Jorn Out To Every Nation Avalon Marquee
· Produced By: Jorn Lande

· Running Time: 45.00

· Release Date: March 24

· Released: JP

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 90%
Late last year I was asked not to expect too much from this album, as Jorn Lande himself was not happy with the results.
Either Jorn got to fix those problems, or it is a case of the perfectionist strikes again, as nothing on this album indicates anything but pure hard rock perfection!
Jorn on a bad day is still going to be head and shoulders above his nearest competition. He is such a powerful vocalist and has such control over his performance - the material is always delivered with such conviction. He always sounds as if he is in total control.
Out To Every Nation is no exception – it's another great example of melodic metal and powerful European hard rock.
Backed by a powerhouse line-up of established metal names, Jorn rips through another selection of classic metal tunes. The guy really should be a household name worldwide.
The opening track is a perfect way to prove the point. Young Forever has a fired up intro and a ear-blasting vocal and shredding guitar riff that slows just a touch for the chorus.
The title track Out To Every Nation is classic Jorn and a personal favourite. In fact, there is no better way to introduce someone to his talents than via this track. It's both epic and powerful, but also thoroughly melodic thanks to a masterful vocal and a classic mellower chorus.
Something Real is a slightly more straight ahead track with a progressive edge and a short, but heavy chorus hook.
Living With Wolves is a true melodic metal track. An interesting intro gives way to a heavy grind that only gets heavier come chorus time. The mid-tempo song changes tempo twice during the chorus, but reverts coming back into the verse.
Vision Eyes is a more relaxed melodic rocker with a slow, but soaring vocal for the chorus.
One Day We Will Put Out The Sun is a stomping 6 minute rocker with a couple of production effects that make things interesting. A stronger chorus might have been beneficial.
Behind The Clown is an interesting mid-tempo track which is a moody rocker rather than ballad as such. It's a track that needs a few listens to before the melodies reveal themselves.
Rock Spirit is a straight up hard rocker with a catchy chorus and cool in your face guitar riff.
Through Day And Night is another uptempo rocker, but one that didn't hold my attention as much as it needs a stronger hook to grab listener's attention.
When Angel Wings Were White is the closing track for the general release and is a fitting way to end the album. It's an extended, slightly progressive mid-tempo rocker with a moody feel and a changing tempo.
Big is the Japanese only bonus track.
The Bottom Line
If anything, the album is slightly less intense than Worldchanger, but is still right up there as far as vocal performances. The production isn't quite as crisp and clear as the last album, which could have been the issue Jorn was referring to and maybe a couple of tunes don't quite match the quality of those on Masterplan or Worldchanger, but those are minor points. I view this album as a cross between Worldchanger and that awesome Masterplan debut of last year.
In any case, I guarantee Jorn fans will still be impressed and the album is a great addition to the already overflowing riches that is the Jorn musical catalogue.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Starfire
· Worldchanger
· Out To Every Nation

Line Up
· Jorn Lande: Vocals
· Jõrn Viggo Lofstad: Guitar
· Magnus Rosèn: Bass
· Stian Kristoffersen: Drums

Essential for fans of:
· Jorn Lande
· Masterplan
· Millenium - Hourglass
Track Listing
· Young Forever*
· Out To Every Nation*
· Something Real
· Living With Wolves*
· Vision Eyes*
· One Day We Will Put Out The Sun
· Behind The Clown
· Rock Spirit
· Through Day And Night
· When Angel Wings Were White*
· Big

--*Best Tracks

14/08/05: J.C.O. -
Rating: 75
Not bad but definitely not great. There are quite a few fillers in this collection. There is no denying the incredible vocal talent of this guy but his songwriting skills still need much more development. Many times the lyrics seems childish and even senseless. The musicianship is quite good although nowhere near as impressive as Masterplan. There are some progressive elements to the music which unfortunately wind up creating a musical mish mash in several songs. For instance the song "When Angel Wings Were White" starts off as a dark, moody ballad and halfway through they introduce some odd time patterns which seem forced into the song just for the sake of impressing the listener. It doesn't work at all. If you want an all around great album, buy Masterplan's Aeronautics. Tha't an excellent album from start to finish. Their debut is good as well but the lyrics are a bit generic.

Rating: 100
I am new to Jorn, what the hell have I been missing. I've just ordered everything this guy has ever done. He ranks up their w/ my all time personal favorites... Bruce Dickinson & Rob Halford...this guy has got one incredible voice. My only regret is that I will probably never see him live. This cd is awesome.
I can't wait to hear some new things!!!!

