Jimi Jamison Crossroads Moment Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Jim Peterik & Larry Millas

· Running Time: 70.06

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 97%
Sound: 96%
I have been looking forward to reviewing this album for months, so it is a little disappointing for me not to be able to get this done prior to the album's release.
But here we are now…
The upside of this review is that the folks out there that made it a priority to grab this album as soon as it was released will now have had the time to live with it for a while and hopefully will come to the same conclusion as I have – that the album is a melodic rock masterpiece!
I heard the original demos to some songs on this record more than a year ago and have lived with other tracks for several months, which gives me the ability to know this record inside and out and I truly can't see how anyone could not think this was a wonderful record and one of the very best of 2008 and any year for that matter.
My admiration for both Jimi J and Jim Peterik is no secret, but at the same time both artists have over time delivered material I thought could have been improved upon.
Not so in this case – I think the extended process of writing and recording this album has allowed the duo to nail the material.

Jimi Jamison's last vocal effort was on the Survivor release Reach. It was one of those releases that I felt could have been so much better and Jimi's own vocal performance was mixed. Perhaps it is down to the producer behind the project knowing just how to get the very best performance out of the singer, as Jimi sings better here than he has since the days of Too Hot To Sleep.
And in writing for his old partner, Jim Peterik has dug deep to deliver the best and most consistent set of songs since prime era Survivor and the debut Pride Of Lions release.
I believe the production and general sound quality on this album is also the very best since the 80s with a solid rhythm section driving the songs and a range of guitar and vocal overdubs really fattening out the sound and giving people something new to hear each time they listen.
The sound of the album is no great surprise – it mixes Jimi Jamison's classic AOR voice with the Jim Peterik sound established since his days in Survivor.
The general style mixes classic Survivor with Pride Of Lions (after all, those musicians remain the core backing band here) and touches of Jimi solo material (Empires) and Jim's own pomp/theatrical leanings.
For me it is a very natural and organic sound and re-establishes Jimi as a solo force. It also in my mind, blows the last Survivor album out of the water and equally, is more impressive than the last couple of Pride Of Lions records.
In other words – everyone delivers and delivers impressively.
Song highlights are many. I rate every track on this album depending on my mood – there are no weak tracks at all. But as my mood varies I do have certain favorites at any given time – once again the sign of a strong and consistent record.
To single out certain tracks and not mention others feels like I'm being disrespectful to those not mentioned, such is the quality of the record – so I'll just mention them all!

Battersea – the opening rocker proves Jimi can still deliver rock with a punch and guitarist Tommy Denander deliving that punch with some inspired riffing.
Can't Look Away – a hard hitting song about the poor and society in general, featuring a gritty hard rock guitar riff. Catchy song, but more so after repeat listens.
Make Me A Believer – pure 80s Survivor with a frantic pace and some great keyboard fills.
Crossroads Moment – one of the songs of 2008 or any year for that matter. This is a timeless classic that is urgent, warm and consoling, uplifting and inspirational. I absolutely adore this song and it rates as one of the best JP songs I have heard.
Bittersweet – pure 80s soul with a cameo from Mickey Thomas. Jimi's vocals are superb and the chorus another 2008 highlight.
Behind The Music – the song that kicked it all into gear (along with Crossroads Moment). Classic Survivor here and another killer track.
Lost – one of the great ballads of the year and one of Jimi's best vocal in a long time.
Love The World Away – A soaring rock anthem at a cracking pace to really drive the album into higher gear.
She's Nothing To Me – the choruses just keep getting bigger. This is a classic Pride Of Lions style rocker, just with Jimi sailing over the top.
As Is – One of the very best ballads Jim has written and sang with perfect emotion by Jimi. What a monster chorus and a heartfelt message delivered with a ton of vocal passion.
Till The Morning Comes – A driving mid-tempo melodic rocker with another strong chorus and another classic Survivor style track.
That's Why I Sing – a mid-tempo feel good melodic rock anthem that for me is another highlight. A simple and joyous song.
Friends We've Never Met – absolute brilliance! Singing about the bands fans and the audience at a live show, this track deserves to be the closing encore song. It just gets bigger and bigger and the blazing guitar work towards the end is stunning.
A perfect live song and a really energetic way to bring the album to an almost conclusion.
The honors of closing the album for real go to When Rock Was King, another quirky song that features several guest vocalists such as Dave Bickler, Mickey Thomas, Mike Reno, Joe Lynn Turner and Don Barnes. It is a novelty song that reflects on the glory days of rock n roll and is an enjoyable, less serious song.
Bonus tracks for various territories include the moody rock ballad Alive, which keeps the quality of the album's main material.
The Japanese bonus track is the more effective and haunting Streets Of Heaven, reflecting on those loved ones lost. A smooth and emotional vocal and a worthy track to add to the album.
The Bottom Line
A world class melodic rock album that any major label would have been proud to release. A terrific and well thought out set of songs and performances from all to be proud of – especially Jimi himself. One has to hope this is just the beginning of a new era between the two Jim's and as far as albums covered by this website – the music within this sums up exactly why I am here doing this.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· When Love Comes Down
· Crossroads Moment

