
Jason - you are the greatest ever!

Being a medical student in neurosurgery, I see all too often the devastation of ALS. I am sorry for what you have endured.

Yet being a guitar player, your music has blown me away. Your technical talent, humor, and superhuman compositional ability cannot be touched by anything. I have a charvel jason becker prototype (the one with the 1,3,5,7 fret markings) hanging in my living room and it inspires me each day!


17/11/06: Bernardo S. - Bernardo@valpo.cl
Hi Jason , i´m from Chile please forget my horrible english,since i have 7 years old i play the guitar (classical-spanish guitar) and i learn all by my self of course whit the inspiration of N.pagannini, E.Ysaye.Richie blackmore......but when i listen your music my wave to see the guitar now is armony so Thanks Jason you are the last great develop of the guitar expression ...some day in the future you will hear my music. So bye Jason Have a good thougths..

17/11/06: Ceko - steve_vai@hotmail.com

06/11/06: issam - djumbojuice@hotmail.fr
i'll never forget ....thank you for all you are inside of me for the rest of my life and i never let you go your way to play guitare is as a gift merci pour tout jason je suis francais et ici aussi on taime

10/10/06: Ammar - arrising.attitude@hotmail.com
You have inspired my playing a great deal, Thank you Jason. I remember seeing you play yngwie's Black star on a video clip while u were at highschool, and I was thinking "Holy shit, who the fuck is this guy?" God bless you Jason. Your music will live on forever, as will your presence in all of us.

26/08/06: EMmanuel - seraphcarvalho@hotmail.com
Jason Becker is better musician what i see! THE BEST!

13/08/06: Sean K - shafee33@hotmail.com
I struggled, and fought to find that line of hope, passion, inspiration, dreams, and that reason to fight on everyday. I had to look no further than you Jason. Without your heart in this life, and your shear genius and passion in your music, I would not have a reason to fight for my dreams. You have restored my hope and helped me to become the musician I am today. My prayers are always with you Jason.

I only hope one day i will be able to honour you through my music, you keep me going dude. You will live forever in my eyes, and so will your music.

And i know one day you will hold that guitar again and be at peace...get well

much love and many thanks,


10/08/06: Michael - thrasher9@web.de
Jason, your guitar playing kick ass, I think you are so brilliant and perfect I can't describe clearly cause my English is still fuckin terrible...
I'm sure deep in you, there is something which is stronger than this fucking disease.
You should know that you and your music are so wonderful,
Jason you are a GOD!!!

04/08/06: Martin Zoso - morder_killer@hotmail.com
Jason Becker, you are the best and greatest guitarist of all time.
You will always be.
We all will never forget you.
Someday you will play again!
You must...

03/08/06: edwin - edwingarciarios@gmail.com
I dont know what to add that someone else haven't said to you before, but...you are special to me, YOU are my inspiration, as a musician and as a person. Thank you for existing and for pushing us musicians to a higher level...from playing with our hands to playing with our hearts and souls.


31/07/06: Alex - alex_mihail@hotmail.co.uk
Dear Jason,
I just wanted to say, I love you, you are such a great person and such an inspiration to me.

Getting such a horrible disease that has you in the state your are in is a cruel thing to do to a musician of your skill I feel.

All the best Jason, I will never forget you

- Alex M.

30/07/06: Jens - shitgoose_laiho87@hotmail.com
Jason Becker,You are the greatest human being that ever lived!
You Music Is so warm and filled with Musical Perfection,there is no greater musician than you! i hope that you get well,or i know that you´re gonna get well! you are My And Everyones GOD!

30/07/06: Tito - liviooverture@hotmail.com
What can I say...
A miracle...
A sign of God...
Really don't know Jason...
All days,when I wake up,i remember you...
I work with music in Brazil...I have one studio...There's a many pictures of you...
Don't know if somebody will read this mensager for you...But theres a great honour write what i reaaly feel and how much you're important for me.
God blesse you!

22/07/06: micky - mick_demertzi@hotmail.com
ey Jason, just wanted to say if you ever read this, you are so amazing. All your music (even Cacophony stuff) is just so beautifully composed and put together. Your music has the ability to make me want to play guitar for hours.
Take care, you deserve the best

12/07/06: Mátyás Vittmann - szmutyo@freemail.hu
Dear Jason! You are my favourite guitar player! Cacophony is an awesome band! I've never seen a talented musician like you!
You are one of my Gods!

05/07/06: max vivar - maxvivar@hotmail.com
hi jason, you are a real proof of supreme strength in the music and the most incredible guitarrist that i 've listened in my life. thanks for your strength. may you are asking for your self...who am i...well my name is max, i'm 22 years old, i live in chile where i study musical composition and acoustic guitar, my composition work's are about latin american music, about the folklorean music. but when i was a child, my father introduced my self on the rock way, so i have in my musical influences a great mixture of syles. speaking about my father, he's name is juan,. he has ALS, and a i find in in him, my inspiration, but not for the music, an inspiration to live and construct the life, day by day. sometimes, i feel a little lost, because i don't find anybody to share this family experiencie. sorry my friend if my words sounds like a tired man. i'm a little sad, this's new for me. un abrazo amigo, tu eres una estrella de luz infinita que brilla por su fuerza.

29/06/06: deniz aydemir - deniz.gtr@gmail.com
I just wanted to say that your music, your life, the struggle, mozart 25th,speed metal symphony, serrana...YOU are an inspiration! I've learned a lot of good songs and techniques, but most importantly I've leared how to listen, and not give up no matter what...it used to be very difficult to find your music here in Turkey so I've worked very hard to find your albums... thank you for everthing!! you are the best!!

21/06/06: Sergio Lorenzo - cypotman@gmail.com
No words... no coments... nothing to say never said.
All you're doing talks itself...
All you're fighting shows what you're made of...
And all I can do is... nothing
Because all you've done it
yes... you've done it.

07/06/06: Theo - Tenmagicfingers7@aim.com
Jason, I just wanted to say that your music is by far the greatest thing I have ever heard in my life. Whenever I listen to any of your songs I am completely mesmerized. I'm sure you get this all the time, but keep looking forward. You are an inspiration to everyone who has ever heard you play. I'm sure you will be remembered as a G~D of the guitar forever. You will play again, I have faith in that. Thanks for everything.

02/06/06: Mike Dean - mikedean7lc@aol.com
Jason your incredible. Your music has inspired me throughout the past several years and I want you to know that your music has given me something that Ive never had, complete tranquility. I wish you the best of luck and stay stong, you will always be close in my thoughts.

01/06/06: Heather - Hebz2512@hotmail.com
You such an inspiration- a true example of a beautiful mind!
god bless xo

31/05/06: Joe Bissell - joe_r_biss@yahoo.com
Jason, it is hard to kn ow exactly what to say to you. You give me hope in mankind, with your musical brilliance as well as your amazing ability to over come any obstacle, no matter how huge. I am now a lead giutar player and just recently considered giving up. Then i saw a video of you playing the Serrana Arpeggios and heard your story and it gave me hope. I though "after all he's been through I have no right to quit". Jason, you have hearn this countless times, but here it is once more. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I believe you always will. Your illness is in my opinion the greatest loss in rock and roll ever.

20/05/06: Szymon - szymonwoj1@o2.pl
I would talk and talk about the adventures I have experienced through your music, but not this time, Jason! Now I would like to ask you to be strong, to have faith in the Truth you are uncovering because we both know what exists behind the veil.

13/05/06: Acai, Tampin, Malaysia. - acai2002ad@yahoo.com
Jason Becker.. Fuckin' awesome. Tiada siapa dalam dunia ini yang dapat menandingi kehebatan "shredding" kamu. your shreds heal our soul. Get fuckin well, bro!

10/05/06: Justin Gray - split_688@hotmail.com
Oh my, you have no idea how much influence you have put into my music. You and EVH are my primary influences. YOUR A GOD! When I first heard you sweep, i never knew it was possible to do it that damn AMAZING! Your my idol, and I thank you so much for your contribution to the musical world. YOUR A GOD!

03/05/06: piero - piero187@hotmail.com
LONG LIVE THE KING!!, except for maybe alexi laiho there's still no guitar player that can beat u. dude i just need to play any of your songs to feel like playing the guitar for another 3 hours. and even tho u can't play anymore, u inspired me to keep going on whatever i do no matter how hard it is or even if they say it is impossible to accomplish. btw u just gained a new fan, a friend of mine listened to like 20 secs of a video of black star we found on google n she wants me to say hi, and that u r friggin awesome. well thats it for now, just a last thing, it will probably take me another 3 years to b fast enough to play black star :P but there is no impossible. ttyl man take care.

29/04/06: Hatem Kotb - metalideth_87@hotmail.com
Dear Jason. What can i say more about your musical talent?. Your sense, techniques. You just fit everything together in an amazing way. And for that, your music will never be forgotten. You have inspired tons of people from all around the world, and I as one of them am proud to say that i am one of them. May your days be the best.

