Joe Lynn Turner Second Hand Life Frontiers Records
Produced By: Not Listed

Running Time: 50.04

Release Date: April 20


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 96%
Sound: 95%
Although I'm talking about an outstanding record here, this review doesn't need to be a lengthy one. Joe Lynn Turner has been at the forefront of quality melodic rock releases more so in the last 5 years than at any time in his nearly 30 years in the business.
Joe's own brand of melodic rock mixed with bluesy classic rock influences is riding high in the minds of fans thanks to last year's great Usual Suspects solo release and the brilliant more AOR themed Sunstorm project.
So with little introduction needed, here is Joe's brand new studio album Second Hand Life.
As promised by Joe, Second Hand Life is a mix of his last solo album perfectly produced straight ahead blues based rock and Sunstorm, more melodic and anthemic AOR songs featuring a more 80s friendly sound.
Second Hand Life is the very definition of Joe Lynn Turner as a performer and artist. It captures a little bit of every musical aspect that he has represented.
This album has everything! The flawless production and perfectly balanced mix are present again and the songs paint a portrait of the artist's career.
Love Is Life and the title track Second Hand Life are perfect AOR anthems. In the case of the opening track, Tor Talle and RockStar's Deanna Johnston have helped Joe deliver one of 2007's standout anthems and the title track is down to AOR magician Jim Peterik again playing a role in co-writing yet another melodic rock classic.
Joe's blues roots again shine through on the dramatic Got Me Where You Want Me and Cruel. Both tunes holding their own on an album packed with great songs.
Of course there has to be room for the sentimental, and the ballads In Your Eyes and Love Is On Our Side provide perfect balance for the album.
In the case of In Your Eyes, Joe delivers one of his best ballads ever the track overflows with soul and emotion.
The European bonus track Two Lights is a great commercial 80s rocker in the vein of Joe's early sound and Blood Red Sky is another album highlight from the lingering opening guitar solo to the blues based verse to the anthemic chorus.
And the rest of the album is straight ahead rock delivered in the classic JLT style.
Sweet Obsession and Over The Top are great and Stroke Of Midnight (originally written for Deep Purple) is a yet another highlight.
The Bottom Line
I know Rescue You has a 25 year head start in the classics stakes, but surely Second Hand Life must rank up there as one of JLT's best records ever if not the best? It simply has everything and takes in all aspects of everything that the name Joe Lynn Turner brings to mind. A seriously great record and one anyone remotely passionate about JLT should own it ASAP.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Rescue You
Nothing's Changed
Under Cover
Hurry Up And Wait
Undercover 2
Holy Man
The Usual Suspects
Second Hand Life

Line Up:
Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals
Karl Cochran: Guitars
Michael Cartellone: Drums
Bob Held: Bass
Gary Corbett: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Joe Lynn Turner
Deep Purple - Slaves And Masters
Track Listing
Love is Life *
Got Me Where You Want Me *
Second Hand Life *
In Your Eyes *
Blood Red Sky *
Stroke of Midnight
Over the Top *
Sweet Obsession
Love Is On Our Side
Two Lights *

--*Best Tracks

08/08/07: Mike -
Rating: 80
Good CD........but like one said before, listen to Joe's album Slam. It kicks!!!!!!!!!

26/05/07: Csaba A. Body -
Rating: 75
Just a mediocre hard rock album with lots of boring fillers,nothing more.Where are the good hooks? I expected much more after reading the 95% review...

17/05/07: Tuomas -
Rating: 92
Awesome!Another old Jack Ponti song!!Love to see whole album full off that old stuff!!!Rescue you was great..but the follow up would have been magnificent!!And Second Hand Life is close to that!!Great Summer rock album...;)

15/05/07: Ray Gayo -
Rating: 30
Contrary to the review on this site and what most people have written here. Im very dissapointed with this cd. It sounds like a cd put together with a bunch of fillers, where the good hooks are long gone. I did buy it of course to support JLT, but it gets nowhere near close to SUNSTORM or the USUAL SUSPECTS.

15/05/07: Doose -
Rating: 95
Another great cd by Joe.Rocks real good,and melodic..

12/05/07: Theo -
Rating: 80
The track Blood Red Sky alone is worth the cd.
A cd I expected from JLT, but not a 95% score. His ballads aren't as good as StoneCold,Tearing Out My Heart, Can't Let You Go.

04/05/07: Scott -
Rating: 88
I was nicely surprised after hearing this disc after just one spin. This is a solid CD and I think the songs get better as the disc progresses. I agree, nothing ground breaking but just good quality melodic tunes. Probably JLT's best CD. Go to his website and you can pick this up autographed for only $20...great buy!

