Joe Lynn Turner
MTM Music
Produced By: Bob Held & JLT

Running Time: 50.44

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 84%
Sound: 86%
Joe Lynn Turner knows his target audience, his vocal range and is keenly aware of his past. His albums reflect those attributes solid lead vocals, good melodic hard rock and a musical style that suits comfortably with his past efforts in Rainbow and Deep Purple.
Recently Joe has found a soul mate in Glenn Hughes and together the two have already made an impression on classic hard rock fans.
So with HTP active and guest spots on several other projects including the new Brazen Abbot album, how does Joe add to his solo legacy?
By recording his best solo album to date. In doing that, Joe hasn't strayed from the formula of past solo albums which is essentially a blend of bluesy Rainbow/Purple-esque hard rock. Nor has he changed his vocal style or the style of song you will find on all his solo albums.
But what he has done is relaxed a little and recorded and album of more melodic and accessible songs.
The last album tended to be a little too heavy and dark, but this album is easier on the ears, contains more vocal melodies and sees a more lighter theme.
And coupled with stronger songs in general, the result is very pleasing. And for these reasons I rate it his best solo album to date.
JLT may indeed attract some new fans with this release, but essentially this will please all those that have listened to and bought past records.
In Cold Blood rocks like any great bluesy anthem that is designed to open an album with impact, but contains a really strong melody and strong lead vocal.
Jump Start has all the swagger of a track designed to follow the faster paced into and Love Don't Live Here Anymore is a finely crafted ballad that again features a great harmony and strong sentimental edge. Excess is a moody blues epic.
The feel good rocker Fantasize picks up the pace just when it was needed and is a strong album track.
Blood Fire sounds like it could have been lifted from Purple's Slaves And Masters, while Driving With My Eyes Closed rocks hard and fast.
The only track that doesn't really work is Let's Go, which has a thinner sound, weak chorus and sadly lacking rhythm guitar presence.
The Bottom Line
As you might deduct, the album is very carefully formulated, but goes perfectly to plan and flows easily from start to finish. Add a couple more light and fluffy uptempo numbers in exchange for a couple of the slower bluesier numbers and it will get even better next time.
Don't expect anything new or ground breaking, but do expect a solid dose of bluesy hard rock featuring those unmistakable raspy vocals.
It's also great to see Al Pitrelli back to his melodic best, with some fine guitar parts throughout the album.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Rescue You
Nothing's Changed
Under Cover
Hurry Up And Wait
Undercover 2
Holy Man

Basic Line Up
Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals
Al Pitrelli: Guitar
John O'Reilly: Drums
Greg Smith, Erix Czar: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Joe Lynn Turner - Hurry Up And Wait
Deep Purple - Slaves And Masters
Track Listing
In Cold Blood*
Jump Start*
Dirty Deal
Love Don't Live Here*
Let's Go
Crying Out Loud
Blood Fire*
Drivin' With My Eyes Closed
Hit The Switch
--*Best Tracks

07/10/04: susan -
Rating: 60
Thumbs Down! Sounds like the same song all the way through! More negative lyrics about women! Give us another AOR cd please! His website says his next cd will be more bluesy and Funk sounding, I hope not! Is he trying to be Glenn Hughes now?

19/09/04: Richard -
Rating: 69
Bought this cd and was disappointed! I can't believe people gave this a 90 or 95! That is for albums like Boston's first or Van Halen's first. This is a below average cd by Turner much like his last effort. Avoid this cd and buy "Hurry Up and Wait" it is the same cd but only better. I hate when fans of a certain artist write over the top reviews just because there fans, it's not fair to those of us who are thinking of buying the cd. This cd is flat out awful! When the reviewer has to compare every song to a Rainbow/Deep Purple song then the cd isn't worth reviewing! Give us a review of "Enlighten the Darkness" by Angel Dust instead!

16/09/04: linda -
Rating: 75
Another gloomy, dismal , cheerless, release like "Slam". He should have called this cd "Nothing's Changed" as well!

05/08/03: Kevin -
Rating: 85
Much better album than Slam. Turner is a stellar vocalist and has been overlooked for years. It's great to see him making great strides as a solo artist. Al Pitrelli is the man and complements Joe and delivers on such standout cuts as 'In COld Blood' and Fantasize.

30/07/03: Laurent -
Rating: 75
No surprise. Good, solid and blues influenced hard rock. Turner's vocals are their usual best. The only problem is that by sticking so closely to his formula, JLT might lose some fans along the way as his albums are a bit repetitive. Still doesn't top the amazing "Hurry Up And Wait". There's nothing bad to say about this very good record... apart from that it sounds like something we heard many times before (from JLT).

19/07/03: Kula -
Rating: 51
Awerage but not more than that.. A solid album without any surprises. Once again, I can't realy understaqnd the highscors that some of the albums is given.. scores like 90 is at least a classic, and this is not. Two song are topscores. "dirty deal" and "fantasize". Just awsome! but the rest is just to awerage, too booring, too bluesy.. More melodic choruses and momorable songs, thanks!:-)

11/07/03: Nicodim -
Rating: 95
This isn't an overrated rating - 95... For me, Joe recorded his best solo album ever. No more twin-songs from the 1st track till the latest one. Great work from all of the staff, and Al Pitrelli especially. JTL sounds havier than ever, and there are songs of various styles on this album. Not the same ol' "Death Alley Driver" divided into 12 pieces (number of tracks on new release).
Can't agree with the original reviewer about "Let's Go". In my only opinion this one is one of the classics, one of the pearls of the album. Yes, Joe perfoms it in very unusual way. May be even unsuitable for him. And still it ROCKS! It reminds me of Thunder's classics a lot. So, how can U ignore it?!

08/07/03: Tom -
Rating: 90
This is one of Joe's stronger albums in sometime. He tones the pace down a little, and delivers a classic vocal performance. Although he doesn't hit those high notes any longer, he is still the best vocalist today. I really liked the varying levels in many of the songs on this album, as opposed to the in your face bluesy rock anthems from his previous solo projects. Don't get me wrong, I love everything that Joe does, but I prefer the slower to mid tempo songs that really showcase his current vocals. Joe keep on rockin, you are still the man! Great album.

07/07/03: Howard -
Rating: 90
I beleive this is an excellent album. Joe Lynn Turner keeps to his tried and proven formula. The bonus for me is Joe Bonamassa playing guitar on some tracks. Excellent guitarest. Joe Lynn Turner is still the Number One rock vocalist.

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