Jesse Harms The Best Of What I've Got Indie
Produced By: Jesse Harms

Running Time: 48.42

Release Date: Out Now

Released: US

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 87%
Sound: 85%
Jesse Harms is another name that may not be a household name, yet he has contributed so much to the rock scene over the years.
This is his first solo record after more than twenty years making other people look good. Best known as Sammy Hagar's keyboardist and songwriting partner, Jesse has also written classics for Heart, Eddie Money, Freddy Curci, BB Steal and REO Speedwagon to name a few.
The Best Of What I've Got is an amply titled album. Featured here are several new songs alongside Jesse's own versions of some of the tunes recorded by other artists.
The album was recorded throughout 2004 and features the multi-talented Harms on lead vocals, keyboards and percussion. Joining Jesse on the album is some other well known names. Drums are performed by "the mighty" Ron Wikso (Greg Rollie, Cher, The Storm, David Lee Roth, Foreigner); Guitars are by Vic Johnson (Hagar), Dave Amato (Speedwagon) and several others and Bass is performed by Ricky Phillips (Babys, Bad English, Styx) and John Paul McClean.
Jesse's solo style is a mixture of classic AOR with a more stripped back Midwestern feel the album contains an earthy, organic rock n roll feel. All of these influences are featured on the album as it rolls through some varied material, all recorded with the vibe way to insure a cohesive sounding and easily flowing album.
Kicking off the album is the breezy, laid back Down On The Beach, which could easily have found itself on a Hagar album, had the singer had the good sense to ensure Jesse stayed with his band.
Things've Changed and Both Sides are both Jesse versions of tracks included on Hagar solo records. Both tracks feel natural and at ease in this surrounding and have a real charm to them.
Hold It And Cadillac Ranch are the most stripped back and organic tracks, with a country/southern rock edge that showcases Jesse's diverse writing abilities.
Walk On Water (recorded by Eddie Money), All I Want Is You (recorded by Alias' Freddy Curci) and Make Me A Believer are all great examples of Jesse at his melodic rock/AOR best.
And Chasing Down The Wind is a particularly great ballad co-written with John Waite and Charlie Midnight. There exists an original version with Waite on vocals, but he blocked the use of it when Jesse proposed it be included on my first MelodicRock compilation CD. Jesse's lead vocals fit the song perfectly and it rates as one of the best tracks of the album.
The Bottom Line
A long time coming, this will hopefully only be the start for Jesse Harms the solo artist. There is no debating the quality of the songs just have an open mind for the varying style and his warm, raspy vocals. Well produced and performed, this is a quality record from a quality artist. Would definitely suit many Sammy Hagar fans and sit alongside Marching To Mars and Red 13 with ease.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
The Best Of What I've Got

Line Up
Jesse Harms: Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Vic Johnson, Dave Amato + More: Guitars
Ron Wikso: Drums
Ricky Phillips, John Paul McClean: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Sammy Hagar - Marching To Mars
Midwestern AOR
Track Listing
Down On The Beach*
Things've Changed*
Chasing Down The Wind*
Hold It
Both Sides
Walk On Water*
Cadillac Ranch
Gypsy Road*
Last Night
Make Me A Believer
All I Want Is You*
--*Best Tracks

29/01/10: Kat Combs -
Rating: 90
Jesse, It is the only cd played in my car anymore. Ron's too. He keeps giving his away, he says it's only a loan but I haven't heard it in a while coming from his vehicle. I have one in my kitchen and another in my car and when are you going to release another?

03/03/05: Laurent -
Rating: 98
The title says it all... even though I am sure that Jesse has more in store for us. First of all, I have to say than anything featuring Ron Wikso on drums gets my vote. He's a WONDERFUL BRILLIANT GROOVY TASTEFUL drummer. The best in this genre since Jeff Porcaro and Carlos Vega passed away IMHO.
Two things make this album an absolute must-have : a) outstanding songwriting and b) superb vocals. I knew that Jesse was a talented songwriter but had no idea how a great singer he is. Andrew's review pretty much reflect what I think of this album even though I give it a higher rating because a) I am a huge fan of this style of music but mainly b) because Jesse's personnality shines throughout. He plays the songs the way they were meant to be played and his versions of "Both Sides Now" and "Walk On Water" are better than the originals IMHO. In that genre (AOR/Midwest/rock), this album is one of the best ever released. Take a few listenings and dive deep in Jesse's world. You'll hear a lot of beautiful notes. His music is much deeper than it sounds. Did I mention I love the vocals ? :-)

19/02/05: guillermo -
Rating: 90
UN buen album me lo vendieron como westcoast aunque tiene un saborcillo a lo que yo llamo rock americano.

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