26/03/05: Dan -
Rating: 100
Jorn Lande along with David Coverdale have made the best music EVER! And anyone who contradics this FACT deserves to have his/her tongue cut out and then fed. OUT TO EVERY NATION!!!

03/03/05: andy -
Rating: 100
Jorn Lande, THE BEST VOICE IN ROCK AND METAL of today; such a good catalogue of albums made in the past, where in to me Ark will be THEE BEST of his career (yes, vocal-wise), and of course Tore Ostby my favorite guitarist, Someone tell me please what happened to him; is there a new Ark album coming out?; is Jorn still in Ark? tell me please...

22/02/05: Neil -
Rating: 95
wasn't expecting to like this at all (although the Masterplan debut is great) well ...this is MAGNIFICENT !! Coverdale never sounded as powerful as this;)..and backed by a superb sounding guitarist..what fantastic tone and control the guitarist doubt the result of having the album mixed by Frederick Nordstrom, the genius behind classic metal giants Dream Evil and originator of the 'In Flames' Swedish metal-Gothenberg sound... ..don't let that put you off 'cos the melodies are stunning too... missed this last year and only came back to it after the new Masterplan album Aeronautics...truly everything Lande touches turns to gold..!!

15/01/05: Magnus -
Rating: 99
The best rock album I've ever heard!
Jorn Lande rocks!!! Keep up the good work

08/01/05: Rafael Chavarria -
Rating: 100
one of 2004 best releases foe any ROCK fans, this album kicks ass!!! very melodic, great songs, excellent musicians...what`s not to love? the guy sings incredible, his voice is powerful yet with feeling, simply amazing...i just cant stop listening to this cd!!! Great work from start to finish...Keep it coming

05/12/04: Mandy van der Pols -
Rating: 100
I love it. GREAT songs, great band, great voice, over all just a great listen Before work. Thanks Jeroen for introducing me to this masterpiece.

24/11/04: chris -
Rating: 100
I just picked this up,and to keep it short this cd completely rocks!Living with Wolves,Vision Eyes are my stand-out tracks.Any hardrock fan that doesen,t have this in there collection is missing out.

01/11/04: Daniel DeMiguel -
Rating: 100
Out To Every Nation is just another great example of how Eurometal is the greatest music on the planet. American Bands will never be able to compare to European Bands; we are just the BEST! Deal with it! Long Live Rock 'n' Roll and Long Live Jorn Lande, along with Master Coverdale, Dio, Peavy, and Hughes!!!
Even now in these dark ages right on the edge of reason ;) Jorn gives us hope that Good Rock Music will never be defeated!!!!
Out To Every Nation goes Jorn Lande's message and TO YOU!!!!
Strong Together in our Dreams We Can NEVER DIE!!

26/09/04: WardyS3 -
Rating: 80
What a damn cool record! I moved back to Ark after hearing the (classic) Masterplan album, was sold on Ark's Burn the Sun and then went for Jorn solo starting with this album.

My was I impressed. There's enough prog rock here to satisfy my Ark tastes, enough Euro rock to satisfy my Masterplan fetish, and enough orignal material to bring the whole thing full circle, and basically I've just quoted Andrew - "'s another great example of melodic metal and powerful European hard rock".

Out to Every Nation does occassionaly play it safe with the odd cheese lyric and plain tune, but when that relatively lame tune and equally lame lyrics such as "Michael loves to rock" are belted out by one of the best voices in rock, and belted out to great effect, ya can't help but love it and go with it anyways.

Overall a very very cool album.

19/09/04: Silviu Andrei Romania -
Rating: 0
I discovered Jorn on a tribut album dedicated to Cozzy Powell, the dead drumer of Whitesnake's..Absolute great cameleonic voice...I think he love to imitate David Coverdale..When I listen his music on this new album i was so confused..Whitesnake/Coverdale...or Lande? Big question...Well, is't good for the rock music to have a voice like his...Keep it up and one day Jorn, please thank to David Coverdale for his exceptional example in youre career..Good Luck!

30/07/04: Figge -
Rating: 88
Ok, I haven't reviewed this one yet. Very hard album to review in my opinion. I really love Jorn Lande's voice and he has an impressive back catalogue, so my expectations was extremely high. Now, the album as a whole didn't exactly live up to those massive expectations...but some songs certainly did. I feel the album isn't that consistent. "Out To Every Nation", "Vision Eyes" and "Something Real" are some of the best songs he has done in my opinion, but there are also some songs that don't match up I'm afraid.
Overall I think "Worldchanger" was a better album but still "Out To Every Nation" is one of the best of 2004 so far and I'm sure it'll be at the end of the year too. RECOMMENDED!

