Track Listing
I Can Feel It (1)
Mother (2)
Didn't Understand
Need A Free Mind
America (3)
Religion Needs No Winner
Do You Dare
Easy Talkin' Hardline

(*) Best Tracks

Kingdom Come
In Your Face
Hands Of Time
Bad Image
Twilight Cruiser
Live & Unplugged
Master Seven

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Kingdom Come - Too
Ulftone Music
Produced By: Lenny Wolf
Running Time: 47.51 Genre: Modern Rock
Release Date: October 14 Released: EU
WebLink: Kingdom Come LabelLink: Ulftone

Lenny Wolf is back with another Kingdom Come record. Aside from the first two records for Mercury back in the late 80's, KC is essentially Lenny and Lenny is KC.
All tracks are written, produced and performed by the talented German musician.
But with that comes the pitfall of objectivity. He needs some outside influences to help him create the perfect record. The last album was released about 18 months ago. That album was ok, a bit laid back in places, but contained a few stand out tracks.
This album is musically a much more intense record and sees Leeny updating his sound and approach, making this very much a heavy modern rock record, with tuned down guitars and power riffs dominating the record.
It's the heaviest I have heard Lenny since the first two KC records. He's also in fine voice. Tracks like I Can Feel It, Mother and America really see him throwing himself into the songs.
So the attitude is there, the production quality is there and the contemporary heavy rock sound is certainly there. But there's something that is clearly lacking more evident after each listen - hooks.
The main problem with this album is the fact that every song is roughly the same pace.
There are 11 tracks on here 10 rock tracks and an acoustic driven track.
But just about each song has the same mid-tempo feel. Only Do You Dare and Easy Talkin' Hardline vary the theme.
Read back and that's exactly what I mentioned in the last CD review for Lenny. He has to pick up the pace a little.
And while each song has a chorus, there isn't any real difference in the pace within the songs the verses and the choruses all retain that mid-tempo plod.

The Bottom Line
Yes this album rocks and there are a few great moments but the fact there aren't too many variations mean that impact is lost. It unfortunately doesn't come remotely close to the classic debut.
Artwork and running time both ok, song sequencing a little hard to be positive about, due to all the tracks being much alike.

Line Up
Lenny Wolf: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Bass

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