Kiss Kiss Symphony - Alive IV Sanctuary Records
· Produced By: Kiss

· Running Time:

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 90%
A lot can be said about Kiss and what makes them tick, not to mention their well documented and obvious love of money and the ways it can be made.
But such a release as Kiss Symphony brings us back to the music and gives us cause to contemplate just how they built a legion of fans.
How? Great music…and Alive IV showcases those classic hits in a way even Kiss had not yet done. This double live set was recorded in Melbourne, Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
Separated into three acts – one with the band only – one acoustic set with a Symphony ensemble and the final set with the full orchestra – the concert takes in all era's of Kiss tunes, concentrating mostly on the early years.
Tommy Thayer steps in for Ace Frehley, but otherwise the line up is original.
And as expected, Kiss put on a hell of a show. These guys really put in extra for this one-off show, giving an inspired performance even skeptics like me easily can appreciate.
The acoustic set is cool, but the main orchestra set, which covers the most songs is truly awesome.
It's hard to pick out favourite songs – that can be left to fans and their personal tastes, but needless to say, the audio and mix is first rate.
The DVD is even better – the visual footage is nothing short of fabulous and a lot of fun to watch and hear.
The Bottom Line
A great live album. So much better than Alive 3 and one of the more enjoyable 'symphony' records released. Life in the old dog yet!
Line Up
· Paul Stanley: Vocals, Guitar
· Tommy Thayer: Guitar
· Peter Criss: Drums
· Gene Simmons: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Kiss
Track Listing
· Act 1 - Deuce
· Strutter
· Let Me Go Rock N Roll
· Lick It Up
· Calling Dr. Love
· Psycho Circus
· Act 2 - Beth
· Forever*
· Goin' Blind
· Sure Know Something
· Shandi
· Act 3 - Detroit Rock City*
· King Of The Night Time World
· Do You Love Me
· Shout It Out Loud*
· God Of Thunder
· Love Gun
· Black Diamond
· Great Expectations
· I Was Made For Loving You*
· Rock N Roll All Nite
--*Best Tracks

01/08/04: Ian -
Rating: 90
KISS with an orchestra,excellent.Totally loved Symphony Alive,be it hard rock or the softer element,KISS delivered the goods.

24/04/04: steven -
Rating: 0
If you are any kinda fan ya gotta get the dvd, it's a beautiful presentation, lots of extras.....totally engaging and entertaining.....worth every dime and more. Go get it.

23/12/03: Iron Keef -
Rating: 95
The only complaint i have are that most of these songs are on previous KISS ALIVE albums. With their vast outstanding back catalogue surely a few different songs would have down a treat.

11/11/03: Alistair -
Rating: 70
This album is the worst of their live ventures. Like some of the other reviewers I was disappointed with some of the arrangements on the full orchestra. Also I think Gene Simmons sounds flat on a number of the songs. Where is ace? There is some other blke with his make up on. When I first listened to it I thought Ace is having a bad day and after I read the band list I found out why. If you are going to take someone else make sure it is Bruce K not some interloper. I have every album they have made but this has to rank as the lowest of them. Kiss alive 3 is WAY better. Where is the State of Rock and Roll? Where are the Ace tracks?? The saving grace of this album is Paul Stanley who performace is great. 12 picks by Ace Frehley is a better bet.

07/11/03: Todd Dewis -
Rating: 90
Well seeing as I was there in person on the night of this show I've got to rate it highly.YOU WANTED THE BEST..Well you know the rest.The only disappointments on the disc are the set list, too much Destroyer, (Do You Love Me...PLEEAASSE)and half of Pauls intro's have either been cut short or cut altogether.