Line Up:
· Jimi Jamison: Vocals
· Jim Peterik, Mike Aquino, Joel Hokstra: Guitars
· Ed Breckenfield: Drums
· Klem Haye: Bass
· Jim Peterik, Christian Cullen, Jeff Lanz: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Jimi Jamison
· Survivor
· Pride Of Lions
Track Listing
· Battersea *
· Can't Look Away
· Make Me A Believer *
· Crossroads Moment *
· Bittersweet *
· Behind The Music *
· Lost
· Love The World Away
· She's Nothing To Me *
· As Is *
· 'Til The Morning Comes
· That's Why I Sing
· Friends We Never Met *
· When Rock as King

--*Best Tracks

05/12/09: Bob -
Rating: 98
Each time I listen to this CD, it gets better. Really a total gem. Not surprising considering the source. So many of the other's comments here are true. You can't be a fan of this genre of music and not have this CD. A bit slow on the second half is the only criticism I have on some of the ballads but that is nonsense nitpicking. This album is fantastic.

24/04/09: Curtis -
Rating: 90
Very nice music presented on this album. I have to say that Jimi does a great job vocally too. I catch myself singing along in the car with some of these songs. My only complaint...there is that certain sameness that flows through the songs. You can easily tell that they were written by Jim Peterik. That is the good thing about it...and the bad thing.

18/04/09: Sean Barenz -
Rating: 85
My big knock on the album has to do with several of the songs starting with the symbal roll. Kinda to the point to where it's becoming the "wilhelm" of rock music. Jimi's voice sounds lightyears better than Reach or when I saw him live in Reno several years back. Yeah his voice isn't what it used to be, but I don't know of too many singers whose voices remain unchanged after nearly 25 years. He sounds just fine on this album

Highlights for me were Battersea, Can't Look Away, Crossroad Moment, Friends We've Never Met, and Alive

11/03/09: denis -
Rating: 100
Fantastic musicianship! Great vocals! Enough said. A must for each and every melodic rock fan!

11/02/09: William -
Rating: 92
This is Jim and Jimmi! You know what there about, both have stayed pretty true to the music they have made. With that faith you get an excellent release for this season, in their time.

Highlights are "when rock was King" "Behind the music" and "Battersea". Very good material from 2 of the greats!

I loved the Survivor fill in "When Rock Was King" a little (eye of the tiger) fill in there.

This album is mostly for fans that are familiar with all the colors of these artists works in the past.

30/01/09: Zok -
Rating: 99
This is a awsome melodic rock record. Jimi Jamison has still a amazing voice. The negative? They could have left out When rock was king, that song is cheesy. But the bonus track is great.

17/01/09: Craig Chapman -
Rating: 90
Its a very very good album that would be awesome with a bit more balls from the rhythm guitar in the mix. Admittedly there is more lead guitar than Frankie Sullivan ever featured on the big Survivor album and very nice it is too, but the rhythm guitars here are so far back in the mix that the band sound doesn't match the power of Jimi Jamison's voice. Most songs are of equal standard to the classic days of old, but I've been skipping When Rock Was King and the one before it as whilst thye might sound great on paper, they just don't work for me. "Bittersweet" and "Crossroads Moment" are superb. Turn up the guitars and I'll vote 96/100

