Track Listing
Don't Look At Me That Way (2)
Ok, Let's Roll
Waking The Dead (1)
Revolution (3)
The Ballad
Psycopathic Eyes
Hellraisers Ball
City Of Angels
Don't You Cry

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
LA Guns (5)
Cocked And Loaded (4)
Hollywood Vampires (2)
Vicious Circle (1)
Cuts (EP)
American Hardcore
Greatest Hits & Black Beauties
Shrinking Violet
Cocked & Re-Loaded
Man In The Moon (6)
Waking The Dead (3)

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LA Guns - Vicious Circle, Cuts, Cocked & Loaded
Waking The Dead
Spitfire Records
Produced By: Andy Johns
Running Time: 39.14 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: US
WebLink: LA Guns LabelLink: Spitfire Records

I won't say that I'd given up on LA Guns, but I certainly had resigned myself to thinking that the band's glory days had well and truly past.
That was until this CD gave me a right kick in the ass.
It seems that something or someone has given the Guns a collective kicking, as they come out fighting from the first bar of this album and it doesn't stop until the last note.
The original trio of Tracii Guns, Phil Lewis and Steve Riley are joined by Adam Hamilton, formerly of LA band Joe 90.
The album just rocks quite simply it's the band's best album since the awesome Vicious Circle some 10 years ago.
Produced by heavy hitter Andy Johns, the CD also sounds a million bucks, almost making up for the bands past mistakes.
Every part of this album kicks ass the songs are again aggressive with the band sounding like their life depended on making this album sonically as powerful as possible.
There is an urgency to the songs that hasn't been present since Vicious Circle.
The rhythm section is tight and powerful and what the hell happened to Phil Lewis?
The tired old rock singer from 18 months ago has been replaced by an enthusiastic, screaming, hard rocking frontman that hasn't sounded this good in years.
While this CD certainly takes in the band's best attitudes of yesteryear the intense hard rock of Don't Look At Me This Way and the groove of Ok, Let's Roll it also takes a step into the future with the title track Waking The Dead, so sonically heavy and aggressive, it could do just that!
The only time the band stop for a breath of air is on the softer track The Ballad, sending them back to the vibe of Cocked and Loaded.
There are commercial rock anthems (Revolution), contemporary hard rockers (Frequency), punk thrash (Psycopathic Eyes) and just fucking great hard rock (Don't You Cry).

The Bottom Line
A fantastic return to form that I highly recommend to any past fan of the band, as this album takes in all the great styles of the band's glory days, mixed and delivered with a contemporary and stylish new way.

Line Up
Phil Lewis: Vocals
Tracii Guns: Guitar
Steve Riley: Drums
Adam Hamilton: Bass

Additional Ratings

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06/12/04: ines -
Rating: 100
los gun's son lo mejor,es mi grupo favorito.aguante el axl roses

10/11/03: Jon -
Rating: 90
Yes, yes, killer album! But does anyone know what's up in the liner where there is a credit for a song that isn't on the album (I can't remember the name of it, but look at your liner notes in the songwriting credits)?

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 95
This might be LA Guns best record yet (Although "Cocked..." and "Viscious Circles" are tough to beat). This disc has great songs (Unlike some of their records, there is no filler.)which are well played. What sets it apart from some of their more recent works is the consitency and hardness (yet catchiness) of the songs on the disc. This is classic LA Guns.

13/03/03: Kenny -
Rating: 97
I'm PISSED! Why are we not hearing this on the radio!This album kicks major ass! While pleased with their release, Man In The Moon, Waking The Dead really hits the mark. Tracii shreds on guitar and Phil is an excellent singer (that's right, singer, not rapper or someone trying to growl in key.) Adam does a great job on bass and Steve manhandles the drumming. Everyone should buy this album and call their local radio stations and demand to hear it.

08/01/03: Tyler Tricarico -
Rating: 97
La Guns "Waking the dead" is a great album. Thanks to Melodic Rock for the review. I live in a country town which is very hard to get Heavy Metal stuff unless I go to Melbourne eg: Metal Mayem. The new album is La Guns of old. Back with the original Lead singer it just reminds me of all the things when I was a teen. If you love La Guns of old then get the new and crack a fat...its just awesome!!!! BUY NOW!!!

24/10/02: Thunder from Down Under -
Rating: 95
Yo Yo My bruthas, dees boyz are jizamin'!! Just kidding, This is the way I wish the music scene was today!! I miss the good ole days. L.A. Guns are back!!!!!!

10/10/02: Jeff -
Rating: 100
Waking the Dead is awesome! A great follow up to the superb Man in the Moon! Do yourself a favor buy this CD! BTW: Vicious Circle Cd kicks ass!!!

Want more proof look up this album on There are about 15 reviews posted and each one gives WTD 5(out of 5) Stars!