"We beleive in you!"

27/04/06: dave - lionchamp29@hotmail.com
i cry listening to your music. I`m a good guitarist but your chord changes and melody are so beyond me. I want to encorporate some or your virtuosity. Its so mind boggeling.
You better come back like dave mustaine.

02/04/06: Ignacio - k_b_zeta@hotmail.com
You composed music like no one other. Your music was perfect.
you had the capacity to enter in my mind and make me feel like i had to make music.
You dont deserve this.
Someday you will play again.

31/03/06: Philip Long - previrtuoso@aol.com
Hey Jason, i just want u to know that you're one of my biggest insprirations, musically and spiritually, theres no one in the same arena when it comes to your balance of technique and emotion...your work on the song altitudes has pushed me to develope and discover my own voice on guitar. Thanx for showing that no matter what, at the end of the day a possitive attitude can make a world of difference.

21/03/06: Levi seth - levi_evo@yahoo.com.br
Your music gave tears and smiles...But this is it, for sure you will keep shining, as usual. :)

In portuguese:
É sem duvida uma grande inspiração, e vai continuar sendo...

19/03/06: gabriel(argentina) - el_gaby666@hotmail.com
jason y want to say you in my bad lenguaje expresion that you are the best guitarrist now a day because no one can make master pieces like you without playng and you can..and sincersly no one can play like you did so never give up if you die the music die so dont let it happen.....


16/03/06: Pieter B - piet3r@gmail.com
Jason Becker, You are the God of guitar and music in general. You are my greatest inspiration and I admire you like no other human being. Every time I listen to Air or any piece of the Perspective album (mainly Primal, Serrana, End of the beginning and Higher) I get tears in my eyes. I hope you heal soon and if not, live at least a happy life in the current circumstances. One day I will come visit you. I'm 19 now, and I too have some health problems, nowhere near your case but my hands have some arthiritis-like problem for about 3 years now, it's haunting me and making me unable to play properly, but I still try, and I'll never give up my love for music and composing. God bless you Jason Becker,


14/03/06: Ricardo Gomes - drunfado@hotmail.com
The greatest ever \m/
the forum : www.jasonbeckertribute.tk
go there okay ?

10/03/06: Fernando - neo_xx4@hotmail.com
JASON, my hero, my legend, my warrior, my teacher there is so few people in this world like you, so brilliant and so strong, every day i wake up take my guitar and star listening to your music, which is an inspiration to all people, keep fighting my warrior cause at the end of the road lies ur reward., to my guitar hero KEEP ROCKIN MASTER!!!!!! fHer Honduras, San Pedro Sula

06/03/06: Russell Hare - russrob@xtra.co.nz
Hi Jason, I wish you all the best, still love you & your music have done since I picked up the guitar at 11yrs,now 38, like yourself I had a wake up early with health scares, not to the same degree. much like yourself followed a path of self discovery & empowerment, I live in NZ where alternative is the norm, I send you some of my deepest feelings, and praise all you have acheived. Some one smiled on you and still is to this day. All the best russell

06/03/06: Markossss!! - marcos_dilo@hotmail.com
Jason !..., nunca te rindas. recuerda que la musica da vida . asique si seguis creando musica , seguiras creando vida .dentro y fuera de ti .
solo dios crea vida . pero solo genios crean musica..
nunca me voy a olvidar de todas las tardes tristes de mi vida que la sobrelleve con tu musica.
no se si algun dia leeras esto . espero que si .
espero que te pongas mejor, y algun dia conocerte en persona.
sos una fuente de inspiracion.
mucha suerte.
espero algun dia llegar a ser un cuarto de lo que sos vos.

desde buenos aires,Argentina
Saludos . jason!.

Marcos Di Meglio.

05/03/06: Avi H - thesilentdeamon@hotmail.com
jason, it think that you are incredible person and musician. And i hope that soon you'll be able to play again, and give us some more of your awsome music.
Thanks for giving us inspiration about life and leting us see that the body is only a box, and what realy counts is what in the inside...
And offcourse thank you for giving me an inspiration as a guitarist.
i wish you all health, happiness and all the good stuff that a person can have. Keep rocking!

03/03/06: Rafa - racabe@hotmail.com
Jason, you're THE MAN!!! thanx for your inspiration!!! without you the electric guitar world wouldn't be the same!!! THANK YOU!!!

26/02/06: Soren - Nevi@tiscali.dk
I have known your existence for quiet some time,but it was first last month I stumbled over some of your music both alone and with Marty.
You are so much better than Yngwie,because you dont repeat yourself over and over,and man...when you wanted to rip,you were fast like the best.
I dont know so much about how you are doing these days,but I wish you the best of luck,and thank you for the great music you have given me.
Love you man.

17/02/06: azem - azemhehe@hotmail.com
jason....for me..you are one of the great guitarist in this universe.....you are the legend man!!!!!!!!!.....
keep rockin'......i will always give you support!!!

17/02/06: pablo boschini - pboschini@intramed.net.ar
Jason, I'm a great fan of yours, here in Argentina, I want to tell you that your music has made my soul a better thing, and your sounds and guitar playing are like angel's whispers. I wish the best for you and your family, keep your strength high, and let your heart, soul and mind know about the love we all have for you. Let your RAIN be eternal. Thank you, Jason

10/02/06: G.F. Snow - myspace.com/gfsnow
Mr Jason Becker, Angel of the Guitar Gods, thank you for keeping me away from the TV tube and chipping away at my Axe...its an honor just to get to leave you a message...I hope your getting along alright and I wish you and your family happiness.. Gary

05/02/06: Julien Marc - reepers_syth@hotmail.com
Jason, you have inspired my life both with you´r guitar playing and with you´r way of never giving up
You absolutely are an inspiration as a guitar player and as a human beying
You´r music will never die while people who know what music is exist
I wish you all the best

01/02/06: Burak karabudak - yngwie-j-malmsteen@hotmail.com
Hero...Sweep master...Guitar star...

31/01/06: DENIZ SASKIN - loveman87@hotmail.com
jason..hero...of....mine......meaning of playing guitar..

30/01/06: JoNtAx - rodneyjaliljontax@gmail.com
You're the best guitar player in all history, and an amazing person, you are my best guitar influence, i wish you my best sounds and solos. From Mexico JoNtAx... The inteligence is chasing me, but i'm faster.

29/01/06: Audun Aschim Steffensen - hvaerlivetutenensolo_91@hotmail.com
Your the best Jason! Your mu absoultly favourite guitarist, and I love listening to your arpeggios with amazing sweep picking! You are the guitarist that has inspried me most!! Ive trying to learn "play like jason becker" in guitar techniques that came out before christmas, and its to hard for me!

26/01/06: Brendan Sloan - N/A
Jason, you're the most incredible person I've ever had the privilege to read about. I wish I could say "meet", but I haven't had that chance yet. Your incredible music and spirit inspire me so much I cannot express it with words. Your music will forever be a testament to your immense passion and emotion as a musician, and a person. I wish you all the best.

-- Brendan.

25/01/06: Leo Zuker - ringhal@hotmail.com
I´ve been playing guitar for 10 years now, and you´ve really been one of the greatest sources of inspiration, both musically and spiritually. I´ve come down to problems in life, and by your teachings I´ve learnt that nothing can stop a person´s will. Your mind is the strongest weapon, thanks for the road you´ve opened for every musician, and it would be great if more people could know about you. From Chile I send the warmest of hugs. Keep on rocking forever.

25/01/06: musician ko - rieco@netian.com
i am sorrow i want listen your guitar play..jason...
good luck

21/01/06: Phillip Jones - Philajones@hotmail.co.uk
Jason,you are a guitar-GOD. You are one of the very few reasons i chose to play guitar rather than drums coz I listened to intense way you played and put all emotion into your playing. Words can't describe how incredibly sorry I am for your loss of physical state but I have bought every CD you've been recorded on to support you. If there IS a God, He will rid you of this disease tonight and then you can shred with the best of them again. Take care buddy. :)

08/01/06: Damian B. - suchar77@hotmail.com
Jason You are my biggest inspiration off all , this guitar duo Cacophony and Your own projects are just a great peace of music ,I Wish you all the BEST - Damian B. from Montreal ,Canada

07/01/06: mark hopper - km_pee_duwee@yahoo.com
Jason Becker, you and your music will live on for ever you are not alone!!!!!!!!!We all love you NEVER give up.

26/12/05: Idan D - e_dan4sum41@hotmail.com
Jason is my true hero.... an inspiration and a musician that i learned a lot from.... the best guitarist in the world no doubt
if god knows how good person is becker,he should make him healthy again.... Becker WE Love you stay strong !!!