08/09/03: Todd Carper -
Rating: 100
Kiss is the band that turned me on to metal way back in 1976 when I bought the Destroyer album. I immediately went back and bought Alive, and was hooked for life. I have every release Kiss has every made, and I have bought them in 3 formats. First it was 8 track tape, then vinyl, and finally on CD. I have seen Kiss several times including this summer, and they are amazing live; there is nobody better!! That said, Alive IV has set a new level of excellence for live recordings, it has a little bit of everything. You want rockers, how about a blazing version of Deuce, Strutter, Doctor Love, or Psycho Circus?? Great stuff!!! I love the original band, but now we get the best of both worlds as Ace Can do his own thing and Kiss sound re-energized with Peter Criss back on drums (and vocals) and Tommy Thayer who was a favorite for me during his Black 'n Blue (band) days. He nails every solo perfectly and rather than do Ace note for note manages to slip in a little of himself in the solos. What it provides is new energy which lifts the rest of the band to a new level. You want ballads?? How about Peter doing a beautiful version of Beth that is superior to the MTV Acoustic version and crushes the original live version of Beth found on Alive II. Paul does a superb version of Forever, there is Gene crooning Going Blind and one of my favorite songs on the CD Great Expectations. Another highlight is a beautiful pop song Shandi (from unmasked) that Paul nails. Add to that some amazing songs performed with full orchestral backing and you have a masterpiece. While I would love to have the original Alive IV that Kiss recorded a few years back, this replacement made the wait worth my while. This is essential listening for any Kiss fan and a lesson for how to make a great live release for any band willing to learn from a band that always seems to outdo themselves. Fantastic is not good enough to describe this CD. Get it now, you will be glad you did!!!

23/08/03: Craigie -
Rating: 71
KISS ALIVE IV should have had Uh! All Night on it. Spice Clips is on, gotta go.

23/08/03: Mike Walsh -
Rating: 100
KISS is the real deal, always have been, always will be. This CD is truly amazing. You get them raw, you get them taking the softer approach, and then you get something new and quite cool with the final set. Anyone who likes/loves KISS should definitely own this. Actually, anyone who likes/loves music should get this. Truly the masters doing what they do best.

23/08/03: Bob Clark -
Rating: 95
I'll start by admitting that I'm a card carrying member of the KISS Army. They were my 1st concert experience back in 1978. As much as I value the original 4 member lineup, I have grown tired of Ace's "I'm better than you" attitude. This leads me to wondering how Tommy Thayer would fit in. WOW. TT adds a little flare to Ace's licks. To me, the band sounds more energized. The sound quality is top notch. Peter sounds great. Gene & Paul are superior. I knocked 5 points off for the song selection. I thought it was a little too focused on the Destroyer album. But hey, with a catalog as big as KISS, it would be impossible to please everyone. All KISS fans need to get this disc. Let's hope that this lineup stays intact to give us new KISS KLASSICS!!!!!!!!!!

22/08/03: frytz -
Rating: 100
the one and only symphonic experience you'll need!!

22/08/03: MID -
Rating: 55
Remember that phrase, "If It Aint broke, dont fix it"?? That applies here. Ive been a KISS fanatic ever since 1976. I have always felt them to be at their best live and just the 4 of them...not live and the 4 of them plus a damn orchestra! I dont like horns put to Detroit Rock City or King Of The Night Time World or any KISS classic. Therefore, I love Act 1 on this cd. That is Kiss where I feel they belong. Act 2 is cool.....the acoustic tunes with the ensemble is fine because they picked cool tunes for that setting. Act 3 with the full orchestra makes me sick! Listen to the horns on makes me laugh. In a few eeks we will be going to see KISS in the setting they belong and on stage with the 4 of them.....and no orchestra!

21/08/03: Big Mike -
Rating: 0
What more can we say about KISS (who used to be my favourite band). Guys, new music please....stop flogging the same material in different formats you cheap bastards.

21/08/03: Jason Davis -
Rating: 100
This CD can be compared in some ways to the first ALIVE album. ALIVE, of course, was instrumental in helping to break KISS into superstar status. Symphony ALIVE IV shows that the band hasn't lost a step in creating an amazing live experience for their fans. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra introduces a great dynamic to some Klassic KISS Kuts, making the familiar sound new and exciting. You can hear the excitement and love for their fans coming through in KISS' performance. KISS demonstrate why they've been able to call themselves, the "Hottest Band In The World" for over thirty years. This CD is as much of a must own as ALIVE.

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