28/09/02: Matt -
Rating: 95
I only knew this record was out when I saw them last month at the Rockfest show. They played 3 new songs out of their 7 set list and when 'Hellraiser's Ball' finished, I knew I was getting the CD! I bought an advance copy at the merchandise stand and had it signed by a happy Adam Hamilton. I had given up on LA Guns after hearing 'Vicious Circle' (and Crystal Eyes a second time). I think this would be a better continuation of Hollywood Vampires. While heavier, it still packs in melody, hooks and a driven sound of the first release. Live, the band kicks ass! Too bad they had to go on before Firehouse and Dokken. But you all know the story about that tour :)
Don't miss them!

26/09/02: Andrea-Italy -
Rating: 100
I can't believe it!!! This is the best L.A.Guns album after the great "Vicious Circle". This band is underrated: all songs are wonderful but "Don't look at me that way", "Frequency", "OK, lets roll", "Don't you cry" and "Revolution" stay on my stereo night and day like a drug!!! Here in Italy I have a lot of friends that think L.A. Guns are far better than Guns N Roses, now I've no doubts. Buy this Cd and say to all the world that exist this great album. L.A.Guns are back!!!! (sorry for my English)

26/09/02: mikky -
Rating: 99
This is by far the best work from L.A.Guns since 1994 "vicious circle" specially for me since im listening to the band since they started in 1988.The songs such as "waking the dead" ,"ok lets roll" and "frequency" are real killers."The ballad" is one
of the most beautiful ballad ever made by the band since "kiss of death".Really this albums kills the only minus on the album is
that the Circus of Power cover "call of the wild" isnt on the album.L.A.Guns shouldnt sell 2.854 copies of "waking the dead" but 2.854.000 copies instead.Buy this album!!!

26/09/02: hollywoodteez -
Rating: 100
Greatest CD release of 2002 so far!
Go buy this CD, don't listen to us, get out there and see for yourself!

Great CD, from a Great Band!

25/09/02: prweenie -
Rating: 92
This album is far and away the best release from an 80s metal band in recent memory. I'm not as sold on Vicious Circle as the web master. It would rate an 85 in my book, with Cocked an 87, Hollywood Vampires an 87, and L.A. Guns a 90, MITM an 80, and so forth.

But we're talking about Waking the Dead. No question, buy it. Stop reading this, go right to the store and buy it. It's really a very good CD from start to finish. The only throwaway song that just isn't catchy in my opinion is Hellraisers Ball. Revolution should be on the radio, if radio didn't suck. Ok, Let's Roll is the best 9/11 tribute I've heard, bar-none. Psychopathic Eyes, Don't Look..., and Waking the Dead are some serious, heavy metal tunes -- lots of melody, lots of damn good guitar and pounding drums. Don't You Cry, City of Angels, and Frequency are all unique sounding with pop hooks, more good guitars and a great rock/metal sound that's updated for 2002.

This is a solid effort that should be getting more attention than it is -- it takes no backseat to the latest by Weezer, Springsteen, No Doubt, etc., and is one of the finest albums of the year.

Buy this CD -- if for no other reason than to support good metal. You will not be disappointed, this is how 80s metal should sound in 2002.

23/09/02: Jeramie -
Rating: 100
This is the best cd they have ever done, my opinion is the same phils singing is his best ever I was let down alot by the last few and had just about given up hope but they proved me wrong and will prove anyone that listens wrong enough to go buy it .
they need to keep it rollin .

Rating: 100

20/09/02: In Sun Kim -
Rating: 100
If you are searching something that sounds interesting among old 80's metal bands, this is it. This album is by far the best albums from 80's hair metal band reunion albums. The sheer consistency of this album just blew me away. As soon as you hear the first noted of "don't look at me that waw", it is very very clear that LA Guns are BACK! Just awesome! To me, this is the best heavy metal album of this year. Period!

20/09/02: dokken6008 - ----
Rating: 95
Great rock and roll. Simple as that. Not being a huge fan of 'Vicious Circle' like the webmaster is, I'll have to go so far to say that 'Waking The Dead' is the Gunses' best record since 'Hollywood Vampires' (eleven years ago, too). The sound production is great and four-stringer, Hamilton, is a fantastic replacement. Muddy sucked, anyhow. You can't beat the mixture and blend of tunes presented on 'WTD', you just can't. You have an Iron Maiden rocker ("Don't Look At Me That Way"), a 'Man In The Moon' sound-a-like ("OK, Let's Roll"), a ferocious hard rock piece (title-track, "Waking The Dead"), a pop/rock feel-good number ("Revolution"), the L.A. Gunses' best ballad since "Crystal Eyes" ("The BALLAD"), a raving punk rock thang ("Psychopathic Eyes"), a throwback tune ("Hellraiser's Ball"), an over-all fucking cathcy-ass tune that even your average dumbass on the street could catch onto ("City Of Angels"), and another rocker ("Don't You Cry"). If you have a kickass stereo system (buy a JVC) and you buy 'Waking The Dead', ALL BETS ARE OFF. Best album of 2002. Screw Axl Rose and screw everything else. 'WTD' is beyond bitchin'.

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