Last Autumn's Dream Winter In Paradise Escape Music
· Produced By: Torbjorn Wassenenius & Claes Andereasson

· Running Time: 44.05

· Release Date: April 14

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 90%
Last Autumn's Dream make for a pretty strong line-up. Vocalist Mikael Erlandsson has one of the sweetest melodic rock voices in Scandinavia, Marcel Jacob is the groove meister; Andy Malecek can deliver a tasty riff and drummer Jamie Borger is the glue that holds it all together.
Unfortunately following an acclaimed debut, the band shot themselves in the foot with a seriously average follow-up.
That almost completely killed interest in the band, but to their credit they didn't give up. Rather they have rebounded with their best album to date.
Winter In Paradise slays the demons of the second album, out performing it in every department.
The production is slick and powerful, the songs are filled with memorable hooks and sweet AOR melodies and the performances are more urgent. So good is this album that for me it even overhauls the debut.
Glorious uptempo Scandi AOR doesn't come much better than the opening track Love To Go, with a strong raspy delivery and instant chorus.
Other highlights on this very strong release include The Way You Smile, which combines some updated production effects with a simple mid-tempo AOR ballad.
My Heart Keeps Stalling features a strong guitar riff and another instant chorus; plus the band's big rocker Winter In Paradise, which features another great chorus; and the heartfelt rock ballad If You're The One.
The Japanese release features It's Alright, which is one of the band's fastest pop rockers to date, while in it's place on this European release is the very enjoyable moody rocker When She's Gone, which has a modern pop vibe.
The Bottom Line
This is some of the best vocals I have heard from Erlandsson and the beefy production gives the band a slightly heavier feel. Some extremely strong choruses and instantly likeable songs make this a definite AOR highlight – especially for fans of the Scandi variety.
Thankfully a European deal has been struck and unlike me, the majority can now purchase without the hefty penalty of a Japanese import price.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Last Autumn's Dream
· II
· Winter In Paradise

Line Up:
· Mikael Erlandsson: Vocals
· Andy Malecek: Guitars
· Jamie Borger: Drums
· Marcel Jacob: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Last Autumn's Dream
· Mikael Erlandsson
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Track Listing
· Love To Go *
· Don't Let Your Love Go Down *
· The Way You Smile *
· When She's Gone
· My Heart Keeps Stalling
· Echoes From The Past
· Winter In Paradise *
· I Don't Want To Hurt You
· All I Want Is Rock N' Roll
· If You're The One *
· Love Is The Answer
--*Best Tracks

27/05/06: ACE - alyon\"
Rating: 70
I found this album very disapointing to say the least, a few EXCELLENT songs do not make a Excellent album. Far, far too many fillers for my liking. Tracks 1 & 7 are truely superb but as for the rest, forget it. SORRY.

17/05/06: Javier -
Rating: 0
Soy un Fans que les escribe de Bs.As-ARGENTINA me parece q el unico en toda Sudamerica .
"Last Autumn's Dream" me parece una banda INCREIBLE!!tengo sus 3cds y la verdad es q este nuevo trabajo me hice emocionar punto q en el día de mi casamiento el tema princiapal fué "The Way You Smile" es una banda de rock con todas las letras espero ahora que editen un DVD asi puedo verlos reckear en vivo. gracias x tantan canciones y por tanto rock...

..........para siempre......Javier de Buenos Aires-ARGENTINA

16/05/06: Georg -
Rating: 84
Agree with most people : very positiv surprise after this horrible album last year (which would have gotten a 23 or a 19 rating or something like that from myself)
Totally like "Echoes From The Past", yes ok its a Queen tribute but wonderful arranged : excellent !
Singer Mikael Erlandsson reminds me on Dennis DeYoung on some songs, on others to Jonne Aaron (NEGATIVE).
I do like "Love to go" and the ballad "I Don't Want To Hurt You", the track "Don't Let Our Love Go Down" which is a little boring. Besides that I have enjoyed this cd, compliment to the band. I would like to see them at UNITED FORCES OF ROCK 2 ! ...

21/04/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 75
Back on track !
The debut was good, the second one was a complete disaster and it was a shame that such crap was ever released.
The guys are back now and this one is nearly as good as the debut !
Not the best band around, but a decent release.

20/04/06: Axe Machine -
Rating: 89
As Andrew mentioned, the second album was seriously average. In fact, I'd even go as far to say that it is the worst album I have bought in the past couple of years, such was it's poor quality. That album had no energy whatsoever and a seriously flat production. Amazingly they've carried on where most bands would have called it a day. Erlandsson and the boys have returned with what will possibly be one of the finest pure AOR albums of the year come December. Love To Go, Dont Let Our Love Go Down and When You Smile open the album superbly and are followed by the memorable When She's Gone. I seriously belive that this song, if covered by some crappy flavor of the month boyband could be a no.1 hit. It's that good. The next couple of songs plod along a little, but when I Dont Wanna Hurt You, All I Want Is Rock n Roll and the massive Winter In Paradise kick in, you know that this is a winner of an album. The production is pretty smooth, and is sure to please fans of the debut, although this one is certainly a few strides ahead of it, and several miles in front of the second record. Kudos to Khalil at Escape for releasing an album Frontiers stupidly passed on. I for one am waiting for the next one. Highly Reccomended AOR.

14/04/06: IAN -
Rating: 88
What a massive improvement from this band , songs are stronger the production is good and everyone involved is on top form . It may have taken a while but L A D , have finally made the album we've been waiting for

08/04/06: Legumo -
Rating: 70
While for the most part this album is good
it feels unfinished, the arrangement arent the best i heard.
said that, the album is pretty good and the vocals
remind me of bands like STRYPER.

Favorite songs

1 - I Dont Wanna Hurt You (excellent song!!!!)

2 - Dont Let Our Love Go Down (better than Alfonzetti version!)

3 - My Heart Keep Stalling

this album is recommended if you want a nice AOR
album for your car while driving and not paying 100%
attention to the music, it's great.
if you want a deep album that sticks in your head,
this is not for you.

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