11/12/05: Czarek/Poland - authorcort@o2.pl
Jason Becker is the Man who`s killing me... Your playing it`s exsplosion of guitar talent and new guitar playing. I hope... Your music never gone...

08/12/05: Spiros Sofianos - Ssofianos@hotmail.com
Oo when i first heard of jason i was simply amazed... it was 5 years ago and still i hear his music with the same passion. he is an inspiration to me and keeps me getting a better player day by day... i love you. god give you strengh and courage...

25/11/05: Patrik Gardberg - puttrix81@hotmail.com
Thanx Jason, for all the inspiration you have given to me... Your music, guitar playing and inspiration will always be in my heart!! /Patrik from Sweden

22/11/05: carlos - carlosvm_07@hotmail.com
man dont forget the great player you are man keep rocking and thanks for al the great music you give us thanks man from Honduras to you u r the best

21/11/05: S.K. - gkrkic@iafp.com
The first thing i put in to my stereo when i'm feeling shitty is Go Off. What u played on that album, and Speed Metal Symphony, is beyond belief. U ARE THE BEST

28/10/05: Tim Bijveld - turboblub@hotmail.com
Jason, you are truly an amazing individual. You Rock with the capital R. You are an inspiritaion to me as a guitarist and as a fellow human being. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Take Care and thanks for everything. Tim

23/10/05: Sonalee Bhattacharyya - sunball@gmail.com
I just started listening to Perpetual Burn. I love it.

20/10/05: Paul Mc Guinness - sephiral@gmail.com the_low_down19@hotmail.com
I am more than just inspired than Jason. This guy is ultimately my guitar, and always will be. If you ever read this Jason, my respect and sadness go out to you.
You have written some beautiful music in my opinion. I only wish I posessed the skill to be able to play like you, and I doubt I ever will, but that doesn't mean I won't try and try harder.
Of course there are other people that you cna argue play just like you, but I don't believe they put anywhere NEAR the emotion you have put into your pieces. And that's what they are, beautifully constructed master works, every single one.
.. My only hope for you is a speedy recovery, and if I ever break into the music, part of my profits will be going into an ALS fund somewhere. I'm serious. :)
Live long, Jason.

With sincere gratitude,
Paul Mc Guinness, Ireland.

06/10/05: ramiro - antonio-alonzo@sbcglobal.net
i play bass but one of my most inspireing musicians would definetly have to be jason... he is the best guitar player i have ever heard and on top of that he inspires me to play a whole different instrument

03/10/05: augui - auguirokero@hotmail.com.ar
tengo 11 años y vivo en la argentina para mi fuiste y seguiras siendo el mejor guitarrista de todos ..sos una inspiracion para la guitarra

01/10/05: Damir - daco_daco@hotmail.com
Best guitarplayer of all times. Wish you the best

30/09/05: pablo - sephiroth_pol@hotmail.com

29/09/05: Pedro Knocking - pdkapa@hotmail.com
I'll shurelly tell all my friends, all my students and all my descendents that Jason Becker is a genious casted out the same tree as Pagganini him self. God works misterious ways... to misterious some times.
You will allways be playing your guitar in my mind!

28/09/05: schneider becker - schneiderbecker_@hotmail.com
hola me llamo schneider becker y tambien soy guitarrista y conoci la guitarra por tí, y he logrado grandes asañaz solo por tocar tu musica. por eso y por muchas cosas mas te doy gracias. www.schneiderbecker.tk

24/09/05: Stefano - pizzaiastefano@yahoo.es
Thanks for your music, you give me the inspiration for don't give up. You created something beautiful and unique, you created a legend. Keep that smile in your soul.

23/09/05: Jorge Ramon - ramoncitogarcia@hotmail.com

21/09/05: Luciano Ribeiro - lribeiro1974@gmail.com
Hola Jason. Espero que estes muy bien... nunca pierdas las esperanzas de sanarte, la medicina ha avanzado mucho. Sigue componiendo, busca refugiarte en Dios que ha sido nuestro creador. Solo Él puede hacer un milagro en tu vida. God Bless You

21/09/05: Michel - dement_gurkfan@hotmail.com
Listening to a masterpiece like The end of the beggining or watching the video clip were you play the Serrana arpeggios makes me wanna cry somtimes and that is the truth. You are one of the few musicians that can evolve such feelings for me. No matter what other people may say or think, I still think you are the greatest musicisian that has ever lived. Hope you'll get better and that you will be able to play again, that's one thing for sure I want to withness before I die...to sit infront of you and wath you play. Until then - Take care man!

06/09/05: qique - qique12569@gmail.com
jason, you're music inspires me more than ever..

06/09/05: Kevin Rezendes - stratdreams57@yahoo.com
Music to me is the tide rolling in at the beach, the wind through the trees, Your music forever will take your fans and i to those places. Stay cool!

24/08/05: John G - johnboy1241@hotmail.com
After i read your story on your site, I realized that you are not just an amazing musician, you are an amazing person. My mother was just diagnosed with alzhiemers and she read your story. She used to be down an depressed all the time but now she is trying to live her life to the fullest. You are truely an inspiration to me and my mother. i Thank you greatly.

17/08/05: duff - evh04@aol.com
Jason your an inspiration not only to music but life as well. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

15/08/05: Gaston (Argentina - Bs As - La Plata) - tongamusic@hotmail.com
Hola Jason !!!!!, antes que nada, GRACIAS, por toda la buena musica que nos has regalado. Mi nombre es Gaston, vivo en Argentina y tengo 21 años. SOy un fanatico tuyo, nunca escuche a alguien tocar y componer canciones como vos. Espero que a la argetina lleguen tus compacts originales. Es mi deseo que dia a dia encuentres la felicidad, y quiero que sepas q siempre brillara una luz en el mundo de la musica, gracias a tus canciones. GRACIAS!!!!!
PD: Si hay alguien de habla hispana que quiera intercambiar ideas acerca del mundo de la guitarra, pueden hacerlo.

14/08/05: Kevin Greenhalge - opeth2994@gmail.com
Jason, every time I listen to the songs you wrote, i hear genius. You music inspires me in all aspects. You are my favorite guitarist/musician ever. It would be my greatest feat to be able to play one of the pieces you wrote. STAY STRONG MAN.

13/08/05: Axl Schneider - thunder_kiss04@hotmail.com
God bless you Jason, we're the millions of lights that surround your path, all the guitarists and musicians, we are the millions of notes inspired by you that wish upon the stars to see you recovered and playing again, wishing you to recover, the struggle is tough and you've proven it takes more than a hard disease to break you down, STAY STRONG. No matter you're not playing now you've left a testament; -<your records>- and they will always be inspiration for more and more coming generations of musicians, and about your fans....we'll always be behind you to the very last moment, we'll never put you aside, cause simply..you're THE BEST....Thank You Jay, DON'T GIVE UP!!!

12/08/05: Geza Verik - gv39@aol.com
Jason, you are the best man. Your guitar playing gives me chills. Your mark on the music world will be everlasting. Your playing keeps me motivated to learn more and attempt to even attain 1/millionth of your talent would be wonderful. Stay strong man, we're all behind you. STAY STRONG.

11/08/05: Suz - Wikkedsister@aol.com

06/08/05: Ashek zaman - bjohnson046@msn.com
to jason
im a young one from a littel Country Bangladesh.
jason and only jason is my inspri... ... i know once day
he will come back , and will rock again . i will wait for that day .. i love you jason .

06/08/05: rajas italy - Axeman@hotmail.it
als....my mother has got it...keep on fighting this desease..you're great guy!!! thank you.

06/08/05: Tommaso - tommasosalvini@hotmail.com
Jason, I listen to your album, Perpetual Burn, from years... there are little words to describe it. And I will be not certain I use them..

05/08/05: Jay nocturnal - psychoholiday@yahoo.com
my guitar inspiration.. the true guitargod! never ever give up! jason becker.. comeback.. comeback..

05/08/05: Jay nocturnal - psychoholiday@yahoo.com
my guitar inspiration.. the true guitargod! never ever give up! jason becker.. comeback.. comeback..

29/07/05: Bruno - bruno_genio_19@hotmail.com
Jason fue un capo con la guitarra...para mi el mejor guitarrista dl mundo lejos..

22/07/05: VASSILIS - verdict94@yahoo.com

19/07/05: Fariz - faredrake@yahoo.com
To my guitar Hero..
U are my inspiration,all your song are masterpiece.U not sitting but u flying.U are great.
I hope 1 day u will recover.May God bless u

08/07/05: Tom - tom.deberardine@gmail.com
You are an extremely strong and talented person. You have inspired me in more ways than I can describe. You are one of the greatest musicians out there. Your music and your words have brought me to tears on several occasions. Stay strong Jason, you are truely a great man. You will stay in all of our hearts and prayers. -Tom

03/07/05: jonatan - bertil_gay@hotmail.com
man, what can I say about your music. I really love it. you got to stay strong and I hope that one day you will be able to play guitar again, im sure you will.

stay strong, love your music

02/07/05: Yap - yapemma@yahoo.com
take care and be patient!we get you skill and you technic to playing guitar.your the one my guitar idol beck!!