09/01/09: Paul -
Rating: 98
Surprising to me the diversity of the comments here, especially the negative ones from the Survivor fans. Just goes to show you that everyone can appreciate many different things about the same music and/or artist.
As for me, Crossroads Moment was an instant hit from the first listen, and it just keeps getting better. BATTLESEA struck me as a strange choice lyrically to kick off this cd, but it absolutely rocks musically. CAN'T LOOK AWAY, while not instantly memorable, won me over with it's incredibly important message. MAKE ME A BELIEVER is just classic Survivor to my ears, and I love it. It amazes me how some can't appreciate the Survivor soul that permeates throughout this song. BEHIND THE MUSIC brings back the upbeat Survivor tempo again... lovin' it! AS IS is, well, quite simply, the best ballad Jimi has ever recorded, as well as the best ballad of the year. THAT'S WHY I SING is just so emotionally upbeat and amazing. FRIENDS WE NEVER MET is a great ode to all of us, the fans.
The only track that I felt could easily have been left off was the rather cheesy WHEN ROCK WAS KING. While I enjoy a trip down memory lane as much as the next guy, this brought back memories of the whole "We Are The World" fad.
So for fans of AOR, this is a "MUST BUY", bordering on "CLASSIC" status. Definitely among the top 3 cds I've heard this year... and maybe number 1!

08/01/09: Marco -
Rating: 9
Clearly a masterpiece!!!!
My only comment is that Jim Peterik is too much present on the album.The songs are great but i would like to have seen Jimi's involvement on the songwriting department,he does write songs and it is his solo album after all,i think he earns that just out of respect.I also think the album could have done with less songs.A lot of songs have the same build up and vibe and that ever ongoing piano roll.
Its Jimi's voice that makes it all so special,he might not have the same power and pitch but you instantly believe every word that comes out of his mouth,the emotion in his voice is real and not an act like the Jon Bon Jovi's out there!!!Add up the great vocal melodies to go along and a masterpiece is what you get.
I'm not too fond of the production,the sound is a little thin and flat,i miss the edge on some songs,it could rock a bit more.
That being said this is the best aor release in last decade or so.
Favourite songs:Can't look away,Lost,She's nothing to me,When the mourning comes and Alive.

24/12/08: Frank -
Rating: 70
I can't believe that some people are calling this a masterpiece, because it clearly isn't. There are far too many second rate songs like Battersea, Bittersweet, Lost, As Is, Make Me A Believer, Till The Morning Comes and When Rock Was King. IMO there is just one classic Survivor sounding song, namely "Crossroads Moment". Survivor is my favourite band and "Vital Signs" and "When Seconds Count" are my 2 all-time favourite albums, but this doesn't even come close. It's a good CD, but not 1 song on this CD is better than any song on "Vital Signs" or "When Seconds Count". The last few days I listened to my 2 favourite Survivor albums and this new Jimi Jamison album pales in comparison. So it's not a bad album, but I expected much more.

23/12/08: lolo -
Rating: 50
Yes jimi still have a good voice but this album is very far from survivor's masterpieces.
Some very good songs like battersea or make me a believer but also some deceptions like when rock was king...
finally it's a little boring especially in the second part of the album where all the songs are the same

20/12/08: ODDY -
Rating: 98

14/12/08: beto blanco from costa rica -
Rating: 97
one of the greatest voice of aor melodick rock of all of the timees, a perfect cd pure survivor !!!!!!!!!!

10/12/08: Brian -
Rating: 99
What a wonderful record this is.A mastrpiece of AOR music.Great songs,great hooks,fantasic singing, with great musicians adding to the record.Well done Jimi and Jim ---what a team.It must be record of the year by a mile.

09/12/08: ryder -
Rating: 40
Fair, boring, run of the mill nothing new. How anyone can compare this to ANY Survivor album is sheer sillyness - this is far more like the boring Pride albums - average songwriting average production...Pride does nothing in the States because it sounds much like this fire no energy nothing but trying ever so hard to recapture a sound you once had...Jimis' voice is shot and it shows...Id take the half baked Reach CD hands down over this snooze fest. But as usual its a Frontier Record and gets raves ONLY on this site...check out any other review in the States. Lets just say they all need each other Jimi, Frankie and Jim...Jim a good songwriter but needs some help lifting the songs that one notch so sorely missing Frankie i guess did that.

07/12/08: denis -
Rating: 100
I don't understand some bad reviews... I really don't get it. I guess some people are going deaf or don't feel their hearts and souls when they listen to this AMAZING album. This is a masterpiece!!! THE BEST CD of 2008!!