27/07/04: Terry -
Rating: 90
Jorn is one of the most powerful vocalists in the scene today. This is a heavy album, similar to his 'Worldchanger' album. I usually do not get into albums this heavy, but I make an exception for Mr. Lande. Even though the album is heavy, the coruses are still huge, and the songwriting is first class. If you are into more melodic hard rock, check out Jorn's performance on Millenium's album 'Hourglass'. You will fall in love with this man's voice and find yourself can't getting enough of this man. This is a great album and a must for anyone who enjoys fantastic, powerful vocals.

06/07/04: Lynchomaniac -
Rating: 85
Another great album, in the long line of albums with Jorn's performance. It's probably also the most diverse and progressive of soloalbums, but it lacks some of the qualities the Worldchanger album had. But as I said this is classy nevertheless, and performancewise well as vocally it's miles ahead of most of the peers

Rating: 50
un DISCO ABURRIDO Y DEMASIADO OSCURO Y METALICO TAn solo el tema titulo da lugar a algo de lucimiento.

09/04/04: Hans Mikael Ødegaard -
Rating: 100
The new Voice of Rock, mr. Jorn Lande is back with his third full-length solo album entitled Out to Every Nation, and what a welcome return it is! Most hardrock-fans are familiar with his work with Masterplan nowadays, but Jorn Lande is so much more! In fact, Masterplan may be the only part of his back-catalogue you won’t be hearing any influences from on his new opus, Out To Every Nation. And that’s a great thing, really. There’s no point releasing soloalbums trying to sound just like your main musical occupation, is it?
Out To Every Nation is, from the in-your-face opener, Young Forever, to the ending track, the beautiful, epic and heavy When Angels Wings Were White, a perfect blend of everything Lande has done so far in his career…and then some!
The title track, and also Something Real, has a lot of Whitesnake/The Snakes feel to them, but they are a lot heavier. And the chorus on Out To…is pure hit-single stuff, It’s great!! Living with Wolves has a touch a Beyond Twilight in it, and Jorn sounds like the Devil himself at times on this oneJ In fact, seeing the video, I think he IS the Devil(buy the Ltd.Ed. when it comes out, and see for yourself). Vision Eyes and Behind The Clown has a lot Vagabond and Millenium in them, but always with Landes characteristic twists and turns that makes them stick out and be special. And I firmly believe that When Angels Wings Were White could easily be what a new Ark-album would sound like. This song is so strong and powerful, both in melody and lyric, that I won’t hesitate a minute calling that song this album’s masterpiece! I could go on and on about what song sounds like what, but the main thing is that Out To Every Nation is 100% Jorn Lande from start to finish, and once again, he proves to be one of the world’s greatest singers..ever!
To sum it up, Out To…is at best, close to a masterpiece, at worst..just greatJ Jorn delivers once again an album packed with brilliant songs, his most varied to date, and a vocal performance no one, and I mean no one does after him, or even did before him! Some of the songs takes some time to get into(I’ve had the album for about a month and I’ve heard it about 20 times), but when you do get into them, you’re trapped in Lande’s world of darkness and light, love and hate, war and peace..and Jorn sings with such conviction that you’ll believe every god damn word that comes out of his mouth. He so poweful and soulful both in writing and performing that you, in some way, can “see” everything he tries to tell you. In my opinion, that may be the best way to describe a great singer and storyteller!
So everyone who reads this, mark April 26 on your calendar, and be sure to get yourself a copy of JORN’s Out To Every Nation. You won’t regret it!

Hans Mikael Ødegaard

31/03/04: CUTTER -
Rating: 100
JORN LANDE can do NO wrong,lol. He's made another classy "original" album that just keeps adding to his legend in the making m/ m/.Jorn is THEE NEW VOICE OF ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

31/03/04: Daniel -
Rating: 95
Another classic must have album by the master of voice Jorn Lande. Great songs, great band, great sound and of course a voice strong enough to shatter solid rock. Jorn once again proves that he is one of the best and delivers the goods.
Both thumbs up for Jorn...this one is nothing less than great.

30/03/04: ANDY -
Rating: 92

30/03/04: Cristian Pavez -
Rating: 95
Jorn Lande rules!!!
"Out to Every Nation" is another masterpiece of Jorn's,
the best new hard rock/ heavy metal vocalist of our day's!!
Jorn is the new Coverdale/Dio with the golden voice!!!

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