30/05/05: Mohammed - romano_hg@hotmail.com
You're an excellent guitatist brother. I like your style and sound. You are really a genius brother. I like your song Perpetual Burn, exceptionally excellent music. I pray for you to stay and get well brother. I love your music. You're one in a million.

29/05/05: Justin Braden - Prophecyrevealed@yahoo.com
Jason, You are what we all hope to become in our lifes, Thank you for your music and everything.

18/05/05: Doan - marvin_tears@yahoo.com
Your guitar playing and life stories do inspired me a lot in my playing and my attitude ...

keep the spirit alive mr. Jason 'cause you show us unlimited playing and to human values ...

15/05/05: Paul Evans - paul_evans_uk@ntlworld.com
I read your words on your web site this morning with tears rolling down my face - as a 35 year old now, I grew up listening to your music in my younger days - you were a true inspiration to me. If this world were fair, then you would not be going through this - but it's not, and to see the way in which you are dealing with it is remarkable...that's what touched me the most. And for the second time in my life, you are a true inspiration to me. Look at all of the heartfelt words these people have sent to you! You have touched so many people's lives, including mine. Best wishes to you and your family - stay strong of mind Jason, and be well. Paul.

09/05/05: Ricardo - masterbolt@hotmail.com
You can´t stop the fire from a Volcano. You can´t hold in your hand a tornado. You can´t touch the sun. But you can travel beyond your dreams. This is the best you can do. Keep fighting you battle because only truly heroes can do what you have do; freeze a volcano, had a tornado in your hands, and touch the sun.
You ALWAIS be the best guitar heroe in history. I´m sure you strength will help you to reach that level again. METAL WARRIOR; I salute you, and will try to play the best i can.

19/04/05: leonardo - blaickx@hotmail.com
where are you becker we're waiting you're new album. perpetual is a never ending album, perspective shows you can still make great music with the ALS disease. JB greatest guitarist ever

15/04/05: Suz - wikkedsister@aol.com
You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. You are truly a brilliant musician. Reading your story truly broke my heart. I can't even begin to fathom what you are going through? You should know that your many accomplishments will live forever amoung the true guitarists. Be well Jason {{hugs}}

01/04/05: Mohamad Zulkifli Jamaan - pe_staff@yahoo.com.sg
"The worst thing we have to fear is fear itself."
The strength and courage you showed the world is truly amazing.
A Great Guitar Icon you trully are, a great conqueror and model to all fellow guitarists. Smile always and think positive.

31/03/05: Zulhan Majid - epongz@yahoo.com
Jason, listening your 'perpetual burn' made me more brave to live..experiencing your 'perspective' made me know who i am in this great world.. hope u get better and continue play out all kind of feeling in music.. god bless u.

27/03/05: Matias Maldondado - mafiu_666@hotmail.com
Jason, en el mundo pocas personas como tu podrian expresarse asi con tu guitarra, y mas aun, combatir diariamente una enfermedad tan grave como esa, yo estoy seguro que algun dia mejoraras, y al igual que tu no pierdo las esperanzas, gracias por habernos regalado a musica y a motivarnos a ser mejores con la guitarra. Suerte

26/03/05: Bana - andrea.anastasi@infinito.it

26/03/05: bana - andrea.anastasi@infinito.it
the best whit malmsteen.............

24/03/05: Farid Flores - rffm54@hotmail.com
Sin duda el virtuoso mas grande de la guitarra. Gracias a su inspiracion he desembocado en su musica los mejores sentimientos y emociones. Su arte ha sido mi mejor compañia, Gracias Becker!en El Salvador falta mucho para apreciar por completo el arte pero hay muchos q te aman y respetan reconocemos genialidad!

23/03/05: Dennis - minds_eye144@msn.com
I listen to Jasons mucis so some years now, but I have never seen him play for realy.
Yesterday, I finally got a chanch to see him play from his Hotlick tapes. Man his is amazing.
Not only was he a great talent on the strings, but just the man him self.
When I saw there man, I got tears in my eye, I can't believe that this man is so strong in personality. I have the most deep respect for you Jason.
Warm and best regards,


18/03/05: Derek Avila - derek_floripa@hotmail.com
Jason Becker is an example of feeling in the guitar and at the same time agility, always I will go to try to search the musica that Jason makes... Here in Brazil, we will twist for you Jason! Good Luck!

13/03/05: Heikki Kokko - Heikki.Kokko@white-star.com
Thanks Jason for inspiration! Without you I´d propably quit playing. You´re awesome! I wish you all the best!

12/03/05: Ramy Rahal - tailz_from_the_kliff@hotmail.com
DUDE youare the fucking best.All your songs are so melodic , you and Friedman kicked ass!!

08/03/05: Gonzalo - perrolocoopus7723@hotmail.com
Jason, eres en verdad el más grande guitarrista del mundo; Yo empece escuchando grupos Heavys como Iron Maiden Black Sabbat etc Luego me interese por la guitarra pero lo hacia con el minimo interes asi que en los ensayos terminabamos alcoholizados y locos y no ensayabamos ni mierda. Paso el tiempo y al escuchar MALMSTEEN me senti identificado con el sonido y el sentimiento asi que tome la guitarra en serio. Pero al conocer tu música y al escuchar ALTITUDES fue como un shock que me dejo totalmente estremecido oir tanta velocidad, técnica pero con tanto sentimiento que segui buscando trabajos tuyos que resultaba muy dificil en mi pais BOLIVIA pero como Fan tuyo pude conseguir algunas cosillas más. Eso cambio todo para mi y al saber de la situación por la que tuviste que atravesar llegue a admirarte mucho más te doy gracias por la bella música que compusiste y que compones; y estoy seguro que en otra vida otro tiempo seguiras siendo el mejor guitarrista de todos los tiempos.

04/03/05: Zach - acemeister01@yahoo.com
Jason words cant explain how good u are. as soon as as i heard speed metal symphany it changed my whole perspection on guitar i was like god is that even possible. another time i saw u doing 1 handed harmonics an playing with a yoyo on the other. the things u could do, if i could only do half of it id die a happy man

04/03/05: alicia - cooperdickinson@hotmail.com
solo quiero decier que es todo un ejemplo a seguir mis respetos larga vida a un as de la guitarra!!!!!

28/02/05: ivan - akhenaten@abv.bg
jason you the best I live for you and for your music

28/02/05: Daivid Chang - mdkg24@yahoo.com.tw
I've never heard another guitarist could play like that!!

Jason is always amazine!

God bless

24/02/05: Gabe - angelito84@yahoo.com
Jason Becker is amazing! I've heard a lot of different guitarists and a lot of different styles, and I don't think there is anyone around today that can really equal Jason Becker. Peace and love, all the best.

24/02/05: Gustavo Díaz - bucaramanga25@hotmail.com
Ok, that's it!!!, Jason is tha best guitarrist at this world that anybody never had!!!, doesn't matter how r u right now, u r the best!!, that's all!!, no more!!!

23/02/05: Max - paprikajancsi@katamail.com
I've been playin' hard guitar from 10 years, but i cannot imagine me performing the incredible solos jason played when he was almost a kid. Real GENIUS, he is! You have all my Respect and admiration. We do not forget what amazing guitarist You have been!!! Thank You for giving us dreams in notes!!!

23/02/05: Niko - I dont have :S
All i want to say is that you are my idol and when you die im going to take a gun and shoot myself (joke ) well Jason you are my inspiration and i hope you recorver your health and play guitar again

Yours, and sry for my english,


21/02/05: Christian - Ottem
You rule dude!

18/02/05: José Henriquez - slashnakepit@hotmail.com
lo que puedo decir es que jason becker, a sido mi maxima fuente de inspiración, sus discos son exelentes, no se compara con nada ni nadie, el es único, si tan solo ubiese seguido tocando, si ese maldito q le arrebató su legendaria guitarra, no lo ubiese atacado, ahora seria el mejor, su fama creo q duró sólo 4 años, imaginense como estaría ahora, fué y es una gran promesa (por lo menos para mi lo es), su corto pasar, quedó grabado en mis sentidos.

arriba Jason!!!!!, sigue componiendo aquellas melodias dignas de los mas selectos oidos, yo se que el nunca se dará por vencido, logrará salir, yo se que puede.....gracias por inspirarme...

17/02/05: Meyer Fabio - meyer_fabio@hotmail.com
Switzerland, Montreux (VD)
Je voudrais rendre hommage à Jason Becker, qui a été une personne influente dans le choix de commencer cet instrument, il y a 13 ans.
Un guitariste talentueux certes, mais aussi d'une personnalité juste et admirable. On ne peut s'y tromper en écoutant les compositions que tu as écrites, qui reflète ta personnalité.