05/12/08: gokhan -
Rating: 98
My 24 years of wait is over. Finally, I'm hearing songs that give me goosebumps as if I was 16 all over again. This is a worthy follow up to Vital Signs, a melodic rock masterpiece, better than the new Journey. Wish Frankie Sullivan played lead though. Thank you Mr. Peterik and Mr. Jamison! Wow!

04/12/08: Gene Hewitt -
Rating: 98
Jim and Jimi are terrific in this release. Being the biggest Survivor fan of all time, I am more than pleased with this CD. It has fast become one of my all-time favorites. Jimi is great throughout and remains my favorite singer and, as for Jim P., he has once again proven why he is a true genius and talent with music and words. He is my role model! Now, I would love two things: Jim P. to write an album for Dave Bickler and all three of them to re-unite for the Ultimate Survivor. Anyway, Crossroads Moment is the Album of the Year in my mind, with Journey a close second.

02/12/08: Richard Epps -
Rating: 97
This is a great cd that blows the last Survivor disc out of the water.Jimi sounds great on this cd,and Jim is in top form with the writing.The production is top notch as it always is with a Peterik project.Yes it is similar to Pride Of Lions,as it is in essence the POL without Toby.It harks back to the debut POL cd,although some tracks sound like vintage Jamison era Survivor.This is a must for all fans of AOR and I have it as my album of the year.Lets hope we get the promised live shows from Jamo to support this album in the UK.A true masterpiece in what has been a great year.

02/12/08: SoSiS -
Rating: 70
This is a fair album, but it's very far from EMPIRE (which is my favorite album), this one got good music but some are just plain predictable and i've noticed Jimi voice is not as smooth and emotional as it used to be.

however the song CROSSROAD MOMENTS he delivered one of his best, his voice and the music is absolutely fantastic and worthy of the album price alone.

the rest is ok but not exactly what i'd call great, the ballads are too commercial, the songs are lacking that extra.

but i'll give it a 70/100 because it's a good effort and the music works great for driving, hardly sing along stuff though :)

01/12/08: Terry K. -
Rating: 99
In a word-phenomenal!! Peterik shows he continues to know how to write heartfelt lyrics AND bring out the best in Jamison. A match made in melrock heaven,for sure. 1% off for the bit of cheesiness in 'When Rock Was King'. Some of the bands mentioned sound a bit weird when presented back to back (Motley Crue & Toto,,but we forgive ya,Jim. Doesn't stop this one from being the masterpiece that it is.If you like Survivor and/or Pride Of Lions,then you MUST already have this. If not--Get It Now! Enjoy,T

30/11/08: Erik -
Rating: 60
Listened to the CD quite some times, but it just didn't get me. Production is average in my opinion and the voice of Jim is not what it used to be back in the 80s. As for the songwriting, it is too much into the direction of POL. Pretty good songwriting, but I would have expected more.

29/11/08: john -
Rating: 98
This should win cd of year on melodic rock awards,Best aor disc this year better then Journey.I did'nt like new Journey that much at all..Top Tracks Bittersweet,Cant Look Away,Lost,Til The Morning Comes,Thats Why I Sing,When Rock As King

27/11/08: PW -
Rating: 85
Not quite as good as I expected due to lack of variety of style amongst the songs presented. The 15 songs here are all of high calibre and taken individually are really good singalong stuff, but the whole CD at once is a bit much.

26/11/08: Panagiotis -
Rating: 100
A masterpiece...Jim and Jimmy got back together and you can feel the magic..I hope they will return to Survivor someday..It'll be an awesome reunion!

26/11/08: peter -
Rating: 95
AOR masterpiece!!!Jim and Jimi together again..just brilliant!! Jimi sings from the heart & it's the best he has sung in years + the songs written by Jim Peterik are wonderful,especially my fave song'Behind the Music. Recommended to all Aor Melodic Rock fans!!! Now why hasn't this site done a review for the Great new Rick Springfield -Venus in Overdrive????

26/11/08: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 95
Thi¨s is a great cd almost as good as Survivor in the 80s.
Jim P once again shows he was the key man in Survivor with a great set of songs.His best writing since the POL debut.
Jimi sings great ,his best singing since too hot to sleep.
If you like aor melodic rock get this cd as it wont be better in 2008.

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