02/05/07: Peter -
Rating: 97
Great album by joe and the best since the classic Rescue You!Top clean & clear production, just great songs. Favourites are (Blood Red Sky) and the Superb AOR song {Love is Life). I think Joe's voice is getting better with age,sounds bloody brilliant!!

01/05/07: guillermo -
Rating: 100
genial simplemente maravilloso. Es lo mas aor que he escuchado en mucho tiempo

25/04/07: blm -
Rating: 0
Hmmm... real disappointment this, after all the rave reviews. Not BAD, you understand, but really sooo 'by the numbers', and several quite boring songs. Don't wanna get into the 'score debate' but if THIS is a 95%, then Rainbow's 'Straight Bewteen the Eyes' and 'Bent Out of Shape' are about 140% and 130% respectively.

24/04/07: Sava Karadzic -
Rating: 87
I expected much from this album and I'm not disappointed but on the other hand this isn't groundbreaking either!
Let put it this way - it's better than "The Usual Suspects" but not that good as "Sunstorm".
All in all - another great release from JLT!

21/04/07: Mike Singe -
Rating: 90
I did not agree with the raving reviews of the Sunstorm album, imho the album had only 2 great songs plus some demos.
This album on the other hand is a killer, from beginning to end!

20/04/07: Facundo -
Rating: 75
I'm one of those dissapointed with the AOR sound... I gave it a 75 because although it is a very soft and calm album it still sound great so it would posibly score 95 for an AOR fan, if you're one of those, then this album is HIGHLY recommended for you, otherwise you just have to be a big JLT fan to like it.

As far as my tastes go, "Slam" was his best, even though it is very underrated and for some unknown reason decided to ignore it from his discography

I agree with Almir though, "Blood Red Sky" is a killer song

JLT vocals are, as usual, top-notch :)

19/04/07: Cozy -
Rating: 95
Joe Lynn Turner a great voice and again there are wonderful & powerful songs on this excelent album which never bores. Absolute favorite track is Blood Red Sky ....Did Ritchie co-write this song and played some tunes for this track? Rainbow would probably sound like this in the year 2007.
Well who knows ....... ;)

19/04/07: restless one -
Rating: 95
This is a great cd...Love is Life is an absolute belter of an Aor song and worth the price alone.Ilove the Sunstorm album but LOVE IS LIFE has to be in the running for Best AOR song for 2007.Cheers.

19/04/07: Nicodim -
Rating: 70
I disappointed with it. It was much better for Turner to keep the course of JLT and The Usual Suspects and leave Sunstorm project for itself. But he was so exited with the response of Sunstorm release that decided to change his direction from the straight and powerful rock to the AOR. And it was wrong. The new album is worse than any other JLT work since Undercover Vol.1. The songs itself may be aren't that bad, but the sound. It's so soft, so calm... No energy at all. I don't think it's what the fans expected from Joe Lynn Turner.

19/04/07: Alexis RockMelodico -
Rating: 75
Very Good record, but also a little bored to the end. It's not Rainbow my friends! but the voice of the Master Joe Lynn keeps intact!

19/04/07: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 93

This is also a great melodic rock record.
Good sound ,great songs and JLT sings as good as he did when he was in Rainbow.Would love some more keys as on rescue you though so i rate it under that album and a little behind the Sunstorm album.But if you like JLT or Rainbows 79-84 you have to buy it.Keep them coming Joe.

19/04/07: Almir -
Rating: 60
Well, it must be me, I admit, but this cd failed in 2 issues: Songs and Production. Where's Dennis Ward?. The songs don't even come close to The Usual Suspects or Sunstorm (2 superb albuns). 3 or 4 good songs (and this is after 3 or 4 spins).
The only great song for me is "Blood Red Sky".
One of my favorite singers missed in this one.

19/04/07: Dan -
Rating: 96
Best Joe Lynn Turner album since Rescue You! His voice sounds like it did back with Rainbow and Deep Purple (Masters & Slaves). Very soulful. The production is crisp and clean and sounds fresh yet reaches back to the mid eighties. Loved it!

19/04/07: NunYoBusiness -
Rating: 90
This the best JLT Disc in years a grand return to form and a welcome one at that. This disc is a must for fans of "Rescue You" & the Deep Purple release "Slaves & Masters", (the best DP disc since "Perfect Strangers") and the last great DP disc so far. So hunt this one down folks you'll love it.

19/04/07: Kevin -
Rating: 91
Overall a very good album and exactly what I expected for JLT. This is his bread and butter melodic rock AOR. I would like to see him write more with Jim Peterik in the future.

18/04/07: Zok -
Rating: 89
Joe Lynn Turner new solo record is great. But not as good as Sunstorm. Sunstorm is still my favourite record. And its hard to break that album. That record is one of the best Melodic records in a long time. But if you liked the sunstorm record, you can safe byuing this.

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