Je tenais à t'exprimer ceci, profitant de l'opportunité de ce forum. J'écoute tes disques et ca me fait un très très grand plaisir de pouvoir écrire ces quelques mots.

Je te souhaite tout le meilleur pour toi, tu es un grand homme parmis les grands.

Fabio Meyer

17/02/05: mercyo hunssein - mercyoguitar@yahoo.com.br
jason, voçê é realmente um dos maiores guitarristas deste mundo , me inspiro muito em suas musicas e me identifiquei com o seu estilo, é uma pena que essa doença tenha te tirado dos palcos, mas sua musica será eterna e serei sempre fiel ao meu idolo, força meu irmão e que deus te abençoe, um abraço do seu amigo e irmão mércyo.

15/02/05: José - abdiel_medina@yahoo.com.mx
David Says that he loves you, you are his God and his idol

11/02/05: Eric - pantera88@bellsouth.net
Your guitar playing is beyond anyone elses. Everytime i listen to your music it blows my mind away. You are the best and no one can even come close to being as good as you are. We love you man, i hope and pray that one day you'll be able to play once again. Your music and playing will forever be in our hearts.

11/02/05: taty - ultimatepharaoh@yahoo.com
You're a human behing, not only a great guitar talent. Hope your life will be as quiet as possible and with less sufference as possible. Keep on hoping Jason!!!:)

09/02/05: ivan - yazid@abv.bg
i hope you stiil alive you are a god

05/02/05: Emiliano gatti from argentina - Acuablade@hotmail.com
Well my comentary is the following I want to know if he still alive because some comentary i heared said me that he died please know reply me a mesagge and say me the trueee!!!!!!!!!!!

04/02/05: Koltan Huget - shred_is_not_dead682@hotmail.com
Nobody will every put as much emotion into their playing as you did. You are all that is guitar

I live for your music man

03/02/05: ricky - mrchopstick777@yahoo.de
Jason we love you !

01/02/05: Luke M - lukey_511@hotmail.com
Jason Becker, you are one of my fave guitarests of all. I love the stuff you have done especially stuff with Marty Friedman. I wish you all the best.

31/01/05: Mike - Mike6931669@aol.com
Jason, I'm a 14 year old guitar player, I used to consider Vai the best around until I ran into cacophony. No one can play like you. Maybe you can hit the notes but no one in the world can play with the solid tecnique, beauty, and grace you played with. Good lukc in your struggle with ALS, if anyone can gte through it you can.

25/01/05: Caleb - caleb_gonzalez@hotmail.com
Hi jason
Life is a secret the secret was "jason becker will be a leyend forever" thas truth thanks jason for your music.. for the heavy metal made to your people...I like your music is my best music of all my cds jason you are very courage I have your cds all your cds

well done well done I hope the best for you in your life and for your family

thx for the space sir jason

24/01/05: Arnout - Serrana.Arpeggios@gmail.com
jason becker.... WOWWWWW the way you play arpeggios.. the way you make your guitar sound woth your whammy bar..I cant explain how much im enjoying your music not only enjoing really.. feeling it.. you know.. living it.. Inspiring....thank oyu..

19/01/05: Leonardo - leojpsantos@hotmail.com
cara! eu sou do Brasil e digo que aqui nós amamos o Jason Becker! infelizmente essa doença dele o tirou dos palcos , uma pena , ele é simplismente perfeito, inspiração pra mim e muitos outros no Brasil e no mundo todo!

12/01/05: sebastian - kaiser_sud@hotmail.com
reconosco que no hablo mucho ingles asi que sera en español. bueno vi esta foto y no podia dejar de escribir para uno de los grandes de la guitarra, yo como guitarrista siempre he soñado con llegar a ser tan bueno como el ... ya que el es un prodigio de la guitarra.
pucha suerte, salud y de verdad muchas gracias por dar todo de ti ...un guitarrista como tu quedará en mi memoria
mi inspiracion, que puedo decir un talentoso guitarrista que se le debe mucho ... perdon a todos pero no hablo ingles

03/01/05: Carlo Torres - carlo_t0rres@hotmail.com
You are an inspiration in playing guitar! Get well soon!

31/12/04: Tommaso - tommasosalvini@hotmail.com
Jason, your fortitude surpasses enormously the your talent for guitar - The best guitarist of all of the times. ..good luck!

29/12/04: Thijs G. - masterofshred@hotmail.com
Jason, you changed my musical life by hearing some of your stuff, I really worship you, good luck

26/12/04: Jahudiel Contreras R. - jahudiel_na@hotmail.com
Jason, solo quiero decir que, tu eres mi idolo, mi modelo a seguir.. mi nombre es Jahudiel, hoy tengo 16 años y acabo de entrar a la preparatoria pero dejame decirte que a principios del 2004 cuando yo estaba en la secundaria estuve en un concurso de musica en el cual yo toqué la guitarra y llegué al primer lugar de mi escuela, despues al primer lugar de mi ciudad, luego al primer lugar de mi estado y llegué a quedar en 4to lugar de mi país (Mexico) en musica y primer lugar nacional en guitarra, todo esto me cambió la vida y he decidido dedicarme a la música lo que me queda de vida, pero todo esto no hubiera sucedido si nunca hubiera escuchado tu musica, tus canciones y tus solos, asi que, se puede decir que tu has cambiado mi vida.. eres mi dios, espero que leas esto (traducido a ingles) y me tomes en cuenta.. porque eres mi gran influencia, y recuerda: ROCK FOREVER!! =)

12/12/04: Gemon (CHILE) - jorjo_182@hotmail.com
I cant belive what happened to you, why...
Just go on continue making good music thats the way u can be forever in the memory of all the humans...

Good luck never surrender...

09/12/04: Ong Achara - ong_achara@yahoo.com
God Bless You, Jason

06/12/04: Josefo - josecitz@hotmail.com
Jason I hope you get to read this, I just want to tell you that you I admire you as a person, in your continue struggle, you're an ispiration for me and many people...for real.. I wish you the best

01/12/04: Adrian Solis - damnadat@yahoo.com
I'm still a big fan of cacaphony and yours. I read about how you deal with ALS. I admire you a great deal not only they way you played guitar but the way you battle ALS. I took a little of what you said and applied to my life. I'm sending a little goodness your way man.
Take Care Jason

30/11/04: Rafael Rôlo(Brazil) - rafaelrolo1986@hotmail.com
Jason, I could say that your music is far better than anything I´ve ever heard ,and it wouldn´t be a lie, but since everyone has already told you that, I´d just like to say thank you for the inspiration!Don´t give up!!!

29/11/04: Rusty Shacklefurd - gobanana910@msn.com
you are an inspiration in every way possible. Its a shame you are not more well known

22/11/04: daniel - strazza32@hotmail
damm you´re screwed up... I didn´t know you bettr heal because you do great music I love speed metal simphony

20/11/04: jesùs enrique aguinaga saavedra - skafloon@hotmail.com
jason, gracias por todas tus canciones, desde higuer... hasta air.
aunque en mi pais no te conocen mucho los que escuchan tus canciones, "como serrana" quedan admirados de lo que eres tu y es màs dan gracias de que siguas dandonos lo mejor de tì.
yo se apreciar mùsica... y por eso digo que todas tus de diferentes generos son muy completas y complejas. gracias por hacer mùsica y sigue adelante que tal ves un dìa recibas un regalo mio si e entero de tu mail ya que aqui es dificil tenerlo.

31/10/04: Daniel Concha Baird-Kerr - danielconcha_bk@hotmail.com
Jason Becker tu eres el mejor, siempre seras el mejor.
Yo soy de Chile y TU eres el idolo mio, y de mi hermano. Nosotros lloramos con tus temas, tu eres la persona elegida para la guitarra, yo creo que hay muy pocas personas que pueden lograr alcanzar esos 3 grandes puntos para ser un buen musico, que son Avilidad, Tecnica, Y sentimiento. si hay alguien que yo logro esos tres puntos, y aun sigue aprendiendo, eres tu, ya que independiente de como estes fisicamente, mentalmente eres un idolo, y un ejempk para muchos

28/10/04: Robert - allaballa_749@hotmail.com
Hey when i first heard your cd i cind of got field with warmnes and love..even my girlfriend got angry with me..!Jason i just want you to now that the musik that you have made is the best thing that ewer happanened to me..!

23/10/04: martin - tinchoboldo@hotmail.com
hi, im from argentina, jason you are the best..!!...we are waiting for your return...."a nice day for a big man"....

