Jorn Unlocking The Past Frontiers Records
Produced By: Jorn Lande

Running Time: 49.15

Release Date: January 26


Musical Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal

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Songs: 87%
Sound: 93%
Jorn's Unlocking The Past is his second new solo album to be released at the same time. The Gathering is the first.
I think my feelings on covers album are well known and I don't see too many people disagreeing. They are a strange beast indeed and the motives for doing them are at times, very questionable.
The task of bringing one's own personality into a set of songs and breathing new life into them, while at the same time trying to avoid destroying them is a task I would not want to do myself. I cannot understand why it is so popular right now, especially when few artists are really nailing it. An example of how to do it right would be guitarist Andy Taylor's classic Dangerous album where he just shreds it up through some classic hard rock songs.
Too may examples out there of getting it wrong one in particular last year I can think of but how strange it is for me to be in possession of not one, but two new covers albums that really do a great job!
The second will be reviewed soon, but the first is from none other than Jorn Lande. No stranger to covering songs by other artists, it will be of no surprise to anyone that he does a great job here.
The material is mainly no-brainer stuff for Jorn Deep Purple, Whitesnake, MSG the style of songs that he has build a career from.
Most of the songs work great high octane delivery and major label production quality give Jorn the backing he deserves. A couple of songs perhaps don't work out as well as they could and a couple of others will be down to individual tastes.
Those songs that work ie they play to Jorn's strength's as one of the best hard rock singers in the world include MSG's On And On (resurrected from the previously released Millenium anthology); Deep Purple's Burn (with some amazing powerhouse drumming); Rainbow's Kill The King and more Purple in Perfect Strangers (featuring some very melodic vocals).
I also love Jorn's version of Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat, but the song is held in such reverence, that some may not like Jorn's slight tinkering with it here.
I also like the updated 'Jorn solo band' treatment of Whitesnake's Fool For Your Loving, but again, the tinkering might not be for all.
I'm not so much into the double header of Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth and the closing remix of The Day The Earth Caught Fire was perhaps the least likable of the 3 covers that were featured on his debut album Starfire.
Of course, a couple of points to make in how this could have been even better 10 tracks here run nearly 50 minutes. Not bad value, but if Jorn remixed two previously released covers to include here, why not include the 2 other tracks from his debut, which where superb covers (Journey's Edge Of The Blade and Foreigner's Break It Up).
I would also have preferred to see the Japanese bonus track of Bryan Adams' Run To You included in place of one of the previously released tunes.
The Bottom Line
Without doubt this is one of the better covers albums I have heard in sometime and I imagine it being very popular with Jorn fans. The guy has the perfect voice for the material and despite being capable of singing this stuff in his sleep, he still manages to convince me that his heart is truly in this.
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The Duke
Unlocking The Past
The Gathering

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Track Listing
On And On *
Fool For Your Loving
Cold Sweat *
Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth
Burn *
Feel Like Making Love *
Kill The King *
Perfect Strangers
Naked City
The Day The Earth Caught Fire

--*Best Tracks

17/06/07: Aljoscha -
Rating: 70
Well I don't think this album is an absolute must for the majority of lovers of classic hardrock. The setlist sounds very exciting, but in my op. Jorn handles the songs without the necessary love and passion. Same with the instruments: Every single tune is played with power, poowweer and moore poooower. But hey, loads of double-bass-drums are not necessarily impressive. After several listenings I got a bit bored. Good produced but not so good performed.

01/06/07: Mike Berounsky -
Rating: 98
Not much else you can say about Jorn, he is the best vocalist in melodic rock. One of the best covers album I have ever heard.

18/05/07: cutter -
Rating: 100
Now DAYUM this is a Smoking covers album! "Cold Sweat" from Thin Lizzy and Deep Purples "Perfect Strangers" (both which he played @ Progpower USA 7 when he headlined there last year are worth the price of the CD alone. But no you still get songs from Black Sabbath, KISS, Bad Company, Rainbow, Whitesnake. What could a fan of Jorn Lande ask more far?

08/05/07: Ray Gayo -
Rating: 100
Anthing from JORN is very good. Here is an up to date tribute to the music that made a difference in his life. Love the version of NAKED CITY from KISS, very heavy. I with there was a second UNLOCKING THE PAST II in a near future where he will do STRANGE WAYS or ALMOST HUMAN from KISS also.


Ray Gayo 007

21/04/07: ken ahl -
Rating: 92
jorn is great at any type of song he chooses.right with the day the earth though.didnt care for it the first time not much better the second time.loved the sabbath tunes though andrew.
going to see heaven and hell tour in may,cant wait.
peace ken

19/04/07: restless one - 91
Rating: 0
Great release from Jorn,the guy can do no wrong! Superb collection of cover songs. Buy the Japan cd of Unlocking the Past and you get RUN TO YOU ...One Of The Best songs on the cd.

19/04/07: Monster Cock -
Rating: 100
Another great release, and again a covers / tribute albums done right. Jorn is a monster vocalist, and a tremendous talent, and the song selection is perhaps the best I've ever seen any artist ever cover. Great sound, great groove, and just a great album.

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