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1.Message Of Love 2. One More
3. When You Love A Woman 4. If He Should Break Your Heart 5. Forever In Blue
6. Castles Burning 7. Don't Be Down On Me Baby 8. Still She Cries 9. Colors Of The Spirit
10. When I Think Of You 11. Easy To Fall 12. Can't Tame The Lion
13. I Can See It In Your Eyes* 14. It's Just The Rain 15. Trial By Fire
16. Baby I'm Leaving You. (* Bonus Track)
Selected Discography
  • The Ballade (Japan Compilation)
  • Dream After Dream (Japan Soundtrack)
  • Greatest Hits
  • Frontiers - Remastered
  • Escape - Remastered
  • Raised On Radio - Remastered
  • Times3 Box Set
  • Steve Perry - Street Talk
  • Neal Schon - Late Nite
  • Hardline - Double Eclipse
  • Jonathan Cain - Back To The Innocence
Total Score 90%Production 98%Songs 95%Vibe 95%Attitude 90%
There's not much more one can say about the much anticpated Journey re-union, other than to just get on with the review. No doubt every AOR fan in the western world has their copy by now, and has their own opinion. But, for the record, here's mine. I heard a comment shortly before my copy arrived in the mail, that the album was boring, bland and full of balads. All I have to say to that is..Had you even heard it yet?
This is one fine album, chock full of exactly what one would expect Journey to sound like. We all know that the combined talents of this band could create an album light years ahead of todays sound, and one day they might, but after a ten year absense, that is not exactly what the record company are looking for, is it?!!
So what we have here is fifteen tracks (sixteen for the Japanese) of pure Journey, influences new and old. There is the quota of epic ballads and a couple of absolute blasting rock tracks, the heaviest I have heard Journey perform, (a la Escape & Frontiers), but also a great mix of mid-paced AOR tracks, and a couple of pure soul tracks, courtesy of the Raised On Radio era. Put them all together and it combines for an album of absolute listening pleasure, running the gauntlet of emotions. The only thing I can recommend you do, is buy the Japanese version, for the bonus rocker "I can see it in your smile", as it adds extra dimension to an album, which you may feel has one too many slower tracks on it.
But for an album of 80 minutes length, and with each member of the band getting their moment in the spotlight and sounding smoother than ever, it gets my vote for album of the year.

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