19/10/04: Cristian Forys - negromalmsteen@hotmail.com
well,what can i say.you are the most important person in my life as a musician.i really really admire you.like a person,guitar player,musician.i want to say thank you for all that you gave to the beatiful guitar.ahh!!please excuse my english,i am argentinian

15/10/04: Ferdinando - guitarfreak1983@hotmail.com
Jason you rulez!!! You really kick every asses in A LIL' AIN'T ENOUGH with DAVE LEE ROTH!!! ROCK, HARD ROCK, FUNK, BLUES! :)
You are a great musician and a great MAN!
We love you!

06/10/04: Szymon Andersen - szymon@secretispsorry.com
Jason Becker and Cacophony rules! hope you get well and start shredding again!

04/10/04: Ryan Wrobel - Tartaktribunal@hotmail.com
Jaso BEcker is the Fucking man. NOt many people can play like him. Not many people can have a tradgedy happen to them and still continue to help inspire and write music. He will always bea guitar GOd

03/10/04: Martin - superlucido@hotmail.com
hi jason, you are the biggest guitar player in the world rigth now, and I wahiting for your return all my life. I hope and good too. you got it!

30/09/04: rey - reyizan@yahoo.com
hi jason...
everyday when i woke up,I'll switch on my computer and listened to cacophony stuff..so amazing!!! Go Jason,g0!!!

27/09/04: Kit Lamb - kit@electricrequiem.net
You are my biggest influence in guitar playing thank you for making such great songs. I wish you all the best- Kit

25/09/04: Casey - dlaxer6@yahoo.com
Jason, for english class we had to write a paper about interprating songs, and what our favorite song was. It took me about a day to choose which song, but it didnt take any time to choose you. I ultimitly chose Go Off! beacause i really enjoy that song. After presenting my paper in front of the class, one girl asked if she could dontate money to ALS patients. Im now trying to start a school project to raise money for patients. I admire you so much for your positive outlook on life even in your situation. i wish you the best
- casey

25/09/04: juano - immortaldhb@hotmail.com
i have no words to describe your abbilities in the guitar simply you are awesome you are the guitar god.

20/09/04: Kyle Shannon - kyle@fugitivemind.com
Your an amazing human being, I wish I could see/hear whats going on in your brain.

19/09/04: victor - victorvalerah@hotmail.com

15/09/04: Jaime - jaimemichelle@hotmail.com
Hi Jason, Im just so glad i found another guitarist that inspires me. Your story has really touched me and I wish you the best. Love you man. Take care.

12/09/04: Anthony Palma - ShredChico@Aol.com
Since the day my guitar teacher let me hear Perpetual Burn, to the day I listened to Mable's Fatal Fables after ordering your cd, i have been awestruck by all elements of your music. I've listened to Gilbert and Angelo, Malmsteen and Vai, Kotzen and Howe, and you rise above all of them.Your an incredible inspiration as a guitarrist and an all around human being. You are not unheard man, don't lose hope, because the lord is good, and will one day end this trial that you have been burdened with. Even thogh I've been playing guitar for only one year and a half, and im only 15, you are the greatest influence to my playing. God bless you Jason, que te vaya bien.

-California, LA

10/09/04: Paco Luna - heavymoon_fm@yahoo.com.mx
I don't know if you came from heaven, hell or somewhere out in space, but you are the best guitar player in the world. Thanks a lot for your amazing music and be the inspiration of thousands of mortals like me.
Best wishes,

09/09/04: Robert Seed from Nottingham, England - robert.seed@ntlworld.com
A few mere words cannot convey my admiration for you and your music, but here goes.
Jason, I think you are a truly unique person. You have an outlook on life that is both beautiful and sublime. To have endured such hardships yet remained positive and forward looking is humbling. I am so glad your spirit has found happiness in your family and friends. If I ever feel down or get frustrated about life, I think back to when I first heard your story and your determination spurs me on. With your attitude one could accomplish almost anything!
The other thing I would like to say is - BOY, CAN YOU PLAY THAT GUITAR OR WHAT! The first time I heard your CD I almost fell off my chair. I've been playing guitar myself since I was 15 and since then I had been looking for emotive, classical-based, intelligent guitar music - that rocks! You hit the nail on the head in what I was looking for. Your style of playing sounds like what I'm trying to achieve with my own playing, if only I had your flawless technique! Thanks for all the cool music over the years, everyone who hears me playing your CD's absolutely loves it. You are still reaching many people with your music. 'Perspective' was a stroke of genious by the way.
Thats my piece said. Good luck Jason and best wishes for the future.

28/08/04: Augie - augie3322@aol.com
Jason, first off, the best of wishes go out to you as you face ALS. Everytime I hear your songs, I want to play guitar and get better; hopefully to make music as beautiful as yours some day. I'm only 18, so I have a long way to go, but I will remember your music and your courage always. You are truly one of the greatest guitar players to have ever played. Everytime somebody hears your music, it lives on another day. And everytime you inspire somebody else to play (and it happens ALOT), your music reaches so many more people through others. I would just like to thank you for inspiring me, and helping to make me a better musician and a better person. Anytime there is some sort of ALS function around my area, I donate whatever I can because of you. I think that is the best of all of your accomplishments, helping others beat ALS and setting an example of strength and courage.
- greatest of fans, Bryan Augustynowicz

26/08/04: Jorge Romero - koke_ufc@hotmail.com
Jason,(sorry for my english) i just want to say that every second i admire you more. The only think that i wish in this moment is to see you playing and going crazy with a guitar in your hands. You are in my heart and in heart of every one who have listened to your music.

I love u man!!!! Gods of rock and metal blees you.

25/08/04: Logan - ramon_cases@hotmail.com
Jason, your are a inspiration for those who lost hope because a worthless problem, you go beyond anything!! i know you'll get through this! Miracles are a common reality that God give us everyday, just if we really trust... Hope and Faith brother...;)

21/08/04: Connor Manning - gunsnroses07@sbcglobal.net
Well, no other way to say this, but you are my god.

19/08/04: Richard Pompano - Robpano221@aol.com
Even though i am only 16 one thing you taught me you taught me is that a great guitarist doesnt only have to shred so fast that woodchips fall off the guitar or has to play hour long solos to be recognized. You taught me that heart and dedication is the key to being a great player, listening to your playing was a new begining for me because now i understand the heart you put in your playing. Even now when you submit segments in guitar magazine you have a positive outlook even though you have a horrible disease. The positive attitude you show in those aritcles show the heart you still have for the guitar even though your unable to pick it up.

Your freind forever,
Richard Pompano

14/08/04: PABLO LOVERA - mordoghell@hotmail.com
Jason eres el mejor ahora y siempre
Thank you for your music and inspiration

12/08/04: Gabriele - gabriele_cg@libero.it
Jason Becker, The Absolute God Of the Guitar!!

07/08/04: Brenden Dant - swiggy@verizon.net

You are truly a great inspiration to me, and everyone else. Stay strong my prayers and thoughts are with you

love and respect, brenden dant

07/08/04: Edilson (Brasil) - gugohard@yahoo.com.br
Hello Jason. You're simple the best!!! Long Life to you my brother!

01/08/04: marco - marcoxstx85@yahoo.it
jason you are the best guitarist

27/07/04: Johan - enstorigajohan@hotmail.com
Jason, youre the man. the one and only. good luck.
I love you

22/07/04: Jenia Nemzer - jenian@walla.com
Jason, you are one of the reasons I started playing guitar.
I wish you luck. You can win the ALS.
and THANK YOU. We all love you.

20/07/04: Matt Pannett - twisted_matt@hotmail.com
Jason, your an inspiration to everyone, and make people appreciate life to the fullest, thanx. - Matt

14/07/04: Joe - sparabeeper@videotron.ca
You are more a gunslinger now than ever before.

10/07/04: Nick - Dreamspace20000@yahoo.com

07/07/04: Tak - Taksteen@yahoo.com
Even in that condition, you play better than most new bands.

m/ SHRED m/

23/06/04: Nicholas Leur - meliboeus@oxygen.ie
Jason, thank you for letting me listen. you play with your heart and the world respects and admires you for every sacrifice you made for yourself, your family, friends. your music is a vast inspiration to me, maybe some day i'll have the inner peace you do to play as fully as i know i can. salute!

18/06/04: bryan - luczkiw@uiuc.edu
you're playing is still as much an inspiration in 2004 as it was in the mid 1980's. maybe one day i'll have Seranna down, but simply playing the notes is a world of difference from playing with the beauty, grace, and poise that is your trademark. God bless you with your fight, never give up, your playing will live on through the hands and amps of the millions you inspired
all of my love

18/06/04: justin - jaycampbell@btinternet.com
I have been trying to get reliable info about you for at least four years now.I just got a computer a mounth ago and have used it mostly to find out how you are.its fantastic to hear you havent got any worse.By the sounds of it you have managed to grab hold of hope,happiness and humour.You are an insperation to us all.Talk again soon.Justin.

08/06/04: Fernando - dfm86@hotmail.com
What can I say, as a guitar player you have been of enormous inspiration and a role model to many, as a man you have been twice al that. Rock on!!!!

07/06/04: RY - jabronyan85@yahoo.com
Jason Becker....you are awesome.

29/05/04: Dean Lomax - dean1974uk@yahoo.com
Jason, I'm not a guitarist, I know I was born to listen and not to play (it's a good job coz i can't hold more than 2 bars). Music has always affected me emotionally and non more so than the brightest colours and kaleidoscope of images and emotions that your wonderful playing has provided me.
I've never considered myself as a holy person, but I will say many prayers for you Jason. You are an inspiration to so many people and your courage and determination touches the very depths of my soul.

25/05/04: ahad - ahad_boss@hotmail.com
hi...please know that i'm coming for you..with your
serrena.in heart
altitudes.in mind
air. in pain
perpetual burn.in joy
rain in sorrow
speedmetal symphony in anger
and go off! in desire..

thanx for all the inspiration and goodwords...just know people of bangladesh love you...

24/05/04: cati - catyqwerty@yahoo.com

23/05/04: crystal mountain - oneinplanet@yahoo.com
We love u jason.I hope u get better soon.keep on fighting u'll win

17/05/04: Christina Koussouni - chk_chillin@hotmail.com
My thoughts are with you day and nite.I wish things for you out loud thinking it might be the only way i will be heard.You made a big difference and all my positive energy is with you.Thank you for your music.

15/05/04: RubenAVC - convil_1@yahoo.es

12/04/04: NICK - MM

27/11/03: jorge - jorgex17@hotmail.com
...and thanks for your music

27/08/03: Acea Lashley - acealashley@yahoo.com
I play guitar...like most here.
It is hard stuff man and you found a way to do it.
when I first heard you I was listening to cacophony thinking, "wow! Marty is better here than in megadeth!!" than I watched a video o.o;;;;;;;
I saw you do your serrana arpeggios on a clip you did at atlanta institute of music and I was freaking out.
I have been a religious listener ever since and I am starting to blaze the arpeggios...I will always hold you as the greatest...
not just playing but also your struggle...

everyone give it up for the best dude in the world, jason becker


14/07/03: Utku - vildane@tnn.net
Listening & playing your music is never easy.When i first met with your cd's,i begged to myself that i should'nt play guitar.You gave music so much thing that i can't count...Fight forever man!Good luck...

21/03/02: Pawe³ - pmoskal@wp.pl
Hello Jason
Thanks for everythink you done for us for music. You and Marty are mt favorite players. I live in Poland and I tell you here are great guys who love you and your music. Hey maybe someday you visit our country which all guys from Cacophony??!!
All the best

09/01/02: Tim Paone - morrow_777@hotmail.com
Thanks for inspiring me Jason, I have always looked up to you.......you are one in a million bud!

23/12/01: Gonzo - GonzoBass@aol.com

You are an inspiration to us all.

In your strength, determination and vision lie a path and way of life that is a testimony to the human spirit. Thank you for your music and your love of life.

May God bless you always Jason.



23/12/01: Jeffrey Ryan Smoots - jeffrey@jrsmoots.com
Jason, you are a continuing inspiration to my music. God bless you and your family, and Happy Holidays!

23/12/01: Ken Tamplin - kentamplin@adelphia.net
Jason, I can't imagine what have been going through. It's amazing how you taught the world about guitar, and continue to teach us about courage, strength and gratefulness. I can only pray that God will touch you and be with you in your time of need and that he would continue to use you as a light to us all. Jason, If you ever need someone to pray with or just communicate with, please contact me. Your friend, Ken Tamplin

23/12/01: Michael Prince - mdprince@aol.com
Jason ... all of us in Legs Diamond and our families wish you strength, courage and a positive attitude, and we also thank you for your wonderfull music - past, present and future. mp

23/12/01: Keith LuBrant - webmaster@keithlubrant.com
Jason, you are a strength to everybody that knows you. The GFTPM poster that had your story made me really stop and appreciate life. I wish you all the best and remember that there are a whole bunch a people that really look up to you. Not just for your guitar playing, but for the way you look at life. I am glad that I can be a part of your tribute album.

13/12/01: Alan - Malmsteen@beethoven.com
Hey Jason!
Ese impetu que tienes tu, esa fuerza que tuviste, tal amor por la musica es algo que de ninguna manera podria ser pasado por alto a cualquier persona que escuche la musica, como Beethoven aun despues de surdo y muerto de asco por la vida hizo cosas que ningun ser humano podra hacer, asi te veo yo a ti...
Lucha hermano, lucha por eso que nos une a todos los que somos capases de llorar escuchando una melodia, o de pasar del odio total a la felicidad con tan solo escuchar una canción, eres unico hermano!

Forever Jason Becker!!!!!!!

12/12/01: Carlos Soto - krlsk@hotmail.com
Jason, i see Jesus through you, you are what it inspires to me to live, there are few words in my repertoire to explain what I feel for you. Thanks for being the one that changed the way i think about life.
Keep on, never surrender, you must go on.

06/12/01: Orlando Gomez - nighttheater@hotmail.com
Hey jason, I'm a fan from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I only have around 2 years playing guitar, and I must say you are one of my greatest inspirations to play the instrument... and your work puts you up there with the best guitarist in history, defenitly the guitar world can be slipted between before Jason Becker and after Jason Becker... keep up the good fight man!


18/11/01: bryan jordan - bryanjordan26@hotmail.com
DLR's A Little Ain't Enough is one of my favourite records in the world. Thank you for being such a big part of it.

07/11/01: stelios b - cat 97@ath.forthnet.gr
i wish to say something more than keep on the good fight.Maybe there is God, maybe there isnt , but you are the finest example of all that human creatures deserve the rightr to live and bring hapinessamong each other.i hope your music keep us smiling for along time and to have you with us for a long time more.May you see some improvement, soon , we all think of you and hope the best for you

05/11/01: Cristian Carrillo - piccoro@directo.cl
You are really something to the eyes of god,he made you such an incredibly gifted musician, and put such an horrible proof, but until now you showed us all that your spirit is way bigger than your terrible circumstance.You are not alone ,god loves you, remember he gives his hardest tasks to his most beloved.FUERZA JASON. From a chilean guitarrist that can express no other words than thank you

03/11/01: buzz - platinum4uk@yahoo.com
All the best

31/10/01: Kaine - smiths@kisser.net.au
hi jason! my names kaine smith. i too play guitar and i find your music and guitar playing very inspiring. i wish you all the best in your fight against als and offer my condolences towards your friends and family. keep smiling :)

31/10/01: Jason Biggs - jlynnb1@yahoo.com
Just wanted to let you know that as much as you inspired me through your music, you've inspired me that much more through your strength and determination battling this terrible sickness. You are always in my prayers.

Jason L. Biggs

19/10/01: Klaus Jakobsen - klaus@fergiefrederiksen.com

Thanx for your great contributions to the world of music! Really love your albums and music. Hope and wish all the best for you, your health and your family.

Best Regards

Klaus Jakobsen,
Webmaster The Official Fergie Frederiksen Website

06/10/01: Francesco Fareri - gtfareri@yahoo.com
Hi Jason,
I'm so influenced by your music and I would like to say only thanks for all...you were my "teacher" on music and not only!
All my prayers are with you.



17/08/01: Jimmy Goudinoudis - skata@yahoo.com
I LOVE YOU !!! The only thing i can say. I am about 17 years old and i can't undrstand the technique that comes out from your magic hands. I will pray for you from the bottom of my heart. Please don't loose your faith !!! The email adress that i gave is not the wright one. I'm sorry but i'm afraid of giving my adress. No one knows what might could happen.

25/07/01: P.J. - dominion7@yahoo.com
Thank you for your musical input in my life.
Look towards Jesus.

25/07/01: takanori suzuki - szki@d5.dion.ne.jp
dear jason
i respect you from the bottom of my heart. you are not only great guitar player/songwriter,but also a man with strength .
i want to say thank you. and i wish you well

23/07/01: Brendan - bfirem@hotmail.com
Best of luck and life. As the many quotes here testify, we're with you.

23/07/01: Stephen Doran - Stephen@sdoran.fsnet.co.uk
Keep Fighting On Jason My Family Prayers are with you and your own family

Jason, keep up the fight and i hope you get well soon - we all miss your amazing talents as a person and a musician. Good Luck.

23/07/01: Jesus Ruiperez - jesusweb2001@hotmail.com
Hi JASON. I have no words to express what I feel when I see someone suffering the way you do. It doesn't matter if you are or not a famous guy. All I can do is give you my strength to carry on. I know you're a strong man. A lot of people gives you their best wishes. Please be strong and keep the faith. Jesus from Spain.

22/07/01: steve kirtland - stevekirt@hotmail.com
Jason, you are one of the best guitar player in the world!
you must win against als, because all the lovers of true music need you.

best regards
steve from france

16/07/01: alex siedler - lxs@firemail.de
Thanx for the music jason. Your a real inspiration musically and personally. Take care -ALEX

21/06/01: Chris Heaven (Italy) - chris-heaven@libero.it
Hi Jason, best wishes from a friend that live in the other side of the world. We love ya...always!


16/06/01: Pat Heath - pattyposs@hotmail.com
Dearest Jason. Having heared your tribute album was being put together, I HAD to submit a track, as I have always found the music of yourself and Marty such a massive inspiration. I am a competant player, but GO OFF was the hardest thing I have ever, ever had to do. An old guitar teacher said to me once - If you inspire one person, you've done your job. I was inspired. so are all these people here and thousands more. That is something no-one can take away. God Bless you.

15/06/01: Murat Guclu - muratguclu@anet.com.tr
Hello Jason,
Thanks for you music.Your albums are my all time favorites and they will always be.I am waiting forward for the tribute album.
Never give up,never give in and your dreams will come true

13/06/01: Myriam Ines Onchimiuk - myon@sion.com
Jason: all the best for you. You are in my prayers. I really appreciate you. I am shure you will be fine. Love. Myriam

13/06/01: Rafael Espinoza - rafaelwe@enq.ufrgs.br
I´m just a single brazilian who admires your life and music (sorry for my terrible english). I´m not a musician, but I apreciate music, mainly rock and of course, guitar, and I know that u r one of the best musicians in the world. Perpetual Burn shows your perfect aproach on the guitar, but also an intense musicalship. Perspective seems to be a breath, a sensive display of musical feelings. Beeing so, I would like to say that u r friend for me, a guide of inspiration and strenght and will b 4ever in my mind.

12/06/01: Jason Middleton - mjmiddleton@yahoo.com
Jason - I would like you to know, from deep within my heart and soul, I hold positive thoughts for you and always will. You have been a tremendous inspiration from the beginning (I still have a letter you wrote me back in 1988 - including the guitar pick you enclosed with the letter). I find your inspiration even more profound now. Be well my friend.


-Jason Middleton

12/06/01: Len McPherson - themcphersons@msn.com
you hang in there, buddy. Whatever is going on, always remember that you have inspired us enormously with your music, but more importantly, the way you live your life everyday. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Take care my dear friend, Len, a fan

12/06/01: Mike Reschke - mreschke@carlson.com
I'll never forget the show Cacophony did on the truck trailer in Minnesota. You and marty were playing your solos with your pants around your ankles. That was hilarious!. Peter Marino was the producer in the band I was in, Scream Parade you opened for you. We recorded at Prairie Sun and that is were I met you. We got to see Cacophony rehearse. Some great memories. Good luck and don't ever give up!

11/06/01: crazy derek - kngdymond@aol.com
keep up the fight bro
everyone is behind you (as always)


11/06/01: Matt Williams - matt.williams@which.net

Thanks for some brilliant albums. Their endearing qualities mean that they're just as relevant, inspiring
and listenable as they were 10 or more years ago. Thanks for giving us such great music.


Matt, Newport, UK

10/06/01: peter - pmanwilde@aol.com
can't wait for the tribute cd, at least we'll all be able to contribute to you in some small way...........
keep fighting

10/06/01: Joe Klusti - jbklusti@aol.com
Jason, I work for a company that builds/repairs custom wheelchairs for people with disabilities. I also play guitar. While my talent nowhere near approaches yours, I wanted to say thanks for continuing to write music on computer. You are an inspiration to people with disabilities everywhere. I bring up your name with some of my clients to let them know that they can still be creative and let their minds run free. Thanks!

09/06/01: Joe Balusik - josephj@toast.net

Keep fighting the good fight! As I never got the chance to see you play live, I always hoped to, and I need you to keep fighting so tha tone day in the near future I may watch you bend notes and crunch chords on stage.

Keep writing music, as the world needs joy.



08/06/01: lisa thomas - lisa.jones4@ntlworld.com
Thank you Jason for all your wonderful and inspiring music that has given me so much joy over the years which continues to inspire. "Higher" and "Air" are two of my favourite songs.
I really can't wait to hear the tribute CD, happy birthday to you and get well soon...
Lisa, Wales UK.

08/06/01: Cyril Achard - cyril.achard@wanadoo.fr
As you know, I'm fan of your music since the early begining.
You really learned me a lot about approaching music, and also helped me fell better sometimes... Cause it's your heart that's reaching me through your music.
I'm very proud to play on this tribute.
I love you man !

08/06/01: Niclas/Alyson Avenue - oniclas@hotmail.com
Dear Jason!
We all need you and your touch into music. We really hope you´re getting better soon.

Take care
Alyson Avenue

08/06/01: EDWIN RIVERA PEREZ - erivera32@yahoo.com


08/06/01: John Inman - johninman62@hotmail.com
Hi Jason, not much I can say that has'nt been covered other than we're here for ya' brother! You continue to inspire on much deeper levels than mere guitar playing, and THAT serves a high purpose:-) On to a CURE!!!!

07/06/01: Tore Østby - tore@ark-music.com
Thanx a lot for the great music and inspiration you have given us! You have all the reason in the world to be proud - you've had opportunities and experiences most people only can dream of. But most important, you gave what you've got - it will certainly be to your benefit! Embrace the day!

07/06/01: Mistheria - mistheria@hotmail.com
Dear Jason, I don't know you personally but your music says all to me! I'm honored to be involved in your tribute album, it's a way, for me, to tell "thank you"!

Sincerely, Mistheria

07/06/01: B.J Laneby / MILLION - band@million.o.se
Jason, I wish You all the best. As You´re a guy with big talent and so much fighting spirit my thoughts are with You.
We were asked to participate on the tribute cd, but unfortunately timing problems couldn´t be solved. Just wanted You to know that there´s people over in Scandinavia that cares!
Keep rocking & best wishes! /B.J (Swedish hardrock band MILLION)

07/06/01: Alfredo Chávez - alfredo_ch@hotmail.com
Jason, you're simply amazing. Great guitarist, great all around musician and on top of that, a simply amazing person. You'll always be a big source of inspiration. -Alfredo

07/06/01: Jerry Gervasi - jer@gervasi.net
I just wanted to wish you well, and I hope your upcoming birthday is a happy one! No one has forgotten your tremendous talent - you've made an enormous positive impression on Planet Earth; thanks for all the inspiration you've given people everywhere. Stay strong. And again, Happy Birthday!

07/06/01: Tim Padilla - ontap2@earthlink.net
I would like to take this oppertunity to thank you for all you have given us musician and music lovers alike. You've always raised the mark! Being a fellow eastbay guy, I've followed your career sence forever, and will always continue to look for what new endeavors or inspirations you create. Rock on brother!

07/06/01: stu - australia - mettalion@hotmail.com
Dear Jason:
The tastiest, the fastest, the craziest - my favourite Gt player.
Chin up my friend from all your fans here in australia.
You are talented beyond belief and have offered incredible inspiriation to the lucky ones to have heard your music.

all the best mate.

07/06/01: ed glass - requests@net1plus.com
jason....i hope you keep up your courage,and fight to get through this horrible disease...... we'll play your trib.cd guaranteed when we get it..... good luck...ed glass/www.electriceyeradio.com

07/06/01: Kathie Jarra - jarrakarma@aol.com
You are a Shining Example of the Human Spirit.
Thank You for sharing your Soul with all of us.
I think of you often and send you my best wishes.
Kathie Jarra
Lion Music Artist

07/06/01: Dave Martone - martone@ultranet.ca
Hello Jason. I am always wondering why things turned out the way that they did but I am so happy that you gave us what you could of your talents and the world is a better place because of it. Dave

07/06/01: Edwin Rivera Perez - erivera32@yahoo.com
I thank's GOD, for all support that people are giving to you
especially of your MOM & brothers. I'm supprise for your courage and strength, it make me more positive to see life. I had all your cd's (cacophony, David lee roth, Ritchie Kotzen, and your 3 solos projects). GOD BLESS YOU,AND Thanks for backing some of the greats in music and for your songwriting contributions.

07/06/01: Mika Koso - modiale@kolumbus.fi
Jason you rock! I hope all the best for you and your music will be remembered forever!

07/06/01: Dean - illyae@swbell.net
Jason just wanted to say, you are an incredible person. All my life i look for inspiration, and you are an inspiration!! Keep looking ahead, and thank you for being someone to look up to.

Best Regards Dean Taylor

06/06/01: Alex Belisle - abelisle@davisad.com
Jason, having had a Grandmother with ALS I appreciate your strength and courage in battling this horrible disease. I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers. GOOD LUCK--Alex